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Imagine Impossible

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Summary: "The scent was stripped bare of pretense, full of death and destruction." Rosalie Hale won't know what hit her, when she runs into her very first Demon. Soon she ends up in Sunnydale, searching for answers. But what will she find there?

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DISCLAIMER: I own nothing, it all belongs to the two geniuses that is Joss Whedon and Stephenie Meyer. I get no profit whatsoever and I only write for fun. Thank you.






June 27th, 2014
Eureka, Oregon


The trees were nothing but a blur, as I ran through the thick forest. My heel-clad feet barely touched the ground, my ears were trained on any animals in the nearby vicinity and my instincts were hardwired on the hunt. I was several hundred miles from home, looking for something more than a pack of deer and trying to avoid my family. The mutts were visiting today.

It had been a few years now, since they had become a permanent part of our lives, though I was sure I would never get used to the smell, even if I had eternity. And my sweet, beautiful, special niece would soon marry one of those disgusting mutts. It was unbearable to even think of.

How could fate have decided such a cruel destiny for Nessie? A dog for a mate...

I caught the enticing scent of black panther to the South and like a lightning bolt, I was off. The wind blew furiously through my golden blonde locks, as I chased the ferocious predator ahead of me. It would be a quick death, just as soon as it stopped trying to evade me. It wouldn't last long anyway and would only serve to irritate me more. Not a smart move at the moment.

A hiss escaped my cherry lips and I crouched low to the ground, knowing that this had to end now. The majestic cat turned around slowly, a deep growl emerging from its throat. A smile spread on my face, as the sun peeked through the clouds above, revealing me for what I truly was. I waited until the animal was thoroughly distracted by my sparkling skin and then I pounced.

After satisfying my burning thirst as much as possible, I buried the carcass under a large boulder. If it were ever found, it would be decades from now. If not centuries. By now, the sun had once again disappeared behind the dark clouds and I decided to run to the ocean, before heading home. Who knew how long those mutts would stick around. I only hoped my family would be nice enough to air out the house before I came back.

I did not want to go to school tomorrow, smelling like wet dog.

As I ran this time, there was no rush and so I enjoyed the surroundings that I passed with my unnatural, yet graceful speed. I could smell the salt from the sea and knew that I was getting close. It was one of the most peaceful places I had found, in all the places we had ever lived. The vast ocean spread out as far as the eye could see, even for our kind and there were rarely any ships close enough to watch anyone on land. So I would come here, even on sunny days.

I pushed past the final line of trees and then I was standing at the edge of the tall cliff, overlooking the breathtaking view reaching out in front of me. I had come to appreciate such things, much more in the last few years. Maybe it was because my family had come so close to extinction, so many times. Maybe it was because of how close I had become, with my down-to-earth sister. Or maybe it was because I had finally learned to appreciate the smaller things in life. But for whatever reason, I now spend a lot of time to myself, just thinking.

Emmett had protested at first, until he saw how happy it made me.

Though covered by clouds, I could see how high in the sky the sun was and a part of me hoped it would peek out, before it descended behind the water, making room for the moon. A gentle smile came on my lips, as sudden rays shot out and my wrists, shoulders and nose sparkled. It wasn't much, but it was enough.

With everything my family had gone through, over the last decade, it shouldn't have come as a surprise to me, when my peace was shattered. I heard a strange growl behind me and I wondered what animal had dared come this close to a predator far more dangerous than them. I knew the scent of vampire and that wasn't it, yet when I smelled the air around me, I realized that it wasn't an animal either. At least not any that I had ever come across. The scent was stripped bare of pretense, full of death and destruction. And... salt?

I slowly turned around, mentally prepared to slip into a crouch if I sensed any danger. For now, I just wanted to assess the situation first. Whatever was exuding that particular and unfamiliar scent, was still hidden behind the line of trees and even my perfect sight could not see through leaves. I was careful not to make a single sound, as I walked the few feet to where the creature was standing, but I had a feeling that it knew I was coming. As if it was expecting a fight. I pushed the leaves and branches aside, stopping dead at the sight in front of me.

I had never seen such a creature before, in all of my years on this earth.

It was build like most humans, two feet, two arms and all that, but that's where the resemblance ended. It's skin was a putrid green color, with something resembling a scarlet jewel on its forehead. Wearing a uniform like the soldiers of olde, a sword strapped around its waist and a steel helmet atop its head. Its teeth looked as menacing as mine were, sharpened to the point of razors and threateningly directed at me. This creature was after one thing and one thing alone.

My death.

Did it not realize that I was not a mere human? I suppose it was possible, since I had never heard of its kind before myself, but surely it must be able to smell me, the way I did just moments earlier. Smell that I was not what it was seeking. But even if it did, I knew I could not allow it to back away and move on. I was far too curious to just let it go. And besides, outsiders may find me to be cruel and cold, but I still had a heart, albeit a silent one. If I let it go, could I go back to my family with a clear conscience, knowing it might hurt a human on its path? Knowing that I could've stopped it?

The answer was loud and clear. No, I couldn't.

With that thought in mind, I pounced. My sharp edged teeth were quick to bite into the creatures neck, as a revolting taste of salt overwhelmed my mouth. I shot off it and spat until I was clean of the silvery green liquid, now lying on the earth below. My anger peaked at what I had been forced to almost swallow and my growl emanated across the deep forest, shaking the trees in violent shivers. Still, the creature did not seem to truly fear me and that only irritated me more.

I hissed out and ran forward once more, grabbing the creature's neck in my claw-like hands, pressing down until I heard the satisfied crack of bones. But not before it got its own sickening claws in my stomach, making deep gashes in the area just below my chest. I was too shocked to even consider the pain. Never had any creature beyond a vampire, been able to injure our kind to this extent. I had three marks across my abdomen, that were gushing silver venom and I was sure my eyes turned red as my temperament caught up with me.

Its head was almost completely off by now and its sick, green blood poured down in rivers, soaking my body and clothes, but for once I didn't care. This... thing had hurt me and that was all I needed to know, as I heard the thump of its head hitting the ground. As if that wasn't enough for me, I raised my foot and smashed my heel into the red jewel on the creature's forehead. That should get the job done, I thought with glee, almost going as far as to rub my hands together. Almost.

Making sure no one had been around to see or hear anything, I quickly buried the body and head, as I had done earlier with my meal. The smell of the vastly rotting carcass was getting to my sensitive senses and I just wanted to be done with it. A quick thought entered my mind, as I wondered how disappointed Emmett would be, that he wasn't here for the fight. Surely such a creature was a mystery in and of itself. I couldn't wait to tell Carlisle of my discovery.

But first...

I walked back through the tree line, wanting my final look at the stunning view that always captivated me so. I smiled once more, pleased with my win of the day and prepared to turn back and head home. And then the seething pain set in, beginning in my stomach and slowly spreading out to all of my limbs. It was pure agony and I was reminded of the three day burn all those years ago. My eyes widened in shock, as I pondered on this. What could cause this pain, besides the actual act of turning and the illusion of Jane?

None that I could think of, if I could even think anything beyond the agony.

My arms wrapped protectively around my burning abdomen, as my sight began to become spotted. A muted fog took over and I reached into the depths of my human memories for an answer. I was blacking out, it seemed, though impossible I knew it to be. I found myself tripping over my own, heavy feet and then suddenly, I was falling.

Before I let the darkness take over, I realized one last thing. I had fallen over the edge of the cliff and was hurriedly heading towards the ice blue ocean below. But before the wet had a chance to hit me, I was out.

Fearing what might come next.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Imagine Impossible" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Jul 11.

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