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Woman's Best Friend

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Summary: IDF fic. A continuation of the Buffy/Prue story, A New Woman.

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Charmed > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherzigpalFR2111,479051,12218 Jul 1118 Jul 11Yes

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Title: Wo(Man)’s Best Friend
Author: zigpal
Pairing: Buffy/Prue
Spoilers: End of 5 for Buffy/End of 3 for Charmed
Disclaimer: Joss owns Buffy while Constance Burge owns all things Charmed
AN: A follow up to ‘A New Wo(Man)’


Buffy couldn’t believe she was finally out of Sunnydale. It wasn’t something she thought she would ever be able to do. She was in a car with Gunn, a friend that Angel made in LA. After defeating Glory, Faith had told Buffy that her time guarding the Hellmouth was over. She had more important things to worry about. As much as Buffy hated to admit it, her sister Slayer was right. She now had a little sister who for a while she thought she might have to raise, but her mom came through her health scare with flying colors.

Speaking of her mother and sister, they were on some buying trip with Giles. At least, that was what Buffy told herself. The thought of her mom and Watcher doing anything sexual was very wig worthy. With the three of them gone, Buffy would have the house to herself. Maybe if Prue wasn’t busy, they could do some reconnecting. A year and half, except for the couple brief drop bys, was a long time between smoochies.

Gunn pulled up to a house Buffy had only seen the pictures that Dawn had emailed her. This would be home until something better came along, meaning Buffy moving in with Prue (even if that meant sharing the place with Prue’s younger sisters). She gave Gunn a wave before heading up the stairs to the house. Opening the door with her key, she walked in and closed her eyes to let her senses take in her new surroundings. That was short-lived after a cold, wet nose touched her hand.

“Who are you?” Buffy asked opening her eyes and seeing a pretty white shepherd. “Never mind me; I’m Buffy. I’m sure you’re Dawn’s, right?” The dog didn’t answer, of course, but it did follow Buffy upstairs to her room.

Buffy had to smile when she saw the little license plate with her name hanging on the door. She turned the knob, and the dog nosed the door open for her and jumped on her bed.

“Oh yeah, you are so Dawn’s dog.” Buffy’s new room was definitely bigger than the last, but it was set pretty much up the same.

The only real difference was the en suite bathroom which meant she wouldn’t have to share with her mom and Dawn. She threw her bag down by the dresser, deciding to do laundry later. Right now, she wanted to take a relaxing shower. She grabbed a pair of pajamas from the dresser and looked back at the dog on the bed.

“Can I trust you to be by yourself?” The only answer Buffy got was a tilted head.

She left the bathroom door open a crack in case the dog knocked something over, or if the phone rang. Buffy turned on the taps and got the temperature right before stripping and tossing her clothes in the hamper. She was about to step in the shower when the dog pushed the door open.

“Unless you are toilet trained, you are going to have to wait until I’m done.” She even pointed at the toilet in case the dog knew how to use it. The dog simply sat down and started at her, though. Buffy turned away and climbed into the shower.

She let the water pour over her and release the tension from the last few months. She was glad things hadn’t gotten as bad as they could have. Of course, the Scoobies hadn’t come through the Glory battle unscathed. Willow was in England with Tara, learning to handle magic the right way. Buffy had to admit she would have done the same thing as Willow if Glory had sucked Prue’s mind.

Buffy was much more relaxed as she opened the shower door and let the steam out. After grabbing a towel, she found the dog hadn’t left the bathroom. It continued to stare intently at her.

“Can I at least get dressed before taking you out?” Buffy knew San Francisco was more open than other cities, but public nudity was still public nudity.

She decided on a long tee shirt and a pair of boy shorts. Buffy wasn’t sure how long she was going to be up, so sleepwear was a good choice. With the dog following behind, dhe made her way back downstairs. Buffy had to giggle as she went through the house with ease. Dawn had been very thorough when she sent pictures of the house. Buffy opened the back door and let the dog walk out.

“Mmm, I might have to do some nude sunbathing before Mom and Giles get home,” Buffy said to no one after seeing the privacy fencing that was around the backyard. The dog looked back at her. “Did you take care of business? I wish they would have told me about you, so I could call you by your name.”

Buffy closed the door and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge before heading back up to her room. Vegging in front of the TV until she fell asleep sounded like a perfect plan. She lay slightly slanted since the dog wanted to rest its’ head in her lap. Buffy just smiled and petted the dog’s head letting her slowly fall asleep.

When Buffy woke up the next morning, she was alone in bed. That probably meant Mom, Giles and Dawn were home. Oh, well, she was sure there would be other opportunities to sun in the backyard. She walked into the hallway and didn’t see or hear anything odd.

“Mom?” She waited. “Giles? Dawn?” She didn’t get an answer, and since the dog didn’t come to see her, they were probably all together, somewhere.

Despite the shower the night before Buffy always felt better after a morning shower. She tossed her sleep clothes on the bed before heading into the bathroom. There was no dog planted in the middle of the bath math this time. Enjoying the alone time – and a little fantasy, Buffy placed her hands on the wall and tilted her head back to let the water flow over her. She started to get a little turned on remembering her first time with Prue in the shower. It was like she could feel Prue’s hands cupping her breasts again.

“You know we aren’t going to get tan nude if we do this.” And before Buffy could react to Prue actually being in the shower with her, Prue’s fingers started to roll her nipples.

“Unless you have a problem with it, I won’t lose any sleep.” Buffy turned her head kissed her girlfriend urgently.

Wanting to keep Buffy from taking control, Prue raked her nails down her girlfriend’s stomach until she found her hand between Buffy legs. “Oh, how I missed this.” Prue punctuated her statement by sinking two fingers deep inside.

Sensing Buffy was close since the moans were getting louder and her fingers were getting clenched tighter, Prue braced herself in the shower, so neither she nor Buffy would get injured. And even though it had been a while, Prue remembered one of the spots that set Buffy off. As she rubbed her fingers along Buffy’s g-spot, Prue raked her teeth along the skin where the neck meets the shoulder causing Buffy to scream as she flooded Prue’s fingers with her climax.

Prue held Buffy tightly knowing that the blonde couldn’t stand on her own just yet. “I missed that,” she purred in Buffy’s ear.

“And once my knees don’t bend both directions, I’m going to reacquaint myself with you as well.” Buffy reached down and shut the water off before slowly turning around. “I’m also thinking that we are going to get a hotel room, so we won’t have to wear clothes for a while without running into family.”


Buffy waited until they made it to the bedroom before getting her payback on Prue. Buffy was lying mostly on top of Prue as they played with each other’s fingers. She tilted her head up smiling at her girlfriend.

“What?” Prue asked tucking a piece of hair behind Buffy’s ear.

“How did you know I was going to suntan nude today?” The question was odd considering what they had just done and where they were. But now that Buffy was thinking clearly, it was a good question. There was only one other…person who had heard her make those plans.

“Well until this morning, I was a dog.” Prue’s smile grew as she watched Buffy absorb that. “Why do you think I was following you around, or why I sat and watched you in the shower?”

“We are so having a talk with your sisters about changing you into things, but not right this second.” Buffy smirked as she started kissing her way down Prue’s body.

The End

You have reached the end of "Woman's Best Friend". This story is complete.

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