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Summary: Xander Harris isn't your average bastard son.... He's a Cassidy

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredCrazyDanFR18412,7231616332,5137 Jul 1116 Apr 13No

Chapter One

A Marvel/BTVS crossover....
The X-men were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The other characters part of the Marvel Universe were created by others and Marvel is now owned by Disney. Buffy the vampire Slayer was created by Joss Whedon.
This is a piece of fan-fiction and is written for fun, not for profit.

AN: This fic was inspired by Dragonhulk's Xander as Marvel Style, chapter 46: Screams in the night. And a little bit of Klimmatt's Xander as Various X-Men as well.

Chapter 1:


“I can't believe we're really here Tony!” Jessica Harris said to her husband as they rode the tour bus through the Irish countryside.

Tony Harris did his best not to grimace. He loved his wife,but this trip was a gift from his family. Their financial situation when they got back stateside wasn't going to be the best. He was glad that his father had set aside the money for this, but he knew that this would the last help he'd receive from the old bastard.

Still, this place was incredibly beautiful. He couldn't help but smile as he began to enjoy his wife's infectious enthusiasm. “Well we are.” Tony told his wife. “Enjoy it because after this we probably won't be traveling for a while.”

Jessica grinned. “We'll work something out Tony. I know money's tight, but we'll get by.”

Tony nodded. Things were looking up. “So what's next on the tour?”

Jessica looked at her pamphlet. “Well, we've got three towns and a small castle today. We stop in the town by the castle for the night.”

“What's the castle called?” Tony asked.

“Cassidy Keep.” Jessica said. “According to legend, the first Banshees were sighted near there.”

“Spooky.” Tony grinned.

Jessica slapped his arm and shook her head. Her husband was so silly sometimes.

Fox's Inn... Near Cassidy Keep, County Mayo, Ireland.

The inn was both crowded and welcoming it was also full of laughter and smoke.

“I'm telling you Tom, I am in love!” Sean Cassidy told his cousin.

“You just met her.” Tom Cassidy grinned. “She's pretty, but come on Tom.... love?”

“I'm serious.” Sean said before taking a pull from his pint. “You don't understand what I'm feeling here Tom.”

“You're probably right.” Tom agreed with a grin. “Still... guess that means more women around here for me.”

Sean laughed at his cousin. “Good luck with that Tom. Most of the women here that know you, know better. The rest are tourists.”

Tom laughed. “Sean Cassidy.... are you implying I couldn't bed anyone I choose here? You may have the gift of the gab among other things, but I can pull any woman here I choose.”

Sean grinned. “Now this I have to see.”

“Just make sure I have a clear shot at my choice.” Tom said as the two cousins watched a pretty little redheaded woman come inside the pub with a tall blond man behind her. “And there we are.”

“Newlyweds. Americans.” Sean said as he listened to their conversation with his selective hearing. “Tom....”

“I made my choice. All she has to say is no.” Tom grinned. “Keep the husband preoccupied once they get a few drinks in.”

Sean glared at his cousin before sighing. He was probably going to regret this.

Sunnydale General Hospital....
Nine months later.....

“It's a boy.” Jessica said as she held her son in her arms. “Tony, it's a boy.”

Tony Harris grinned softly at his wife as he stared at the tuft of black hair on his son's head. “So he is.”

They hadn't talked about the night neither one of them remembered all that clearly... but something had happened. Something had definitely happened.

Tony Harris wasn't a genius, but both he and his wife knew that this child wasn't his.

Sunnydale Motor Lodge.... 18 years and change later.....

Xander Harris stared into the cold eyes of Faith as she squeezed her hands around his throat. He came here to help her and she was trying to kill him! He'd a lot of shit happen to him, but being killed by a Slayer? That was it!

He'd been angry during the whole Sisterhood of Jhe debacle but this was rage!

His throat was closing up as his trachea was being crushed, but something rose up out of him anyway.

Xander screamed, and it knocked Faith off of him.

“What the fuck was that?!” Faith demanded as she flipped to a standing position.

“No idea.” Xander rasped as he began feeling the same sensation in his chest before screaming at her again.

This time, he put her through the wall and into the parking lot below them.

Angel poked his head through the hole Xander had created. “What was that?”

Xander glared at one of the banes of his existence. “Doesn't matter. I wasn't here.” Xander told him before heading for the hole in time to see Faith start running off into the night.

