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A journey through the Realms

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Summary: Buffy's trip to the Forgotten Realms while bumping into some old friends. Pairings haven't been defined as of yet

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Games > Dungeons and DragonsLaraBrFR1846,5651153,6985 Jul 1119 Jun 13No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: Buffy and Co is owned by Joss Whedon all rights remain with Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy. Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms' by Wizards of the Coast. The Original characters are mine.

A/N: This is my first fan fic. Hope you like it.

A busy café somewhere in London, England:

A long, brown haired man sits down at one of the café's outside tables and says "How ya doing Mick?"

Mick grins at his old friend "I'm good, wasn't sure if you'd show up or not, anyway how are you keeping but from the look of you very well. You've put on some muscle since we last met".

The newcomer grinned. "Swinging a sword will do that to ya."

"Darial, we have a problem. Do you remember the Slayer?" asked Mick with a concerned look.
"Buffy? Yes of course, why?"

Mick catches the eye of the waitress and indicates with a slight gesture to bring his friend a coffee then says to Darial "The 'Powers That Be' have engineered it so that she dies in a few days." He holds his hand up to forestall Darial's protest. "They leaked information to a Hell Goddess called Glorificus about a way to open up a portal back to her own dimension by using the Key. What they didn't tell Glorificus is that the Order of Dagon has been working on a magical way of turning the Key into a human being. Which they succeeded in doing by the way." Mick watched Dar's anger grow to almost boiling point.

Darial locked eyes with Mick and softly said "I take it you want me to kill this Glorificus? Consider it done."

Mick shook his head "No, I want you to recover the Slayer's Scythe from a Vineyard in Sunnydale and let Buffy's fight with Glorificus continue. She needs to do this, but, I'm not going to let her die, instead I'm going to send her to Toril and hopefully you'll be able to help her adjust."

Darial considers his friend's request for a few moments while the waitress sets a cup of coffee down in front of him. Dar nods his thanks to the girl before he continues to study Mick. "Ok, I'll do it, but why send her to Toril, it's not like the place is over run with vampires, why not just let her live out her life here?"

Mick shook his head "I wish I could. The problem is that other higher and lower beings want to use her for their own purposes and one of those wants to use Buffy to give the First a foot hold on Earth. That's something I simply can't allow to happen, but I really don't want Buffy to die. She's given up so much to protect this world." With a twinkle in his eye, he says "You never know, she just might find immortality."

Dar' ignored Mick's baiting and replied, "Why are you asking me and not one of the other members of the family? Lea is more than capable of protecting Buffy, probably more qualified than I am, and besides he has a thing for small blondes."

Mick studied his friend. "Well, James Lea has just gotten married."

Dar' almost fell off his chair at that statement. "He got married?! How did that happen? Who's the poor sod that said yes?"

Mick grinned. "The poor sod that said yes was Aly, and she's very happy."

Dar' grunted. "Well she always was looking for a fixer-upper, but feck Aly? She didn't get a bang on the head, did she? Have you checked for a parasitic alien buried in her brain?"

Mick groaned quietly to himself "Aly was in her right mind. She's been in love with him for ages...just don't start. Yes, I could have called Natalia or any of them, but I thought you'd like to do it. Was I right? And you know as well as I, that had I asked Nat, she would immediately fall in love with Buffy and seduce her. And I'm not sure Buffy really needs another relationship right now. I don't think Nat would be the best one to look after someone who's on the rebound."

"Yeah, isn't that the truth. When she falls, she falls big time. Anyway, how is Nat? I haven't seen her in, forever."

Mick grinned, "She's good, she's just discovered the concept of friend's with benefits. Oh and Lea made Louise CEO of Royston Industries, Savannah moved into the mansion. Tabs is still at the B&B, I think we're going to need about a thousand tons of TNT to shift her out of it. And Chen is still researching new spells. The last one he created he called Chen's Blazing Balls. It is a variant of the Fireball and Magic Missile spells. Elminster hinted that blowing up half the realms really wasn't the smartest idea of Chen's, but they worked it out. I think that's about it, that's worth mentioning."

Mick's face suddenly took on a serious look. "Dar, you must not bring Buffy back to this universe while she's still the Slayer. If you do, it will seriously damage the balance between good and evil, and that will give the First a way to get that foothold I mentioned earlier. Try and keep her away from portals that link to this world."

