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SG-1 Retrieval Team

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Summary: Trouble always finds SG-1 and so a new team was created to get trouble away from them

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

(Goa'uld Base)

Jack walked back and forth in their cell and was trying to come up with a way of getting out of here before the Goa'uld tried to experiment on them. Teal'c remained standing near the door to the cell and was looking out of it as calm as ever. Sometimes he envied the Jaffa's composure at times like this. Sam and Daniel were fast asleep having finally giving in to the urge to rest. He almost envied them too, but at times like this he needed to be awake and alert.

"Are you alright, O'Neill?" Teal'c inquired as he finally turned to look at his rather tense friend.

"Not one bit Teal'c," Jack replied as he stopped pacing to look at the Jaffa. "We need to get out of here before that damn snake does whatever creepy experiments he plans to use on us," he stated with a dark look in his eyes.

"Agreed," Teal'c responded with a nod of his bald head. "I have given the matter much thought," he added and then went silent without explaining what he had come up with.

"And?" Jack asked as he crossed his arms over his chest, he wondered what the Jaffa had come up with.

"I see only a limited opportunity to escape this cell," Teal'c answered as he glanced back at the cell door. "When the guards come to take us to the Goa'uld's lab we must rush them," he stated, turning back to face Jack. "We must overpower them in such a manner that they cannot raise the alarm and then take their weapons and find the way out," he finished.

"Is that it?" Jack shot back at the simplistic answer. He had expected something a bit more refined from his friend. "That sounds more like one of my plans," he muttered.

"Indeed," Teal'c agreed with a half-smile which earned him a slight glare at the way he had said that. "However I believe it is our only chance of escape this time," he stated far more seriously.

Jack only nodded in agreement at this as he doubted there was another way out. He doubted there was going to be a Tok'ra spy conveniently hidden in the Goa'uld's ranks or Thor was going to beam them out in the nick of time.

"We'll have to be quick then," Jack finally said as he moved to wake Daniel and Sam up to tell them the plan.



Harry was getting slightly irritated by the refusals to help them from the villagers and finally he decided it was time for him to act. He signaled Fleur to follow him behind one of the houses, glancing around to make sure they were not watched he pulled his wand out.

"Harry, are you sure you want to do that here?" Fleur inquired, worried what might happen if any of the villagers saw them performing magic. One of the things General Hammond had warned them about was being caught using their magic off world, it had something to do with clashing with other cultures beliefs or coming of as being seen as gods.

They both remembered the story they had been told of the first mission through the gate to Abydos. How the primitive locals had assumed the team were either gods or had been sent by the gods to them. Stargate Command had strict rules against trying to manipulate another planet's culture and beliefs. It had happened before on other worlds, but thankfully they had been able to stop that. Harry had no intent in trying to make people see him as a god, but they needed to find SG-1 and quickly, because he was certain this village was actually hiding something and whatever it was hiding, was not something helpful to them.

"No choice Fleur," Harry finally answered his friend's question with a quick look. "We need to find SG-1 and fast," he added. "Something about this village is very wrong. I don't know what, but we need to move quicker," he stated before he raised his wand. "Point me SG-1," he said, casting the point me spell which had aided him, Hermione and Ron a lot during their hunt for the Horcruxes.

Fleur watched as Harry's wand span around a few times before it suddenly pointed downward. Harry almost dropped his wand, but quickly managed to catch it while showing he still retained the reflexes of a seeker.

"They are below us," Fleur mused. "An underground base of some kind?" she suggested.

"Has to be," Harry agreed with a nod of his head before he got on his radio. "Xander, do you copy?" he spoke into it.

"I copy Harry, have you got a lead?" Xander's voice came back over the radio.

"You could say that," Harry responded with a small smile. "SG-1 is underground, we guess there is an underground base here," he reported. "Also something about this village feels all wrong. The people aren't just refusing to answer our questions, they are almost hostile to our presence," he continued.

"Yeah I've noted that as well," Xander agreed, wondering how Harry and Fleur had located the whereabouts of SG1 if no one in the village was answering their questions. "Plus Faith seems to think something else is wrong here," he told them.

"Can you be any less vague?" Fleur inquired into her own radio at that.

"No vaguer than the fact you've found SG-1, even though no one is talking to us," Faith's sultry voice came back and they could tell she was smiling. "Just how did you do that?" she asked.