“She's not getting away.” Xander said as he leaped over the balcony and started screaming once more. He didn't know what he was doing, but that had never stopped him before.

“Shit!” Faith screamed as the howling demon that was Xander Harris caught up with her.

Xander's scream carved a small channel into the streets below him as he made his way towards the murderous Slayer. It impacted the girl and knocked her down to the ground. Xander hovered for a moment and screamed loud enough for a crater to form underneath the now unconscious Slayer.

After he'd landed, Xander stared at the girl who'd tried to kill him moments earlier. She was bleeding from the eyes and ears and looked more than a little beat up. He snorted before heading for a phone to call an ambulance. After he called for help, he'd go over to Giles to see if he could find some answers.

Xander rubbed his throat as he went for the nearest phone. Could this day get any weirder?

Angel stared from the second story walkway. He hadn't seen anything like this since his time in Ireland as a boy. “Cassidy.” The souled vampire whispered. The clan of Banshees had spread this far.

He really needed a drink

Giles' apartment....

“Then I came here.” Xander finished explaining to the former Watcher.

“So Faith tried to kill you and then you.... screamed?” Giles asked as he cleaned his glasses.

“Yeah. I think I kind of flew too but it's hard to say. It all happened pretty quickly.” Xander said with a sigh as he sipped the tea with honey Giles had made him. It helped soothe his throat a little and for that, he was grateful. “I just want to know what the hell is going on. I mean... I'm the normal one right?”

“Considering how long you've survived fighting on the Hellmouth.... I don't think 'normal' really applies here Xander.” Giles sighed. “Still... that is odd. Powerful screams and flight.... It almost sounds like a Banshee.”

“A what?” Xander asked.

“From Irish folklore. The stories vary but the wail of a Banshee usually involves death.” Giles said. “Some families were more closely associated with the myths than others. There was one clan that is still pretty famous for their association to the myth to this day... the name escapes me at the moment.”

“That's real helpful Giles.” Xander muttered.

“It's late and I don't exactly have all the reference materials I'd need here with me.” Giles sighed.

“It's Cassidy.” Angel said as he entered the apartment. “The Cassidy family was the most associated with the Banshees. I remember seeing one of them fly when I was about Xander's age in County Mayo.”

“The Watchers investigated the families supposed to be Banshees.” Giles said. “They were human.”

“More than human.” Angel countered. “They didn't have the right ways to test back then, but we had a name for that kind of person.... Witchbreed.”

“That is an outdated and obsolete term.” Giles said as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “The spells for testing for Witchbreed as you call them were developed after the investigation of the Cassidy family.... though it's later been determined that it's a genetic trait. People with it are now known as Mutants.”

“So... I'm a mutant?” Xander asked.

“That would be the best guess at this point. That or you've come into contact with some rare demon blood and you haven't told us about it.” Giles told him. “Have you checked on Faith?” Giles asked Angel.

“She's comatose.” Angel told him. “Ruptured eardrums, hairline fractures along most of her body and some swelling of the brain. The doctors are hopeful.”

“I put Faith in a coma.” Xander said as he stared at the coffee table. “I mean she tried to kill me, but a coma?”

“From what I remember reading about the.... Witchbreed.” Giles said with a pause at the name. “The first manifestation of abilities is generally a violent one. It will take time and practice, but you should be able to control your new powers.”

“That's just great... Wait a second... My family comes from an Irish background but I don't remember seeing any Cassidy's on the family tree.” Xander said in confusion.

“Look closer.” Angel told him. “It's there. Somewhere.”

Xander nodded before finishing his tea. It was something he could check in the morning.

After a semi-decent night's sleep.....

The next morning proved to be a frustrating one as Xander searched through the basement of his home. He started by going through family heirlooms and generations of photo albums. He started with the oldest and finally made it up to his folks' wedding album. That was when he saw a much younger and happier looking couple standing outside of a small castle with the writing of 'Cassidy Keep' on a sign nearby.

It was the first solid link he could find to the Cassidy name. He continued looking through the rest of the honeymoon photos and he found one that had a dark haired man in the background. One that looked more than a little like Xander did.

“Maybe I really am a bastard.” Xander muttered as he got a magnifying glass to get a better look at the dark haired man in the background of the photo. The hair type and color was like his, but the features were different. Though if he were to mix the man's face with a little of his mothers...

