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A Slayer in Shreveport, Part Two

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This story is No. 2 in the series "A Slayer in Shreveport". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy's life in Shreveport has been mostly uneventful since she came to be with Eric. Well, until now that is. Buffy/Eric. Sequel to my 'A Slayer in Shreveport'

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Chapter One


Okay, where to start? This is set four years after the end of 'A Slayer in Shreveport'. The shifters just came out. I've read all the books now, woo! That should help a bit this time around!

I'm planning on mixing some things from the show, some things from the books and some just from my pure amazing imagination. :) I'm not really setting this at one specific point, True Blood wise. It would just get way too confusing. I'm planning on mixing in different things from all the books plus the show , like I said, so if any of ya'll get confused, just ask away and I'll try my best to explain! I think it's largely going to be from Buffy's POV, but if I decide to change it at all, I'll mark it. Oh, and I don't own Buffy/the Onto Sookie Stackhouse novels/True Blood. You know who they belong to. Onto chapter one!

Chapter One

I hadn't seen Hank in, well, years honestly.

The last time I saw him was the summer that Dawn and I had spent with him in LA, after I defeated the Master. I was sixteen then, just about to turn seventeen. Dawn was twelve.

Well, actually, Dawn wasn't really even there. She's my sister alright, just only in the memory department. She's actually a giant ball of energy. It's a long story.

So you can really imagine my surprise when Pam burst into Eric's office, announcing Hank's arrival.

It was early still. Fangtasia wouldn't open to customers for another three hours. I had already been in Eric's office when he arrived, just after sunset, getting some of the paperwork done. One thing had led to another and well, uh, let's just say…..when Pam came bursting through the door, it was a pretty awkward situation. For me, anyway.

"Pam! Haven't you ever heard of knocking?" I asked, scrambling around for my ditched clothing.

Eric just smiled. It was fang-y, due to our, ah, previous actions.

"Well, there's a man out here that says he's your father. I thought you'd like to know."

You know the phrase 'like a deer in headlights'? Well, that was me.

"Buffy? Is something wrong?" Eric asked. I assumed he was feeling my surge of randomized emotions.

Eric and I have a blood bond. That is, we've shared blood on three separate occasions, bonding us together. So we can feel each others emotions. Again, it's a long story.

I had never properly explained to Eric, or, well, anyone here, about my dad. Er, Hank. Not even my current closest friend, Sookie Stackhouse.

Sookie was my age. We both had an affinity for the sun. We even looked fairly similar. Well, except that she was blonder. And more, um, er…buxom. And she was quite a bit taller than me. But then again, who isn't taller than me? It's a little ridiculous sleeping in the same bed with Eric, on account of his height.

Sookie lived in the neighboring town of Bon Temps. The first time I'd met her, she had come in to Fangtasia with her then vampire-y boyfriend, Bill Compton.

I'd liked Sookie from the start. She wasn't afraid of Eric, like everyone else seemed to be and, rightfully so, I guess. She talked back to him just as much as I did. Oh, also, she was a telepath. I told her about my two day foray into mind reading and we instantly bonded. She could read tiny bits of my mind, but not a whole lot. It took her a whole lot of hard work and patience to get just a few words picked out of my brain, the one day we tried. Mostly, we just tried to save that for emergencies.

Mr. Compton was a different story, however. From the second we'd been introduced, I'd known what an a-hole he really was. I mean, besides the obvious vampire-Slayer feelings, there was just something off about him and his affections towards Sookie. I felt an almost immediate urge to protect her. It was very…sisterly. Like how I felt about protecting Dawn.

Later that night, er, morning, in our private chambers, I told Eric of my suspicions over Bill. He'd had them investigated and a few months later, we found out the mega, ultra grand-daddy secret of them all. The current vampire Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne, had ordered Bill, her procurer, to find Sookie and bring her to her. Sookie's part fairy, you see, so her blood is like, uber special or something. I'm not entirely sure. I told Eric to leave that part of the details off. I didn't really need to know.

I drove over to Bon Temps later that evening and one heartfelt-sob-infested convo later, Sookie was stomping over to Bill's. She dumped that loser, in his own house, might I add, and now Bill really hated Eric and I, a whole lot more than he had before.

But I digress. I've gone way off topic. Where were we? Oh. Right. Hank. Speaking of losers.

I scrambled around Eric's office, pulling my clothes on.

"Are you sure he said 'father'?" I asked Pam, as I pulled my black skinnies on.

"Actually he said 'Hank Summers' and I just put two-and-two together." Pam responded dryly.

I pulled my shiny red tank top over my head. I ran over to the mirror and started smoothing out my wrinkly hair.

"Do you want me to come with you, lover?" Eric asked.

