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Xander and the quest for relics.

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Summary: Xander goes on a mission to recover an artifact for Willow and the council with the help of a slayer and some old friends.

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Star Trek > Multiple SeriesMistofRainbowsFR1557,83013816,7254 Jul 1113 Jul 11Yes

Chapter Three ~ Heroes Die

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy, Star Trek or several other things in this story.
This is a challenge response to Scorpio’s “The Quest” challenge.

Ezri Dax glanced over at Julian Bashir, “So how much do you want to bet that the girl is genetically engineered?”

He shook his head as the girl in question picked up a Klingon and tossed him over the ten foot mesh that was supposed to keep the participants inside the ring. He waited for the roaring of the crowd to die down a little as he glanced around at all of the screaming Klingons. There were a few other races mixed in but for the most part the massive arena was filled with blood thirsty drunk Klingons. “I’m not taking that bet. If she’s not genetically tweaked then she isn’t human. It still doesn’t really matter though as this isn’t federation territory.” He frowned, “I don’t think they like her.”

She shook her head, “She deprived the guy of his chance to earn honor with a glorious fight. It’s not exactly the tactics of an honorable warrior.”

“If it wins the day.”

She shook her head, “The warriors facing her after this will try that much harder because of that slight.”

He nodded, “She doesn’t look all that concerned.”

“She must be crazy.”

He smiled as he looked over at the attractive young lady sitting a couple seats away, “You’re not far wrong…”

Ezri blinked as she swirled around and looked at the man with a familiar voice, “You’re dead… you would have to be…” She shook her head, “How the hell did you get out of that death trap?”

“Have we met?”

“No, and yes… and maybe… I’m Ezri Dax.”

He blinked as he thought back over the years and all of their adventures together, “Dax? Is that really you?”

She grinned, “I haven’t seen you in a king’s age.”

He nodded, “Yeah. Sorry to hear about Jadzia, I’ve heard she was a hell of a girl.”

Ezri nodded, “She was, other than her fondness for Gagh.”

Julian shook his head, “So when did the two of you meet?”

Xander thought back, “University of Mississippi, gymnastics championship if I remember correctly. I think it was around 2250 or so.”

She grinned, “Emony was a judge and you were a fresh faced young history teacher. You look the same.”

He chuckled, “And you look much better than Emony did.”

Julian frowned, “So you’re not human?”

He shrugged, “I’m huma, more or less, at least I think so. So what brings you to this backwater world other than the fight?”

She lowered her voice, “On a fact finding mission. What about you? Last I heard there wasn‘t much call for history professors in Klingon fight clubs.”

He chuckled, “I haven’t worked for the university in a long time.”

Julian frowned, “Anti-aging tweaks to your genetic code?”

Xander shook his head, “Nah, not a bad guess though. As for why I’m here, some aliens stole some stuff that needed to be retrieved and Sasha,” He pointed to the girl that was currently having fun beating the tar out of the Klingon in the arena, “wanted to go on a mission.” He turned to look at Julian and held out his hand, “Hi, I’m Xander.”

Julian shook his hand, “Julian Bashir.”

“Ah right, medical doctor, did some fascinating research with genetic engineering a while back.”

“You’ve heard of me?”

He shrugged, “Some of the medical geeks we have on staff can’t stop ranting about your work, if you ever get bored with Starfleet let me know.”

“So what are you looking for anyways?”

Xander grinned, “Would you believe me if I said Excalibur?”

He laughed, “No.”

Xander chuckled, “For the best really as we have that particular blade locked up. Honestly, nothing so grand I’m afraid, just some ancient scrolls and an ancient ceremonial dagger from earth’s past. Rather than try diplomatic channels and bog down the courts and embassies we figured we would take a crack at just winning the dagger back.”

Julian nodded as the girl slammed her fist into the Klingon’s spine with bone shattering force. “That’s going to leave a mark.”

He nodded, “He should have given up when she broke his jaw.”

Ezri frowned, “She’s exceptionally well trained. Did you teach her?”

Xander grinned, “Maybe a bit. Lots of natural talent.”

