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Get Out Of My Mind.

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Summary: One-shots & odds and ends.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralNamelessFR715390246914 Jul 1114 Jul 11No
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Emile Khadaji stared out of his office window lost in thought. After the events on Greaves, he had retreated Renault to prepare for the next step in his vision to break the Confed's choke-hold on the galaxy. The legend of 'The-Man-Who-Never-missed' was beginning to taking root in peoples consciousness, giving inspiration and hope to those that looked for it. Emile tugged on the grey hooded robe that he wore, still getting used to his disguise as a member of the Brotherhood of the Shroud. He had bought the old school complex in the village of Simplex-by-the-Sea, before he had even set foot on Greaves.

The restored and improved faded-brick surfaced buildings of the complex would soon host the students of a new type of school, a school that would train a new type of bodyguard to for the rich and influential elite of the Galactic Confederation. They would hopefully become the Galaxy's première bodyguards and their clients would—for the most part—be carefully selected from amongst those who were—oh so carefully—working against the government's stranglehold.

Movement from outside drew Emile's attention away from his thoughts and he focused on the short figure who had entered the school grounds. A young woman who's long blond hair framed a delicate—and vaguely familiar—face was slowly walking across the Rockfoam yard, her head cocked to the side as she examined the pattern of footprints painted on the springy surface. The-Man-Who-Never-Missed halted his move towards the door as the short blond stopped at the first step, intrigued to see what she would do. The cocked head tilted to the other way briefly as she followed the route of the steps, before straightening and then she moved.

Emile's jaw dropped in amazement as the lithe figure flowed from position to position, her liquid movements graceful and precise as her small feet landed exactly on the painted steps. She finished the pattern quickly, arriving at the Ninety-Seventh step faster than he had ever seen anyone achieve before. His second attempt to head towards the door was aborted as he saw her begin to move again.

In stunned amazement he watched as she danced the pattern backwards with her brow furrowed in concentration… and her eyes closed. As the young woman reached the first step once more she turned to face the building, her moss green eyes zeroing in on the window that he stood behind, she raised a blond eyebrow in inquiry before she gave a brief bow and turned to leave. Khadaji rushed out of his office, running through the empty halls and slamming out of the doors into the now empty yard. Hurrying to the gates he looked up and down the road only to find it equally deserted, shaking his head in frustration he headed back into the school pondering over the identity of the woman and why he had a nagging sense of familiarity.

A.N: I may revisit this universe at some point.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Get Out Of My Mind." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Jul 11.

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