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My Daddy, Dr Owen Harper

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Summary: When a spell gone wrong leaves 13 year old Xander, Angel and Spike in Cardiff, Owen Harper takes the three boys in. Featuring mini!soldier!Xander, Spike and Angel bickering, and lots and lots of Slash (This is Cardiff, after all)

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralGwirryFR1563,2660299,73728 Jun 118 Aug 11No


DISCLAIMER: Do I lok like RTD? Or the Almighty God that is Joss Whedon? Thought not. They are not mine. Other people's toys, guys.

A/N: Sorry about the huge gaps between updates. i had a big History assignment due, and all my spare time was spent at basketball stadiums and watching the first few episodes of Miracle Day. I've also been working on a big non-crossover that's only Torchwood, which is posted on An Archive of Our Own, under my other pen name of Gwir-Weld y Galon. Go have a look!
And thanks to all my reviewers, and to Genuka for this wonderful banner. You rock!



“Oh, look! It’s my mini-me.”

Xander puffed up in the chest and pulled the Webley revolver out of the pocket of his leather jacket.

“He’s hardly yours, Hart.”

“So he’s yours, then?” enquired the agent, grinning evilly. Xander cocked his head to one side – acceptance.

“Finally!” Jack crowed from the back corner.

“Shut up, Jack.” sighed Owen.

“Back off, Hart.” growled Liam, shoving the Slayers out of his way as he stalks over to his brothers.

“Hey, I didn’t send myself here. That’s all his fault!”

As one man, the whole Torchwood team turned and started yelling at Whistler.

Willow, Dawn, Buffy and Giles were left staring in shock at where Xander and Spike stood with their arms around each other, Xander whispering something to the other boy, while Owen, John, Tosh and Jack yelled at Whistler.

“What…How…What?” stammered Buffy.

“Long story.” sighed Xander, drawing out the ‘o’.

“It really is.” murmured Will, a smile tugging at his lips.

“Well,” said Dawn, as she watched Giles join in with the other members of the Torchwood team as
they harassed Whistler, “It looks like we have tonnes of time!”

It had started with Martha arriving. Martha arriving, and Owen almost getting shot. Well, really, Owen almost getting shot, and Will shoving him out of the way, because his Vampire endurance had stayed with him and he could survive it. Only at that point in time, they didn’t know that.
Will had looked dead. He had seemed dead. But then again, it was always like that with him and Liam. Owen and Tosh had spent all night trying to stop Liam from charging right back to have a go at beating up that bloody doctor. And when they bought him back to the Hub, and he saw the broken look on Xander’s face as he sat by the bed that Will’s body lay on, he turned around and promptly had to be sedated by Owen to stop him going back to kill the doctor, as Tosh held Xander while he cried. Tosh had gone for coffee for the three of them, and one for Liam when he woke up, leaving Xander alone with Will.

“Hey, Will.” Xander had said. “Spike, whatever. I really need you to wake up.” Xander looked around almost nervously.

“I need you to wake up. Cause if you don’t, I’m really gonna miss you. Like, hugely. Really, really. Cause … cause…” Xander’s voice cracked and he started to cry again.

“Cause I love you.” He said to the opposite wall.

“Really?” said a soft, barely noticeable voice from the bed in front of him.

Well, barely noticeable if the person listening had not spent all night praying silently to anyone who might be out there that the owner of the aforementioned voice was alright.

Xander looked down at Will’s wide open eyes and broke down sobbing in pure, unmitigated relief.

“Really, Will. I really do.”

Will and Xander slid a little closer together, and smiled at each other. Willow grinned, and bounced up and down on the spot, happy that her friend was happy, while Buffy and Dawn just sat and tried to figure out what was going on. Xander smiled at their reactions. Of course, Willow wouldn’t care. She’d love that he was happy. Buffy and Dawn would take some more time to come around. And now, he could see that his Torchwood family had given up on a very bashful looking Whistler, and were yelling at each other, and Giles was bowing out of that while Arianna and Liam laughed and spun Suzie around, and Tosh tried to calm Owen down, and Ianto told Jack and John to get over it and kiss each other already and everyone laughed and it was just like in the Hub.

Xander smiled, because now he had a family who loved him, a boyfriend, and the closest friends he’d ever have.

It was like all his Christmases had come at once.

It was a beginning.

The End?

You have reached the end of "My Daddy, Dr Owen Harper" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Aug 11.

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