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The Powers Screw Up...Again....

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Summary: The PTB, sick of Xander screwing up their plans, decide to get rid of him and dump him in a place they figure he won't do any ships yet...

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Marvel Universe > X-MenTAOFR181129,02452397120,44727 Jun 1113 Aug 12No

And the Insanity Continues...

Disclaimer: Don’t own X-Men or BTVS. Just goofing off and having fun.

Author’s Notes: Yep, this fic is still alive and kicking…although to be honest, my muse wasn’t very active on it since they were too busy working on that OTHER project over at the pit. However, writing that dark piece of work took its toll; so my muse decided to come back and work on this more cheerful fic. Unfortunately, the muse was overloaded on a bunch caffeine and was listening to two versions of the James Bond theme while working on this (The Oakenfold remix version and the version done by the Art of Noise). Come to think of it, I also think the muse was watching Inglorious Basterds at the time as well. I just thought I’d warn you before hand and apologize in advance.

Oh, and Downery, if you’re still lurking around…do me a favor and get lost. Ignore this fic…in fact, ignore ALL my fics. That would be greatly appreciated. I really don’t want do deal with fandom snobbery right now (or ever).


* * * * *

And the Insanity Continues…



Wolfgang von Strucker considered himself to be a patient man. In fact, he prided himself on the fact that hardly anything got to him. During the war, it was his cold, calculating, and methodical approach that won him many battles and the loyalty of the troops who served under him (of course, the fact that he was known for calmly shooting or beheading those who failed him might also have had something to do with inspiring their loyalty). Even when the war shifted against their favor, Wolfgang managed to keep his composure and quietly assemble a cohesive force as the Allies destroyed the Nazi war machine. With the supposed death of Johann Schmidt, Strucker managed to pull Hydra back together and rebuild it. While it had not acquired their former glory, Hydra was still a force to be feared by governments around the world.

And now…he felt his self-control slipping.

It was supposed to be simple, procure the assets of one Klaus Schmidt. However, a recon team he had sent in advance to secure Schmidt’s beach house informed him that these strange “mutants” (as they were labeled in Schmidt’s old research notes from the war) had taken the place. Hearing from spies Hydra had in both the US and Soviet forces and what these mutants had done in Cuba recently, Wolfgang realized they might pose a problem.


So they spent the last couple weeks studying these mutants. During that time, another mutant recently appeared; according to reports, he mysteriously dropped out of the sky and swam to shore where he was taken in by the other mutants. Further reports indicated that the newest arrival was perhaps the least threatening of the group and Wolfgang had decided he would be the easiest one to capture. When they launched their assault, he dispatched a team to subdue the young man who was wandering the beach about a half-mile from the beach house. He thought there would be a problem when the red demon-like creature briefly showed up, but the team moved in when the creature disappeared back to wherever it had come from. When the initial assault on the beach house began, Wolfgang realized that he might have underestimated the strength of the mutants he was opposing. One of the creatures somehow created miniature waterspouts that swirled out of control and took out half the landing teams.

Then he lost contact with team four, led by one of his most trusted lieutenants, Fritz Krieger. Using binoculars didn’t help him much at night, though he did see muzzle flashes and hear gunfire. However, he was certain six highly trained men could bring down just one, regardless of his abilities. He tried multiple times to contact Fritz. After the fifth attempt, he was about to dispatch another team when he got a response.

“Attention, attention!” It was not a voice Strucker recognized and he could hear the hint of sarcasm and laughter in the man’s tone. “Fritz is dead,” the voice continued, “I repeat…Fritz is dead and you’re next, dickhead.”

Then the connection went dead. A few seconds later, one of his soldiers burst onto the bridge. “Sir, someone has taken one of our boats and is attacking the other assault teams still in the water.”

“What!?!” Strucker brought up his binoculars and could see muzzle flashes in the darkness on the water before one of the motor boats exploded. On the radio he could hear panic among his soldiers.

“Baron Strucker! We’re under-”



“Mein Gott!”

“Nein! Nein! Nein! Neeeeeeein!”

