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Birthday Muses

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Summary: Ginny Weasley celebrates her birthday in typical fashion – big family party with a few minor annoyances.

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Harry Potter > General > HumorChimeraFR1311,590011,26019 Dec 0319 Dec 03Yes
Title: Birthday Muses

Author: Chimera

Disclaimer: Anything you recognise belongs to themselves, J. K. Rowling or Joss Whedon respectively. They’re the ones making the big bucks, and if they were mine I wouldn’t still be living with my parents in the ‘burbs.

Rating: Probably PG-13

Summary: Ginny Weasley celebrates her birthday in typical fashion – big family party with a few minor annoyances.

Notes: Secret Santa present for Mika – requested romance/general, HP/BtVS/WWE and with below pairings. I originally had a different fic I was writing, but didn’t have enough inspiration to keep what would be a seven-chapter fic finished by the 20th.

Pairings: Willow/Oz, Jeff/Trish, Harry/Ginny, Buffy/Christian and Xander/Victoria

“Oy! Scarhead! MOVE IT!”

“Shut UP, Draco!”

“Boys, calm down!”

“That never works Molly, hit him with a broomstick.”

“Accio broomstick!”


“Sorry dear, didn’t know you were playing Quidditch – you didn’t fall too far, did you?”

Ginny Weasley giggled at the commotion coming from her kitchen. She had safely ducked out into the sanctuary of her living room – increased about three sizes from the usual size of it. That was probably to hold all her birthday presents – having a huge family had many fringe benefits. With Hermione and Draco being considered honorary family and them bringing along a few more friends – Blaise, Padma and Parvati numbering among them – plus a few of her brothers’ friends – Oliver, Lee and Angelina included – she had quite a haul. The pile was legitimately halfway to the ceiling and was a little bigger than their bathroom in size. She could hear all kinds of noises coming from it…something that sounded like Snape in one of his moods, muffled singing that sounded too much like Ron for comfort – and possibly most bizzarely of all, a croaky voice that could only come from an animated frog or toad that was loudly bemoaning kids today.

She was fairly surprised that a TV and what Harry had called a ‘state of the art sound system’ still fit in their living room. Of course with her family being wizards they didn’t know nor care what was up to date in Muggle technology. She pressed a few buttons on the remote and the TV flickered to life, only muffling the sounds of her boisterous family behind her.

Ginny settled into the couch as ‘Buffy’ came on – she had gotten addicted to this show. She had more than a little crush on Seth Green, and the fact that this was the episode where Buffy could read minds and hear Oz’s thoughts wasn’t much of a deterrent today. The youngest Weasley grinned; this was her favourite ep so far.

She couldn’t help giggling as Oz considered the band review for a moment before deciding, ‘It’s fair.’

“Something funny, my wife?” Harry questioned, sliding into the place next to her.

Ginny pointed at the TV, where it was now showing Buffy looking for Jonathon. “Just Buffy.”

“I swear I should not have gotten our house hooked up to that pay-TV program,” Harry grumbled. “You’re becoming an addict, my dear, an addict!”

The redhead playfully bit the finger he was waving at her in mock-reproach. She turned back to the TV. “Who do you think makes a better couple,” she asked idly. “Willow and Oz or Xander and Buffy?”

“Seth Green and Alyson Hannigan,” Harry replied with a grin. “Now come on, me and your brothers want to watch something.”

“It’s not wrestling, is it?” Ginny asked. Seeing her husband’s guilty grin she groaned. “You know I don’t like that crap.”

“Sorry Gin, you’re outvoted,” Ron smiled, plopping on the floor in front of them between their feet.

“Four to one,” Fred added as he and his twin fell onto the other chair and started a shoving match to decide who got primo position.

“Five to one,” Bill corrected as he pushed both twins off the chair onto the floor. He sat down before either boy could gather enough sense to get back up.

“Doesn’t the birthday girl get to decide what to watch?” Ginny asked, sounding disturbingly like herself ten years earlier.

“Nope,” Bill grinned cheekily at her.

Ron waved impatiently at the television. “C’mon, we’ll miss the first match the way we’re goin’.”

Ginny could barely blink before the remote was taken from her hand by her ‘loving’ brother. With a few more clicks the pyro indicating the beginning of Raw was blaring out and Ginny was covering her ears.

With a sheepish grin to his siblings – natural and in-laws – Ron turned it down a touch.

“Thanks,” one of the twins griped.

“Oh shuddup Georgie boy.”

“Ooh, ickle Ronniekins got some balls now?” George taunted.

