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Upgrades and Vampires

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Summary: Willow joins Xander on his road-trip after they graduate; they stop in Colorado Springs and enter O’Malley’s bar & grill for dinner. Throw in three Atanik armbands plus a couple of overzealous vampires and you have yourself a par-tay.

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Stargate > Willow-Centered
Stargate > Xander-Centered
pezgirlFR1322,37412410,01028 Jun 117 Jul 12No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: BtVS is owned by Joss Whedon; Stargate SG1 is owned by a lot of other people who make way more money than I do. The fic is based on the season 4 ep Upgrades from SG1.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Okay, so Willow had been right.

But then, she usually was. If they’d kept on driving like he’d suggested they would still be on the road, and still very hungry; but he’d folded after she’d threatened to turn him into a baguette and eat him.

Never piss a hungry Willow off; and never, never piss a hungry witch-y Willow off; very bad for your health.

Still, threatening best friends aside he was glad that Willow had chosen the restaurant; it was nice, not prissy or uptight, but not drab or dingy either... they wouldn’t be finding any cockroaches in O’Malley’s Bar and Grill, that was for sure!

There was one problem with the scenario.

The military.

Apparently there was a military function at night, soldiers and personnel flocked over from Colorado Mountain to eat at the restaurant; to be fair, there weren’t that many personnel inhabiting the place. There was a small group over by the pool table to his left, they didn’t look particularly menacing or evil- although, two of the men were looking kinda riled up.

Losing at pool, huh?

Smirking, Xander turned back to his juicy steak; O’Malley’s steaks had to be the best meat... in the history of meat! He loved them!

He looked up from his food when his best friend giggled; he glared half-heartedly at her, “No teasing the Xan-man tonight!”

He watched as Willow swallowed a mouthful of her sandwich, still eyeing him mischievously; the frustration of the past hour long forgotten.

“Get a room,” she teased, lightly. “I hope you’re only thinking of eating that steak.”

Yep, she was going to jab at him mercilessly; he knew that look! Well, if she thought that he was going to take it lying down...


Okay, well at least he hadn’t said that out loud.

Xander opened his mouth to add to their little verbal sparring match when some activity over by the pool table caught his eye, he took a mental note of the situation; two of the men were flanking one of the three military personnel threateningly, he didn’t know why but he just knew those guys were military- maybe it was the soldier guy in him.

Oddly enough, neither the two guys nor the woman looked wigged; in fact, the older man and the blonde women appeared to be enjoying themselves- the younger man with the blue shirt, however, was kinda taking an aggressive stance.

Conclusion: Bar Fight.

Willow had obviously caught onto the vibe which was drifting its way over to their table like a mist- the two tables nearest them had gone silent and had seemed to also have noticed the thickening tension-and becoming aware of the situation developing behind her, she had twisted around to get a good look.

“Bar fight,” he muttered to her, still eyeing the small group.

Though she didn’t say anything, he saw her nod in acknowledgment; it didn’t look as though she could take her eyes off the group any more than he could. He lowered his knife and fork to the plate, steak already forgotten, and studied them all. They all looked pretty confident that they could take the other side out, but the military group appeared to have a little disadvantage- the beefy guys weren’t that much bigger than the others, but big enough and they were outnumbered by at least two men.

He saw Willow swallow nervously before she finally tore her eyes away to look at him; she glanced back quickly and then said, “Maybe they need some help.”

Probably, they-

Xander felt his mouth fall open as shock registered in his brain, his eyes followed the fight unfolding in front of him; no, not ‘fight’.

‘Extermination’ was a more accurate term.

Faintly aware that he was still gaping like a moron, he watched as the slim, blonde threw the mass of muscle and fat onto an empty table; he felt his eyebrows shoot up into his hairline as the sturdy table was crushed into pieces.

Willow, having seen his reaction, turned back again to the brawl; he heard her gasp, an echo of his own, as the younger of the two men seemed to turn into a blur of motion; crashing into one of the goons, and sending him flying through the air.

They’re made of wool, the younger man was throwing the guy around as if he was made of wool; suddenly, and briefly, he lost sight of the man. He seemed to reappear seconds later to continue the job, the three people were fast.

Too fast.

“They’re going to kill them,” remarked Willow, anxiously as one of them fell, yelling, onto the pool table; her eyes flitting around in a pointless attempt to follow the fight. “We should do something.”

He’d feel a lot surer of their survival if Buffy was there with them, but nope; she was still in Sunnydale, still fighting the ever-present vampire population.

Were these guys vampires?

Maybe, but if they were they were some pretty fast ones.


He was gonna get himself killed, but he couldn’t just sit back as though nothing was happening! He was Xander, he wasn’t a Slayer, or a witch; but he could punch as well as the next guy.

Although, probably not as well as those guys...

Xander braced himself for the ass-kicking of a lifetime, and stood up from the table, he motioned for Willow to stay where she was; if fist-fighting wasn’t his greatest strength, it sure as hell wasn’t Willow’s.

But, it wasn’t as though she couldn’t help any...

Xander turned to her briefly and said, “Time to work your mojo, Will. Cover me.”

She nodded, still keeping an eye on the fight, “Okay, I-I can do that. Sho-

Her expression turned to one of shock and amazement, her eyes drifted a little, following the scene intently, “They can’t be human... u-unless they’re on steroids or-

Xander watched as the older of the two men, in his late forties, flipped one of his opponents like a pancake and let him fall onto a chair; breaking it into splinters, “Sweet Moses on a motorcycle,” he gabbled, as the dust settled.

It looked as though they’d stopped.

Then, somehow, the three of them all but disappeared through the door; leaving behind a silent, shocked atmosphere within the bar and grill.

Xander swallowed, the event slowly sunk into his mind; he looked back at his best friend and met her wide eyes in a muted surprise.

Willow shook her head, dazed. She blinked at Xander and cleared her throat, “I don’t think they needed any help.”

Xander agreed silently, and his eyes slid back towards the door that the strange people had exited through; those three had handled themselves pretty good... too good, he didn’t care how well the military trained their soldiers... they weren’t trained to zip around like Sonic the Hedgehog!

Those three amigos were not normal.

“We should call Buffy,” Willow suggested, staring at the door.

Xander nodded, feeling a sinking sensation in his gut; something told him that their road-trip was about to be cancelled, and it wasn’t the steak. Pushing away his disappointment, he told himself that he and Willow could still do the ‘best bud’ thing...

Just because there were demons in Colorado Springs, didn’t mean they couldn’t have fun.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~
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