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Prince of Destruction

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Summary: What if Xander went through Acathla and ended up in a very different hell.

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Games > FantasymadmanmikeFR1831,9050126,22327 Jun 1128 Jun 11No

Chapter One

I do not own The Elder Scrolls Series of BTVS. They Belong to Bethesda Softworks and Mutant Enemy Respetively.

I look down from upon my great tower, and all I see is molten lava craggy mountainous hills. I wish I could weep, but I can't. This hell is my domain, my kingdom, my home. I fought for it, bleed for it. I won it from the Mehrunes Dagon himself. I killed him for it, and with his death I became the ruler of Oblivion. I am the great Deadric Prince of Destruction.

Underneath my black Deadric helm lies a handsome bearded face. Ironic that they say the Destroyer would be beautiful. I gave my life to life, and soul to save the world from Acathla. I gave it, because a foolish girl was in love. Harsh, yes but true. I do not blame her, only myself. I shall be returning there soon. Not as who as I was, but as what I have become.

My name was Alexander Lavelle Harris, but now It is Mehrunes Dagon. Deadric Prince of Destruction. Let them stare into Oblivion. Let them stare into destruction itself. I will help them, or I will destroy them. I honestly haven't figured it out yet. For now I wish to see if they can close shut the Jaws of Oblivion.

A/N If my paragraphs seem incoherent, and flighty it's because he has been in Oblivion for a century or two.

A/N The timeline will be the same as when Angel went through the Acathla portal. As for how Xan looks imagine black deadric armor, and slicked back hair with a trimmed full beard.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking