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Alice 2.0

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Summary: When Alice, Chris and Claire reach the Acadia- they find the rest of the virus survivors plus one. A girl who's fast, deadly and has no qualms about killing them. Who is she? How did she get there? And most importantly, what is her connection to Alice?

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Games > Horror > Resident EvilShulikFR1824,1760133,03414 Jul 1128 Jul 11No

Chapter One

Resident Evil and BtVS belong to their respective creators. I'm not making any money off their creations and all I write is for my own entertainment and hopefully, the entertainment of others.

I'm probably one of the last people alive that should be writing a new story instead of working on my existing ones, but I just came across this picture and couldn't resist.

As always, MistressAshley is an artist who can only be looked up to.

I'm going to work with the Resident Evil movie!verse, frankly because I've never had time to fully explore the game.

This is my first Resident Evil fic, please be kind.


She was tall, taller than Alice by about two inches and she was young. Beautiful, with long chestnut hair that swung down her back in an intricate plait, bright blue eyes and porcelain skin- she would have been the epitome of human perfection that Umbrella so coveted in their experiments.

She had also gotten the drop on Claire, was holding her hostage- gun to Claire’s temple and Claire’s hair fisted around her hand in a white knuckled grip.

They had relaxed too much once they reached the Acadia, hadn't expected yet another attack to be waiting for them but here she was, and here they were.

Alice tried to edge closer, keeping her eyes on the girl’s movement, knowing full-well that if she was Wesker’s contingency plan- then chances were, she was absolutely deadly.

“You don’t have to do this,” she said in an even tone, licking her lips from nerves. “Wesker’s dead, you don’t have to follow his orders anymore.”

The girl frowned, watching Alice step closer. “Don’t move,” she warned, “or I’ll blow your friend’s skull off.”

It was worrying, the fact that she didn’t seem nervous by Alice’s proximity at all- almost all the Umbrella goons that Alice had run into over the years were aware of her, some in a dimly acknowledged- ‘run for your life if ever come across’ way and others in a more intimate way that signaled their close and personal relationship with her files. Either way, Umbrella employees knew her.

The fact that the girl in front of them didn’t seem to be reacting in any significant way to Alice’s advent was worrying. It was like she didn’t who Alice was. What she was.

Or she didn’t care.

She took another step and Claire let out a yelp as the girl tugged savagely on her hair, a move petty enough to surprise Alice in her tracks and bare her teeth. “I told you to stop moving,” she said and cocked her head, “or are you deficient enough to think that I didn’t mean it?”

‘Deficient,’ thought Alice, was not a word that Umbrella would approve of.

She felt a weight lift off her chest, the girl was somebody that Alice wouldn’t have to feel guilty about killing. Working for Umbrella was a conscious choice and these days, Alice didn’t have the heart needed to see the world in shades of grey. You either worked for Umbrella or you worked against them. There was no middle ground these days.

Alice met Claire’s pain filled eyes, the other woman looked like she was gritting her teeth against the pain. Angry and defiant, she finally looked like the Claire that Alice had met in the desert.

Not the lost and frightened creature that she had to rescue from Alaska.

Alice flicked her gaze to the left, hoping that Claire would catch it quicker than the girl and sighing in relief when Claire gave a slow blink of acknowledgment.

It would be fine. They’ve taken bigger and scarier things together, Alice tensed thinking of the huge Executioner and his axe singing through the air as it almost decapitated her and Claire.

They’d take of one measly girl by themselves.

And that was when K-mart jumped on the girl’s back with a loud cry, punching her in the ear as she did so.

The place erupted into chaos once again. The girl swung around and faster than anyone could blink, she threw K-mart into the white wall. The younger girl’s body made a sickening crunch as she landed and didn’t get up.

Claire had taken advantage of the distraction though, and once the girl’s grip loosened on her- she threw her head back with as much force as she could, landed her elbow to the girl’s solar plexus and rolled out of the way.

The girl moved fast, much too fast for Alice to be able to shoot her and not hit anybody else. By the time that Alice had regrouped, cursing her newly human reflexes- the girl was already on top of her, landing punch after punch.

Her hits were brutally strong, each one felt like it was ripping something in Alice’s face and she struggled to get the upper hand- knowing that if she didn’t, the girl was going to kill her. Though before each hit landed, there was a split second hesitation that shouldn’t have been there- a moment’s of reprieve that Alice used to land her own jabs and punches, bruising the girl’s face, and splitting open her skin. Yet she didn't stop, kept hitting and hitting, with a robotic efficiency that was enough to terrify Alice beneath her.

Dimly, she heard a gun cocking and thanked god for Claire- who could be relied on to get out of even the shittiest situations. But just as Alice was expecting a gunshot, the girl slumped on her into a dead weight.

Alice grunted a sigh of relief as she rolled her off.

Claire stood in front of them, breathing heavily and Chris stood behind her- holding his gun by the butt.

“Why didn’t you shoot her?” Alice tried to stand up but stumbled and Claire rushed forward to help her. Her voice croaked and she leaned away to spit up some blood, privately intensely thankful to be able to bleed from fights again. She leaned on the shorter woman. “Why did you knock her out?”

“Look at this,” Chris crouched beside the prone body of the girl and lifted her braid to the side. "She isn't in her right mind now, she doesn't know what she's doing."

Embedded within her skin, Alice could see a small black metal bug… A neural controller, smaller than the bug she had plucked from Claire’s chest but somehow more ominous looking, sleek and efficient- it glinted within the girl's skin, nestled snugly like it belonged there.

“Shit,” Claire breathed out beside her, eyes wide as she looked at the girl who couldn’t have been older than nineteen, “she’s like me.” She raised her gaze at Alice, “they stuck that thing in her like they did with me… but she’s just a kid, why would they do something like that to her?”

Neither Alice nor Chris had any answers, so they stayed silent.

“Come on,” Claire nudged her to sit down beside the girl, “I need to go check on K-mart.”

Alice sank to her knees gingerly, careful to keep the weight off her ribs.

She heard Chris following his sister to where K-mart lay- probably to help her carry the teen back to them.

Alice turned her attention back to the girl, examining her freely without the threat of imminent violence looming over them. Up close, she saw that her initial estimation of her age was probably correct- there were no fine lines around her eyes and mouth, nothing marked her skin, not even a flush. She was frowning as she slept, probably at something her subconscious was showing her and Alice wondered whether the real her was still inside, had been trying to fight the machine controlling her actions or whether she was just an empty husk, a shell left hollowed.

For some reason, Alice couldn’t see a threat in the girl, even after getting beaten by her- there was still something strangely comforting in her, a warmth that Alice hadn’t felt in a very long while. Maybe even before the infection.

She frowned.


Something mad her speak up when they were deciding where to put their little visitor. Without knowing why, Alice volunteered her quarters, telling the others that she’d keep an eye on the girl, make sure that the newly opened wound on her neck wouldn’t be getting infected.

Now, she sat on the floor, watching the girl toss and turn, whimpering slightly as each movement pulled at her handcuffed arm.

Even though they had gotten the bug out of her, they still didn’t know who she was, what she was capable of. They had to restrain her.

Alice remembered Claire’s terrified struggling before she had instinctively recognized her. And that was only because they had history together. Had survived hell together.

This girl was brand new. Didn’t know anybody. There was no telling what she would do once she woke up and Alice, she gingerly prodded at her split lip, was not up for round two of trying to calm her down.

The girl gave a whimper again, grimacing as if she was in pain- wherever it was that her head was at. She tried to curl up into the fetal position, but the handcuffs- one on her wrist and one on her ankle, wouldn’t allow her.

She looked so young, about the same age that Alice had been when Umbrella had gotten their claws into her.

Alice sighed, cursing her own weakness as the girl gave a soft, keening cry, and moved to her bed. It would serve her right if this was a trap, Alice grumbled silently, even after living through an apocalypse- all these years on the run and she was still a soft touch for someone in genuine need.

She glanced at the door, trying to hear if anyone was coming closer and when all she heard was silence- Alice cleared her throat self consciously.

“Don’t you dare tell anyone I did this,” she warned the unconscious girl and when no reply seemed to be forthcoming, Alice began to sing softly under her breath.

Hush, little baby, don't say a word.
Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird
And if that mockingbird won't sing,
Mama’s gonna buy you a diamond ring

And if that diamond ring turns brass,
Mama's gonna buy you a looking glass

And if that looking glass gets broke,
Mama's gonna buy you a billy goat

And if that billy goat won't pull,
Mama's gonna buy you a cart and bull

And if that cart and bull fall down…

It was silly, just an old lullaby- but somehow it had never failed to cheer her up. She remembered humming the song to herself when she was little, when things had gotten really bad and it seemed like the only thing that would soothe her.

But just as she sang the last few notes, “ You'll still be the sweetest little baby in town,” the girl’s eyes flew open, wide and panicked and she sucked in a deep, shuddering breath.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Alice tried to soothe her as the girl kept shuddering, coughing, choking on air. “It’s okay, you’ve got to calm down before you hurt yourself.”

“Aaahhh,” the girl opened her mouth, but all that came out was a low, moaning sound. Only a syllable. She coughed and cleared her throat again. “Aaa…”

Alice tried for a different tack, “my name is Alice, do you remember your name?”

Inexplicably, the girl’s eyes grew even sharper at that and she stopped struggling, stopped coughing, as if she was willing her body to obey her will.

She was silent for a couple of minutes and Alice sighed, getting up off her bed. She’d need to call Claire, make some kind of arrangements to keep the girl with some of the other survivors. She obviously didn’t know anything, wasn’t going to be useful to them and keeping her in Alice’s own quarters, despite the odd kind of comfort that she gave Alice, was bound to expose her to countless dangers.

Trouble seemed to follow Alice like a persistent stray, nipping at her heels when she relaxed even an inch. She had no right to be bringing innocents into this.

“I’ll be back,” she said to the girl, and turned to open the door.

“Alice,” the girl spoke and this time, her name sounded clear in the girl’s broken voice. “Wait.”

Alice ran a hand through her hair and turned back to the bed. She bit her lip, and old nervous habit that seemed to crop up whenever she felt exhausted nowadays. It was simultaneously an annoyance and a joy, yet another sign of how Umbrella’s various experiments were fading from her body, leaving her normal and neurotic like other people.

“What is it?”

“I,” the girl coughed and took a deep breath, “do you know me?”

Her stomach sank. Alice crossed her arms, tensing. “No.” She lifted an eyebrow. “Should I?”

The girl licked her lips, staring at Alice with an intent expression on her face. “My name is Dawn,” she exhaled, “I’ve been searching for you for a very long time.” She watched Alice, as if trying to see the effect her words would take.

“Oh, yeah...” Alice’s hands went for one of her guns, she aimed it at the girl's, Dawn’s face, “why’s that?”

But the next words out of Dawn’s mouth were like a shockwave and Alice didn’t even notice it when her arm, the one holding the gun, dropped as if under a mind of its own.

“Because I’m your aunt,” said the girl who not two hours ago had earnestly and wholeheartedly tried to brain Alice against the cement floor, “my name is Dawn, and I’m your aunt.”
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