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SG-1 Retrieval Team

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Summary: Trouble always finds SG-1 and so a new team was created to get trouble away from them

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered
RazialFR1826,13622512,63112 Jul 1110 Feb 12No

Chapter One

SG-1 Retrieval Team

Author: Razial

Beta: Hawklan

Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate SG-1 or any of the characters or connected media to it. They belong to whoever has the rights to them. I also do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of the characters and connected media they belong to Joss Whedon and whoever else owns the rights and finally I do not own Harry Potter or any of the other characters or connected media they belong to J.K.Rowling or whoever else owns the rights.

Notes: This is AU Buffy/Stargate and Harry Potter at least in part. Xander never lost an eye during season 7 and his relationship with Anya didn't last past season 4. Faith never got close to Robin Wood and went to Africa with Xander, after she made peace with him. Hermione left the wizarding world after the battle with Voldemort due to the fact the bias against muggleborn did not stop. She went to Oxford and got a degree in ancient Egypt, history and theoretical science and was hired by the SGC. Later she convinced them to hire Harry and Fleur who after the losses suffered in the war were looking for new lives. They form a team for the SGC whose sole purpose is to aid SG-1 when they get into trouble.

Summary: Trouble is always finding SG-1 and so a new team was created to get trouble away from them.

Chapter 1

(Stargate Command)

Hermione Granger sat at her desk trying to translate the ancient tablets SG-9 had brought back from P73-211, so far she had no luck and it was beginning to grate on her nerves a little. It didn't help that SG-1 was in trouble... again..., and the newly created Retrieval Team was being sent after them to pull them out of it. That her best friend and surrogate brother Harry Potter was on the team only increased her worry and nervousness. After she found out by accident that one of the Generals granddaughters was a witch as well, she had a long talk with him and told him a bit about Harry and so he had been recruited by General Hammond after they met and talked quite a while.

After the war with Voldemort Harry had been left adrift trying to cope with the way people viewed him, the loss of Ron had estranged him from the Weasley's and so he had finally left Britain alongside Fleur Delacour who like him was trying to move on after the loss of her boyfriend Bill, Ron's eldest brother. She had been hired at Harry's insistence and they had both passed the training and tests and now the SG had a combat wizard and witch, not that anyone bar her and the General knew about that.

She was surprised by the close bond of friendship that seemed to have grown between Harry and Fleur, since they had left Britain, but she had not begrudge it either.

She herself had formed a very close friendship with her mentor at the SGC. Daniel Jackson the man who had finally cracked the puzzle on how to make the Stargate work several years before. The man was brilliant and seemed to see things others missed. She had learned a lot from him in the year she had been working as his assistant.

With Harry and Fleur joined two other new recruits to the SGC on the Retrieval Team. An Alexander Harris or as he preferred to be called Xander and Faith Lehane, granted she didn't knew much about them except that they were excellent fighters who have broken the records during training, but Hammond wouldn't have placed them with Harry without a good reason.

Faith especially seemed faster and stronger than some of the most experienced soldiers at the SGC. They were also somewhat secretive about their pasts, not that too many minded about that after Hammond and the President put their feet down. One of the reasons she knew that they had been recruited was that they had witnessed a battle in Africa between SG-1 and 3 and some Jaffa loyal to Ba'al and after a long debriefing with the General and later the President himself they had joined the SGC.

Giving up for the moment on her attempts to translate the tablets, she got up and headed for the Gate Room. She arrived to see the Stargate just activating. Harry, Fleur, Xander and Faith stood at the bottom of the ramp preparing to head through.

General Hammond stood in front of them clearly preparing to give them their orders. Harry quickly noticed her and gave her a smile which she returned. In agreement with the General none of them had told any of the other SGC personnel about their magical abilities, because even with some of the things the SGC had dealt with magic was not something military personnel were likely to believe. Especially the scientists like Samantha Carter who was a major part of the SGC. She had already seen Carter dismiss magic as a myth and fairy tales when they encountered a planet who seemed to have people capable of magic. The attitude had annoyed Hermione as being short sighted, but she had held her tongue. It wouldn't do any good to be seen arguing with the person most in the SGC considered the smartest mind in the world and after all there was still the ‘Statue of Secrecy'.

"SG-1 has run into trouble on PX5-015, now the nature of the trouble is assumed to be Jaffa loyal to an unknown Goa'uld," Hammond's voice broke her out of her thoughts and made her focus on what was going on ahead of her. "It is also possible something else is going on as their last transmission was garbled, now while I know you are a new team and have not yet been tested under fire," he continued. "I have every confidence you will be able to rescue SG-1 and bring them home. Lieutenant Harris you may proceed," he finished as the portal finally appeared.

Xander Harris turned to look at the shining portal of light and took a deep breath as this would be his first major trip through the gate. He glanced at Faith who smirked at him before he glanced at the other two members of his team. Harry was looking tense and he noted the look that was exchanged between him and Doctor Granger before he turned back to the portal. Fleur was checking her equipment one last time but she seemed confident.

