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Prince of Destruction

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Summary: What if Xander went through Acathla and ended up in a very different hell.

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Games > FantasymadmanmikeFR1831,9050126,22327 Jun 1128 Jun 11No

Meeting Madness

As I follow a colorful young brunette, and her friend, Buffy the boffer? No. What was it? Boffer the slayer? No! Damnit. Slayer! Buffy the Slayer. How did I forget that? With me who knows. They are beautiful. Nay! Gorgeous! Gratuitous! No it's gorgeous. Yes that's it. By the Nine they will pay. Who will pay you ask? They will! My Brothers and sisters, and perhaps those who follow them. I was once a cunning, and intelligent man. Now I am an addled fool. Oh yes Vengeance shall belong to me, and Dagon.

Any who. I watch the two slayers, Buffy and Faith, as they cleave a swath through the local undead infestation. Dagon wasn't kidding when he said his world's vampires were little better than vermin. They move like water over a blade, or perhaps like a blade through water. Yes they are worthy of my brothers notice. Too few are willing to play the part of protector. The Brunette has these most fascinating leather pants. Yes, very intriguing. So intriguing I can't seem to take my eyes off them. By the Nine how in the name of Oblivion did she get into them? Huh? All the vampires are gone. Why are they glaring? Seriously, how does she get into them? A posterior that round it, would be nigh impossible. Is she running at me? Am I talking aloud? I better step aside. Almost got hit. MMMMMM leather.

3rd person

"Hey B?" The brunette asked the blonde. "Do you see a dude with a pimp cane and a purple zoot suit starin' at my ass?"

"You mean the guy asking himself how you got said ass into your pants?" B snarked back. "Then yea."

"Whoa" exclaimed the brunette. "He's pinging heavy on my slaydar" She said, as she leaned in to better hear him. Then she was charging at him full tilt. She almost tackled into him, but he quickly moved aside. Too quickly to be human. She was almost too disoriented to hear his next words. Almost.

"MMMMMM leather" Said the purple clad cane wielder.

"Who the hell are you, you pervert!" Screamed the Brunette as she spun around to glare at him.

"Me? Why I am the Sound of Madness, The King of Crazy, the Sire of Silly!"

"A name Bozo, before I start slaying!"

"Before?" He asked, while spinning around, and catching a stake to the heart. Courtesy of the blonde. She had a triumphant smirk carved onto her face. Said smirk also melted into slack jawed disbelief, as the man never lost his manic grin. Said grin also stayed in place as he slowly pulled the stake out of his chest. "It would seem as if your blonde friend couldn't wait."

"My name is Sheogorath. Madgod." Replied the now named Sheogorath as the blonde went to stand next to the brunette, who also had a similar expression. "This is a warning. Soon my Brother shall arrive. He talked oh so much about you that I just HAD to see you both!"

Slowly his grin dissolved as his clothes repaired themselves. It was replaced by an unsettling frown, and the whites of his eyes grew black, and the pupils turned golden. His hands snaked out grabbing both girls by their hair. Each he stared into their souls, luckily for them he found them worthy. As he dropped them he was again grinning jovially, and his eyes were once again green, and white.

"Now my Dear" He started "I'll let that act of violence go. Only, because it would displease my brother if I were to hurt you. Try again though, and I'll cleave the flesh from your bones. I must leave now, but believe me we will be seeing a lot of each other."

With that Sheogorath disappeared into thin air. Each girl looked at each other with similar expressions of fear, doubt, and worry. It was close to 20 minutes before either made a move. Then they were off, like bats out of hell. Each with a similar line of thought. 'We need to tell Giles.'

Xander's POV

I chuckle as my brother walks closer to my throne. I already know what he has been up to. Everything's drawing to a close for our plan's preparations. He gave Buffy, and Faith a hell of a scare though. Kinda sad that I couldn't see it personally. I clasp his hand with mine when he reaches me.

"Well Brother enjoy your meeting" I snark at him with a casual grin. Which he readily returns.

"Of course, Dagon" He chuckles back at me. "Soon you'll get ta see your friends, and then we'll get vengence upon the others."

"Yes, we will" I reply somberly. "For making us slaves to that which we control. They will pay. Destruction, and Madness will overtake them, and there will be a war amongst the gods."

"I should make myself scarce, brother" Sheogorath says with a nod. "Nocturnal will be here soon."

With that he was gone. I make my way towards the railing of my tower, and look out across the Plains of Oblivion. This place is my domain but never my home. Soon I will be able to return home. With no repercussions. The other Deadric princes, and princesses will lie dead, along with the Oracles, and the Powers that be. All but me and Sheogorath. I can't hide the smirk as I realize Nocturnal is behind me. "Soon this place will be, but a foul memory."

"Planning on leaving us, little brother?"

A/N This takes place right before Dagon's confrontation with Nocturnal at the top of the tower.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Prince of Destruction" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Jun 11.

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