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My Daddy, Dr Owen Harper

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Summary: When a spell gone wrong leaves 13 year old Xander, Angel and Spike in Cardiff, Owen Harper takes the three boys in. Featuring mini!soldier!Xander, Spike and Angel bickering, and lots and lots of Slash (This is Cardiff, after all)

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralGwirryFR1563,2660299,73728 Jun 118 Aug 11No

Three Baby Harpers

DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything. Not Buffy, or Angel, ot Torchwood. I'll borrow Xander to to be my best friend, though.

The three boys couldn’t have been more than 12 or 13. One was bleached-blond, with ice-blue eyes, dressed in black with a red button-down shirt; one was tall and broad-shoulders, dressed all in black, from head to foot; and one was tall and lightly goofy, with shaggy brown hair and one eye, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt that could have been used as cat’s eyes on a dark road. They were having a very loud argument as Gwen, Jack and Owen approached.

“It is so your fault!” yelled the boy in the Hawaiian shirt.

“It ain’t!” yelled the bleach-blond. “Angel did it!”

“I didn’t!”

“Yes you did!”

“Gee, thanks, Deadboy!” snapped the Hawaiian shirt.

“And when did you two stop with the sunlight and spontaneous combustion?”

“We didn’t.” There was a moment of total silence.

“Bloody hell…” said the boy in black softly.

“That’s my line!” whined the blond.

“Both of you, shut it! We have…” he turned to look at Tosh, Owen and Jack.

“Top secret government agency people?” he said, his face and tone showing that it was a wild stab in
the dark. Tosh smiled softly.

“Hello. I’m Toshiko. What’s your name?”

“I’m Xander. This is Sp-“ he was interrupted by the blond.

“Will.” Xander glared at him, and then gestured at the other boy.

“And that is An-“

“Liam.” Said the other, quickly covering up whatever he was going to say. Xander glared at him too.

“Were you boys playing a game? Pretending to be pirates?” Tosh asked kindly, tapping the top of Xander’s eyepatch.

“What? No, no fake pirates. That’s real.” said Xander. He sniffed.

“Hey, Xan, It’s ok. She’s happy now. And look at what Red did!”

“Willow changed the world, Xan, and she died for that. She’s probably counting money in heaven.”
Liam said with a smile.

“You’re both right. Ahn must be happy.”

The other two boys breathed a soft sigh. Xander grinned up at Tosh, who looked horrified.

“You lost your eye? How?”

“Evil-Preacher poked it out. Said I saw too much. Spi – “ he stopped himself, and changed what he was going to say. “Will, he saved my life.” After he said this, he turned to Will.

“I never got a chance to say thank you, what with the burning up on you part.”

“No problem.”

Owen had pushed past Jack and dodged around Tosh at this point, and he herded the boys back to the SUV without a moment’s pause. As he climbed into the back seat, ignoring the protests of the other two he snapped:

“I don’t think anyone who thanks someone for saving his life when they are both 13 should be left on the streets. I’m taking then back to the hub, and they can pick who they want to stay with once we know for sure who they are and what happened to Xander’s eye.”

A/N: next time, Whistler shows up and does some explaining, and Xander, Will and Liam Harper head off for their first day at school.

A/N 2: Hope you like, Bugeyedmonster!
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