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A second chance at life

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Summary: An Angel's act changes the Scoobies and the Winchesters into children and Andrew is saddled with taking care of them better explanation inside

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Star Trek > Star Trek - The Next GenerationJacobPhoenixFR18511,9270114,14729 Jun 113 Jul 11No

Chapter 4

Disclaimer: Same as previous chapters and I do not own Star Wars.

Chapter 4

Simon stared at the children in front of him; all of them were angry and Dean, who he figured was the self appointed leader of the boys and Buffy, who was the leader of the other girls.

“So, do you want something to eat?” Simon asked, “I can get the replicator to make you something.”

“Daddy makes food,” Dean said still glaring, “He doesn’t like food from the machine.”

“Wait,’ Simon said stunned, “He touches the food? He actually makes it with his hands?”

They all nodded and Simon turned a bit red and thought, ‘Lovely,’ and said, “I’m sure he won’t mind if I feed you food from the replicator,” and replicated a pizza and put it in front of them.

Dean grabbed a slice and ate it, he nodded to the others and they ate slowly, still giving him glares.

Simon sighed, ‘This isn’t going well.’

Sam looked at Simon and muttered, “Thank you for taking in us in.”

Simon replicated some fruit for them and said, “Do your pets have to go out?”

“No,” Dean muttered as he scratched Porkchop’s head.

After he fixed their beds and put out some toys out he watched them run out and play, he saw the targ and sehlat rushing about nipping at children and almost laughed out loud, ‘The animals must think they’re animals too,’ he put out a couple of bowls of food for the animals.

Willow looked at Simon and said, “Why you’re ears pointy? You an elf too?”

“No,” Simon said, “But I have ancestry that is part elf.”

Willow ran over and crawled onto his lap, she tugged on his ears and grinned, “Real, they real ears.”

Simon gently put her down and sighed, “Why do you think Vulcans are elves?”

“Because,’ Dean said, “Elves have pointy ears.”

Simon frowned, “When is your bedtime anyways?”

“Umm,” Xander said, “Daddy lets us stay up for long as we want.”

“No he doesn’t,” Sam said, “We be good, right Dean?”

Dean nodded, “Be good for now.’

Simon nodded and said, “It’s getting late so you little guys better get to bed,” and prepared the beds for them, as he tucked them in he wondered vaguely how in the hell did Andrew take care of these children by himself? It seemed almost impossible.

After they were asleep Simon asked Dr Crusher about Andrew’s condition and sighed; he was fine, he just needed rest.

As he prepared to head off to bed he looked at the sleeping children and wondered how would he entertain them tomorrow?

The next morning Simon felt something poking him, he woke muttering, “What the hell?” And saw the children in bed with him; snuggling him like he was a teddy bear, he looked at his feet and saw the targ and sehlat at the foot of his bed.

Sam looked at him and said, “Bathroom please?”

“Oh,” Simon said as he tried to get up, only to be held down by Dean, Xander and Buffy. He gently untangled himself from the children and carried Sam to the washroom.

“Sorry ‘bout sleeping with you,” Sam said, “We feel safe with daddy, he protects us.”

Simon nodded and waited for Sam outside and heard the flush, Sam walked out and Sam hugged his leg and said, “Still sleepy.”

Simon picked him up and walked back to the bed and saw that the children had taken over his bed and frowned, ‘How did Andrew put up with this?’ He moved the children gently and put Sam to bed.

He walked outside his room and called Deanna and said, “Umm, Counsellor Troi? I need your help?”

She smiled, “Mr Tarses? How can I help you?”

“I need something to entertain Andrew’s children; I’m looking after them for him.”

“Oh dear,” Deanna said, “Well this could be good for them; they are rather attached to Andrew. Perhaps we could take them to the Holodeck? They like that.”

Simon stammered, “I don’t want to waste your time ma’am, I can handle them.’

“How about Guinan? She adores the children Mr Tarses,” Deanna said, “Do you feel comfortable with her?”

“I suppose,” Simon said, “We’ll meet her at Holodeck one.”

She smiled and said, “Good, I’ll let her know.”

Simon muttered, “Good lord, what have I done?” He looked at the children who were beginning to stir and said, “Umm, wake up children.”

They looked at him and Dean muttered, “What?”

“Do you guys want to go with me to the Holodeck?” Simon asked.

“Sure,” Dean said as he ran out before Simon pulled him in.

“Not in your pyjamas,” Simon said, “Now we’ll have breakfast,” and frowned, “What do you guys like to eat?”

“Umm,” Willow said, “Umm, could we have waffles? Daddy usually makes them with maple syrup and Saskatoon berries.”

