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The Red String

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Summary: Everything they have done has led them here. Warnings: Profanity, mild violence. Pairings: Sam/Buffy, eventual Dean/Castiel

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Supernatural > Multiple PairingsTeamDysfunctionFR154877,3210810,7611 Jul 114 Aug 11No



Disclaimer: Nobody writing this story owns the rights to BtVS or Supernatural. No disrespect intended toward Notes From Dean and Cas or Cyanide and Happiness.

Dean: Hey, Sam.

Sam: Hey. What's up?

Dean: Have you seen this shit on tumblr?

Sam: What shit where?

Dean: This thing.

Sam: Hah.

Dean: I bet it's fucking Becky and her friends. If she's got any. Better not be Chuck.

Sam: Ew. Really, Dean... ew.

Sam: Oh, fuck. Chuck didn't start publishing the books again, did he?

Dean: I don't know.

Dean: Isn't that the kind of thing you keep track of?

Sam: Why would I want to keep track of it? Becky was obsessed with me before she even knew we were real. You think I want to keep up to date on her freaky as hell... ideas... about the two of us?

Sam: I thought telling Chuck we'd hunt him down and kill him would be enough to stop him!

Dean: It's probably some other fans, then. Like that gay couple. That was fucked up. At least they helped us, though.

Sam: The ones from that convention thing that Becky tricked us into?

Sam: Ugh.

Sam: Nice guys, but they freaked me out, too.

Dean: It does have me thinking though, that maybe we can get away with some shit on Halloween.

Sam: Shit like -- are you seriously thinking we go around dressed as ourselves for Halloween?

Dean: Fuck yeah.

Sam: .... what are you thinking?

Dean: I bet if we went somewhere that a lot of these fans were in costume, they'd get arrested instead of us.

Dean: That'd make 'em think twice.

Sam: Dude, so wrong..

Sam: Well.

Sam: Maybe we can just do it the once.

Dean: Heh.

Sam: I gotta admit.... it'd be pretty funny :]


Sam: Dude, that's so wrong.

Dean: I thought it was fucking hysterical.

Sam: I didn't say it wasn't funny. Just... wrong.

Dean: Yeah.

Sam: .... Dean, how do you... I mean. With the comic. Those are two dudes, right?

Sam: ... how do you... eat out another dude?

Dean: Well, I sure as hell wouldn't do it, but it's probably exactly what you think it is.

Sam: Okay, ew. Wow. And ew.

Dean: Heh.

Note from Team Dysfunction: Dean Winchester's tumblr page

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Red String" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Aug 11.

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