"I'd say 'no, it's fine' but I know that you're just going to follow me out anyway."

I could see Eric's still fang-y grin in the mirror. Something definitely foreign to me. Vampires that have reflections.

"Besides, I don't even know what he wants. For all I know, he could've seen the errors of his ways and he's come to apologize for his lack of fathering." I added.

Eric and Pam both raised their eyebrows, in unison.

I turned away from the mirror. "Yeah, okay, no. That's probably not the reason. You're right. How do I look?"

Eric's eyes lit up. Figuratively, of course.

"Absolutely ravishing, lover."

"Delicious." Pam said. Her fangs clicked out.

I smiled and shook my head, laughing as I walked out of the office.

"Oh, Pam. You certainly always know how to make things awkward."

Hank was sitting at the bar, nervously fidgeting with his hands.

I had a brief moment where I wished my telepathic BFF was here to tell me what he was thinking before I dove in.

Eric eyed me curiously, but didn't say anything.

It took me a few seconds before I could address him. I definitely didn't want to call him 'dad' but I wasn't sure how 'Hank' would go over either. I decided in the end, that I just didn't really care that much and I settled for clearing my throat, loudly.

He turned, saw me, smiled, stood up, saw Eric and then grimaced.

He reluctantly walked forward, towards us. He reached out to me, like he was expecting a hug or something.

Pfffft. Yeah, okay. Not.

I stepped back, out of his reach.

We stood silent for a moment, or thirty, until I just couldn't stand the awkwardness anymore.

I folded my arms across my chest. "What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Aren't you going to introduce your friends?" he asked with the slightest resemblance of politeness.

AKA making me aware of my lack of.

I sighed. "Yeah, sure. Why not. That's Pam and that's Eric." I said, motioning behind me. "This is my fa—Hank. My mother's ex-husband."

"I'm Buffy's father." he said, sharply. He stepped forward and stuck his hand out for Eric to shake.

My eyes widened. Vampires don't shake hands. Especially with humans. Especially with humans that their lovers aren't really fond of.

But, to mine (and Pam's) surprise, Eric grasped Hank's hand and gave it a quick shake.

It lasted all of five seconds, however, my brain processed it at being much much longer.

At this point, Eric excused himself and Pam away. They walked over and stood at the bar by Felicia, the new bartender. After a brief second, Felicia flitted away from the bar, leaving just Eric, Pam, Hank and myself.

I turned my attention back to the present situation.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, yet again.

"A father can't come visit his daughter?"

"It's been nearly a decade since I've seen you last."


"Let me guess, you were busy?"


"Have you contacted Dawn at all?"

"Yes, I have. I actually just came from seeing her. How do you think I found you? You're not exactly the easiest person to track down. Curiously, there are all kinds of odd…things attached to your name."

For a reason. I thought. A few years ago, after all the business with Nan, Eric had brought Special Agent Finn and Finn in. They promised their lives to Eric that I would be near untraceable. I'm honestly not at all sure why I had to be untraceable. I had gone to ask Eric on several different occasions, but I always thought better of it and shut my mouth. With Eric, it's usually best to always ask yourself 'Do I really want to know?'. My answer usually was no. No I do not.

"Yeah, I've got friends in high places." I answered.

"After the earthquake in Sunnydale, I started searching for you, Dawn and you mother."

"Why?" I asked, shocked.

"To make sure you were safe, of course. That, and I figured that you would all most likely need a place to stay. And somewhere for Dawn to finish school."

I choked back laughter. "Well, jeez louise. Aren't you just ever so charitable?" I asked, mockingly.

"I didn't think it was safe for you girls to be alone after something so traumatic. Especially with this whole Great Revelation/Great Reveal thing."

Ah. So this is what this was about. Daddy was scared that his little girls wouldn't be safe with the big bad vamps and shifters.

Oh, pleeease. Cry me a flippin' river.

"So you decide to look for us, a year and a half AFTER The Great Revelation?"

"Yes, but—"

"It's been five years since The Great Revelation. Four since the…'earthquake' in Sunnydale. Why are you just finding me now?"

The shifters had just come out not too long ago, so I didn't really feel inclined to include them into this current argument.

"As I said, darling, you're not the easiest person to track down. I had to go through more security clearances than I even knew existed. And I went through them all. Until I got to someone that said he knew you. He ran several background check-type things and finally, he issued Dawn's location to me. He seemed a little too nervous to give me your direct address. Dawn told me where to find you."

Damn it, Riley. He and I were going to have one long, painful talk. I could tell that Eric felt my anger because I'm pretty sure I saw him grin when I thought about punching out Riley. And, of course, my pain in the ass little sister was going to get one stern yelling at. Of all people, I would not have expected it to be Dawnie. She knew how I felt about Hank because she felt the same damn way. Especially after Mom.

