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Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (Means That You’re Grand)

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Smallest Ripples Lead to the Biggest Changes". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: After his return to the SGC in Threads, Daniel Jackson tries to find out more about the young lady who killed Anubis and gets involved in much more than he bargained for.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered(Current Donor)SamuraiCatFanFR181121,43937940,24126 Jun 1110 Dec 11No

Chapter One

Bie Mir Bist Du Schoen (Means That You’re Grand)

By: SamuraiCatFan

A BTVS/Stargate Crossover Fan Fic

Pairings: Buffy/Daniel Jackson; Willow/Tara; Xander/Anna; hints of Jack/Sam

Spoilers: BTVS: Stargate SG1 through Season 8.
AU after Season 5 for BTVS and AU after S8.

Also, Timeline for BTVS has been altered slightly, so that The events of Season 5/early Season 6 take place same year as Season 8 of Stargate SG1.

I do not own BTVS, ATS or anything related to Stargate and do not make any money from this.

The title comes from a song written for a Yiddish musical by Jacob Jacobs and Sholum Secunda in 1932. The rights to the song were acquired at the request of Sammy Cahn who rewrote it with Saul Chaplin in 1937 and were able to have it performed by The Andrews Sisters (their first hit, the first for a female vocal group). It was also popularized by Benny Goodman in the late 1930’s, who performed it at his famous Carnegie Hall concert in 1938 and who recorded several versions of it. It became a popular swing hit that has subsequently been performed and recorded by many artists since. It was popular in Germany in the 1930’s until its Jewish origins were discovered and it was banned by the Nazis. There are a number of excellent versions on YouTube, including the Janis Siegel rendition that was performed in the movie Swing Kids.

Updates will likely be infrequent, due to work and health issues, but I intend on completing this.

Chapter 1:

Stargate Command, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado:

Jack O’Neill stood just inside the doorway to the office. “Daniel, what are you doing?"

“Oh, Hi Jack. Just doing some research.” Daniel Jackson replied, eyes still glued on his computer screen.

Jack just shook his head “I can see that. You haven’t left your office in almost a day. What’s so important that you haven’t even come out to eat?”

Jack was used to his friend’s single-mindedness when he was in research mode, but since Anubis’ defeat, single-mindedness had turned into obsession, even by Daniel’s standards. He knew that Daniel’s research was connected to the events which had led to the defeat of Anubis, and had even gotten Daniel to admit that he had met someone besides Oma and the other Ancients when he had ascended for a second, albeit much briefer time.

Daniel sighed and looked up, “It’s just that I can’t help but wonder if she is from our reality, our Earth.” It hadn’t taken long for Daniel to tell his team some more of the details of what had happened to him once he had returned, including the strange and unusual demise of the late, partially ascended and virtually impossible to harm System Lord.

“Found anything yet?” Jack asked, sensing that Daniel wouldn’t take a break until he had a chance to talk.

“Well, there are definitely some old texts about a legend about some sort of supernatural girl who fights the forces of darkness, but most of the specific works are in the hands of a group called the International Watcher’s Council in England.” Daniel sad, removing his glasses for a moment, before resettling them. “Unfortunately, they seem to be as secretive as we are.”

It was at that moment that Samantha Carter peaked in from the doorway, “I knew you two were here. Any luck getting Daniel to take a dinner break?”

Jack looked at his second in command and then back at Daniel before shaking his head slightly, “No such luck yet. I think Daniel is frustrated by the roadblocks he is running into.”

“What about those files that we took from the NID, could they help?” Sam asked, turning to Jack.

Daniel looked over to Sam “You mean those files on that Initiative project in Sunnydale that the Pentagon still won’t let us look at?”

“Maybe Sam can help get into their records, as well as those of that Watcher’s council”.

“Jack, you aren’t seriously talking about hacking into files that the Pentagon has expressly told us are off limits? “ Sam exclaimed. While she knew that Jack was one who occasionally bent the rules, his apparent casual willingness this time to violate security regulations was shocking to her.

“Well it is the NID, and it isn’t like they have never done it to us.” Jack replied.

“Jack,” Daniel said with more than a hint of exasperation in his voice, “this isn’t something I want you to risk a court martial over.”

“Hey, what about that hacker who tried to get into our records once,” Sam added quickly. “If my trace back was correct, she was from Sunnydale. If she was interested in trying to get into the SGC, maybe she did the same to the NID. She could know something about The Initiative."

“Sam,” Daniel said, now fully exasperated, “We don’t even know for sure if it was Rosenberg who tried to get into our systems.”

“It’s worth a shot, Daniel.” Jack was feeling his friend’s frustration. “We all have a couple of well deserved weeks off coming up. Instead of heading up to the cabin, we could go to Sunnydale and take a look around, see if we find anything, or anyone.”

“I know how much you like to spend your time off up the cabin, Jack.” Daniel responded.

“I am never going to relax up there if you are spending your time up there thinking only about getting back here and back into research mode. Now let’s go find Teal’c. I’m sure he would love to come along on this expedition too.”

“Indeed.”, exclaimed the last member of their team, startling the other three membersof SG1, who had not noticed him as he silently stood outside the doorway, observing his friends’ debate

“So, it’s off to Sunnydale then”, said Jack, in a tone the rest of SG1 knew meant that he would brook no more debate.
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