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Chosen against the Child

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Summary: The Ark of Truth had been destroyed thousands of years ago... so the Ancients created another "artifact" to fight the Ori. They called it - "the Chosen".

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Stargate > General > Team: SG-1 Seasons(s) 9 & 10(Past Donor)betascudFR15612,90934014,6198 Jul 1111 Sep 11No

Chapter Five: Trekked

Chapter Five: Trekked

BtVS does not belong to me. SG does not belong to me. For more details see the series introduction.

Note: This was not beta-read. The quality in some parts may be drastically lower than in the previous chapters.

Central London

Scotland Yard had done a thorough job investigating the site of the explosion years before. For all Daniel Jackson knew, MI6 or some other agency had helped. At least that was what the detective he contacted implied. Daniel didn’t want to confirm the fact at this time – he still had some leads and it would have tipped his hand too early.

Although the Watchers Council’s building was destroyed over four years ago and the site was located in one of the more expensive areas of London, it was still a ruin. Someone had bought the land and was planning to build an office building there, but that was not the point that the archeologist was currently investigating. The interesting fact was that after the explosion, after the Sunnydale collapse in fact, someone had actually sold the land, claiming to be the representative of the Council. At the time someone must have allowed the transaction, confirming the claim, but at the present time there were no records confirming anyone as a member of the organization. Only the signature remained as a clue, pointing to someone named R.Giles… And somehow that name was not unfamiliar to Daniel.

Then there were the documents he managed to piece together from the various pieces gathered during the investigation. Some were listings of names – already checked by the police – or accounting information. Other were deemed unimportant to the investigation, fragments of Council’s archives, and these proved more interesting to Daniel. By bits and pieces he put together a general outline of Chosen’s usage throughout the ages, with first records in the Ancient Rome. The organization he was investigating actually existed back then, which made it older than Christianity. Of course he already suspected that.

One of the documents – some kind of journal he assumed – detailed a certain Joan using the Chosen in 1430 and 31, in France. Ending with her being executed by burning alive. And Daniel knew of one particular Joan that fit this story – the canonized in the twentieth century Joan of Arc. That the woman was a member of the Watchers Council was in itself an interesting tidbit of information. That she apparently defended the local people against aliens (Well, demons to the people of her time, Daniel corrected himself) was what got his attention. There was no other record that would confirm this, but if the Chosen was used six centuries before, moving his investigation to France and using his archeologist’s skills would be in order.

“Self-Awareness Gym”, Colorado Springs

Samantha Carter once again stared back at the gym she had just left. It was really incredible how those young girls were trained. They could literally wipe the floor with her and they did not even appear to be reaching their peak. If only they could be recruited to the program… In the past there had been a few situations were a master of martial arts, like one of those girls… And that was the problem, those were just girls, even if extraordinarily trained, they were not only young, they were also civilians and the current mandate…

A cell phone ringing brought her back to the land of the living, the number indicated it was someone from the Mountain.

“Carter,” she said upon answering it. The line was unsecured and it was not required for her to broadcast her rank.

“Colonel,” a voice on the other end simply stated. Was it the General? “We have a situation with the… cartel,” the voice stated carefully, not to transmit details. She guessed it must mean the Lucian Alliance or some other criminal organization they came into contact with in the past. “Are you in a… private location?” the voice, General Landry she already guessed, asked her.

“No, sir. I am in downtown Colorado Springs at the moment.” She quickly calculated. The closest she could get for beaming – she not only guessed the name of the speaker, but also the purpose of the last question – was her house. “I need ten to fifteen minutes. Do I require anything special?”

“No. Call Walter when you are ready. He will arrange… the rest,” and the call ended, no signal at the other end. That was cryptic, she thought, but the need for security she always understood.

Sam Carter put her car into gear and left the parking going in the direction of her house. Unseen to her, another car left the area a few seconds later and started in the same direction.

Colorado Springs

The slayer tasked with keeping an eye on one Colonel Carter blinked surprised. There was some kind of white light in the house she was watching and now… she could not spot anyone moving inside. The Colonel had just arrived from the Council’s gym moments earlier and she did not even turn on the lights in the house. Maybe she just left when the… whatever happened, happened? The slayer was not sure how that was possible, but after all the woman was Special Forces, maybe she had the training for that. Maybe she even realized she was being followed. The slayer looked around nervously…

“Gil, I’ve lost her,” she said quietly to her witch partner. She hated mind-speech and could never really make herself use it to telepathically speak with her companion. Thus speaking out loud… well, not loud, an average human would not hear her from a feet away, but still…

“Me too,” she heard Gil’s answer in her mind. “I can’t sense her in the building since that flash. Maybe she had a ward there. Do you have those infra-red goggles with you?”

“Yeah, I have them, good idea,” the slayer answered, taking the gadget from her small backpack. She usually carried it around to spot vampires and other non-recognizable non-humans (her Slayer Sense sucked even worse than Buffy Summers’) and she did not automatically think about using it to look for an ordinary person. She put the goggles on and looked at Carter’s possession.