“Get me spotlights on the water,” Wolfgang ordered. “And get all available soldiers on deck, now!” He looked through his binoculars again and could see his teams on the beach having trouble with the mutants at the beach house, but now he had more pressing concerns. He focused on the water nearby and could see the burning wreck of one boat and could make out a firefight between the other remaining teams and the boat taken by the unknown mutant. “Get a couple rocket launchers on deck as well,” he said, “and blow that swine out of the water with extreme prejudice.”

* * * * *

Back on the motor boat, Xander was laughing maniacally as the his boat hit one wave and went airborne for a second before coming down on one of the other boats, crushing the Hydra soldiers underneath and destroying their boat. “Wipeout!” he yelled, mentally imagining that old surfer song going through his head when a thought occurred to him.

Wait, if this is 1962, has that song even come out yet?

Elsewhere in his mindscape, the Hyena cringed and rolled her eyes again.

Hey, it’s a valid question.

Less think, more fight!

Yes dear,
he thought back, getting an annoyed growl from her.

He felt a couple bullets fly past his head which caused him to duck. “Shit,” he said, “time to get serious.” He turned hard on the wheel, causing the boat to take a sharp right turn and brought up the assault rifle he had taken from one of the dead Hydra troops and pulled the trigger, emptying the clip into the boat he was cutting in front of. He saw the boat driver’s body shake momentarily shake and his head snap back as the shots tore through, causing the boat to careen out of control and capsize as it hit the wake created by Xander’s boat.

Xander sighed and tossed the now useless rifle aside. He knew there were probably a couple more clips in the boat, but he doubted the men in the other boats would give him time to stop and look for more ammo. He happened to look in the direction of the freighter that the boats had apparently come from and his eye widened in surprise.


He floored the gas and turned sharply to the left avoiding, barely avoiding the rocket launched at him. One of the boats trying to flank Xander, however, ended up taking the rocket that was meant for him, the explosion rocked Xander’s boat and he barely managed to keep from losing control and tipping over.

Damn that was close, Xander thought.

More bullets rained down around him, some riddling his boat. Xander managed to glance up and saw that while Hydra soldiers were firing on him, another was getting ready to fire at him with the rocket launcher again.

Oh…so that’s how it’s going to be? Okay, let’s see if you will willingly shoot up your own guys instead of out of stupidity and bad aim.

He turned the boat around, ignoring the bullet fire and drove straight toward the remaining boats. More bullets riddled his craft as well as the first boat he drove by, killing a couple more Hydra soldiers.

I guess that answers my question.

He heard the hyena whine behind him at the same time he smelled smoke and burning oil. A quick glance over his shoulder over at the motor told him all he need to know.

Dammit, now my boat’s on fire…and I was having such a good day.

No joke,
Hyena growled, this serious!

No, really? Okay…time to end this.

He continued to drive erratically, moving in serpentine fashion between boats and focused on his new target.

* * * * *

Wolfgang couldn’t help admiring the tenacity of young man out on the water despite the fact that he was killing several Hydra troops. However, the boy had taken several hits to his craft and it looked like it was about to explode at any moment. He was expecting the young man to head out to the open sea and jump out into the water to avoid capture, but was surprised the burning boat turned around and started on a new course toward…

No, Wolfgang thought as he dropped the binoculars, he’s insane!

* * * * *

Xander gunned the engine, ducking to avoid another hail of bullets as he closed the distance between himself and the freighter. His enhanced hearing could pick up the voices of the Hydra troops on the deck.

“Dammit! Fire!”

“Mein Gott! He’s insane!”

“Keep firing!”

Xander hit a wave that sent the boat airborne again and smiled as he made to jump off the boat.

And that was when things got really weird.

He had just cleared the side of the boat when time suddenly seemed to slow down. As he fell towards the water, he could see bullets slowly whiz by him, one just passing a couple inches in front of his face as he turned his head. He knew he should be afraid or, at the very least, in a state of panic. Instead, all he could think of was:

Cool, things do go in slo-mo when you’re about to die.

Then every thing snapped back into real time as he hit the water and disappeared below the surface.

Okay, he thought as bullets continued to zip past him in the water, maybe this wasn’t a cool idea after all. However, instead of trying to get back to the surface, he started to go deeper into the water and slipping underneath the bulk of the freighter. Above him, the surface glowed brightly where his boat had crashed into the freighter.

