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Prince of Destruction

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Summary: What if Xander went through Acathla and ended up in a very different hell.

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Games > FantasymadmanmikeFR1831,9050126,22627 Jun 1128 Jun 11No

Night, Death, and MADNESS

I do not own The Elder Scrolls, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Though sometimes I wish I owned Haskill

"Planning on leaving us, Little Brother?" Came the gentle voice of the black cloaked figure.

The imposing black armored figure released the railing from atop his Dark Tower. As he slowly turned around the feminine black cloaked figure gasped. Even after all these years his handsome and nearly cruel features still caused a slight tremor. Odd considering that his predecessor was known for his inhuman guise. The slow clank brought her from her musings as the armored man made his way towards her. She felt his hand grasp, and lift her chin to stare into his eyes. Eyes that were orange on black, much like hellfire on the abyss.

"Surely you've come for some other reason than to say goodbye, Nocturnal?" He asked.

"You know me so well, Dagon." Nearly purred Nocturnal. 'Damn him for having this effect on me!' Nocturne mentally berated herself.

"Then what would you ask of me sister dear?" Dagon asked with the insolent smirk that she so loathed, and loved at the same time. She couldn't decide rather to kiss him or beat him to death. She shivered as she remembered the last time she attempted either. "Perhaps this has something to do with your little disciple attempting to hide from your justice on the Hellmouth, Hmmm?"

"Indeed, Dagon." The stiffness associated with the Deadric Princess of Night and Shadows had returned, after his oh so correct guess. 'How the hell does he always know so much?!' The Princess seethed internally. "I assume you will help me with his apprehension?"

His cold, sharp bark of laughter was her only reply, as he grabbed her throat, and jumped atop the railing of his tower. His once warm and handsome face now a calm cold mask of indifference, and rage. As he stared into her eyes, he began to bare his teeth. His canine elongating, his orange pupils burning, as he took on the characteristics of his dominion. That of destruction.

He could smell her fear, almost taste it. He tossed her like a rag doll behind him, so that she was no longer dangling off the edge. Dangling into the furthest reaches of Oblivion. He started to chuckle, then laugh uproariously. 'Funny' he thought 'the smug bastards come to MY domain, and assume that I will help them!' As he started to recompose himself he looked at Nocturnal, who herself, was wrought with fear, and shock. The shock, because she could not leave. Somehow he was keeping her from leaving this forsaken realm

"So, Nocturnal, I am nothing but a bounty hunter to punish your children?" He asked sardonically. "The big bad Black Knight coming to punish those that don't listen to Mummy of Mystery?"

Nocturnal was quaking now. Dagon wasn't supposed to be this powerful when confronting the true Deadra. He was though. He was far more powerful than she could imagine.

"Don't worry sister-mine. I will apprehend your naughty child" He sneered. "Tell Sheogorath that I said goodbye."

As he said good bye a man sized portal appeared in front of him. She watched with horror as he jumped through. 'He should not be able to leave Oblivion that easily!' As he left she was finally able to leave. 'I must hurry' she thought with urgency. 'I must tell the others of this.' With that final thought she disappeared from the realm of destruction.

From the shadows a man wearing a purple and green suit, and a mad grin, laughed jovially. So long he, and his brother had planned and plotted. Finally everything was coming together. Soon he Dagon would be free again.

"HASKILL" The man shouted maniacally. "PREPARE THE CLOWNS!!!!!!!!!!!"

A/N If your wondering Dagon is xander. I figured that's how I would refer to as him while he is in Oblivion.

A/N They are not really siblings. That means that that wasn't really incest

A/N If you've played the Shivering Isles you'll get the clown bit. Also the crazy man is sheogorath. He to also used to be a normal human.
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