“No one there,” she looked around as well. “No one around as well, the neighbors all seem to be asleep or at least lying down. Where is she?”

“I have no idea… I’m setting up a tracking spell now. She couldn’t have gone far…” the witch declared over her link. Unsettled, the slayer decided to get further from the house, just in case she really was spotted. She made it two houses down the street before Gil continued: “I cannot track her down inside city limits… Unless that was some superb ward, she must have portalled somewhere else… You best get back, we need to contact Willow for this one.”

Oddysey, Earth Orbit

“What’s the situation?” Carter said upon entering the bridge. The rest of SG-1, minus Daniel Jackson, were already there, gathered around the tactical display in the back.

“It’s the Lucian Alliance. They have found the location of the Kappa site,” Mitchell notified her. The latest of Earth off-world bases was not much more than a camp at this moment, having been set up not two months ago. Still, its location was meant to be secret and if Lucian Alliance already got there…

“The Lucian Alliance has moved a Ha’Tak into orbit of the planet. We do not know if they had detected the base or if it is just a stop along its route,” Teal’c declared.

“The big guy is right. They might be there or purpose. Or they may not. In that case it is only a matter of time before they detect our presence planet-side. So the idea is to scare them off.”

“But why us?” Carter queried.

“Intimidation factor. The Alliance hates SG-1.”

“And what about Daniel?”

“His mission was deemed more important than this. If we lose Kappa it’s not a big deal, if we don’t find the Chosen – we may lose Earth.”


Willow put down the final component of the tracking spell – a little globe. It would be enough to pinpoint the general location of the missing Colonel Carter, on Earth as well as in any accessible Hell Dimensions. Willow prepared the spell with enough juice behind to pierce even the strongest ward – in case the woman was just extremely well shielded and not moved away.

All elements in place, she extended her will and let the mojo do its work, having left the need for words in common spells some time ago. The little globe lighted up, with magical energy tracking down the Colonel, then started concentrating on a single point.

“She’s on Earth after all,” Willow noted for the purpose of nearby trainees. She always had those around when she was in one of Council’s buildings, wanting to learn either to do magic, to control their dark side, or just to research efficiently. She sometimes wondered if she did not overachieve things in her life up to that point. Now this was her karma… to teach people how to do things the way she did…

Meanwhile the point of light representing Colonel Carter’s position was small enough to note that she was in Africa. She started to call for a more detailed map of the region to narrow down the location, when she noted that the point was in fact moving… And moving quite fast at that.

“What the…” She stared. Judging from the little representation in front of her, Carter had just beaten all the speed records on the planet. Unless she was…

She was.

“Uh, guys… Get me Giles… And Buffy… And Xander… Get… oh, my… get me Andrew…”

Oddysey, in hyperspace

With Kappa site being a few hours away even at Oddysey’s maximum speed, Samantha Carter had finally some more time to review the latest data of the worldwide scan for the Chosen radiation signature. The results did not sit well with her, the background radiation was almost like a natural effect. Did the Chosen harness it’s power then? But it was so similar to Zero Point energy, it could not be natural. While the ZPMs did harness the energy from subspace, the Chosen radiation came from normal matter… She did even calibrate the sensors enough to determine that humans did radiate some of it, even if it was a miniscule amount. On the other hand neither plants nor animals, nor inanimate matter did – and what made humans different from the planet they evolved on? The Jaffa and some other sentient species also radiated the same energy – was this just a method to measure brainwaves then?

Multiple locations

Rupert Giles looked at the faces on the great television screen in front of him. He hated computers and pointedly did not use them, but he had some young Council people install this device to his television for the purpose of videoconferencing. He could live with it… barely.

One of the little pictures on the screen showed some kind of starmap with a marked point slowly making its way along. The other showed excited faces of Willow and Andrew… and uncomprehending ones of Buffy and Xander.

“So what is it that we are looking at Willow?” he asked finally. The witch had not provided any explanation in the few minutes the call lasted, she just told them all to “watch”.

“This is a real time tracking spell I have done to find a certain Air Force officer. Earlier today she had disappeared from her house in a flash of white light. The local slayer and witch team could not locate her on their own…”

“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod…” Andrew was getting more and more excited, speaking faster and louder… and not making sense.

“You mean to tell us that she… she…” Now it was Xander who was getting excited.

“Yes, Xander,” the redhead said simply. Buffy gasped. Xander was beaming. “She was beamed up. And now she is travelling in a Faster-Than-Light spaceship. One in which she was orbiting Earth a few minutes ago…”

And finally even Giles got it.

“Good Lord!”

Note: It may take a while before the next chapter is ready. It is funny that it's easier and faster to fly halfway round the world than to get to the other side of this country (merely 300miles) using a train...

The End?

You have reached the end of "Chosen against the Child" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Sep 11.

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