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In the Forests of the Night

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This story is No. 1 in the series "After the Hellmouth Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: An immortal elven warrior and a human witch must join forces to stop a new evil from rising.

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Lord of the Rings > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Legolas(Past Donor)DeanieFR15912,6251912,95920 Jan 0321 May 03Yes

Sneak Peak at the sequels

For everyone who had been asking, "When are Buffy and the gang going to enter the story?" and eveyrone who said they couldn't wait for more... this sneak preview is for you... I've got the first parts posted of the sequels, "Always Darkest" (the Angel story) and "Before the Dawn" (the Buffy story, with more angst ahead for Willow and Legolas). But read ahead if you really want to know what's going to happen. Beware of cliffhangers, though. I'm evil.

***From "Before the Dawn"***

Getting up, Dawn headed over to the front door and peered through the window. A tall man with long blonde hair was leaning against the doorjamb. Hmm... He didn't look demony. In fact, he looked like quite the muffin. "Hi," she said as she opened the door.

"Willow," he gasped, slumping to the ground halfway inside the door.

"Buffy! Willow!" Dawn yelled frantically.

Buffy and Willow ran in from the kitchen at Dawn's shout.

"What's going on?" Buffy asked, stopping abruptly at the sight of the body halfway in her house. "You killed somebody?"

"Legolas!" Willow exclaimed. "Get him inside." She wiped the sweat off of Legolas's face, but the elf didn't open his eyes. "Come on," she urged him. "You have to wake up. You have to tell me what did this so I can figure out how to make it better."


"Thousands of years ago, the Dark Lord Sauron mounted an attempt to conquer the world. Legolas was part of the Fellowship that journeyed to the land of Mordor to destroy Sauron's weapon, the One Ring, an enchanted ring with the ability to enslave all the people of the earth." Giles explained.

Ring. The dark lord had a ring. And now there was an evil, magical ring sitting in a box in her living room. Buffy gulped. Could be a coincidence, she hoped fervently. "Uh, Giles? I don't think it's quite as destroyed as history says it was," she said hesitantly.

"What?" Giles exclaimed. How could she even know about the One Ring? Buffy had to be mistaken. Any other idea was too horrible to contemplate.

"I think it's in my living room."

Good Lord, Buffy was right, Giles thought. The One Ring, long thought destroyed had resurfaced on the Hellmouth, in the hands of an elf. If the Ring still existed, what of the Dark Lord Sauron? He had survived after the first battle because the ring remained. Could he still be alive, planning his return to full power? Willow would be a fine addition to his legions of evil, if the ring could corrupt her into darkness. "It spoke to her, tempted her," he said knowingly.

"But she resisted. She's not corrupted," Buffy protested. Willow was okay. She hadn't gone all dark-haired black-magic woman. She'd resisted.

"This time." Giles uttered the words they both were thinking. "Willow is a good person at her core, but she's shown an ability to be tempted by evil beyond that with which she can stand. The last time she lost someone she loved…"

"She went all crazed, black-magic, killing people and destroying the world, I know." Didn't he know that Buffy was the last person who needed to be reminded of Willow's past?

"If we can't find the cure for the poison, if Legolas dies…" Giles shuddered.

"You think she'll use the ring."

"If she does, the world will be doomed."

***From "Always Darkest"***

Laughing, Angel, Fred, Gunn and Lorne walked back into the Hyperion. Though the trip to Vegas had been much more adventurous than anyone had ever expected, things had worked out in the end. They were safe, they were together, and finally, they were home.

Angel stopped suddenly, staring. Was he hallucinating, or was the Cordelia really right in front of him?

Fred bumped into Angel as he stopped dead in his tracks. Her laughter trailed off as she realized he wasn't moving. What was going on? She peered out around him, her jaw dropping as she realized what he had seen. "Cordelia? You're back." Angel was still unmoving, unable to believe she was really there in front of him.

"I'm back," she smiled. "Not exactly sure where I'm back from, though… My memory's a little foggy on that point."

"Uh, Cordy," Fred began hesitantly. "You were missing for months."

"Months? I was gone for months?" She was shocked, unable to believe what they were telling her. "Where could I have been? I mean, didn't you guys look for me?"

"We did...all summer," Fred stammered. "Until Wesley rescued Angel from the bottom of the ocean, and he stole the Axis of Pythia - Angel, not Wesley stole the axis, from this rude electric girl who killed Charles - and he, that is Angel, used the Axis of Pythia to find you on a higher plane."

Cordy turned to Angel. "Is it just me, or did she not make any sense?"

Cordelia groaned. She was starting to get a headache. She rubbed her temples, praying to whatever deity was out there that the pain would… vision! She was having a vision. She gasped. Though nearly pain-free compared to her previous psychic migraines, her "gift" from The Powers That Be still packed quite a punch.

As the images passed through her mind, she grew increasingly confused. What the…? This didn't make any sense. People falling from the sky? How would people even get in the sky? And afterwards, chaos, blood, and death. Rain of fire, eternal night… and death. Death everywhere, unless they could stop… she couldn't see it, couldn't make out exactly what they were supposed to stop.


Beka opened her eyes as she felt herself falling. What the hell was going on? The Maru was missing, she was in the sky over a planet, and she was falling fast, without any anti-grav equipment to break her fall.

"I hate planets," she murmured. Beka kept her gun at the ready as she surveyed the alley.

"Well, look what we have here," said a man from the entrance to the alley. As he stepped under the streetlight, Beka realized he wasn't human. He had ridges on his forehead, and very sharp-looking teeth...almost like fangs. He opened his arms wide, making himself a perfect target. "Go ahead, babe. Shoot me."

She hesitated, and he lunged at Beka, almost too quickly for her to see. She landed flat on her back, with him on top of her, her gun pointed directly at his heart. "Go ahead," he said. "Make my day."

Beka pulled the trigger, scorch marks from her gun spreading over her attacker's chest. She pushed him off of her, jumping to her feet and leaving the dead body behind her. No one could survive a point-blank Gauss Gun blast through the heart. Unless...

A look of horror crossed her face as she felt a hand on her neck. Had she landed on a planet of people invulnerable to gunfire? She gasped in pain as she was gripped harder, her body pulled back until she was flush against her attacker's body. "That wasn't very nice," he growled in her ear, his sharp teeth scraping along the tender flesh of her neck.

Beka began to hyperventilate. She'd landed on a planet of evil, flesh-eating, gun-proof monsters. She was going to die.

"I think it's dinner time," the he snarled, leaning in closer to Beka's neck.

Rebecca Valentine closed her eyes and prepared to die.


Wanna know what happens next? Read "Always Darkest" and "Before the Dawn," currently being posted here, under "Multiple Crossovers."

The End

You have reached the end of "In the Forests of the Night". This story is complete.

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