Harry and Fleur glanced at one another wondering how to answer that as the General had told them to keep their magical abilities secret, at least until he decided it was time to explain things.

"Let's just call it blind luck for now," Harry replied finally. "We need to find the secret entrance," he stated as he looked around wondering where it would be hidden.

"If you say so," Xander shot back after sharing a look with Faith, wondering how Harry and Fleur had located their target. "Ok Harry we'll keep our eyes open," he relented before signing off.

"They are going to want answers about how we found them," Fleur pointed out with a frown on her face. "You know that right?" she added.

"I know, but as I said we need to locate them fast before whatever is going on here happens," Harry responded in a tone that belayed his frustration. "I think it would have been better had we told them from the start," he stated as he ran a hand through his hair. "Keeping secrets sucks," he said bitterly as he began to move on.

Fleur watched him go with a concerned look, knowing Harry's hatred of secrets came from his time at Hogwarts and the war and of all the secrets that Dumbledore had kept from him. Things he should have known from the start, she knew he believed that had he known all the things the old man had kept from him then maybe Ron, Bill and a host of others might still be alive. She wasn't sure if it might have made a difference in the end. The war had been going badly anyway, even when Dumbledore had been in charge. The day the English Ministry had decided to stick their heads in the sand and ignore the warning of the Dark Lord's return had been the day they had sentenced Britain to a long hard fight.

"Fleur," Harry's soft concerned voice pulled her back from her memories and she looked up to meet his gaze. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"I'm fine Harry," she replied with a smile before she began to move forward. "I was just thinking," she added as she passed him. Harry watched her for a few seconds before he shrugged and followed.

On the other side of the village, Xander and Faith moved more slowly so that they could look for the secret entrance Harry was certain was here. If he was right there was either an underground base or at least a tunnel system here leading to said base.

"There is something fishy about Harry and Fleur," Faith finally spoke up as she kept a close eye on their surroundings. "They are hiding something," she stated with certainty.

Xander glanced at her before he nodded in agreement. "I agree Faith, but then so are we," he responded with a grin which she returned as she got his point. "I'm sure whatever it is they are hiding we'll find out when we need to," he told her as he caught something in the corner of his eye and spun around, but failed to see anything.

"Did you see something?" Faith asked as she tensed ready for a fight if necessary.

"Not sure," Xander replied as he looked around. "I think we're being watched Faith," he told her. "Keep an eye on our backs," he ordered as he began to move forward again.

Faith followed, but fell a step or two behind so she could keep an eye on their backs as ordered. Something was going on here she was sure and she just hoped they were ready for it when it started.

From behind one of the buildings two Jaffa, loyal to the Goa'uld Talok, watched the two Tau'ri move on. They had orders not to attack the enemy just yet. Their god had given orders just to watch them and they didn't question the orders and so simply continued to follow the Tau'ri. They knew in the end they had superior numbers to the enemy. The entire village had been conditioned to obey Talok and only him. That was how they had so easily subdued SG-1. They had simply been overwhelmed by numbers. The fact they had not wanted to shoot the villagers who they probably believed were under duress had helped as well. It was one of the greatest weaknesses of the Tau'ri.


(Stargate Command)

Hermione rubbed her eyes and looked up at the clock on the wall, she realized another hour and a half had passed since Harry and the rest of his team had left on their mission. She still had failed to get anywhere with the tablets she had been trying to translate and she was becoming more and more frustrated. She wondered how Harry and Fleur were doing on their first official mission. She hoped he would be able to fully integrate into working in a team like structure the SGC preferred. Harry had only been in one team in his life and that was back at Hogwarts when he had played Quidditch. The only other time he had been in such a thing was doing their hunt for the Horcruxes.

Usually Harry preferred to be on his own, especially after the war. The only exception to that was her and Fleur. Getting up and pacing a little she was certain Harry would adapt. Fleur had already surprised her by how well she had adapted to living in the Muggle world. She had studied hard to learn all she could before she had completed her training. She and Harry had helped her all they could so she did not slip up and say something only a magic born person would. She would also not be taken by surprise by the many inventions the Muggles had come up with over the years, things the Magical world was still trying to ignore.

"Doctor Granger, are you okay?" General Hammond's voice broke into her thoughts and she looked up to see him looking slightly concerned.

"I'm fine," she assured him with a tired smile. "I was just getting lost in my thoughts," she admitted, as she did her best to fight off a yawn. "I've still not been able to make any progress with these tablets and it is driving me insane," she stated with a frustrated look in her eyes.

