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A second chance at life

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Summary: An Angel's act changes the Scoobies and the Winchesters into children and Andrew is saddled with taking care of them better explanation inside

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Star Trek > Star Trek - The Next GenerationJacobPhoenixFR18511,9270114,14829 Jun 113 Jul 11No


Disclaimer: I do not own the BtVS, Supernatural or the Star Trek series.

Timeline: After S7 of BtVS (S8 comics NOT followed), After Dean came back from Hell and just before the end of S1 of Star Trek: TNG.


Andrew sighed as he looked at the six children in front of him and he guessed that they’d be about three years old now. Giles sighed with him and said, “My boy, I wish we knew how to reverse this.”

“Yeah Mr Giles,” Andrew nodded as he looked at the two Winchester brothers; he had no idea how to reverse it. He looked at Giles and said, “Umm, what do we do now?”

The six children regarded Andrew quietly, one of the children walked towards him and Andrew recognized Xander and frowned as he took the eyepatch off and said, “Umm, Mr Giles, Xander’s other eye is back.”

“Good lord!!” Giles exclaimed as he looked at Xander’s face, causing Xander to hide his face in Andrew’s chest.

Andrew looked a bit awkward as he sat down and soothed the child that was one of his friends; he smiled, waved and said, “Xander?”

Xander mumbled, “Daddy?”

“Dear god!!” Andrew said and frowned, “Sorry Mr Giles, I didn’t mean to say that.”

“My boy it’s alright,” Giles said as he smiled at the other children and added, “Why don’t we get some cookies and milk?”

They clapped and nodded and followed them to the kitchen, Andrew tried to put Xander down only for Xander to cling harder to him and shake his head and say, “Daddy, carry me?”

Andrew sighed as he walked and the girl who used to be Willow said, “Umm daddy, can you carry me too?”

“What?” Andrew nearly yelled in surprise, “What do you mean ‘daddy‘?”

“Umm,” Faith said, “You’re daddy and the old guy is grandpa, right?”

The two men looked at each other and Andrew giggled nervously, “I got children? Wow, umm, I’m gonna have to sit down, I’m not feeling too good right now.”

Giles took Xander from Andrew and said, “Yes, this is a shock, I wonder why they took to you so readily?”

As they got into the living room Andrew collapsed on the couch, the six kids crawled onto him and stared at him and Dean muttered, “Daddy?”

Sam looked at Andrew and agreed with his brother’s assessment that the blonde man was their daddy, they joined the other four children and poked at Andrew’s face, trying to get his attention.

Giles frowned and said, “They should simply be children physically not mentally as well as the Winchesters, if I heard correctly, had family squabbles, particularly Sam Winchester and his father,” ‘This could bode ill for Andrew.’

Andrew sat there with the kids poking at him. Willow frowned, why was their daddy acting like this? She hugged him and was followed by the rest of the children who suddenly crawled on him, poking, moving under his arms and made sure that his arms were around all of them and fell asleep.

The next few days passed and the children refused to leave Andrew’s side as he tried to research books to find out what they were looking at, Dawn tried to entertain them but they wanted to see their daddy.

Dawn picked up Dean and Sam and gushed, “Andrew, they’re so cute, aren’t they?”

Andrew looked up and saw them sucking up the attention and nodded, “Yeah, I guess they are.”

Xander looked up and said, “Auntie Dawn, are we cute too?”

“Oh, umm, yes,” Dawn said looking at the other group of children and frowned, she didn’t mean to say that only Dean and Sam were cute babies.

Xander walked over to Andrew and said, “We cute too daddy,” and raised his hands up towards Andrew trying to get picked up.

Andrew smiled a bit and picked up Xander and sat him on his knee bouncing him slightly when Dawn giggled, “Watch it Andrew,” as the others suddenly wanted rides too.

Andrew muttered, “What?” when the other others tried to get on his lap too only to find out they couldn’t all get on Andrew’s lap. Andrew frowned; he swore that Xander was egging a couple of the others on when they tackled Andrew to get some attention.

Giles frowned as he watched the de-aged adults tackling Andrew laughing, the council wasn’t helping much; either complaining about Wells’s brats or making plans to raise them in the old ways of the previous council.

Two weeks after they had been reverted to children Andrew was tucking them into bed when Giles came to their bedroom and he looked at Andrew who was exhausted, Giles smiled softly; Andrew was doing his best to care for the children.

He smiled softly at Andrew and said, “We have a problem; the council wants to take them and raise them how the old council would raise slayers or those chosen to be placed in teams and used to hunt rogue slayers.”

Andrew frowned as he looked at the boys and girls; he had heard how barbaric some of the methods were. He moved his hand over the children protectively, he didn’t know why he felt so protective of the children but it was slowly going it hit him when Xander showed him a drawing he had made of him.

Giles frowned, “Andrew, I don’t know what I can do anymore, Dawn and I have argued constantly for finding a way for the children to turn back to adults.”

They both thought for a moment when a wind blew the window open, Andrew went to close it when he heard a voice say, “Calm thy self Andrew Wells.”

Andrew turned around and saw a pleasant looking man looking at him and said, “Umm Mr Giles, did you call him?”

Giles got up in front of Andrew and the sleeping children and said, “I most certainly did not, who are you?”

The man stared at him and said, “Castiel; I am an angel of the Lord.”

Andrew and Giles stared at him and Castiel looked at the sleeping children and frowned, “This is a mistake, the only ones that were to be reverted was supposed to be the Winchester brothers but the others are changed as well, why?”

