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Summary: Connor and Faith are transported to a dimension where vampires don't go poof, and no ones even heard of Sunnydale California, and instead of slayers there are hunters that fight the good fight against evil. Will they find a way home? Or stay?

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Supernatural > Faith-Centered
Supernatural > Connor-Centered
DrusillaFR1836,0050102,6661 Jul 1115 Jan 12No

Chapter Three

Note: Thanks to those that have reviewed so far. I know that this update is way, way, WAY late. Forgive me? Wah, other things kept getting in the way of me finishing this chapter as well as evil, EVIL plot bunnies!

Connor’s POV

Faith pulled the old Ford truck up in front of the house, parking it and cutting the engine. It all looked so damn normal, almost like the home I’d been cast into when Angel made that deal with Wolfram & Hart. Pulling a somewhat shaky hand through my hair I reached for the handle and Faith followed suit. We both wore jeans, heavy boots, and long sleeved sweaters: hers black and mine white. It was colder in Kansas but we weren’t complaining. I had grown up in a hell dimension where it’d been hot all the time and Faith spent half of her life in Boston so she was used to it and I liked it.

We walk up onto a wooden porch and pause at the door. She gave me a look to ring the doorbell so I did, then knock for good measure. We wait for another minute before the door opens, revealing a woman in hysterics: running out the door and to her car. The blonde wasted no time, immediately starting the car and peeling out, her little Neon breaking numerous laws.
“Poor thing,” said a voice behind us, making Faith and I turn in unison to see an African American woman wearing a long, gray, button-up sweater and jeans. “Husband is cheatin’ on her and takin’ her for all she’s worth. Still in denial now, I can feel it.” Her somber face immediately brightened as she offered her hand. “Connor, Faith, it is an honor to meet the both of ya, I’m Missouri. I know what you have done for your world, and what you will do for ours.”

“Uh…” I took her hand. “Ok?”

“Right. So what’s the deal here?”

“So impatient,” said Missouri, shaking her head. “Come have a seat. I made some BLT’s and lemonade and for tonight I got a couple chickens in the oven. The boys will appreciate it.”

We had no choice but to follow her in the living room. A somewhat saggy couch with an afghan tossed over the back is what Faith and I sat on. On the coffee table in front of us were a couple doilies, magazines, and a platter of sandwiches and a pitcher of lemonade. Missouri made the gesture for us to dig in and we didn’t hesitate. When Faith and I were on our second sandwich she spoke.

“As you both know I’m a psychic, but I was also a hunter. Similar to you but without all those fancy powers. I worked with a group of hunters before I settled down here to keep an eye on… certain things.” Missouri sat on a chair opposite of the couch and cast us a serious look, so serious that I stopped eating. “We’re facing an apocalypse of biblical proportions here.”

“No shit?” asked Faith around a mouthful of food.

“Language!” scolded Missouri, making Faith sit a little straighter and swallow loudly.

“What kind of apocalypse?” I ask, trying not to smile in Faith’s direction.

“Big. Angels versus demons. Hellfire and the wrath of God coming down upon us. Our world? It’s meant to become doomed as Lucifer and Michael walk the Earth once more to battle each other.”

“Say what?” asked Faith. “For real?”

“Yes,” said Missouri. “The two boys I’m going to have you meet, they are fighting this battle with barely any help. Other hunters are too busy hunting them down instead of helpin’. To go home? To get where you need to be? You need to help us.”

“So much for this being a vacation,” said Faith as a loud rumble sounded from outside.

“That’ll be them. Let me talk to them first, get them warmed up, you two go in the backyard and I’ll call you in.”

“I totally feel like being a kid sent off to play,” muttered Faith.

“I agree.” I cross my arms over my chest, looking up at the sun. “So?”

“So… what?”

“So what do you possibly think we need to do, to get home? And what did you think she meant by other hunters hunting them down?”

