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Just in Time for Christmas

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Summary: Secret Santa for Tara Keezer - Features Giles/Patti Halliwell, Giles/Buffy, and Giles' Aunt Minerva McGonagall

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The Conspiracy

Title: Just In Time: The Conspiracy


It is time for Giles and Buffy to stop avoiding each other. Giles' Aunt Minerva has a plan. (Giles/Buffy). Crossover with Harry Potter. Christmas Fluff. Sequel to "Just in Time"

This is a sequel to "Just in Time"

Author's Note
: This was written for the Twisting the Hellmouth Secret Santa Event

- Story dedicated to Tara Keezer. ~ Merry Christmas, I hope you enjoy it.

- Thanks to Danielle for Beta reading this for me!

Twisting the Hellmouth or elsewhere at Tara's discretion since this story is for her.

Story Notes
: Borrows some dialogue from "The Killer In Me" (#135) . I suppose this story is AU due to the relationships mentioned. Background - Buffy: See the first story for details Background -Harry Potter: None, I am only finishing book one now.

I am not associated with the creators or owners of "Charmed," "Harry Potter", or "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer." This story was written for my own amusement and hopefully Tara's enjoyment and the enjoyment of others.


* * * * *

If the magic mistletoe didn't work, Patti would just have to get Buffy to write a 'Dear Phoebe' letter or else she would write Professor McGonagall. Yes, Minerva would make sure things turned out for her favorite nephew. She had a way of getting people to listen to her, but that was another story for another day . . .

Or was it?

See Patti wasn't the only one who thought that Giles needed to get a life and that Buffy was working on her second, er. . .third, or even fourth life depending on how you looked at it so she was the perfect donor.

As Buffy and Giles pulled apart they were looking at each other in ways that they hadn't before. Those passing on the street knew they were seeing the beginnings of something special.

Buffy began laughing as she noticed a yellow tabby cat brushing against her leg. The cat had a look of wisdom and odd square markings around its eyes.

Giles looked at Buffy questioning her. He never kidded himself thinking he was the best kisser, but he had thought, in his Ripper days, he was pretty good.

"It's tickling me." She laughed some more pointing to the yellow cat at her feet.

He looked down to see what was tickling her and looked right into a pair of familiar eyes. "Oh, Merlin."

The cat merrily looked up at him and smirked. Least as much as cats can smirk he supposed.

"Giles?" Buffy asked, concerned, noticing the color drain from his face.

"Nothing, luv, nothing."

His mind wandered for a moment. 'Well, actually, Buffy, that cat looks sort of like my Aunt Min, but this is the middle of the school week so I don't believe she would be here playing with your leg. Besides I don't see my aunt as the type of peeping-witch to spy on us and, well, play with your leg. What I mean how does a cat remind me of my Aunt? Well my Aunt is a cat. At least some of the time as she is an Animagus. What does that mean? Oh, just more things I never told you.'

He snapped out of it and put his arm around her and they continued to shop and talk. They took advantage of every mistletoe they came across and, thanks to Patti Halliwell, that had been atalmost every store. The whole time the cat followed behind the happy pair.

Giles and Buffy stood on her front porch, preparing to go into her house. Giles leaned over and kissed her again. "I don't want things to go back to the way they were."

"Me neither." Buffy smiled for a moment, before her smile fell, "but it will. It has to. For now, at least doesn't it?"

Giles didn't want to agree with her. He wanted to tell her nothing was more important than the start they had made tonight. He wanted nothing more, but he couldn't. It wouldn't be the truth. He had realized that there was something magical going on tonight and that nothing would be the same in the morning and even if by some long stretch of the imagination they were, they still couldn't start a relationship, not with the specter of the First hanging over them.


Giles shock his head negatively.

"I'll have to go in the morning anyway." He looked as if he was trying to hold back tears. Trying to keep that famous stiff upper lip that the Americans always claimed the British had. He wished he had one. "More potentials to find, as it were."

