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This story is No. 2 in the series "In the Life of Buffy Summers and Edward Cullen". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The second part of the Dawn's First Light series. 'Buffy thought her life couldn't get any worse....until she met Edward Cullen.

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Twilight > Buffy - CenteredpipertolkienFR1843,308143,23527 Jun 1130 Oct 11No

Chapter One


Disclaimer: I make no profit off of this story. Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whendon and the Twilight Saga belongs to Stephenie Meyer.

Summary: Buffy is now a new born vampire and not the hell mouth kind. How is she going to deal with being a slayer and a vampire??

A/N: I know a lot of people wanted to see what happens next in the Dawn’s First Light Series so here it is. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to finish this series or not. But after I reread DFL I noticed that I really couldn’t leave it there. SO on that note I bring you ‘Turned’ the next in the series.

Chapter 1: Frustrations and Outbursts

I could hear Edward talking to his sire, Carlisle, on the other side of the room about the Volturi.

“The Volturi will come looking for her once they get wind that a human has been turned into a vampire. She was a vampire slayer and once they hear that I am not sure who they are going to want to kill first.” Carlisle said

“I don’t think turning her was a good idea. I for one don’t want to lose you Edward because of a silly indiscretion.” Rosalie voiced.

Edward growled a low warning growl that came from deep in his chest. “That’s my mate you are talking about Rosalie. I am in love with her so you are just going to have to get over it. Plus she is one of us now…”

“Yes,” Rosalie exclaimed “Because you wouldn’t let her go! Why is it so hard for you to understand that you should have let her go?!”

At this point in time all I wanted to do was cry, and knowing that I couldn’t, because I don’t cry in front of anyone, didn’t help anything. A small sob escaped me before I could swallow it back and I opened my eyes for the first time as a vampire.

Edward was by my side in seconds. “Buffy, I didn’t know you were awake.”

I sat up and put my head in my hands and began to dry sob. Edward sat on the bed and wrapped his arms around me. I immediately pushed him away, glaring at him, as he fell on his ass across the room. Getting out of bed, I stood over him, “How could you do this to me Edward! Why couldn’t you just let me die?! Haven’t you done enough? You broke my heart after telling me that I was your soul mate. You left me! How could you do that after telling me that you had strong feelings for me?! I HATE YOU!! I wish that I wasn’t your mate!” I ranted, punching him over and over again, and then lifting him up with my hand around his throat. Looking deep in to his eyes I said, “No, forget that! I am not your mate and I will never be either.” Throwing him across the room, I ran out of the room and out of the house. I didn’t even notice that my family was in the house until I heard Willow and Xander screaming at me to wait up.

I can’t handle this, I thought, as I ran out of the house and into the forest. I am the one thing that I have feared of turning into since I was sixteen. Once I was somewhat in the middle of the forest I destroyed everything in my path. When my anger deflated I fell to the ground with a sob, and I really started to cry, tears and all. It felt so good to cry because I haven’t cried since Edward left me.
The thought of Edward made my cry even harder. I couldn’t believe he changed me. He is a selfish asshole and I hope he dies because I refuse to be his mate! He thinks just because he saved me we can go back to being the way we were before, which is complete bullshit.

With that thought I wiped my eyes and looked around at the damage that I had done, noticing that Willow and Xander were out here along with Edward. “I hope you die and burn in hell Edward! One way or another you will die for changing me, which I can promise you that!”

“You don’t mean that Buffy.” Edward exclaimed, looking like he wanted to cry.

“Oh, I don’t, do I? You left me! I know all about mates Edward. You will die without your mate. IF you really had feelings for me then you wouldn’t have left!”

“I DID WHAT I THOUGHT WAS RIGHT!! I really did think that it was too dangerous for us to be together. I wouldn’t have left you if I knew what your reaction was going to be. I didn’t know anything about mates until after I changed you and Carlisle had explained it to me. Willow and Xander told me what happened after I left you in the hospital, and I am…”

“DON’T YOU DARE SAY YOU’RE SORRY!!” I screamed at him, with a finger pointed at him. “I hate you Edward! I wish that I had never met you! I wish that I never fell in love with you…” With that said I turned on my heels and ran straight home. I was leaving and I was NEVER coming back.

A/N: I know! *hides* Please don’t hurt me….It will get better I promise.
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