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Two Weeks to Despair and Salvation

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Summary: Just two weeks in the span of five hundred years is all it can take to go from despair to salvation. Buffy wades through the despair of a broken world while a broken River eventually brings her salvation. (No time travel/pairings; Character deaths)

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Firefly > Buffy-CenteredKeiFR1326,7898154,2167 Jul 1119 Jul 11Yes

Two Weeks: Wallpaper

This is a wallpaper I created partly as a preview and partly to kick myself into gear to finish this story which I've been working on for a few months. The story itself is not terribly long, just complicated in its own way. I hope you enjoy the preview. Kick me lots if I don't get the dang story up ASAP.


Images from: Screencap Paradise, Leave Me the White, neverFading-stock (DA), and beyzayildirim77 (DA).
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