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Upgrades and Vampires

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Summary: Willow joins Xander on his road-trip after they graduate; they stop in Colorado Springs and enter O’Malley’s bar & grill for dinner. Throw in three Atanik armbands plus a couple of overzealous vampires and you have yourself a par-tay.

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Stargate > Willow-Centered
Stargate > Xander-Centered
pezgirlFR1322,37412410,00928 Jun 117 Jul 12No

Chapter Two

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

She really shouldn’t be so surprised.

Of course those demons would outrun them, with their ‘zippy’ speed and... demon-ness; and look at her and Xander, just normal humans. Well, not ‘normal’ per se, they just didn’t zip around like Sonic the Hedgehog; she had her witch-y-ness, and Xander was... Xander: the guy that laughed in the face of danger.

Willow felt a smile tug at her lips at the memory, the day they became the ‘Slayerettes’, the ‘Scooby Gang’ fighting the forces of evil... Actually, Buffy fought the forces of evil; mostly, they just helped whenever they could.

It would be best if Buffy handled the demons in Colorado Springs.

If only Willow were stronger magically, her Slayer friend shouldn’t have to shoulder all the responsibility; it wasn’t fair. The flight over to Colorado Springs would take hours, it would leave Sunnydale and the Hellmouth unprotected and...

Xander sighed and threw his hands up in exasperation, glancing around the alley they were scouring, “Nothing! Y’know, the Sega team are probably long gone; at the speed they were going... I’d say that they’re probably somewhere in outta space.”

Exactly what she was thinking; by the time Buffy arrived the damage would already be done, and people would get hurt. So, what were they gonna do? Sit twiddling their thumbs as they waited for Buffy? Were, Sega Team going to hurt someone in the meantime?

One, she didn’t ‘twiddle’ her thumbs; and two, who’s to say that Buffy wasn’t tied up in her own life? Getting ready for UC Sunnydale... vampire slayage?

And anyway, they could take care of themselves!

She was a Big Bad Witch... although, not a ‘Big Bad’ witch; she didn’t want to be evil and skanky.

Okay, she was getting off topic here... at least she wasn’t babbling out loud this time.

Dragging her thoughts back to their problem, Willow shook her head, “We should tell Buffy what’s going on... but, we can’t just-

Xander nodded, “Can’t just sit on our butts and do nothing... no.” Then he smiled, gamely, “I guess it’s time to patrol!”

Willow sighed, and nodded.


Maybe those four steaks weren’t enough.

Jack’s stomach growled loudly, as though he hadn’t eaten all day. Just how much food did they need anyhow? Man, what he wouldn’t give to be back in O’Malley’s! All those steaks... so tender and-

“Sir, you’re drooling,” Sam eyed him, looking amused. Then she frowned, “God, I’m starving; it hasn’t been that long since we left.”

“Yeah, well,” Jack growled, picturing the red meat, “It feels ‘that long’, Carter.”

She looked hungry.... he was hungry... Daniel was-


Jack blinked at his best friend, warily, “You okay, Danny-boy?”

Daniel giggled... He looked positively giddy!

“Am I okay?” laughed Daniel, cheerfully, “I got called a ‘geek’ and I dealt with them like...” he balled up his fists and growled slightly, “It felt great. I feel like I can deal with anyone.”

Okay, Jack was a little worried, “Well, let’s not get carried away. We’re not going on some rampage, Daniel.”

Daniel stared at him for a moment, and then seemed to deflate a little, “I guess...”

Jack patted him on the shoulder, “As soon as Hammond clears us for active duty you can kick butt as much as you want.”

Their archaeologist smiled; earlier aggression gone, he looked like regular Daniel again.

Carter, he noticed, was looking anything but happy, “Do you think we should get back to base? They might start to notice we’re gone, and we’re not exactly in their good books at the moment.”

She did have a point.

Maybe they should get ba-

Something caught Jack’s eye, and the way his team mates followed his line of sight told him that they’d seen it too. A pulse of fire had flashed deep the park adjacent to where they’d been talking; it had fizzled out quickly, leaving darkness in its place.

“What d’ya say we check that out first?” Jack was already walking towards the source of the flash, slowly, his surroundings blurred as he shot forwards.


Willow sighed, looking as though she were split between disappointment and acceptance; a strange combination really. The fire that had bloomed suddenly from her hands had dissipated before she’d managed to complete her objective.

They should have brought a flashlight with them.

“It worked the day before last!” the redhead complained, eyeing her hand, now with an accusing glare, “Dumb hand.”

Xander smiled, he opened his mouth, barely noticing the blurs shooting towards them. He did, however, notice a guy with dark eyes suddenly materialize less than two feet in front of him, “Holy Batman!”

Guy-with-dark-eyes smirked, “Actually it’s ‘Jack’.”

He heard a sudden intake of breath, Willow had backed away from another of- Xander felt his eyes go wide, “Will, it’s them!”

The blonde- the very attractive blonde in a really nice leather jacket – had stopped to Jack’s left, almost beside Xander, gulping, he looked at her, “Hi...I’m uh, Xander...”

The blonde smiled, he really hoped his own wasn’t too goofy.

“The Sega Team?” Willow questioned, then she looked at the other guy, Mister-Blue-Eyes, “ is the Sega Team.”

Jack’s brow furrow, “The what team?”

Xander grinned, “Sega... you know, Sonic the Hedgehog?”

The second the words erupted from his mouth he wanted to take them back; he also wanted the earth to open up and swallow him up. Why... why had he said that?!

He’d sounded completely uncool... geeky, even.

The blonde nodded, looking a little perplexed, “Sonic the Hedgehog.”

Xander felt Willow stir beside him, and hoped she wouldn’t continue the subject.

“We saw you at O’Malley’s,” Willow explained, thankfully containing her excitement, “You beat those guys up.”

“Yup,” agreed Xander, trying to shrug away the conversation, “So, do we need to kick your butts?”

At first the three people... demons... whatever they were... just stared at them, then Jack sighed, “Look, kids. We’re getting a little off-topic here. We thought someone might be trying to start a fire- we came to check it out.”


Willow looked a little guilty, then smiled weakly, “Oops?”

They stared at her.



Giles blinked furiously as he tore his eyes from the book before him, quickly returning to reality he removed his specs; Buffy had just come tearing into the room... his room, actually. Had she knocked? Maybe she had.

He had been distracted; the book he was reading was quite fascinating.

“Y-yes, Buffy?” he stammered, pushing his glasses back into place.

“I got off the phone with Xander,” his Slayer explained, worried. “I think we need to go to Colorado Springs.”

What on Earth...?

Giles stared at her, “Is it a demon?”

Buffy gave him a dry look, “What else?”

“What did Xander say, precisely?”

She shrugged, “Something about Sonic...”

Giles frowned.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

The End?

You have reached the end of "Upgrades and Vampires" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Jul 12.

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