He needed answers, and he was going to get them.

“Mom?” Xander said as he came into the living room.

“What is it?” Jessica Harris asked her son as she looked up from her romance novel.

“What happened at Cassidy Keep?” Xander asked her in a low voice. “I need you to remember and tell me what happened there.”

“We promised not to talk about it after you were born.” Jessica said quietly.

“Mom, tell me.” Xander whispered.

“There was a man... a dark haired man. I'd had a few and Tony had disappeared to god knows where. He was charming... We.... I don't want to talk about it.” Jessica told her son.

“What was his name?” Xander asked her, trying not to shout the question.

“Tom, Tom Cassidy.” Jessica said quietly. “Your father.”

“Does Tony know?” Xander asked.

“He's blond and I'm a redhead. You have black hair. You do the math.” Jessica snapped. “Now that you know.... you can't stay here. I promised Tony that once you were old enough... we'd let you go. You're already eighteen and graduation is soon. Once that happens... you're on your own.”

Xander nodded. He had a feeling something like that was coming. Looking back on things... some stuff made a lot more sense.

Giles' Apartment...

“Any luck in your search?” Giles asked Xander.

“My real father is a Cassidy.” Xander said flatly. “Talked my mother into bed during my folks' honeymoon in Ireland.”

“Well... that does explain some things.” Giles sighed. “ On a related note, Faith has been taken into custody by the Council. Once they learned she was comatose.... We may not hear from her again.”

“From what I understand, the whole Finch thing was an accident.” Xander said. “I mean she wanted to kill me sure, but before that?”

“Hopefully the Council will actually use common sense and some truth spells to find out what happened. If not.... there may be a new Slayer soon. It's out of our hands.” Giles told him. “Wesley has been recalled to England as well.”

“Well that's just great. Really.” Xander sighed. “We're down a Slayer and a Watcher... granted one went nuts and the other you'd have to be crazy to like... but still!”

“We also don't know why Mr. Finch was there that night.” Giles said. “Though having a high level city official wandering around the warehouse area of town at night is highly suspect. Maybe he was either meeting someone or... wanting to meet the Slayer.”

“For what?” Xander asked.

“A warning or maybe something else.” Giles said. “I'm going to contact some people, see if their seers can tell me anything pertinent.”

“So what do I do?” Xander asked him.

“Head to a firing range and practice your singing.” Giles said.

“No really, what should I do?” Xander asked him.

“Find a desolate area so you can scream and shout. Let it all out.” Giles told him.

“Have you been drinking?” Xander asked Giles after staring at him for a moment.

“A little.” Giles admitted. “It's warranted given everything that's happened in the past few days.”

Xander blinked before nodding. “Fair enough. I'll see if I can get a ride or something from Oz out of the city.”

“You want me to what?” Oz asked Xander as he looked up from his guitar.

“Take me out to the desert and leave me out there?” Xander hedged before pausing. “That sounds weird.”

“It does.” Oz agreed. “If I were more mad at you, I could use that as an opportunity to kill you.”

“But you won't.” Xander said. “You're too cool for murder.”

“That I am.” Oz agreed. “All right. I'm in. What's up?”

Xander told him.

“Seriously?” Oz asked.

Xander nodded.

“All right. I'm in.” Oz said with a nod.

“Just like that?” Xander wondered.

“You're paying for gas.” Oz told him.

“Ah, it's all so clear now.” Xander grinned. “You're riding the big E aren't you?”

Oz just smirked at him.


Oz pointed at Xander after the other teen crashed into the ground and laughed.

“Thanks.... Nelson.” Xander muttered as he got up from another nearly successful flight.

“Dude.... you need to stabilize the projection more. Like a cone or something. Sound is nothing without proper amplification.” Oz told him.

“How do.... right. Music guy.” Xander grinned. “Say... doesn't your van have curtains?”

“Dude...” Oz said with a wince.

“It was your idea.” Xander reminded him.

“Fine.” Oz muttered. “Just ignore the smell.”

“What, are they made from hemp or something?” Xander asked.

“Or something.” Oz agreed as he opened his sliding door.

Sunnydale High....

“This thing is a little hard to move in.” Xander said as he and Oz walked down the hall towards the library. “How did you even make this so quickly?”

