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Xander and the quest for relics.

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Summary: Xander goes on a mission to recover an artifact for Willow and the council with the help of a slayer and some old friends.

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Star Trek > Multiple SeriesMistofRainbowsFR1557,83013816,7374 Jul 1113 Jul 11Yes

Chapter Five ~ Epilogue

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy, Star Trek or several other things in this story. I also don’t own Dorian Grey style paintings.
This is a challenge response to Scorpio’s “The Quest” challenge.

The problem with lies is that when you tell them enough you start believing them yourself. For untold ages, well at least a few thousand years, the powers that be had claimed to be gods, overseers and champions of balance. They had forgotten in their arrogance that compared to some creatures, some beings they were less than dirt. Over the years, they had focused more and more power into warding their sanctum against the forces of evil without regard to creatures of power that they might have ticked off over the years. After all it had been almost three hundred years since the last champion to give them any real problems had died. If they had actually stopped and thought about it they might have realized that several of the players for that crew were still alive and kicking, if they had truly understood humanity they would have realized that vengeance could lay cold for hundreds of years before igniting in a furnace of rage that would blacken the stars themselves.

Luckily for Willow her entrances were better than her exits, she appeared as silent as a feather behind her first target in the area the powers that be often used for meetings and hanging out when they weren’t off on their own projects. She walked up quietly and slammed the dagger into its back as hard as she could. She grinned as the power, not quite a god in its own right screamed as the blade worked at destroying it. She reached out and shoved her hand into the power and ripped at it’s essence. The faster she killed these creatures the faster she would be done with the whole bloody lot of them. She figured she would drain a couple more then hit the side of evil pretty hard, then dance out before they realized what was happening. If they figured out that Q type energy had been used to destroy them then with any luck they would attack the Q and get themselves killed. With a great deal of luck they would kill a couple of Q in the bargain. Either way if things worked out then her people would be left alone by the so called champions of balance. She smiled as the power crumbled to dust as she drained the last of its power. She carefully made her way down the hall to the next target.

Q smiled as he observed the goings on, that girl was going to cause so much trouble. He ran through a few ideas on how to tell the Q continuum about things then decided that taking a vacation might work better. After all if a trumped up earth goddess could kill any Q then they obviously weren’t Q enough. He vanished with a flash that went unnoticed in the chaos.


Xander smiled as he relaxed with his feet up at the council headquarters, “Are you enjoying your vacation?”

Sasha grinned, “Yep, lots of other girls to spar and I get to talk to the hot shrink.”

Xander rolled his eyes, “Is it helping?”

Sasha chuckled, “Only my dreams.”

“Well that’s something.” He smiled as he saw Willow walk in, “So how’s my bestest bud doing?”

She smiled, “Happy, I’ve got my Xander. Though I‘d be doing even better if Dawn could come out and play.”

Sasha rolled her eyes, “Hey, I just remembered they’re serving chocolate ice cream down in the cafeteria.”

Willow smirked as Sasha made a hasty exit. “So can she come out and play?”

He noticed that she was flushed with energy and seemed a little loopy, “You’re high as a kite, what have you been doing?”

“Taking care of some threats, and making sure we’ll be left in peace here.”

He shrugged and pulled out Dawn’s lamp and rubbed the side of it. “Come out and play.”

Dawn chuckled as she flowed out of the lamp, “I was wondering when you would remember me.”

Willow ran her eyes over Dawn’s form, “How could we forget?”

“Too busy off settling old scores.”

Willow shook her head, “Nah, I’ve decided that it’s not worth it anymore. I might as well enjoy time with friends, I’ve sort of been bad about that lately. Can you forgive me?’

Dawn squealed with delight as she jumped into Willow‘s arms, “I can think of some things you could do that would speed that up.”

Xander grinned, there were times that he was glad he was immortal, that night was definitely one of them.

The End

You have reached the end of "Xander and the quest for relics.". This story is complete.

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