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When the past catches up with you

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Summary: Jack O'Neill may have finally met his match in his wife. She's small blonde and can kick ass. How will the SGC cope when they meet Buffy? SG1/Buffy/Highlander crossover. Inspired by 3 warriors challenge.

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hellbellsFR1568,60432722,65718 Jul 1120 Jul 11Yes

Past lives can and will bite you on the ass

Disclaimer : None of the characters or their universes belong to me.

Idea: Originates from the three warrior challenge. Lastly, while I am forever an advocate of the Buffy/Angel(us) pairing in this fic that won't be the pairing. Sorry!

Main pairing : Jack O'Neill / Buffy others may appear as the story progress.

Chapter One: Just how many past lives can bite you on the ass in one go?

Buffy was walking back with Willow to their dorm-room. She didn't know why but her senses were in overdrive. She wanted a distraction, so took a sip of her mocha, "Have you had fun hacking recently?"

The young Wicca got excited as she explained, "Oh yeah the Air-force are fighting Aliens."

Buffy couldn't help the tingle that rose in the ancient scar on her neck. She hoped she sounded nonchalant, "Tell us what is the project called?"

"Stargate Command."

This distracted the petite wondered how they had they gotten ahold of the Chapp'ai? Buffy forgot her surroundings and started to curse in Ancient Aramaic, it was a language that offered way more possibilities.

Buffy was so distracted by this and Willow by Buffy swearing in Ancient language that neither noticed the mugger. The mugger stabbed Buffy in her kidney and grabbed her bag. Buffy looked down seeing the black blood started to curse once more. This was going to be a difficult explanation she turned to her worried friend, "Don't tell anyone. Get me back to dorms then call Angel and he'll explain."

The young Wiccan was scared but did as he was told. Buffy knew her friend was worried so started to ask her questions. It served two purposes, she found out more abouth the SGC and distracted her friend, "Tell me more about the SGC."

The Wiccan babbled, "Well it's under the command of General Hammond and his second is a colonel Jack O'Neill."

This got Buffy so mad that she started to splutter and coughed up blood, "When I awaken. Husband or not I'll kill him."

Willow managed to get her best friend home. Buffy collapsed on the bed gave one final gasp before she gave into the darkness. Willow with tears in her eye phoned Angel like she was told, "Angel - It's Buffy she's dead."

The response was not one she was expecting, "Willow was her head taken?"

The young Wicca exploded, her temper really was as bad as her hair hinted, "Angel I just tell you Buffy is dead and you just ask how?"

Angel sighed, it seemed that Bella would be okay. He calmly continued on, "Listen to me. If her head was not taken then she should be okay."

Willow was so distracted that when she heard a knock on the door she opened it. She winced when she saw it was Giles. Giles was inconsolable seeing his slayer lying on the bed, it was very obvious that she was dead. It was one pose that could genuinely never be faked, he turned distraught, "What happened?"

Willow's thoughts were running in huge tangents. She didn't understand why Buffy had been so calm about her impeding death. She also, didn't understand why ANgel wasn't bothered by news of her death. Willow couldn't help but ask one question though, "I don't suppose you could explain what she meant by husband or not. I'll kill him."

Angel let out a hearty chuckle, "I wonder what Jack did. That was bad enough for Bella to want to kill him."

On the bed, blue lights danced over the mortal injury. Giles and Willow watched fascinated as the wound healed, Giles understood the significance. He let out a sigh of relief, "Immortal."

Buffy sat bolt upright on the bed, god she hated dying. It was such a chore, she saw her friends shocked expressions. Buffy knew they were a little shocked, she rolled her eyes before asking, "Is that Liam on the phone?"

Willow just handed the phone over to her, Bella spoke to her old friend, "Li do you have Adams number?"

She jotted it down on her hand as she moved around her room. She was still speaking into the phone, "Listen I will be making some phone calls. Faith will be on your doorstep in a couple of hours. Help her she needs to came back to Sunnydale."

Whatever the souled vampires response was, Buffy seemed pissed, "Don't you Bella me. The Slayer line hasn't been with me in over 12,000 years. I took pity on Buffy and gave her a chance. If things weren't vital I'd allow Faith more time."

Buffy carried on but she was cryptic, "Do you remember when me, Adam and Jack talked about the old days? There is a very real chance they could be back."

She stood on her tip-toes to withdraw a beautiful Japanese Kantana that was hidden in the top of her wardrobe. Buffy having managed to reign in her temper, carried on the conversation, "I won't let those days return Angel I can't. Look help Faith she has the potential to be one of the very best of my line, explain to her about me all of it."

Giles was pale, "What about the council Buffy?"

The only response he got was a feral smile, "Tell them Seniya told them its time to change or I'll come for them. I don't need to ask but you will look after Faith?"

The watcher knew that whatever was wrong needed to be dealt with, "Of course I will. Good luck my girl."