Hopefully they’ll be focusing on damage control and not expecting me to do something really stupid.

Again, he heard Hyena whine in the back of his mind.

Hey, if you have a better idea, I’m open to it.

Too obvious,
the hyena said, wait for man in dorky helmet to come.

And where am I supposed too wait? It’s fucking cold down here…and air is a slight issue!

Xander continued to swim for the long anchor chain he could make out through the water and started to swim for it. However, he knew the hyena was right and the Hydra troops might be expecting that. Then a glimmer of light caught is attention under the boat and he grinned as he spotted a couple silhouettes coming from brightly lit hole.

On the other hand, they won’t expect me walk through their back door.

He knew the divers would be waiting several seconds for their eyes to adjust to the dim waters and, due to his swimming ability, he was able to avoid the crude underwater flashlights they were using. For the first time, he was silently thanking whatever deity that dropped him in this timeframe. Though the divers were using advanced equipment for their time, they were using equipment that was considered advanced for 1962, not from the early 21st century. It was almost so easy to dodge those flashlight beams and sneak up on one diver, snap his neck, and take air tube from him.

Unfortunately, the other diver saw this and Xander felt a sharp pain his side when the diver spear caught him in the side. Once again, Xander was surprised that he was not in a state of panic, but he was even more surprised at the lack of pain he should be feeling from taking a speargun shot to the side. Oh, it hurt, but it was more like an annoying burn instead of feeling like someone impaled him with something. That was when he got an idea.

He let go of his hold on the Hydra diver he had and immediately went limp. Of course, this meant losing his air supply when he let the dead man go, but that was okay, he had sucked enough air to last him at least five minutes. Right now, he had to focus on being limp and convince the other diver he was either seriously injured, dying, or actually dead.

Sure enough, two minutes later, the other diver grabbed Xander and hauled him towards the glowing circle of light that obviously was some sort of dive chamber built into the boat. Xander waited until they were about ten feet away from the hole when he pulled the spear out of his body (and that DID hurt) and used it stab his would-be captor several times, puncturing both lungs before ripping out the man’s throat.

Nice, the hyena chuckled approvingly.

Yeah, Xander mentally replied as he drifted up towards the glowing circle above him, but now comes the hard part.

He positioned himself in such a way to look like he was being pushed up through the hole, because he guessed there were people in that diving chamber standing guard. Once again, he was proven right as he felt arms reach down to grab him and pull him out. He waited until he was pulled half-way out before he made his move and dropped his arm down, just in time to grab the holstered pistol the man was carrying. He pulled the pistol out fired two rounds into the other guard in the room before shoving his fingers into the other man’s eyes. Part of Xander winced at that, having known what it’s like to have his eyes ripped out, but his sympathy died as he remembered Hydra’s ties to the Nazis in the second world war. His sympathy extended far enough to put a bullet in the man’s head before his screams attracted attention.

Xander took a moment to grab the weapon from the other guard he shot and grabbed the spare magazine off the man’s belt as well as the radio.

Hmmm…a Samopal CZ 25...a little old fashioned, but it fits. Damn terrorists and warlords were using them in Africa, makes sense a group of terrorists like Hydra would be using something like this.

He turned on the radio and listened to the chatter for a few seconds.

“Any sign of that man?”

“No, Baron Stucker, we’ve found nothing.”

Damn, Xander thought, it’s Strucker. The question is, which Strucker am I dealing with? Just the leader of Hydra or does he have that life-sucking demon claw thingie.

He checked the magazine on the Samopal and smiled at the full load before locking it back into position.

Well, doesn’t matter. He tried to kill me and the others…I guess it’s time he learned what a bad idea that was.

“Keep searching,” Strucker ordered, “we should be hearing from the divers in five minutes when they report in.”

Xander chuckled as he turned the radio off. “Five minutes,” he said, his gaze going back to the dead guards in the chamber. That was when he noticed the grenade on the belt of the other guard whose eyes he had ripped out. He reached over and carefully took the grenade before casually tossing it softly in his hand like a baseball. “A lot could happen in five minutes, Baron,” he said, his soft laugh echoing slightly in the chamber. He then got up and headed for the door that would take him to the rest of the ship.

“Oh yeah…a lot of bad things are gonna’ happen in five minutes.”
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