Hank interrupted my flow of thought by opening his stupid mouth. "I thought you might be in some kind of trouble. I saw-"

"The anti-Slayer ads that the AVL put out." I said, finishing his sentence.

Five years ago, I killed one of Nan Flanagan's personal assistants. Apparently, she was fond of him. Really fond of him. She vowed all kinds of revenge when I came back to Eric's after the First, and that was a full year after I'd dusted the vamp in question. She put all kinds of anti-Slayer ads out. On television, posters, magazine ads. My face, along with some of the faces of my junior Slayerettes aka the potentials, and Faith. Needless to say….they weren't very happy with me. Well, mostly. Faith didn't really care. She still talked to me, occasionally dropping the odd postcard every now and again.

"I don't understand." Hank said, after a few minutes.

I sighed and shook my head. Everyone else knew my 'secret' now, so why not dear old Dad?

"Into every generation, a Slayer is born. One girl, in all the world…wait, no. You don't get the special 'Giles textbook' explanation. You don't deserve it. Not one bit."

"Buffy, I—"

"A Slayer kills vampires, demons and other assorted monsters. I'm a Slayer. End of story."

Well, not really 'end of story.' I had this whole long story to go with it, like how I'm the longest running Slayer ever and oh, hey, I'm also not the only Slayer in the world anymore, thanks to Willow, but I didn't really feel the need to get into all that. Not with him, anyway. Besides, he seemed stuck on the vampires half anyway.

"You kill vampires. You.." he said, skeptically.

"And demons. And other….things….that go bump in the night. Well. Okay. No. I technically can't kill vampires anymore because of the whole law against it. Unless they are posing a serious threat to me or someone else near me. And, in that case, I think I could come out on top because of my in with the Queen. And because of Eric's Sheriff-yness. And our blood bond."

He completely skipped over that whole ramble of mine and settled on "How do you kill vampires?"

I stared at him in sheer astonishment. "Uh, I'm not going to give you a detailed manual on it."

He shook his head and walked closer to me. "No, I mean, you're just a girl. It's impossible. I've had a few vampire clients and their strength alone…"

"I'm just as strong." I said, through clenched teeth.

"Buffy, this Slayer thing is just a silly fairytale. It's all propaganda. They told me that. It's all in your head. Probably encouraged by your mother."

My jaw literally dropped. I didn't know what to say. Except that Hank was in dire need of some padded walls and medication. I stole a quick glance towards Eric and Pam.

I couldn't see Eric's face, as his back was turned to me now, but I noticed that he was standing very still. Very rigid. I could feel his genuine surprise-and anger-at my father's treatment of me, as a fragile little girl. I heard a small crack and realized that Eric had been clenching onto the bar so hard, that he reduced a piece of it to splinters.

Pam was unsuccessfully trying to contain laughter. At what, I'm not sure. Her sense of humour isn't exactly normal.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, I shook myself out of my daze.

"Are you serious?"

He nodded. "I'm very serious. Barbi and I have a very dear friend that works in mental therapy. She's made a few phone calls and he's willing to see you on short notice. You just have to come back to Los Angeles with me."

I didn't even know what to say. I wasn't at all expecting the fantasy father/daughter scenario that I had spieled off to Eric and Pam, but I wasn't exactly expecting this either.

My father was trying to have me committed, based on a series of commercials he saw, that an enemy had run against me.

Four years ago.

My head was seriously spinning.

"So, let me get this straight. You want me to come back to Los Angeles with you, to see some doctor, because you think I'm insane. And you're basing my insanity on a series of anti-Slayer ads that were run against me."

"I don't think you're insane, sweetie. I just think you tend to run with bad crowds. You always have. And somehow, this…crowd you're running with now, they have you believing that you're some kind of superhero. Barbi and I talked about it some with Dr. Van Clausen and he seems to think that it's a jealousy factor over Dawn, because she's the youngest, and then leading into when your mother and I got divorced. It doesn't help that this vampire revelation, and now consequently the Great Reveal, is probably fueling your imagination."

I put my hand up to stop his mouth from moving. I could tell that Eric was a pin drop away from ripping Hank to shreds, literally, and I wanted to avoid that. I think. Maybe.

"Okay, first of all, don't call me cute little girl pet names. Real fathers do that. Not deadbeats that can't be bothered to pick up a god damn phone once in ten years. Second-don't you dare talk about Dawn and I with that…that…whore you left Mom for. Third- I'm so not jealous over Dawn. I love her more than anything in my life. For the last six years, it's just been me and her. You have no idea the things I've done for her. What I've sacrificed. Four- I don't run with 'bad crowds'. You have absolutely no clue who I am. You most certainly have no right to judge me based on my circle of friends, that you don't even know, might I add. Yeah, I associate with vampires. It's kind of a job related thing. I also associate with witches. Shifters. Telepaths. I work in a vampire bar. And, oh, hey! Big shock! See Eric over there? We're dating. No, not 'dating'. More than that. Lovers. Actually, more than that as well. If it were legal for vampires and humans to marry, I'd marry him in a non-existent heartbeat!"

