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Bite sized Bits of Fic

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Summary: Drabbles and ficlets from prompts

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Going in Blind

Disclaimer: I don’t own Teen Wolf. That’s Jeff Davis.

Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles, AU blind date

His sister was laughing at him again.

Derek glared at her reflection as he said, “I don’t know why I let you talk me into this.”

Laura smiled, eyes twinkling with unholy merriment. “Because I’m your Alpha and, oh yeah, your big sister.” She hopped off his bed and wrapped her arms around him, slapping his fidgeting fingers away from his hem as she hooked her chin over his shoulder. Their eyes locked in the mirror and she said quietly, “You know I wouldn’t choose someone unless I thought you’d like him.”

He looked down at her hands wrapped tight around his, unconsciously baring the length of his neck to her. “I know.”

She squeezed his hands and kissed the bend of his neck before saying, “Well, go get him.” She snickered a little as she let him go. “Make the Hale pack proud.” He rolled his eyes but stepped away from her. They each dealt with the fact that they were the last two functioning Hales in different ways. Laura was irreverent and Derek chose solitude and bitterness over attachments.


The doorbell rang and Stiles managed to smack himself in the face with his panicked flailing.

“Geez, Stiles,” Scott said, sounding horribly embarrassed while Allison covered her mouth to hide her mirth. “Try not to accidentally maim him or anything.”

Stiles shot him a glare as he walked towards the door because that was rich considering the fact that Scott and Allison’s engagement story involved a trip to the emergency room.

He pulled open the door and his breath caught. Derek Hale was incredibly attractive, geez, even with the epic bitch face he was pulling. Stiles was pretty sure he was fucked.

He grinned maniacally. Maybe that could even be meant literally.

*** ***

Derek was going to kill Laura. Baby werewolf Scott McCall, Laura’s very own pet project, and his hunter girlfriend were watching avidly while trying to pretend like they weren’t but they weren’t what was important. No, the guy at the door in the loud flannel shirt was what was important. Amber brown eyes, a slightly youthful softness to his face, and a deliciously normal scent of aroused human greeted him.

Derek was struck, first and foremost, by the normal part of that equation. He had assumed, when Laura announced the fact that she’d set him up on a blind date and yes, he was going, thank you very much, that she’d randomly met another gay unattached werewolf. Which, yeah, was a stupid assumption to make but…humans made everything complicated.

The kid, Stiles Laura had called him, tried to herd him out the door, babbling, “We’re going? We’re go-unf!” he slammed into Derek’s chest and Derek only budged a slight inch because the feel of the kid was startling. He looked up at Derek, mouth pulling down in a dismayed mew. “We’re not going?”

Something about the disappointment etched in Stiles’s features had Derek shifting to the side as he said, “Get in the car. And stop talking.”

Because he could already tell that Stiles and words were a bad combination. He was distraction incarnate.


Stiles’s fingers tapped an erratic rhythm along his thighs until the pressure built and he blurted, “So you’re a werewolf?” His heart jumped into his throat and he let out a completely undignified squeal as the car jerked over into oncoming traffic. Shit, his verbal vomit had never actually almost gotten him killed before. “Sorry, sorry! Worst opening line ever!”

“Stop. Talking.” Derek said and Stiles could practically hear his teeth grinding. He’d had a lot of experience with that, honestly.

“See, I can’t,” Stiles said, hands flying about his head. “When I’m nervous and trying not to talk, I end up saying really inappropriate things like the fact that you’ve got some really pretty eyelashes going on and they seriously distract from your cranky faces.” His hand inadvertently brushed against Derek’s arm and Derek caught it in his, wavered for a second, then settled it on his thigh, thumb smoothing across the knots of his knuckles. “Oh. Butterfly kisses, that’s all I’m saying.”

Derek looked at Stiles and oh. Oh, boy. That look said that he was going to get eaten by the Big Bad Wolf and he was going to like it.

*** ***

Derek pulled the car over onto the side of the road because he was pretty sure he was going to wreck his car if he didn’t.

He just sat, watching Stiles for a long moment, hearing his heart beat tick up as fear and arousal battled for his system, then he yanked him suddenly until they were mere inches apart. “Stop. Talking.”

“Yeah, okay, I can-,” Stiles started to babble, his eyes flitting to Derek’s mouth and away again.

Derek groaned, pulling Stiles down until their mouths were locked in a more pleasant battle of tongues. Stiles melted into him like honey, a little hum of happiness tickling across Derek’s lips. Even as his pulse skyrocketed, he felt a near-foreign peace wrap around him. It felt like home.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Bite sized Bits of Fic" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Nov 12.

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