“No idea,” muttered Faith, hands in her back pockets. “I’m willing to take a few demons down to get home as for the whole hunting them down thing? Whatever, this Missouri chick seems on the up and up and if she trusts them and wants us to help them, then I’m on board.”

“Yeah, but Lucifer? Satan himself?”

“Yeah.” Faith frowned. “Ya think we’re screwed?”

“Meh.” I found a patio set and sat on a white chair that had a green stripe going down the middle of it. “When haven’t we been? If all it takes to get us home is to keep Lucifer and Michael on a leash…” I leaned back in the chair. “Bring it on.”

“Music to my ears, Kid.”

I scowl. “Don’t call me kid!”
Sam’s POV

“They don’t look very tough,” said Dean, earning a smack to the back of the head from Missouri. I fight a smile as Dean rubs his sore head. “Just sayin!”

“Both of them could wipe the floor with the both of ya,” warned Missouri.

“So, you’re saying they’re from another dimension?” asked Sam, trying to wrap his mind around it.

“Yes. They need the help of your angel friend to bring them back,” said Missouri. “I told them to gain that help, that their services would be required. Trust me boys when I say they are worth it.”

“So who are they exactly?” asked Dean.

“I’ll let them tell you that,” said Missouri. “Maybe over supper. I’m cookin’ chicken, mashed potatoes, sweet peas, and biscuits.”
“Well there now you just twisted my arm,” said Dean, pouring the charm on thick.

“You will be spending the night here as well, to earn some more trust between the four of you before you head out together.”
“Say what?” asked Dean as I once again furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

“Hunting together, the four of you,” said Missouri, holding up a hand to halt any form of protest from Dean. “I do NOT want to hear it Dean Winchester, these two will be worthy of your time and you WILL treat them with the respect they deserve. They are a part of a group of heroes in their dimension that has helped save hundreds of thousands of lives and have adverted more apocalypses than you could even dream of.”

“Ok, ok,” my brother said, holding up his hands in surrender. “Let’s go meet these extra special hunters then.”
“What’s his problem?” asked Missouri as Dean stomped toward the back door.

“Hell issues,” I answer back quietly.

“He isn’t the only one with issues.” Missouri cast me a disappointed look and I turn my attention to my boots. “Sam? You’re traveling a dangerous path.”

“I can handle it.”

“No. You can’t. I see the future. Remember? You CAN’T handle it. You WON’T handle it. You hear me?”

I do, but I can’t stop the little part inside me that is saying she is wrong.

“If that demon sets one foot near this house tonight I will expel her myself. You understand?”

I nod, and then quickly follow my brother outside where he’s standing before two of the shortest hunters I’ve ever met in my life. I tower over the both of them, and one looks around the same age I was before I left college. I can FEEL their power beneath their skin but it’s different. Not demonic, but kind of? It’s weird.

“They make them big in Kansas,” drawled the female as she craned her neck back to look up at me and I sheepishly put my hands in my pockets and offer her a smile. “Oh, I bet you get away with a lot of things with THAT smile.”

She turned to Dean, thank GOD.

“Name’s Faith.” She pointed at the kid beside her with her thumb. “Connor.”

“I’m Sam, and the guy glaring daggers at you is Dean. He doesn’t like surprises and well, this is one big surprise.”

“You’re telling me,” said Faith.

“So, how exactly did you get here again?” I asked and Faith motioned to the patio furniture for us to all sit down at. When we were comfortable, she started to talk. She was a… slayer? She said that it was sort of like a hunter, and that only girls got that title. Connor stayed quiet the whole time and when Dean asked what made him special, we both started at his answer:

“I grew up in a hell dimension.”

The mention of hell had Dean wince and me look at him curiously.

“Oh,” said Connor. “And the son of two powerful warriors. That helps.”

“I bet,” said Dean, and I am sure he was wishing he had a drink. “I need a drink.


“Not to be rude, but how is it that Missouri said you could help us?” I ask.

“Uh…” They shared a look. “We were hoping you had that answer.”

