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Summary: Connor and Faith are transported to a dimension where vampires don't go poof, and no ones even heard of Sunnydale California, and instead of slayers there are hunters that fight the good fight against evil. Will they find a way home? Or stay?

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Supernatural > Faith-Centered
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Chapter One

A/N: Okay I found this on my computer drive and I think I posted this… I can’t remember, it was only one chapter that I made.

Note: Connor’s age is never really put in stone on some sites they say he’s 16 and others 18. Buffy Wiki says he was 17 (close to 18) when he came back (2002) and he was born in late Nov. so he’s 24 in my story and Faith will be 28.

Title: Lost

Summary: Connor and Faith are transported to a dimension where vampires don’t go poof and demons are more known to possess people instead of showing up in their true form. Not to mention, there are no Slayers… only hunters.

Setting/Spoilers: Angel Comics, SPN up to S4 is where the fic will prob end... not too sure yet... ;)

Genre: Action/Adventure/Humor
Rating: M for harsh lang, violence, and the occasional “girl of the week”.
Dis: I don’t own SPN or Angel!


Connor's POV

The end of the world.

Something that has been talked about since I was born, which technically, wasn’t that long ago. Though I look like I’m twenty-four, I’m barely over eight years old and if you think that is strange I haven’t even begun to fill you in on what the rest of my life has been like. See, my father is dead. Oh, wait, that came out wrong. See he’s dead, but not really. He’s a vampire. I know, I know, you think I’m crazy but really he’s a vampire and so was my mother. They got together and I guess I’m some sort of miracle child or whatever and she pretty much killed herself to save me. I feel guilty and dirty. I started killing at a young age and me killing my mother pretty much foreshadowed what the rest of my life was going to be like.

After Darla, my mother, was killed Angel, my father, took care of me along with his team. Cordelia, who we won’t really talk about, uh, um, well she took care of me too, but then I was kidnapped, by a guy who worked for Dad and because of him I got handed off to Holtz, whose family was killed by Angelus. He raised me, took me then jumped through this portal and it led to the hell dimension Quor-Toth where I grew up basically killing and hunting, getting the nickname ‘the Destroyer’. I made it back home and after some, uh, challenging moments I got my life back together thanks to magic.

By the way, I hate magic. It always messes up your life. No matter how innocent the spell something always goes to hell and something as sweet as a love spell could turn a woman into a crazed lunatic! There are many witches and warlocks out there that believe they have it mastered but no one can ever determine how Fate will come in and kick you in the teeth after you mess around with the stuff.

Moving on, I take classes at Stanford and I’m not half bad, though some of the intelligence I have I know is because of Wolfram and Hart, a law firm my father worked for who literally sent the city of L.A. to hell. Well we got it back, but that was all for nothing, because we were again: facing the end of the world.

“Connor!” warned Angel, my Dad, who was on the other side of the demon we were fighting together.

“I know!” I yell as I duck a large tentacle of a demon that had opened a gate to somewhere, the tentacle coming less than an inch close to the back of my head. Gretchen, a small business owner who gained the curse of a seer, led us to this place and now it was up to me, Faith, and Angel to stop whatever the demon wanted to happen.

After the fall of Sunnydale, Faith had gone off to do her own thing while the Scoobies and newly activated Slayers went to Cleveland. She said she once tried to stay in contact with Buffy, and even did some odd jobs, but the two together were toxic. Oil and water: and I had to admit it was the same for when Buffy came to visit my dad, Angel. It was like she brought out the worst and best out of a person and I did his best to avoid her when she was in town. After the final blowout, Faith had come to us, and has stayed with us ever since.

I leap up into the air, my body flipping as I land gracefully on my feet before an altar. Being a spawn of two vampires had its perks. Bracing my hands on the wooden table that had satanic markings on it I flip it over and all the candles, bloody bones, and other gross looking stuff ends up scattered on the floor.

“No! Lilith WILL come!” shouted the demon as it made to attack me but Angel got to it first and sliced its head off. Sighing I look back as the portal began to fade.