Simon nodded and ran out and replicated several waffles for the kids as he got his traditional blueberry muffins with butter.

As they ate, the children wondered what they could play on the Holodeck while Simon prayed that Guinan would help him find a program.

After breakfast they all walked out, the kids were moving into their little groups, Simon thought inwardly, ‘Did Andrew father all of them?’

Xander looked over and said, “Aunt Guinan?”

She nodded, “Yes, I’m going to spend the whole day with you guys today and Mr Tarses, smart choice; Andrew will appreciate this and perhaps he’ll ask you out to dinner.”

“Umm,” Simon said, “I didn’t do this for Andrew but I did it to help them, Captain Picard needed someone to take them in while Andrew healed.”

“Of course,” Guinan said with a mysterious smile and took the children’s hand and lead them out to a beautiful city.

Simon looked around and said, “Nice place, what is it?”

“It’s the city of H’ral on Vulcan,” Guinan said, “I spent some lovely time here.”

Xander whooped and yelled, “A city of elves.”

Simon’s eye twitched a bit, he was beginning to realize why the other Vulcans on the ship were just a bit annoyed with these kids.

Guinan gently smiled and said, “Mr Tarses, they are children, and take it from someone who has had many children, you must be firm but know when to relax, they’ll learn not to call you or Vulcans elves.”

Simon sighed and nodded, “So what is here for children to do?”

She laughed and said, “H’ral is a city of beauty, some of the best Vulcan artists came here to study.”

“Ah,” Simon said as he sat down under the hot Vulcan sun and looked at the children looking bored but pointing at the Vulcans.

Guinan smiled, “Maybe play one of your favourite programs? It might be more exciting for the children.”

Simon turned red and said, “Alright, but if they get scared don’t blame me,” and said, “Computer: Tarses one.”

The scene shifted to a massive temple and the children’s eyes widened, they ran around and looked around in shock while Guinan smiled,

A small green creature came down and looked at them and Simon and smiled, “Master Tarses?”

“Cool,” Xander and Dean yelled, “Its Yoda.”

Xander ran up, followed by Sam and hugged the green creature, “Daddy loves you.”

They all looked at Simon, who’s blue Starfleet uniform had been replaced by a brown and white robe and Dean said, “Cool, you a Jedi?”

“On the Holodeck I am,” Simon smiled.

They rushed towards him and Guinan laughed as he was pushed to the ground by the children asking questions, Simon stared as the children pulled at the robes, looking for a lightsaber or something for them to play with.

Simon frowned, “Guinan, I’m going to move the program to an earlier time, this is a day before the fall of the temple.”

She smiled and said, “No, I admit this is one of my little pleasures and besides “Master Tarses,” let’s see if we can’t beat the clone troopers together?”

The children cheered and Faith ran around and said, “I wanna lightsaber too,” and the others nodded their agreement.

“Thank you god for Holodeck safeties,” Simon muttered.

Guinan’s robes turned into an elegant looking red and white robe and she smiled at their looks and said, “I’ve never liked the brown and white robes,” as she got the children into robes and gave them little lightsabers of their own.

Faith swung hers around and said, “We bring daddy here, he love it.”

Simon frowned, “You knew, didn’t you? About Andrew’s fondness for this movie series?”

She smiled and said, “I was surprised too, I’ve always enjoyed human culture.”

Guinan looked at Simon and smiled at the odd smile on his face, she personally thought they’d look good together.

Meanwhile Andrew woke up finally and saw Beverly walk towards him and smile, “Andrew, it’s good to see you up again.”

“How long have I been asleep?” Andrew moaned, “And my babies, where are they?”

“Simon Tarses is looking over them, he promised to take care of them, we couldn’t have them sleeping here next to you.”

Andrew got up and moaned, he was still tired but he could move, he said, “Computer: location of Simon Tarses?”

The Holodeck,” Andrew frowned, ‘Is he there with my babies?’ he walked to exit when Beverly stopped him and said, “You take it easy Mr Wells, alright?”

Andrew nodded and walked towards the Holodeck and said, “Computer, let me in.”

As the door opened he realized he was in the Jedi temple, he blamed his kids for this one. He yelled, “Kids? Where are you?” When he was pulled back he was pulled back and a sparkling blue lightsaber was being held at his throat.

He stared back and muttered, “Anakin Skywalker?”

Buffy saw Andrew being held by the bad man and ran up and bit Anakin’s ankle hard, causing Anakin to back away.

Andrew looked down and said, “Buffy?”

“Daddy!!” Buffy screamed with joy, “You’re alright? Come on, we gotta go see Dean and the others.”