"You are tired and distracted Doctor," Hammond told her after a few seconds. "I think it best you get something to eat and then try and get a few hours' sleep," he suggested, easily seeing how hard she was trying to look alert. "I know how hard it is to wait while your friends are risking their lives without you being at their side," he admitted. "I feel it every time a team goes through the gate and even more when it is SG-1," he continued. "Sadly there is nothing we can do, but to hope that they come back. I have faith in the people going to rescue them and I know you do too," he went on as he moved over and began to gently guide her to the door. "Get something to eat and then try and get some sleep and I'm sure you'll feel much better Doctor," he basically ordered. "The tablets can wait. We have more than enough to occupy our time with," he finally finished as they came to the entrance of the cantina.

"Thank you General," Hermione finally responded before she yawned as she finally couldn't hold it back anymore. "I think you are correct," she admitted as she headed into the cantina to get a sandwich and something to drink.

George Hammond watched her go and then shook his head in amusement. She was so very like her mentor Doctor Jackson in the regard that if she could she would work herself into complete exhaustion and her concern for her friends was easy to see. He turned and headed back to his office hoping that soon both of their concerns would be put to rest when SG-1 and the rescue team came home. He hated having to wait for the team's to come back, even worse were the days when they suffered losses.

Sometimes he had lost entire teams off world and trying to explain to their families that they couldn't even have a body to bury was a hard thing to do. He didn't like lying to his people's families. In his mind each and every one of them were heroes who had died defending their planet. They all deserved real recognition for their actions, but of course the government ensured that would never happen. Not until the gate became public and somehow he doubted that would ever happen. Entering his office he sat down and tried to focus on some reports he had to sign off, but like Doctor Granger he found it hard to focus. He leaned back in his chair and just closed his eyes. Hopefully they would get word from the rescue team soon.



Xander paused once more and glanced behind them, now he was sure they were followed. He slipped the safety off his weapon and prepared for action, he also began to send a signal through his radio by way of clicks of one of the buttons to alert Harry and Fleur to do the same. Faith had already noted his action and done the same. This mission, it seemed, was not going to be as easy as he had hoped for.

"We need a distraction to keep them busy once we find the hidden entrance to the underground base," Xander said to Faith quietly.

"I have an idea Xan, but you aren't going to like it," Faith shot back. "When we entered the village I swear I could sense demons nearby," she told him.

"You have got to be shitting me," Xander cursed in response as he looked around again. "How the hell could they have gotten off Earth?" he mused aloud.

"Same way all these humans did I guess," Faith answered after a short pause to think the question over. "The Goa'uld probably brought them either by accident or on purpose with the intention of using them for whatever sick purpose they wanted," she continued with a look in her eyes that Xander knew was anger.

"You want to use the demons to cause the distraction?" Xander questioned her, hoping he was wrong about this, but he had a sinking feeling in his gut about her plan that was spot on.

"Best thing to use X," Faith answered in defense of her plan. "The Jaffa and villagers will be busy fighting them off so we can sneak into the base and rescue SG-1," she stated in a tone that tried to suggest it would be as simple as it sounded.

Xander ran a hand through his hair as he tried to think of something else to use, but apart from using their C-4 to cause an explosion he could think of nothing. Finally he nodded in agreement with Faith. She didn't exactly look pleased to have gotten the go ahead, but she began to head for the exit of the village. She had to find the demons and lead them straight into the village. Xander watched her go with a worried frown. He knew Faith could take care of herself, but that didn't mean he liked sending her into a dangerous situation.

"Be careful Faith," he called after her, causing her to turn and meet his worried look.

"Don't worry about me X," Faith replied with a small smile, touched by his concern. "I'll be back before you know it, until then watch your back and don't get yourself killed," she told him before she turned and quickly headed off.

Xander smirked as that was the closest thing he had heard of concern for him from Faith. Normally she kept her emotions under tight control, but every now and then he would see the real Faith that she kept hidden. Letting out a sigh he turned away and headed deeper into the village. He sent a few more messages to Harry through the radio by way of code. He kept his eyes and senses on high alert.

Harry and Fleur had grown tense after the last of Xander's messages, but continued to look for the hidden entrance.

The End?

You have reached the end of "SG-1 Retrieval Team" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Feb 12.

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