"Ok SG-1RT move out," he ordered as he began to head up the gate, hoping their first mission as a team would actually go smoothly.

Faith followed him wondering what Buffy and the rest of the Scoobies would think of all this. Most likely only Willow and Giles would be truly able to grasp the concept of the Stargate. She was still amazed that she would no longer have to spend the majority of her life fighting vampires and demons. She never would have expected to be able to walk away from the fight. Neither had Xander, but by stumbling upon the fight between the Jaffa of Ba'al and SG-1 they had done exactly that.

None of their former group knew their real location. All they knew was both of them had retired from the fight to settle down. Buffy had of course blown her top, but in the end Faith had told her with so many Slayer's active it didn't matter if Faith and Xander fought or not. Willow had been very suspicious about the whole thing, but had nothing to go on and so accepted it. Giles had agreed that with so many Slayers' active two less fighters would not hurt the cause and both of them had done more than enough to earn their retirement.

"Good luck Harry," Hermione said as she grasped Harry's hand before he walked up the ramp.

"I'll be careful Mione," Harry told her with a smile. "We've been trained for this and you know me," he reminded her. Hermione smiled, "Yes I do, that's why I worry."

For two people whose early lives had been dedicated to the magical world, it had been hard for him and Fleur to adapt to living in the muggle world. However they had great motivation, the losses and the hardships of the war with Voldemort had left deep scars on both their souls. Now they wanted new paths and this seemed to be something important, while their new jobs still needed them to fight sometimes, they believed it would not see things as dark as the horrors they had witnessed already. Learning to use multiple weapons and equipment had been harder on Fleur than Harry, but she had preserved and adapted well. Now they would face their first true test and they were confident they would pass it. The stakes they invested in now were far greater than ever.

Xander stepped into the Star Gate and vanished, Faith soon followed, Harry was next after taking a deep breath before stepping forward and finally Fleur followed and a few moments later the Star Gate shut down.

Hermione wished them luck, as a new team it would be hard to learn to work together quickly, but she was sure they would succeed in their mission.

"Doctor Granger, how are your attempts to translate those tablets SG-9 brought back?" Hammond inquired as he finally took note of her presence.

"So far I've not had much luck General," Hermione responded. "The dialect is old and nothing I've used so far has broken it," she explained. "I'm hoping once Doctor Jackson gets back he might have some ideas on what I might be missing," she added.

"Understood Doctor," Hammond responded with a nod of his head. "Considering how well those four did during their training and with their unique abilities I am sure they'll be back soon with SG-1," he assured her, confident he had made the correct call in offering them positions at the SGC.

"I'm confident they'll succeed as well, Harry is not one to give up when he has a job to do," Hermione replied with a smile. "Fleur will stick with him and help anyway she can and there is something about Xander and Faith that tells me they do not leave people behind," she continued.

"Let's hope they can work as a team and it is the only way they will succeed," Hammond reminded her before he turned and left the gate room for his office, where he had more paper work to go through.

Hermione watched him go before she turned and headed back to her office hoping her little trip would bring her a fresh perspective on the tablets, she pushed her worry for Harry and the others to the side for now, knowing they had all been in dangerous events before and had come out alive.



Harry did his best not to bend over and be sick and he noted Fleur was looking the same. Xander however was still standing and looked around the forest landscape they seemed to be in. Faith didn't look affected by the Stargate as well and Harry wondered why for a minute before shaking his head and forcing back the urge to vomit. Fleur quickly regained control of herself as well. They waited for Xander to decide what they were going to do.

"Where are we going to start, X?" Faith inquired as she kept a close eye on their surroundings and used her enhanced hearing to its fullest.

"Recon drones showed a village twenty clicks west which is where they believe SG-1 headed after they arrived here," Xander answered. "I suggest we head there and ask some of the locals about SG-1 and what happened to them," he explained.

"What if they don't want to tell us anything?" Fleur asked not believing the people would be forth coming if General Hammond was correct and there was a Goa'uld involved.

"If that's the case we'll have to do some good old investigating of our own," Xander replied after thinking the question over for a minute or two. "Keep your eyes sharp and don't go anywhere alone. If this is hostile territory then sticking to teams of two is a wise move," he pointed out.

"Good point," Fleur agreed as they began to head away from the gate. She kept looking around just to make sure they had not walked into a trap.

"Do we have any plans on what to do if this is an enemy stronghold?" Harry inquired. He was prepared for a fight if that was what was needed. He just hoped they would all come out of it alive and he was especially worried about keeping Fleur safe. He knew she was capable of defending herself, but as one of the two friends of his old life he still kept close enough to after the war he could not help but be concerned. Fleur noted the look in Harry's eyes and smiled to herself, knowing what he was thinking. After the losses he had taken during the war Harry had become far more defensive of those he called friends. With anyone else it would have annoyed her to no end, but she understood all to well why Harry was the way he was, she shared his pain. Both of them had lost their families and their loved ones to the war with Voldemort.