She grabbed Andrew’s hand as they avoided blue laser fire and Andrew swore he saw Dean, Xander and Faith chasing clone troopers with little lightsabers and broke out into a fit of giggles, that didn’t surprise him much.

Simon smiled and said, “Those kids are enjoying this way too much, don’t you think so Guinan?”

She smiled and said, “It’s alright for them to let steam off like this as it hurts no one, but if you excuse me I have go see what Faith and Dean are up too.”

Buffy yelled, “Daddy’s here.”

‘What?’ Simon thought as he ran towards Buffy, he saw Andrew looking around impressed.

Andrew saw the man who had been taking care of his kids and gave a weak smile and said, “Mr Tarses I presume?”

Simon nodded and Andrew began to laugh and say, “I wish I had known about this but I’d probably never had left this place if I had known.”

“You like Star wars?” Simon said, “I mean the kids said you did.”

“A bit too much at times,” Andrew smiled and sat down on a ledge.

“Not many people now like the old science fiction shows,” Simon said, “Actual space travel makes the older shows redundant.”

“I know,” Andrew said laughing, “A few of my friends loved shows like Doctor Who or, like myself, was a Star Wars geek. But honestly I’ve not seen much mention of those shows since we came here.”

Simon nodded and suddenly frowned, “Where’s Guinan? She was with me and Faith.”

Xander ran up to Andrew as fast as his little legs could carry him and screamed, “Daddy.”

“Hey little guy,” Andrew said with a smile as Xander jumped into his lap and snuggled him, “do you know where Aunt Guinan is?”

“Oh,” Xander giggled, “She went to fight Darth Vader. Dean and Faith went with her.”

Andrew frowned and attempted to get up and coughed, “Still tired.”

Simon held his hand out and said, “Here, I’ll help you,” Andrew smiled and they moved past a bunch of dead clone troopers.

“So,” Andrew grinned, “Have my children asked if you’re an elf yet? They like Vulcans a lot.”

“A couple of times and by the way, is it common for you to wake up with the children all snuggled against you?”

“They have nightmares but it’s rare for all of them,” Andrew said with a bit of a frown, “They must’ve been freaked when I collapsed.”

Simon smiled and said, “They didn’t want to leave you, I had to convince them to come with me.”

“Did they bite or kick you?” Andrew said frowning, “They might have been angry at leaving me I guess.”

“They bit and kicked Lieutenant Worf and Captain Picard,” Simon said honestly, “And I told them what would I have to tell you when you woke up.”

Andrew laughed softly and said, “You sir are a saint.”

Simon frowned as he noticed Andrew slowing down, he whispered, “You need help?” And offered his hand to Andrew.

“Thanks,” Andrew said as he took Simon’s arm, “I have to thank you for caring for my kids.”

“They are wonderful, once you get past their stubborn attitudes,” Simon said, ‘And by the way, you actually cook food?”

“Why is that such a surprising thing?” Andrew said, “I think those replicators have spoiled you guys and I think I’ll start a cooking class or something like that, but if you want I’ll invite you to dinner with me and the kids.”

Simon smiled a bit and said, “Sounds interesting.”

Xander pointed, “There’s Aunt Guinan.”

Andrew and Simon stared as she was fighting Anakin, Xander yelled, “She kicks below the belt, is she going to beat him daddy?”

“Yeah, I guess Guinan beats Anakin,” Andrew said amazed. “And crap!!” Andrew exclaimed as Guinan back handed Anakin and put him down.

Simon yelled, “Computer: freeze program.”

Guinan smiled, “Andrew, should you be out of Sickbay?”

“Dr Crusher said it’s alright if I rest, I’m still a bit weak.”

“Oh,” Simon frowned, “Do you want me to, umm, watch your kids for a bit longer?”

Andrew nodded, “If you want but you’d have to probably stay with us, they won’t leave me alone now.”

Simon turned red and Guinan gave a mysterious smile and said, “Why don’t we stop the Jedi from falling and could someone take out the clone troops?”

Andrew giggled and said, “You mean the kids haven’t done that already?”

“Nope, they left a few of them alive,” Simon muttered, “They are vicious, aren’t they?”

“Yeah,” Andrew said as he hugged Dean and Faith close to him and frowned, “Where are Sam and Willow?”

“They stayed with the other children,” Guinan smiled, “And they leapt on Anakin when he went to attack the younglings.”

“I’m surprised he still lives,” Andrew smirked.


Should Andrew and Simon continue to take the children to the Star Wars program again? Should Q return soon? And should Andrew and the children meet up with the Borg?

Please rate and review.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A second chance at life" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Jul 11.

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