I furrowed my brows at the female, something I’ve been doing a lot of. Thinking. I settle back in my seat.
“Well, so far, we’re on a hunt for a demon named Lilith that-”

“Wait,” interrupted Connor. “Did you say Lilith?”

“Yeah…” I tilt my head to the side, curious about his reaction. “Why?”

The two of them share a look, and almost look to communicate silently in the way Dean and I sometimes do.

“This is too weird, but, before we were sent here, we were battling a demon that’d been trying to summon someone named Lilith.”


I settle back on our seat, and all the four of us can do is sit in silence until Missouri call us in for dinner.
“What do you think?” I ask sometime later in the room Dean and I were sharing. After a game of rock, paper, scissors: Dean ended up winning the floor. In the dark room I can still make out his form and stare at it while scratching my arm. It itches, my skin, and a part of me cursed Missouri for making me keep Ruby away. I knew she meant what she said and I couldn’t lose Ruby, not now.

“Should we trust them?”

A part of me worried. What if these strangers were to stop what Ruby and I were working so hard at accomplishing? It was up to me to fight and kill Lilith. I knew that after that trip to hell that Dean wasn’t strong enough. Hell, he was on auto pilot right now and spent more time drinking than he did hunting. No, he wasn’t strong enough, and so I needed to keep using Ruby’s blood to make me stronger.

“I don’t know,” was the tired response of Dean. “I mean Faith is smokin’ hot so I like her.”

“Of course,” I mutter.

“And if those stories they told are true…” Dean gave a low whistle. “…and those are some good stories…Then fine, we need all the help we can get.”


“And one sign of them stabbing us in the back, we ditch them and let them find their own way home, right?”

“Right,” I said, swallowing the guilt from lying to my brother before rolling onto my side to sleep.
Faith’s POV

“THEY are who is going to fight Lucy and his merry demons? Christ this world is doomed.”

“Be nice,” scolds Connor, pulling back the covers to the small twin bed that had a flower print all over it. “Some of the things they said they’ve done is pretty cool.”

“Same shit we’ve been doing since we got here. Doesn’t make them all that special,” I say with a shrug. “Though the whole: avenging their parents’ deaths thing is pretty hot.”

“You WOULD find something as tragic as that hot,” muttered Connor as I slip into the bed beside him.

“Bite me,” I say in retort.

“Shut up.”

“Good one.” I roll my eyes before playfully socking junior on the arm. “Get some shut eye; we get to have some fun bonding time with Tweedle Dee and Dumb tomorrow.”

“What am I going to do with you?” asked Connor, making me smile.

I bite back the dirty comment on the tip of my tongue before settling against my pillow.

“We should give them a chance. Remember that they are the ones that have an angel on speed dial.”

“We should just make them call this Castiel right away and demand to be brought home immediately,” I said.

“Faith, it’s our job to help the helpless, remember?”

“Hey! What happened to giving them a chance? Now they are helpless?”

“You know what I meant,” muttered Connor, punching a pillow. “Good night.”


I stay awake for a good hour, staring up at the ceiling, wondering just what it was Connor and I are destined to do here. So long as it wasn’t dying I suppose I’m on board, and as I said before, maybe with a little sucking up to this angel Connor and I could be sent home early for good behavior.
Missouri’s POV

“Lord Almighty the world is doomed,” muttered Missouri as four different waves of thoughts hit her as she lay in bed reading. “That boy Dean needs to get his head out of his ass and out of the gutter. Sam, my oh my Sam if you don’t stop what you’re doing I know Dean isn’t himself but… well, I suppose that is what our visitors are here for. Since Dean can’t knock some sense into you, THEY will.”

She turned her head toward the window where a figure was standing, cast in shadows.

“That is why you keep them here, right? They need to bring Sam down before he brings forth the end of our world?”
The figure doesn’t answer, just disappears with a flutter of wings.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Lost" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Jan 12.

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