“Umm,” Andrew said, “How do I know you’re an Angel? I mean I don’t want to go there but.”

Castiel nodded as they saw shadowy wings appear from his back, he looked at them and said, “If you saw me in my true form you would have died instantly.”

“Okay,” Andrew said, “So, umm, you did this to them?”

“Yes,” Castiel said, “To avert the apocalypse,” he looked at their confused looks and said, “It is long and difficult to explain to humans.”

Giles and Andrew looked at each other and stared confused.

Castiel looked at how protective Andrew was getting of the children; he smiled and said, “You care for them?”

Andrew nodded, “I do kind of care for the little bastards, they grow on you after a bit.”

“Then this is good,” Castiel said as he looked at Andrew, “You will be their father.”

“Umm,” Andrew muttered, “One: I’m a geek, two: I killed my best friend and three: why me?”

“When I did this I meant for the children to bond with the first adult they saw,” Castiel said, “I thought it would be with one of the so called Scoobies.”

Andrew winced, “And you got a geek, nice. Now undo the spell, you cast it so you can dispel it, right?”

Castiel looked down almost sorrowful, “This cannot be undone,” he looked at Andrew even more sorrowfully and said, “They think you’re their father, nothing shall convince them otherwise.”

“Yeah,” Andrew grumbled, “I noticed that too.”

“The bond is permanent,” Castiel said, “And what I did was not a mere spell it was something more.”

Andrew sighed as the children fidgeted and Castiel said, “Mr Wells, the new Council can’t be allowed to raise the children, you must take them to a safe haven, free from the council and the Powers That Be.”

Giles and Andrew stared again and said, “Me? What am I going to do? I’m not even that powerful, not magically or strong physically.”

“No,” Castiel said, “You are not strong magically or physically, that is true but do not sell yourself short Andrew.”

Andrew sighed, nodded and rubbed his head, “How can I protect them?”

Castiel stated, “Take them to a universe where they are safe from the influence of both sides of this conflict and it shall be good for the children.”

Giles looked at Andrew and said, “They shall be safe in this other universe?”

“Yes,” Castiel said, “And you Andrew have a choice to which universe to take them too, each of the universes have little magical power so the Powers and the Council would not be able to go there but you will not have much power either Andrew, your magic would fade eventually.”

“Hmm, I suppose that’d be alright,” Andrew muttered as he stroked Xander’s hair, “Never used it for any good.”

Castiel nodded and smiled, “Seek your redemption by providing for these children,” at Andrew’s look Castiel said, “Many are the paths to redemption Andrew Wells.”

Andrew sighed, “Mr Giles, I’m going to take them up on their offer, it’ll be best so the Council or the Powers can’t get their claws into my kids.”

Giles chuckled inwardly and said, “You called them “your kids” Andrew, its sweet.”

Andrew giggled a bit when he looked at Castiel and said, “So, what universes?”

“One is a universe where science rules and men travel the stars as members of a great alliance of races,” Castiel said, “It isn’t a utopia but it is peaceful, another universe isn’t as safe as the first one but.”

Andrew frowned, “No Star Wars then,” and suddenly giggled, “No, can’t do that, it’s hardly safe for the children.”

Castiel nodded and said, “You must choose soon Andrew Wells, the Powers will become aware of what we intend to do.”

Andrew muttered, “Great,” as he began to think, he looked at the children and tapped Buffy who woke up and looked at Andrew with wide green eyes and smiled. Andrew said softly, “Buffy, you and Dean get the others ready, we’re going to move soon.”

“Really daddy?” Buffy said she smiled and suddenly a little frown formed on her face and said, “What about Gran’pa Giles?”

Giles smiled and said, “I won’t be coming with you as I have work to do here but I’ll try to keep in contact with you, I promise.”

“What about Auntie Dawn?” Willow said as Buffy passed her and Faith some extra clothes.

Buffy looked up at the mention of Dawn and said, “Is Auntie Dawn coming?”

“No,” Giles said softly, “She has to stay here; it’s just going to be you guys and your daddy.”

They all looked at Andrew and ran over and hugged him, Andrew grunted as they pulled him down.

Dean suddenly asked, “Daddy, can we get a dog?”

“We’ll see,” Andrew said as he packed some of his things and muttered, “Lovely, they want a dog.”

Castiel smiled almost indulgently and rubbed Dean’s hair affectionately causing Dean to give him an angry look as he rubbed his hair back; he walked over to Sam and started to help the others get ready.

Andrew got them ready and said, “Could we go to the relatively peaceful universe? I want to keep them outta trouble.”

Giles chuckled, “Dear boy you might not be able to do that, they seem to be rather mischievous.”

“Yeah,” Andrew muttered nervously at the wide eyed look of innocence in the children’s eyes when they suddenly disappeared.

“I do not envy him,” Giles laughed sadly, he hoped slightly that he could see the children again to see how the new universe would treat them.

On the Enterprise-D a flash of light on the bridge announced the appearance of a young man and several children, Captain Jean-Luc Picard stared at them as Andrew fainted. The children stared and a small boy with blondish hair looked at the captain, pointed and said, “Where’s your hair mister?”

The others looked and began to ask a million questions as Xander and Willow poked Andrew’s face and Xander said, “Umm, wake up daddy? Please?”


How will Andrew and his children affect the life aboard the Enterprise-D? How will they affect the Star Trek universe? Please be aware Andrew will have no knowledge of the Star Trek universe. Warning eventual Slash for Andrew

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