They had very little to hold onto anymore except each other. After leaving Britain they had traveled through France, Germany and a few other countries. Finally they headed to the United States which is where Hermione had found them with Jack O'Neill and Major Davis with offers to join the SGC.


(Goa'uld Base)

Hidden beneath the village the team was heading for Jack O'Neill was sitting in a cage alongside the rest of his team, Samantha Cater, Daniel Jackson and Teal'c. They had been captured by a Goa'uld they had never heard of before and who called himself Talok. Daniel had suggested he was probably a minor Goa'uld trying to make a play to become a System Lord. Whoever he was, he had the usual assortment of Jaffa at his command. However this one also seemed to have a habit of experimenting on people.

They had seen evidence of it in the other cells as they were lead into their own, that had not exactly made their day and made them worry that he was planning to experiment on them as well. Jack was annoyed he had not noticed how uneasy the villagers had been before they were captured, but if he was honest with himself he had been a little distracted. He was once again thinking about what to do about his feelings for Sam. He had been struggling on coping with the love he felt for her almost since the time they had met and the attraction he felt for her had only deepened. Running a hand through his hair he wondered if he would ever have the courage to admit his feelings publicly, which was doubtful if he wanted to keep his job.

One of the main reasons he and Sam had never done anything about the feelings they felt for one another was that it was against policy for military personnel to fraternize with one another. He glanced at Sam and noted she was resting or at least appeared to be. Daniel was looking out of the bars of the cell clearly keeping an eye out while Teal'c was pacing the length of the cell clearly not liking the fact he had been captured again.

"Any signs of life, Daniel?" Jack asked, breaking the silence that had descended on the group since they had been put in the cell. "Nope, it's like they forgot about us," Daniel responded. "The noise from the other cells has stopped though," he pointed out wondering what was going on.

"Somehow I doubt he has forgotten about us," Teal'c put in with a raised eyebrow. "A minor Goa'uld Talok might be, but he would not be stupid enough to just leave us here," he pointed out.

"I agree sir," Sam said, opening her eyes and looked at Jack. "If he wants to use us to advance his position then he will be back to get us and if he wants to experiment on us then he will send his Jaffa to get us," she advised.

"Wonderful," Jack muttered with a shake of his head as he pushed himself to his feet and walked over to the bars. "Any thoughts of getting out of here yet, anyone?" he asked having seen no way so far of getting out of here.

"Not yet, O'Neill," Teal'c responded. "The bars are made of pure iron and cannot be bent or broken," he told him while joining him at the bars. "Perhaps we can jump the guards when they come for us," he suggested.

"Most likely they'll zat us in that situation, but then again they might forget to stun us and if they do we might be able to overpower them," Jack shot back rubbing his chin. He wasn't convinced the Jaffa would be that stupid, unless their leader was an idiot. Sadly none of the Goa'uld they had encountered major and minor had ever been that stupid.

"We're overdue by more than two hours sir and our last communication was garbled due to the ambush," Sam said, making all three of her team mates turn and face her. "General Hammond most likely has sent a rescue team after us," she stated with a smile.

"Yeah, but remember it will not be the usual SG-3 or any of the other experienced teams Sam," Daniel reminded her. "It will be the new Retrieval Team the General has put together and they have not been tested under fire," he added.

"True, but I think they'll do ok," Jack assured them. "I've seen the records of their training and they have what it takes to get us out," he told them.

Before anyone else could say anything the doors to the cell wing opened and four Jaffa entered with their staff weapons at the ready, behind them came Talok. He had a rather sinister smile on his face as he stopped in front of their cell and looked at them. Sam shivered, not liking the way he looked at them.

"SG-1," Talok growled. "The famous front line team of the Tau'ri," he added. "You do not look so impressive now and the way you were so easily captured did not impress me," he stated. "Still your arrival is useful to me, I have plans for you all," he told them, his sinister smile returning. "You will aid me in finally succeeding in my experiments to create a superior Jaffa," he finished before he turned and left, his cape sweeping upwards as he moved.

"Clearly this Talok is out of his mind if he thinks we'll help him," Jack mused.

"I don't like the way he was looking at us sir. I get the feeling whatever experiments he is doing here, we aren't going to like it," Sam replied, fighting off another shiver as she contemplated what could happen to them.


(PX5-015, Village)

Xander led the way into the village and noted everyone who saw them stopped and stared at them. He did not like this at all. Something just wasn't right here, but he couldn't put his finger on what and he had no clue why he felt the way he did. Faith was on edge as well, but it was for other reasons than what was troubling Xander. She was sure it was a mistake, but she could swear she felt the presence of demons close by. Harry and Fleur turned and kept their eyes on their rear, and noted the almost fearful looks in some of the villager's eyes as they passed.

Something was wrong here and now they only had to find out what, without being trapped or something like that.
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