Buffy gave him a sad smile, she truly did see him as a father figure despite the fact she was thousands of years older. Buffy leaned up to give him a kiss and a final hug before departing from the dorms.

She led Willow back to the mansion, which she had purchased from Angel a few years back. She needed a few items for her upcoming road trip and she needed to place a few phone calls. The first was to the woman who had been playing her mother. At the very least, Joyce deserved an explanation. her second phone call was to President John Ryan. She had made friends with him, after she'd rescued him from a serious skirmish in Russia nearly fifteen years ago. He had been gifted with the knowledge of who and what she was. She explained the problem and was only too happy to help.

Buffy was relived to know that Faith would be guarding the hellmouth. Once everything had been finalised she was ready to leave. Willows eyes widened upon seeing the Italian Sports car. Willow didn't know much about cars but she knew it was expensive. Buffy seeing her friends bewildered expression chuckled, "I brought it as a present to myself last year. You like?"

Willow was back to babbling, "I don't, how, this cost a fortune only like fifty were made."

Buffy laughed, "I'm old, which means I'm wealthy. By the way I prefer Bella."

Willow listened to what her friend said and grinned sheepishly; they settled down for the long ride to Seattle. Willow had an endless amount of questions that she wanted answered. Bella patiently answered all her questions, ensuring to add some embarrassing stories about both Methos and Jack. After all, a girl needs all the leverage that she can manage.

They reached the bar where she knew Methos was now hanging. She looked to Willow before entering to warn her friend, "Don't be alarmed when it comes to dangerous I am always worse."

With that Bella slammed the doors open and burst into the bar complete with swagger, yelling, "Methos!"

The old man knew that voice. He also recognised the rage and decided that hiding behind the bar was the best defence. All that could be heard was his curse of, "Oh shit," as he took refuge.

Joe and Duncan saw the whirling hurricane come to a stop. Duncan immediately drew his sword. Although, he wondered why Methos was so scared of the little blonde. Joe sensed the anger radiating off her and knew that if Methos was hiding, then she was one seriously scary lady despite her appearance. Duncan's thoughts were running along more carnal lines.

Bella just raised one eyebrow in amusement, "Methos. Are you really going to sacrifice your friend? I want your help not your head old man."

Adam's head cautiously rose above the bar, "Adam if your boy doesn't put his swords up I'll mistake it for a challenge."

Methos knew his friend. There was only one thing that could put her in such a mood; the Goa'uld or Jack. Now, as far as he was aware, the Goa'uld were off the planet. Also, his best friends were currently separated, after his royal hot head had accused Bella of having an affair with him. Seeing just how frayed her patience was, "Duncan put your sword up. She really will kill you before you can blink. So what's Jack done? The last time you were this made Ra lost."

Bella pouted, arms folded across her chest she explained, "Haven't you heard? He opened the Chapp'ai."

It seemed Adam was spot on. Only now Methos was mad and it was his turn to growl, "Can I be there for the reunion?"

The quiet Red head spoke up, "I think that's our next stop."

Bella nodded, grinning ferally, "Care to join us?"

Methos wasn't going to miss this one for the world. He offered his arm to the quiet red head. "I'd be delighted and you can tell me how you and Bella became friends."

Stargate Gateroom

SG1 trudged down the ramp into the gateroom. They were tired from the survey that they had conducted. Jack saw the General at the bottom of the ramp and didn't know what to make of George's mysterious smile.

The only thing jack wanted that moment was a shower, "Hey General. I'm thinking about a tree guide for off-world planets."

Hammond shook his head, "I got a call from the President Jack he wanted to give me a heads up. It seems Isabella is on her way and she is upset."

The other members were now very curious. They watched as the battle hardened Colonel paled and wandered off cursing colourfully in Ancient Sumerian. Daniel's eyebrows shot up, "General. Why does Jack know Ancient Sumerian? Why is he in trouble and why does he need a sword?

The generals enigmatic smile did reassure them, "I believe Jack's past is about to bite him on his behind. It seems we are about to meet the one person in the universe who can beat O'Neill at his own game."

Jack was wandering how the hell he was going to break his story to the others. 'Sure I'm Jack O'Neill. I'm not 45 but rather over 11,000 years old. Oh yeah, it seems my wife has found out the Stargate is operational. She is gonna be so mad, she might want my head on a platter- literally. Not only that, she is the one responsible for kicking Ra's ass off this planet. She is also the bogeyman of all Jaffa and Goa'ulds alike.'

Jacks last thought was if, Belle knew about Anubis then maybe she'd help. Of course, that's if she'll let me explain. It was ironic, Jack hadn't considered himself optimistic for a long time.

Authors note: This is chapter 1 of 6. The story was originally posted on I am in the process of editing and posting it here. I appreciate all feedback!
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