I sucked in several mouthfuls of air, knowing somewhere in the back of my mind that my little rant kind of lost the sense-making it started out with. But, whatever. I just didn't care. Hank didn't even seem to notice, though. He was stuck on the last sentence.

"Marriage is a serious commitment, Buffy."

I laughed a dry, humourless laugh. "You, of all people, have no right to be lecturing me on marriages."

"What could that soulless creature ever give you?"

"Oh, I don't know, how about his undying love? The fact that he would, and has, done anything and everything for me?"

"He can't give you children."

"Newsflash to you, Captain Delusional. Slayers don't breed. Often. So not having kids really isn't a big loss for me."

"And what of your mother? You are willing to deny her the privilege of grandchildren?"

I skipped over the obvious part where he was conveniently forgetting Dawn and settled on a sudden thought that floated through my mind.

"You have no idea, do you? About Mom?"

His curiosity won out. "What about her?"

"She's dead."

It was several minutes before he spoke again.

"How?" he asked, somberly.

"She was sick. Really sick. She had a tumor in her brain. They took it out and she was fine for a while. But then an aneurysm formed and consequently burst. I found her on the sofa."

"Why didn't you call?"

My sadness over remembering my mother's lifeless body on the sofa dispersed and was quickly replaced with bubbling anger.

I would've liked to blame the current anger on Eric, but I knew that I couldn't. He had never known my mother, except from my stories, so the boiling acid that was bubbling away inside me was all mine.

"I did call! I called all over the place looking for you! I called literally every single number I had for you for four days straight. I left messages with everyone, everywhere. So really, the question is, why didn't YOU call?"

I stopped, mid-rant, and took a deep breath.

"You know what? You're not even worth it. Not. At. All. I want you to leave. Not just Fangtasia, but the state. I don't want you coming near Dawn, nor I. I don't ever want to see you again. Never. Again. Do I make myself clear?"

"I just want what's best for you. The both of you! You're living your lives immorally. She's with that...shifter and you're invested in the vampire scene….it's just all wrong! You're going to end up dead, the both of you!"

I snorted. "Judging by the suit you're wearing, I'd say you've got some money. Don't skimp on the funeral flowers. I'll know."

"BUFFY ANNE SUMMERS! I'm serious. We're going to get your sister from that backwater town she's living in and you're both coming home with me! I'm trying to save you from damnation!"

He latched his hands onto my arm. It only took Eric a fraction of a second to fill up the space in between us. He grabbed Hank's hands, removed them from my arms and held them, very tightly, in his.

"Enough of this. Buffy has told you her feelings. Leave. Now."

Eric's anger flashed through me, once again. You could say (almost) anything to me and get away with it, but the second someone laid their hands on me….yikes. He was a bit possessive that way.

Normally, there's no way in Hell that I'd put up with that crap, but there was something different about the way Eric's…possessiveness felt. He was the way he was because he loved me and it would tear him apart if he lost me, in any way, shape or form.

My mind was brought back to the present by Hank yelling some very unfriendly, derogatory vampified insults at Eric.

I heard Eric's fangs click.

"I'd be very careful while insulting me, Mr. Summers. I'm over twenty times your age and very powerful. I could make you and your current family's lives very hard."

"Your threats don't scare me. I'm taking my daughter home with me. Now move."

"Oh for crying out loud!" Pam yelled. She sauntered over from the bar and up to Hank. She pushed Eric out of the way and grabbed Hank by the chin, gazing into his eyes.

"Hank, can you hear me?" she cooed.

He nodded.

"Great. Now listen and listen good because I'm only going to tell you this once. Buffy and Dawn Summers do not exist. They are not your daughters. In fact, you've never even heard of them. You have no idea who they are. Their names are meaningless to you. Your first wife, Joyce, she died before you two even had a chance to have any children at all. Do you understand?"

He nodded.

"Good. Now snap out of it. I've got stuff to do."

Pam let go of Hank and he seemed to clear up out of his little trance.

He looked around, nervously.

"Uh, excuse me. Where am I?"

I walked past Eric. "You got lost. You needed directions back to the airport." I said.

"Oh. Right. Well, thanks then, Miss…what was it?"

"Northman. Mrs. Northman." Eric replied, with a quick grin.

"Mrs. Northman. Thank you again."

With that, Hank Summers walked out of Fangtasia, and my life, forever.

And I was okay with it.
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