“Devon was your size, more or less. He already had the cape too.” Oz told him. “He'd been getting weird, even for Sunnydale.”

“But the hard plastic bit?” Xander asked.

“Speaker pieces. Trust me.” Oz told him. “I've blown enough to know that some can work even in partial pieces. Not well... but enough.”

“I'll take your word on it. We'll see what I can do tonight.” Xander agreed. “You've been unusually helpful, you know that? It's kinda creepy.”

“Did you know your voice has changed? It's subtle.... but you have perfect pitch. I heard you humming along to the radio in the car.” Oz said.

“What are you getting at?” Xander asked him as they stopped outside of the library.

“Devon's dead. My band needs a new singer.” Oz said flatly. “Guy took some groupies to a cheap hotel room. You know the drill in this town.”

Xander grimaced, but nodded all the same. “I've never really sung before.”

“I've got a feeling you'll blow them away. Figuratively, if not literally.” Oz said. “Swing by practice tomorrow and see what you can do.”

“I'll give it a shot, but no promises.” Xander told him. “Still... this outfit is kind of silly. I never thought I'd be one to wear all black. Well, except for the white cape.”

“Devon got weird. Really weird.” Oz shrugged. “It's not really a cape now, more like... underarm flaps or something. We still need to test it for ranged attacks and flight. The curtains worked a little. This should be more effective.”

The two continued their way into the library and gave their usual greetings to the Scoobies already present.

“What's with the getup?” Cordelia asked as she looked up from her nails.

“What? I can't dress up?” Xander grinned.

“In that?” Cordelia scoffed. “Not really you.”

“I disagree.” Oz said. “It's very him.”

“Xander's dressed like he just stepped out of a comic book, how is that him?” Buffy asked.

Xander grinned. “You guys get three guesses as to who got superpowers last night. The first two don't count.”

“Seriously?” Willow asked. “You didn't pick up any cursed items or made wishes or signed anything have you?”

“Nope. There's an old fashioned term for someone like me.... Witchbreed.” Xander grinned. “Mutant in the here and now.”

“Really?” Willow perked up. “There's been speculation on the existence of mutants for years. There have been loads of papers published on the possible genetic potential of humanity as it evolves.”

“Mutants are quite real.” Giles said. “They have been documented cases under different names for centuries. People just don't talk about it. They don't like what they don't understand. Xander has some connections to a clan supposedly linked to Banshees in Ireland.”

“So... you yell really loud?” Cordelia asked.

“And fly.” Oz said. “ Not very well though.”

“That may change with this.” Xander said as he waved his arms a little. “It's still untested.”

“Well let's go change that.” Giles said. “With everything that's been going on and the reduction of our group, we need to work on honing our skills and teamwork.”

“Sounds good to me.” Xander said as he picked up one of the stakes lying on the library table.

The wooden stake glowed briefly before an orange light shot out of the pointed tip of the stake, boring a cylindrical hole into the wall it impacted.

“Well... That's different.” Giles said as everyone stared at the hole then back at Xander. “Is there anything else you've forgotten to mention about your abilities?”

“Huh.” Xander said as he dropped the stake and walked up the the hole in the wall. “That's new..... er I guess. Exactly how many different abilities can one mutant have?”

“Normally only a given set, though there have been documented cases of some with multiple powers.” Giles told him. “Rare though... generally only from those with several generations of mutants in the family.”

“Like the Cassidys?” Xander asked.

Giles sighed but nodded.

“Well that's just great.” Xander said as he poked a wooden stake on the table, causing it to glow slightly. He touched the table and it took longer, but it too started to glow a little. “Looks like I'm going to be using mechanical pencils from here on out aren’t' I?”

“Seems that way.” Oz agreed. “Still... killer chopsticks.”

“Huh. Maybe I should dress as a magician and go by the name of 'Destructo'.” Xander grinned. “Nah.... top hats are too much work.”

“Still cool though.” Oz pitched in.

“That they are.” Xander agreed with a nod. “To the graveyards!” He said as he pointed towards the library exit that led outside.

“With great power comes a lack of sanity.” Giles muttered as he cleaned his glasses.

“Hey!” Buffy and Xander said in unison.

“Oh, and foolhardiness as well.” Giles said as he put his glasses back on. He was getting too old for this shit.


AN: I know, I've started another fic and haven't finished any. All I can say to that is it happens. Way too often really. Oh well....
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