With a chuckle Darial said, "So basically you want me to keep her in a cave under Waterdeep Castle?"

"Oh don't get smart with me you over-grown pixie." Mick said, trying to hide the grin from his face. "Oh, before I forget. Don't be surprised if you get a visit from Ashlyn. She ascended to Godhood."

Darial Blinked. "The little hottie became a God? How did Namesi take that? Is he ok?"

Mick smiled "He's over the moon, he couldn't be more proud if he tried. Though he's going to have to rebuild the top of the northwest tower of his castle." Mick took a sip of his coffee "She was visiting Teerlr when the moons of her planet aligned and she ascended. There was a prophecy about Ashlyn that came from a wizard, who was a bit of a fool, but, he did have an annoying habit of predicting the future rather accurately. Needless to say, i hid it and the rest of his predictions. I really didn't need events to be influenced by a wizard with a heavy drinking problem."

Darial raised an eyebrow as he looked at his friend. "Hang on a sec, you hid a prophecy about Ashlyn? What happened to the non interference policy you keep lecturing me about?"

"That policy is do as I say, not as i do," Mick quipped back. Mick held his hand up to forestall the smart remark the was about to come out of Darial's mouth. "Namesi is a real sweetheart, but, he doesn't need encouragement. He's still young and hasn't reached his full potential yet. I want him to get there on his own, and make his own mistakes. Anyway, back to the subject at hand." He examined the contents of his coffee cup "Miss...any chance of a couple of refills?"

The waitress refilled both their cups with fresh coffee. Once she'd left them Mick continued "Buffy is going to need a new home and a new mission, she can't just sit around on her hands. The girl is going to need something to do and I was thinking you could take her to visit Silverymoon and Waterdeep. And it will give you a chance to spend some time with your Lady. She has been asking if I'd seen you, I think she's missing you. Alustriel would love to have a Slayer living and working around her city...Just a thought."

Nodding his head, Darial looked Mick straight in the eyes and then said "Ok, what are you not telling me? How come you haven't mentioned Buffy's friends?

Mick shifted slightly in his seat "You noticed that eh. Ok, odds on Willow will try to bring Buffy back, she's been planning it for awhile just in case Buffy died. And quite frankly the little witch is more than powerful enough to do it. She's quite frankly the most powerful magic-user in fifteen hundred years to be born on earth. And she scares the pants off every other witch on the planet. Willow hasn't gone un-noticed."

Darial nods "Sounds like Willow, way back when I first met her she radiated power, I just wasn't sure if she'd ever discover it but the girl was always quietly stubborn and loved Buffy even back then. So yeah I can see that." Darial took a sip of his coffee then asked."What about the powers that be, why aren't you jumping on them from a great height? You'd usually have spanked the by now?"

Mick sighed. "I'd hoped you wouldn't have asked. This time I can't, because I promised Aridana I wouldn't. She asked me if I would let things be for the time being. Do you know how hard it is to refuse one of the Greater Gods when they look as cute as she does? I think she has her own plans for the PTB's. And quite frankly I don't think they are going to like it. The last group of PTB's that pissed her off spent ten thousand years as rocky outcrop just off the coast of Cornwall. Before she restarted their life cycle as some single celled creatures in a rock pool."

Darial winced then chuckled ruefully "What did they do to piss her off?"

Wincing at the memory, Mick replied "They allowed true demons on Earth, The Old Ones. It took millions of years before mankind finally forced them from Earth. Ironically it was a Slayer with the Scythe, the Scythe I asked you to recover for me, to kill the last of them." Mick's eyes glazed over briefly as if his mind wasn't there anymore. Then he looked at Darial before saying "Don't bother getting the Scythe. The time lines are changing as we speak, You'd best get back to Toril. But before you meet Buffy I need you to forge a PSW, I'm going to need you to create another original."

Darial couldn't hide the shock from his face as he replied. "You want me to forge another original PSW? Mick I'm not questioning your judgement but you do know just how powerful they are? There isn't anyone who can survive the bonding process. Only a true Royston can wield their power...Mick, who ever you give it to is going to die, there is no coming back from soul, nothing!"

Nodding Mick responded "Yes Darial, I do know what I'm asking...There's going to be another true Royston. And if there was any other way I wouldn't ask....I'm sorry"
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