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I will follow you into the dark

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Summary: Ianto Jones never told the Torchwood team about the family massacre. It didn't seem relevant. Pity he didn't, because now his ultimate Great uncle, Angel, has shown up with the Circle of the Black Thorn on his tail.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Angel-CenteredGwirryFR1515960397227 Jun 1127 Jun 11No
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing. At all. Not Angel, not Torchwood. I'd borrow Ianto to be my Prom date, though.

Answer to the Follow You Into The Dark Challenge. Story Title from the Death Cab for Cutie song. I don't own that, either. Now, on with the story!

Ianto Jones glared at the man who was stepping out of the alley. Yes, he had just been almost killed by a weevil, and yes, this man had just saved him but honestly, he didn’t care. The guy was creeping him out, and he kept saying that they were related. He also said he knew about the family massacre. Ianto leant against the wall of the warehouse he’d tracked the weevil to, and ran his fingers through his hair.

The family massacre was something he had never told Jack and the others about. The whole thing was still slightly scary, even now, when he wasn’t six and being told by his older sister in the pitch black of their shared bedroom on their first night home alone. And now, here was the crazy guy who could take on a weevil barehanded explaining that actually, he knew all about it and had to explain the thing to Ianto, because he’d been there. Ianto was more than a little sceptical. You don’t just come up to some guy you just saved in an alleyway and announce that you’re more than 200 years old. Do you?

The man who called himself Angel sighed.

“Listen, Ianto. Your ancestor, the one who escaped the demon? He was my older brother. I was the demon. Part of me still is the demon. Please trust me on this, Ianto. Something’s coming, and I need you to hide from it…”

Ianto’s comm fizzed while Angel tried to explain in the most straightforward way possible.

“Ianto? Ianto, where are you?” Jack’s voice enquired nervously while the world moved under Ianto Jones’ feet.

“Ianto? Come in, I need to know where you are.”

Ianto slid down the wall he’d been leaning against, taking in what he ultimate great-uncle had told him.

“You should tell him where you are. We need to get you to safety as soon as possible. Otherwise they will try to use you to get to me.”

“Who? Those Circle people? Or the Watcher’s council? Or the family -friends- family of that Buffy girl?” Ianto asked, while reaching up to answer his comm.

“The Circle people. Keep calling them that, actually. It’s probably safer.”

Ianto shrugged an easy assent and switched on the comm.

“I’m ok, Jack. On my way back now. I have a visitor, and I need you to promise me that no-one will shoot him and that Owen will keep his medical instruments to himself.”

“Alright…” said Jack slowly. He didn’t sound happy.

“We’ll swing by my apartment first, because I’m gonna need to stay with you for a couple of days.”

“Ianto, what have you gotten yourself into?”

“I’m not entirely sure. I’m hoping you may have heard of his alter-ego, or any of his many and varied enemies. I think I might be more comfortable after.”

“And what is the name of this alter ego?” Jack asked.

Ianto looked up at the man he was, in a cringeworthy fashion, calling Uncle Angel in his head, because it sounded so Steampunk. He waited for any kind of reaction. All he got was an impatient – go on – flick of the head, with a slightly edgy look sneaking into his eyes.

“Angelus.” Ianto answered finally.

At the other end of the comm link, in a language that wouldn’t be invented for 600 odd years, Captain Jack Harkness swore.

Hope you like, Blissfullyunaware!

The End?

You have reached the end of "I will follow you into the dark" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Jun 11.

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