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My Daddy, Dr Owen Harper

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Summary: When a spell gone wrong leaves 13 year old Xander, Angel and Spike in Cardiff, Owen Harper takes the three boys in. Featuring mini!soldier!Xander, Spike and Angel bickering, and lots and lots of Slash (This is Cardiff, after all)

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralGwirryFR1563,2660299,73728 Jun 118 Aug 11No

Whistler makes a stopover

DISCLAIMER: I own nought.

A/N: Wow! Soooooo many reviews. I love you guys! This Chapter up way faster than expected cause all of you were so enthusiastic. Keep it up! I'll write faster XD. On with the story now.

Ianto’s list of impossible things had had a dramatic makeover since the time he joined Torchwood. But in the new revised version of that list, Owen Harper looking after three preteen boys was definitely up the top somewhere.

“Owen?” said Gwen, looking as confused as Ianto felt. “What the hell is going on?”

“The boys got sent through the rift. From what I can understand, they have a friend who does magic, and she sent them through by mistake. No, Xander’s eye patch isn’t fake, yes, I have checked, it was poked out with a blunt instrument, and yes, that correlates with his story.”
Gwen looked to Jack for confirmation. He shook his head – Don’t ask.
Owen was having a hell of a time organising the boys.

“Xander, get away from that! You don’t know how to work it! Liam, Will, stop hitting each other! Liam, get away from that! Will, shut up! Xander, stop taunting them both!”
Ianto began to smile slowly. Finally, Owen had herded them all into the conference room, and sat the boys down.

“Are you going to tell us what’s going on?” he asked them.

“Well…” Liam looked worried.

“I bags not doing it!” yelped Will, hands in the air.

“I’ll say. I don’t go a good Giles impersonation, so I’ll do it my way.”

And the members of Torchwood three had the world move while they listened. Between Xander, Liam and Will, the three boys told them a tale of demons, vampires with and without souls called Angelus, or Angel and William the Bloody, or Spike, and of the one girl chosen to fight them, and her friends, and the potentials and the first evil and how the Red Goddess changed the world by calling them all, and how when the Bringers made a second attack on a place in LA where they were all staying, the three boys, who had been older at the time, had agreed to hold them off so the others could escape. And as they were on the verge of death, the Red Goddess had opened a portal to save them, and healed them, and then they had ended up in an alleyway in Cardiff. Jack opened his mouth to say something, and was interrupted by a demon with bad dress sense appearing in the middle of the room.

“WHISTLER!” yelled all three boys.

“If you don’t tell us what is going on right now, I will, so help me Buffy, tear out your ribcage and wear it as a hat.” snapped Liam. The being went white and quickly began to explain the issue.

“Well, the Powers saw you were dying, and they didn’t want to lose their Champions, so they sent
you here. The balance wouldn’t let them leave you as adults, because of the formidable front of Champions here, so they de-aged you all. They will allow you to contact your friends once a year through the Key, but that is all.”

“So it’s all true? The stuff they said?” Ianto finally managed to splutter out.

“Yes. Good luck with keeping them safe. Oh, Spike? Angel? You got to keep your vampiric abilities. Just, not the sunshine thing.”

He vanished.

“Bloody Powers.” muttered Will.

Owen rolled his eyes.

"Will Harper, watch your language!"
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