“Well,” I said. “That’s-” I snap my head up when feeling that there was still danger in the room and there on the ceiling is a demon. It hisses and I move to come after it but its large, sticky tentacles decide to attack me first and I dodge the first and second attack but the third attack trips me up and I fall back.

“Shit!” yells Faith as she grabs for me but that demon manages to hit her into me and together we fall back. The last thing I see is the fearful look on my father’s face and seeing, not hearing him, call my name.

Then it all turns black.

“Ugh,” I groan as I open my eyes. I see a clear black sky with stars sticking out like diamonds. A full moon hangs low in the sky and I sit up, wincing as I bring my hand to the back of my head. “Ow.”

“Mornin’ Junior.”

“Faith… What happened?”

“Seems like we went through the portal those fuglies cooked up.”

Slowly getting to my feet I make a circle to see that there is nothing but trees and gravel roads surrounding us. The scent of pine is in the air as well as the faint aroma of manure, which makes me believe that I’m somewhere on the countryside.

“Great,” I mutter as I pick a direction. “We got transported. Please still be in the United States. Please!”
“Aw c’mon, where’s your sense of adventure?” teased Faith as she fell into step beside me. “I’m totally one with nature right now.”

I have to admit, the quietness of the countryside is comforting. There’s no traffic, screaming people, or constant nagging from my father! The air is cleaner, though I do smell cow shit, and there is an air of peace about whatever state and/or country I’m in. I should have taken the advice of my fake parents, Laurence and Colleen Reilly, and gotten a new cell phone right after I broke my other one. Phoneless, Faith and I now had no other option but to find refuge somewhere. I knew Faith didn’t have a phone cause she ended up dropping the last one my dad bought her during a battle with a nest of vamps.

It didn’t take long for us to find a crappy gas station that looked like it had been abandoned years ago. Coming up to the door I peered inside, not needing to cup my eyes against the glass since I could see just fine. No one was inside so I just used a little force and the door just swung open. Really!

“Tsk, tsk, Junior, leave the felonies and misdemeanors to me. Don’t want Angel on my case about being a bad influence.”

“Hey, I have my own list of dirty deeds, or have you forgotten?”

“Touché,” muttered Faith as she made a B-line for the snack aisle while I found a phone. As Faith tore into a Snickers I dialed Angel’s number.

“The number you have reached…”

“Huh,” I say as I try it again and get the same result. So I try Spike’s. Then Nina’s. The same thing happens. Faith furrows her brow when I tell her the numbers don’t work and she makes the remark that maybe Dad forgot to pay the bill again. So as she makes herself comfortable on the counter, crossing her jean-clad legs while licking her fingers, I call an operator and she informs me that there are no listings for: Angel Investigations, the Hyperion Hotel, or Wolfram and Hart. I slam the phone down with enough force to break it and start to get that uneasy feeling deep inside my gut.

Faith takes a break from eating her third candy bar, slowly lowering it as our gazes meet. A wordless conversation, one of many we’ve had before that’s driven my Dad crazy, leads us to the same conclusion.

“Fuck.” I run a slightly shaky hand through my too-long hair and cast weary blue eyes to peer outside into the calm night. “Where the hell are we?”

We were still in the United States of America and the dates matched up to January of 2009. We were in California still, a town I haven't heard of before. I let the newspaper I was reading flutter to the floor and after grabbing a bag of chips and a bottle of water, I walk out. Faith jogs after me with her own bag of stuff. We left a twenty on the counter, and called it good. There was a mental storm going on in my head right now. A sense of panic washing over me, I knew we needed to find a library because I had a feeling, a sick inkling that we could be in an alternate dimension, which meant I had to find myself a demon or witch to bring me back. I needed to stay calm about being tossed into a new world AGAIN and the sidelong glances Faith was giving me, as if making sure I wouldn’t flip out, wasn’t helping.

Really, could it GET any more suckier?

“Don’t ever ask that,” I say to myself as the gravel road I walk on turns to pavement. “Then you’re just asking for trouble.”

“Huh?” asked Faith.


Hopefully, I would be back in my own dimension by the end of the week. Of course, things never really go as planned…


Like the premise? Let me know! :0)
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