She understood.

They looked at each other, coming to silent agreement.

They both walked into the house as if nothing had happened.

A woman in emerald green robes, odd square glasses, and her dark hair pulled in a bun watched the scene unfold. "Seems, Ru, that Patti called me just in time." She smiled, a rare sight on her face, and apparated away.


* * * * *

Several weeks later . . .

Xander is on the phone, standing in the Summers living room with Dawn, Andrew, and Anya. He is listening to the other end of the phone. It is obvious he doesn't like what he is hearing.

"He was attacked, this Robson guy in England." He falls into the chair in what seems to be an overwhelming sadness. "And Giles was there helping him. And there was a Bringer."

Anya leans forward. "Xander?"

"Robson blacked out, but the last thing he remembers is Giles's head about to get really familiar with a Bringer's very sharp axe."

"Oh, my God!" Dawn said loudly.

Anya was confused. "Giles never mentioned any of this."

"Robson said by the time he came to, there was no Giles."

"So, what are we saying?" Dawn asked, knowing deep down what Xander was saying.

"Maybe Giles just didn't want to talk about it." Xander was grasping and he knew it.

"Or maybe he didn't make it." Anya always practical voiced what the others were thinking. "Look, I'm not saying it's a happy scenario, but we're dealing with a big bad that can be any dead person it wants."

"Because if you want to infiltrate the inner circle of the slayer..." Xander added

"Become the one person she trusts more than anybody else." Anya finished for him.

"But there's no way that we can know."

"Actually that's not true." Andrew spoke-up. "The First can't take corporeal form, so it can't touch anything."

"Oh, it's not like Giles hasn't touched anything, right?" Anya looks expectantly at everyone else. Hesitantly, she asked, "has anyone seen Giles touch anything since he got back? Hold anything? Has anybody hugged him? Think very hard."

They all came to the same conclusion. Xander stood and walked toward the door, followed by Anya and Dawn. They were going to go find their Giles.



* * * * *

Giles was sitting by the campfire. He stood for a moment only to be attacked from behind by Xander, Anya, Dawn, and Andrew.

"Touch him. Touch him."

"Oh, I feel him. I feel him."

"Me too."

"Me too."

"We all feel each other. Including some of us who don't know each other well enough to take such liberties, thank you." Giles' tone was annoyed as he glanced at Andrew. "I assume there's a perfectly reasonable and not at all insane explanation here."

"We thought you might be non-corporeal evil." Anya said casually as if it happened everyday.

"We got a call." Dawn tried to explain. "We couldn't remember you touching anything."

Xander continued Dawn's train of thought. "We had to make sure you were OK. We were worried."

Giles was touched. He had missed them so much and he had been so distracted with his growing feelings for Buffy and all the potentials that he had push them aside. His children. He would have to remember not to make that mistake again. "Oh. That's very sweet. Now wait a minute—you think I'm evil... if I bring a group of girls on a camping trip and don't touch them?"

"Seems we made it just in time." Xander laughed.



* * * * *



"Well that isn't what I expected to happen when I called to hint at the fact that Ru may be the First." Minerva spoke to herself unseen by the others as she watched the group carry on. "I expected them to call that Buffy girl, forcing her to stop avoiding him. Hmm, well, I suppose attention from the children will do for now while I try to figure out what to do next. Maybe if Patti and I put our heads together?"



* * * * *


November 2003

"Oh, for crying out loud." A mystery man sighed. He had known what Patti had tried. He figured out what Minerva had tried. He had also seen the stolen glances between Buffy and Giles over the last year. No, no one else noticed, but he saw. He had seen it all and he knew what he needed to do and whose help he needed. It would take a little time and planning, but it would be worth it. With luck, it would be ready just in time for Christmas.



* * * * *


December 2003


Giles' Aunt Minerva had invited the gang for Christmas. There would be a small party several days before Christmas, but they would have the house to themselves as Minerva spent Christmas with the students at her "private" school who did not return home for the holidays.

