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When the past catches up with you

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Summary: Jack O'Neill may have finally met his match in his wife. She's small blonde and can kick ass. How will the SGC cope when they meet Buffy? SG1/Buffy/Highlander crossover. Inspired by 3 warriors challenge.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Jack O'Neill
Highlander > Buffy-Centered
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Epilogue : You can't make me

Epilogue : Can't make me!

Jack awoke to find Janet staring disbelief at him. He gently moved so that Bella was more comfortable, "What's up Doc?"

He knew he was in trouble with the smile that graced her lips, "I think me and Sam have found our third."

Jack tried not to wince at even the potential damage that that potential coven of witches could create.

She wanted info, "So how long have you and your delightful wife been married?"

Jack had to think for a moment, "Over four millennia," seeing her confusion her cut her off, "Me and Bella had an argument at the turn of the century. Sara was young pregnant and in trouble. I cared for her enough to do the right thing. It was hard for me when Charlie died we can't have children as immortals."

Janet eyes reflected the sadness she felt for her friend but decided to go for teasing, "I take it Bella forgave you. Not many women will take a wannabe gods head for hurting a husband they hate."

Jack couldn't help but squeeze a gentle hug, "Yeah we said sorry before the fight. We'll have a long conversation and things should be back on track."

Janet's mind couldn't help but boggle at the thought, "I can't believe you've been married for so long."

Jack shook his head, "Most immortals do marry mortals they love each one. For me it was different For me and Seniya it was each other we wanted and no one else."

Said other half opened her eyes and let them flutter open, "Hello Seamus," then frowned as she took in her surroundings, "God the awakening knocked me out I thought we were in Ireland."

Jack had been surprised by that though in truth he shouldn't have been. Anubis was a fairly old being asking gently, "Did the rest help you sought through the memories?"

She seemed upset, he knew in a minute she would be pouting, a pout she knew how to take full advantage of. He took the bait, "What's up Mo Grhea?", the Irish endearment slipping off his tongue (My heart).

"I sorted through arrogant wannabe's memories and after only having escaped three days we need to return to Sunnydale."

Jack stiffened around her, "You know I love you till the end of time and for us that's literal. The thing is Bella to willingly to go to a boca-del-inferno."

She turned the full force of her pout on him, "Like I want to go thing is seems there is an artefact there that can give them untold power or the like. Look I have to go I can't let them hurt earth."

Jack just sighed because despite his strong dislike for the place he would have no choice but to go there, "Guess that means me to."

She turned around grateful and he was awarded with a smile that made him remember breathing was an imperative, it was his turn to pout, "You know you need to stop getting everything you want using that pout it's not fair on mortals or enamoured husbands."

Bella laughed, "Maybe but look we know Ba'al can't be allowed to find the artefact and the greater advantage is that being on our turf we can play by my rules, and the demons will want to keep me a happy slayer."

Janet couldn't help but smirk, "the demons don't seem to be the only one."

Bella liked the young doctor, "I love the fact you've got Jack on the run. You, me and Sam should have Lunch," her smile widened, "Boy have I got some stories to share."

Jack went a complete one-eighty he gently disentangled himself, "I'll go and talk to the general we can be in Sunnydale by nightfall."

Bella watched with a half smile as he left, "See I knew I could get him to go. Foolish man he thinks after four millennia I don't have his measure."

A/N I have ended it here as a concrete ending because it felt like it should.

The End

You have reached the end of "When the past catches up with you". This story is complete.

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