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Hell Fire

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Yu-Gi-Oh Crossovers, Prompts and Oneshots". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A collection of ficlets where Buffy and the gang are in the Yu-Gi-Oh universe and vice versa.

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Anime > Yu-Gi-Oh!BuffyKaibaHuntFR71210,7800242,40913 Jul 113 Mar 13Yes

Eternal Truth

Eternal Truth

Wine spills in my blood
And your blood spills in my soul
You have no control
You have no control

Dead angels speak to me sometimes
Giving me advice that I should hear
You have what I’m looking for
Because you’re close, because you’re near

~VAST, Dead Angels

As the vampire turned into dust on the wind, Yami Yugi pulled his stake back to him, twirled it with all the finesse of an expert and then put it back into his pocket.

“I had no idea,” he said, his baritone voice having the power to seduce many women and girls, “that Slaying was so torturous.”

Buffy blinked. Torturous? Was that really how Yami saw her destiny? Then again, she mentally told herself, I probably pretty much see it that way as well, although I keep it secret most of the time at least. Hmm. Maybe Yami has a point there. I guess I just never thought of my destiny that way at all – until now, that is.

Yami then turned to Dawn and smiled at her, his crimson eyes glowing with mirth. Dawn blinked and then returned the grin, before holding out her hand to him.

“Care to dance with me among the tombstones, mon amour?” she asked.

Yami’s smile got, if possible, even more bigger. “Oui, oui,” he replied as he took her hand in his.

Dawn gasped. “Yami, that’s French. You know, Yami,” she said as they began to dance the waltz, “you always know just how to drive me wild. And I do mean in a good way, of course.”

Buffy sighed and then smiled as she looked on. To her, Yami sure was quite something. And apparently he had been learning how to speak phrases of love in French (such as “Oui” and “mon cher”), as well as some Spanish (such as “Querida”) from watching “The Addams Family”. So that certainly was, in Buffy’s eyes, an accomplishment that, if possible, could be learned over and over.

It was a good thing that Willow had picked up on Yami’s learning something like that first. Then, she had taken the opportunity to inform Buffy about what Yami had been up to lately. Buffy felt glad knowing that Willow had told her all about “The Addams Family” TV show and the characters beforehand so that Buffy was able to get a grasp on what Yami was learning from it.

Buffy then pulled herself out of her thoughtful musings when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned and there he was.

He was wearing closed white and blue robes, along with a foot length cloak which trailed behind him, padded shoulders, cuffed wrists and a raised collar. Around his neck was a stone bearing the symbol of a hexagram. His light blue hair featured a two locked fringe, trailed to near the length of the knees and was tied at waist length.

What caught Buffy’s attention were his eyes. They were a golden color (which reminded her of how the eyes of the vampires, which she had slain so many times before, would sometimes glow a golden yellow color). But she had never previously met someone who had golden eyes, but wasn’t a vampire. So this was different.

“Hello, Buffy.”

Buffy lowered her eyes a bit before looking up at Dartz, although she did her best not to stare into those inviting golden eyes.

“Hello,” she replied, and instantly kicked herself – but rather in her mind, though. She felt that mentally kicking herself was much better, since physically kicking herself would be too painful, but she knew she did have Slayer healing, so that worked in her favor.

Smiling still, Dartz then took Buffy’s right hand in his. After turning it so the back was exposed to his golden gaze, he then lowered his mouth to it and placed a kiss on the very skin that, he had heard when told the tales of the Slayer known as Buffy Summers (which he saw as a lovely name for her), was like porcelain and very delicate.

Buffy felt the heat rising upwards and into her cheeks. Internally and fearfully, she hoped that Dawn and Yami hadn’t seen the hand kiss Dartz had used with her. But if they did, she hoped that at least they didn’t get the wrong idea.

As though he was reading the fear in her thoughts, Dartz gently took Buffy by the shoulders, turned her around and bent to her ear.

“Don’t worry about Dawn. She may be your little sister, but you two are family after all. The Pharaoh has told me all about how he’s been doing a fantastic job with helping you and Dawn slay the vampires on patrol every night.”

Buffy opened her mouth to reply, but Dartz pressed a single fingertip to her lips, hushing her.

“Let me finish, Buffy,” he purred, and Buffy, her curiosity of wanting to hear what it was he had to say overriding her puzzlement, closed her mouth. She had a hunch that whatever it was he wanted to say, it was probably very important at the moment.

“Besides,” Dartz said after a moment while gently turning Buffy to face him, “Dawn can take care of herself. She’s a woman now, and she can do things on her own as well. And that means that she doesn’t need you to come running to her rescue every single time either.”

In her room later, after thinking over what had happened, Buffy realized that her hunch was right and that Dartz had a point there too. Dawn was still her sister, but she didn’t need Buffy to rescue her from danger anymore. Now, things had changed; Dawn was now not only a grown woman, but also a strong warrior, especially when it came to her capability of doing battle with a sword. Dartz knew this because, he said, he had heard about it from the Pharaoh whenever they met every other week and discussed how their battle with evil vampires (the ones that didn’t have a soul or a conscience unlike Yami’s friend Angel) was going. Speaking of said battle, it had been going quite well; Dartz and Yami found that they made a pretty neat team, as Buffy had discovered one night when she found them taking out eight vampires by fighting four vampires each. The groups consisted of both male and female vampires there.

Buffy remembered being quite impressed with Dartz and Yami using teamwork, especially when fighting against those vampires – and doing it so well at that, too. It even brought back memories of the battles she had fought while alongside the Scoobies and the teamwork they used to either stop the villains’ plans or bring the villains themselves to justice.

Quick like cats when they land on their feet.

Buffy smiled at those words as they entered her brain. Somehow, she knew she would have to watch the 2004 Catwoman film with Amy again when she got the chance. After all, the title character played by actress Halle Berry sure did an awesome job, and her alter ego – who was named Patience Phillips rather than Selina Kyle – was quite a character too.

The End

You have reached the end of "Hell Fire". This story is complete.

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