Willow, Faith, Robin, and Andrew remained in the States helping Angel. They would not arrive until Christmas Eve. However, Giles, Buffy, Dawn, and Xander accepted the invitation and were staying in Giles' mother's ancestral home in Wiltshire, in south central Britain for the Christmas Season.

The home was not quite as large as its closest neighbor, the Malfoy Mansion, but it was well kept and had been in the McGonagall family for many generations. The house was beautifully appointed for Christmas. The walls were covered in silver frost, and garlands of mistletoe and ivy. There were twelve Christmas trees throughout the house, some covered in sparkling icicles and others glittered with hundreds of candles.

Actually, it seemed there were sprigs of mistletoe with a light gold dusting everywhere you turned in the house and Dawn was getting tired of seeing them go to waste.

"Buffy is standing under the mistletoe, Giles. Its tradition!" Dawn called out, pulling her candy cane out of her mouth just long enough to speak.

Giles couldn't help but blush a little at the thought of kissing Buffy again. He had even been tempted to pull all of the mistletoe down. He knew she regretted their evening together last Christmas, even if he did not and never would.

"It's alright Giles." She smiled kind-of-sadly at him. Had it only been a year ago that they were standing under mistletoe together? Everything had felt so right then.

"Well, if it is tradition." He gave her a half smile.

He leaned over to kiss her on the cheek. It was a small chaste kiss, but it broke the ice for both of them. It seemed from then on every time one of them was under the mistletoe the other would get a kiss, and they didn't need to have Dawn point it out to them again, either.

Oddly, they always sought each other out, not once kissing Dawn or Xander. Of course after that initial kiss, Xander and Dawn managed to make themselves scare.

Their small kisses here and there started to change until they resembled the newly in-love couple that had walked that street in Sunnydale just last year.

It turned out the Buffy and Giles just need some time by themselves to reconnect, and of course a little help. Luckily, they hadn't noticed that they had been drinking a small concoction made of frozen Ashwinder eggs, Hellebore, Dittany, Jobberknoll feathers, and a little bit of Ginger. The effect created a slight truth potion, with the increased feelings of love, peace, and clarity. In other words, they got a slight nudge but weren't forced into anything they didn't want.

By the time of the Christmas party, it was clear that they were FINALLY on the right road. They danced the night away in each other's arms.

Albus and Minerva watched as the couple danced. He had been glad to help out by supplying the potion. He knew how important Rupert and Buffy were and was glad to help them find happiness. In fact, he was grateful when he had been approached to help get them together. His eyes twinkled as he thought of one more touch that would make the scene complete.

Buffy and Giles only had eyes for each other. In fact they didn't even notice when Albus' enchanted snow began falling from the ceiling. All they noticed was each other.

"Buffy?" He leaned in to her.

"Hmm?" She answered not lifting her head from his shoulder.

"I don't want things to go back to the way they were."

"Me neither." She lifted her head up and smiled at him. "Besides, they couldn't even if we wanted them to. Too much has happened over the last few days."

His smile grew to match hers as he twirled her around as they continued to dance.

The members of the conspiracy smiled at each other. They knew it had been a complete success.

Albus raised a mug of Hot Chocolate and spoke softly. "To the completion of a successful conspiracy." He was glad to have helped.

Minerva raised her glass of Gillywater and nodded, happy to have provided her home and the time for them to spend together. Happy that her Ru may have gotten the chance at happiness, and he deserved it.

Patti Halliwell became visible to the conspirators, lifting someone else's hot chocolate for the moment. She, of course, had supplied the mistletoe.

Xander, the man with the plan, grinned finishing the toast with his hot chocolate. "Just in time for Christmas."


* * * * *


This time it really is the end. Merry Christmas!

The End

You have reached the end of "Just in Time for Christmas". This story is complete.

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