Ginny ignored the wrestling match now happening live in her living room and lazily watched the one on TV – some dude with pink shorts versus a guy that looked like he’d jumped into tie dye. “So who are these guys?” she asked Harry, resigned to the fact that she’d be stuck watching this for the next two hours and probably the replay in a few days.

“One in pink is Stevie Richards, one with body paint and hair dye is Jeff Hardy. Woman with black hair is Victoria and blonde is Trish Stratus.”

Ginny nodded, quickly losing interest. She seriously considered getting up and going into the kitchen; maybe Hermione and Draco wanted some more help with their wedding plans…or maybe a negotiator. On the other hand out here was probably safer, she mused, watching a foot fly inches from her face as Ron took on both twins in a handicap grudge match.

Her attention turned back to the TV in time to see the colour-uncoordinated Jeff fly off the top rope to flip in midair and get a three count on Stevie. The blonde…Trish?…jumped into the ring and kissed him before raising his hand.

“They’re cute together,” Ginny thought out loud. She turned to see her husband staring at her in disbelief. “What? They are! They’re like…I dunno, a weird gender-crossed version of Hermione and Draco.”

That didn’t serve to alleviate Harry’s worry; indeed, the comparison just made his eyebrows rise and make him look like he was about to put her in St. Mungo’s. She turned back to the TV, now seeing another blonde, this one a man, with the aforementioned Victoria. “And that is?” she prompted her husband.

“Christian. Now shh, it’s gonna set up a tag team match,” her husband answered, apparently now ignoring her strange behaviour in favour of immersing himself in the drama that was Raw.

A brown toad hopped out from the pile of presents and started to scold the boys for ‘corrupting’ a sweet, innocent mind like hers with such rubbish as WWE Raw. It reminded her of Percy.

“That Christian dude was cute,” Ginny mused later on that evening, after her family had gone back to the Burrow and left Mr and Mrs Potter in relative solitude. She could still hear the birthday present that Fred had given her – the talking Chocolate Frog was now apparently discussing the Ministry of Magic with the hallway mirror.

Harry pouted at her, turning from his place in front of the mirror. “Cuter than me?”

Ginny smirked. “Oh yeah.”

Harry sniffled in mock-sadness. The effect was nearly ruined by the fact that he was foaming from the mouth via a Cleaning Charm, and there were bubbles in his hair from an impromptu water fight a few minutes earlier.

Ginny shook her head. “C’mere.”

Harry kneeled next to the bathtub. She mumbled a few words quickly then with the toothpaste foam gone she gave him a light peck on the lips. “Now leave, slave,” she commanded haughtily. “Leave the birthday girl to her bath.”

“Yes, your highness,” Harry bowed. Still on his knees he shuffled out of the room. Ginny dimly heard a shriek of surprise as the hall mirror caught sight of Harry in all his bubbly glory.

She soaped herself up again, lying back blissfully into the warm bubble bath. Her mind wandered back to that morning and that relentlessly annoying television show…what was it that Harry liked so much about men hitting each other over the head with chairs and occasionally ladders?

_Christian was cute though. And if I batted for the other team Victoria’d be my first choice,_ she though idly.

_But they can’t compare to ‘Buffy’. Give me Xander and Oz and Buffy any day of the week._

With that end to her thoughts Ginny’s mind now turned to more mundane things – like when did she need to go to Diagon Alley, she was nearly out of toad stones and alligator eyes. Harry had mentioned that he needed new dress robes, she’d need to get those; plus she’d have to detour past Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, George had left his favourite cap here.

_Victoria and Xander would make a nice couple._

Ginny blinked and sat up.

Where the hell had that come from?

_And Buffy and Christian._

The redhead looked around in suspicion. They were freaky ideas…

…that suddenly weren’t too freaky.

She’d been ‘online’ a couple of times – Harry had shown her how. She had stumbled upon something that had professed ‘Buffy Fanfiction’ and had been intrigued. She’d been led deeper into the fanfiction world and was now aware of everything – what ‘slash’ was, what the proper headings to fanfics were…heck, she’d even found a few people who wrote Buffy fanfics with wrestling characters. Until now she’d never entertained the idea of writing one herself, she’d always been too caught up in other things.

She suddenly groaned, burying her face in her hands.

She’d read about this – annoying little voices saying little ideas that never left you alone until you wrote. ‘Muses’, they were called and cursed out with. She’d heard them called worse, but ‘muses’ sounded like a safe thing to call them. It seemed like she’d be joining the online fanfiction group soon…who would’ve though it, little Ginny Weasley, getting her first story idea from a Buffy episode and her husband’s annoying wrestling addiction.

She sighed and hopped out of the bath. She had a lot of writing to do, after all.

The End

You have reached the end of "Birthday Muses". This story is complete.

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