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Children of the Black

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Summary: The Powers decided that some of Earth's most powerful heroes needed a second chance. Maybe, on reflection, the Firefly class Transport ship Serenity wasn't the best place to do it.

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Firefly > GeneralGwirryFR152709032,84527 Jun 1118 Jul 11No

Welcome to the Future

DISCLAIMER: I own niether Firefly or Buffy. Go figure.

Connor charged across the cargo bay to chase down the two redheads running ahead of him, almost running into their father as he did so.

“Sorry, Captain. Gotta catch them!”

“Vi! Will! Don’t run!” the man yelled, before grinning conspiratorially at Connor. “What did they do?”

“Nothing really, sir. It just seemed right to chase them.” Mal Reynolds smiled at the boy.

“Vi! Will! What are the rules about running and Spaceships?”

“Don’t run. You might hit Jayne-“ started Vi.

“Bad.” said Willow with a grin.

“Or Kaylee or Papa Simon when they’re fixing something or someone.”

“Even worse.” said Willow. The two grinned at each other and then said, in eerie unison,

“Serenity go BOOOOOM!”

“But,” continued Vi, “Uncle Wash’s dinos said that we needed all the practice at running we could get if we wanted to take over the family business.”

‘Uncle Wash’s dinos’ were a popular way for the kids to say they had overheard something without admitting that they had been eavesdropping. He opened his mouth to say something, but it was then that the white light appeared, and a man fluttered into view.

“Spike!” called Vi, and Mal stared, stunned, at his little girl.

“Hello, Vi, pet.” said the man. He grinned at Willow. “Hey, Red.”

“Hi, Spike. How’s Buffy?” At this point Connor interrupted.

“Who’s Buffy?”

“You know, Buffy! Dawn’s big sister!”

“OHHHHH!” said Connor, like this all made sense now, even though it didn’t. Dawn didn’t have a sister.

“Where’s the Cyclopes?”

“In the cockpit. With Uncle Wash. Playing with Dinosaurs when he’s supposed to be learning how to
fly the ship.”

“He and the Bit need to see something. Could you get them? Cause the powers won’t let me move. They got grumpy after the last time.”

Willow nodded and took off across the ship.

There was a moment of silence while Mal regarded the new visitor to his ship. Rather suspiciously he questioned the man in the door.

“How do you know my girls?”

“Past life thing. I need to tell them some more are coming.”

“Some more?”

“Kids. Me, for starters. And Gunn, and Rona. And Andrew and Angel.”
The last name was said with great disgust.

“Better get ready, Captain!” he said, and as Xander, Dawn and Willow returned to the cargo bay.
Suddenly, the room was filled with white light, and five children, the same age as the others, were sitting in the bay. Vi and Willow Renyolds went straight to one of the new girls, saying her name was Rona, and she was supposed to be their sister. Dawn and Connor Serra claimed one of the boys, saying his name was Andrew. Willow frowned, and said that the one black boy, whose name was Gunn – Charles Gunn – was supposed to be River’s son. Xander Washburne took the remaining two boys – Liam and William – under his wing as his brothers. Dawn and Xander were a little older than the others.

Mal sighed. This was going to be hell.
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