“I recall you said that about the girl you sponsored at the university as well. They were working on her blood tests for months when she took second place.”

Julian frowned, “Why?”

Xander shrugged, “She would have taken first by a fair margin if she had actually tried on her last bar attempt rather than just doing a single flip and landing it perfectly. He shook his head, “Ancient history though, so anything I can help you with on your mission?”

Ezri frowned as she looked over at Julian, “Ah, we’d have to discuss.”

“No worries, how about we meet back up later and I can tell you how I escaped from the death trap on Demon IV.” He kept his face clear of worry as he tried to come up with something that sounded better than it took six weeks for my friends to dig me out.

Ezri smiled, “I’d like that.”

Xander nodded and excused himself.

Julian frowned as the other name left, “So who or what is he?”

She shrugged, “He’s Xander Harris, when Emony knew him he was a historian. When Curzon met him, he was working as a relief worker. They didn’t get along.”

“So can we trust him?”

“He’s never stabbed me in the back yet.”

“How come you thought he was dead?”

“There was a collapse in the mines of Demonus IV. Last report I had heard said that he died there. I’m curious to know how he got himself out of that one.”

Julian frowned, “How come he didn’t get in touch with you after?”

“He didn’t exactly care for Curzon. The man had made a pass at his wife so it’s not exactly surprising. Besides, it wasn’t like we kept in regular contact over the years. Sometimes it would be twenty years before we would run into each other again. Then other times, every couple of months he would swing by.”

Julian laughed, “I’m guessing he visited your female hosts more?”

She smiled, “Now that you mention it.”

Julian chuckled, “Not that I blame him.”

Ezri rolled her eyes, “So should we get his help?”

“It might make some parts of the mission easier.”



Sasha smiled as she finished tossing one particularly annoying Klingon out of the ring after breaking his arm in five places. She was getting a little tired and would have liked a break; sadly they didn’t seem to believe in rest breaks. She had two more fights ahead of her before she could claim the prize. She blurred forward as her new opponent arrogantly strode into the arena and shouted a challenge. She lunged forward planted her hand on the ground, spun around and side kicked the alien in the neck hard enough to she send him flying from the ring. The arena medics were on the guy almost immediately. “One left.” She grinned as a battle scarred warrior entered the field. “This should be fun.”

Xander sighed as he watched the last part of the fight. He was going to seriously have a chat with her about playing with her opponents. If she wasn’t careful she was going to get them knifed in the back by some disgruntled aliens. He made a mental note to avoid back alleys while here. He smiled when Sasha tossed the last Klingon out of the fight and claimed her prize. Now if he could just talk her out of wanting to stay for tomorrow’s grand championship.


Sasha was feeling sore but happy as she staggered with Xander and his new friends back toward their shuttlecraft. Though as the group of disgruntled Klingons showed up, she was wishing that she hadn’t talked Xander into letting her have a glass of Klingon alcohol with her dinner. Then she wouldn’t have snuck the second or third cup while he was busy weaving some bullshit story about his ancestor and how he had been trapped in a mine shaft. She glanced around as she realized that they were in a deserted part of the hanger where the non Klingon ships were kept. There were too many Klingons blocking their way to just walk around, not that she figured that they would let her. They seemed rather intent on blocking their way. She was really wishing she hadn’t left her sword in the ship when the group of them pulled out wicked looking knives. Her voice was slightly slurred as she told them to back off.

Xander sighed as he realized that at least a couple of Klingon warriors had energy weapons out and ready. “Well shit. Look now, we’re just leaving.”

The largest and meanest looking one grinned, “Oh, I don’t think you are. This whore cheated and we’re going to get a bit of compensation out for our brother’s loss of face.”

Xander shook his head, “There is no honor in this. Walk away.”

Sasha glared at the Klingons as she readied herself to catch or deflect any of the blades that came her way. Had she been thinking clearer, she would have moved to block their approach to Xander but as it was she missed the knife the lead Klingon hurled at his chest by mere inches as she dove for the thrown projectile.

Xander’s eyes went wide with shock as the knife slid into his chest up to the hilt.

Ezri screamed as she watched her friend take a dagger to the chest.
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