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Crashing the Wedding

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Summary: The war is over and while Bill wishes to finally marry his bride to be, Harry has other plans and intends to win back Fleur no matter what it takes.

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A few seconds later five women entered the church, two of them held children in their arms. Bill's face paled badly as he took note of who had entered. He recognised each of the women as those he had bedded during the last couple of years, all while he had been seeing Fleur. He had threatened two of them into staying silent. Remembering what Potter had said before about being sloppy he recalled he had not extracted a magical promise out of them. He had allowed their fear of him to convince himself that they would never speak the truth to anymore. He realised Potter was right and that enraged him even more, pushing him ever closer to the edge.

"Who are they?" Mr. Delacour inquired as he looked the women over.

"They are the women your supposed future son in law has bedded while he was seeing Fleur. As I stated before two of them became pregnant with his children and when they told him this news he threatened them into silence," Harry answered grimly as he ran a hand through his hair, knowing each of the women had been terrified of Bill. He had given a magical vow that they would be safe if they agreed to help him expose him.

"No," Bill muttered as Arthur stared at his eldest son in horror, because he could see it in Bill's eyes that Harry wasn't lying. Molly of course disbelieved everything Harry was saying.

"I had an independent mediwitch verify that Bill is the father of the three children," Harry explained. "There is no mistake," he stated.

"I see," Mr. Delacour said in response as he looked each woman over before looking at Bill, noting his pale and almost scared look. "I will want to talk to this mediwitch myself," he stated.

Before Harry could respond Bill let out a scream of rage as he saw his dreams come crashing down. He pointed his wand at Harry and cried out "Reducto." Harry of course was ready for this and spun out of the way. From this point on multiple fights broke out as Harry, Hermione, Fleur and Gabrielle dived for cover behind a row of seats. Bill, Charlie, Ron and Ginny flung spells at them as the guests either ran or began to fight one another. Kingsley was pulled out of harm's way by his bodyguards as the Aurors he had brought with him tried to assert some measure of control on the situation. Molly was hit by a stunning spell by Mrs. Delacour before she could reach cover.

The priest was stunned by one of the Aurors so that his memory could be altered later on. He could hardly believe a simple wedding had degenerated into a battle.

Harry smirked as chaos descended, but at least it gave him the excuse to finally fight and take down the Weasleys. The five women were whisked away by Kreacher who instantly popped in along with four other Potter elves when the fighting began. Grabbing hold of each of the women they popped right back out. No one even noted this as the fighting continued. Bill cast spells almost madly each and of them aimed directly at where Harry was. Harry returned each spell with one of his own, but his were far more powerful, and more controlled.

Hermione and Ron shot spells back and forth at a fast rate, but Ron who had never been very good in defense quickly ended up being forced back.

Fleur almost grinned as she exchanged fire with Ginny who she knew had never liked her and if she was honest she had never liked Ginny either. Gabrielle was busy trying to fight Charlie, but as he was older and more experienced he had the edge, or at least he did before Mr. Delacour reached her side and took over for her. By now most of the other guests had fled the church or had ended up being stunned by stray spells.

Arthur was still in the church and was trying to fight off Mrs. Delacour and her sister with Percy. Arthur was annoyed that it had come to this, but he wouldn't allow his family to be attacked. Percy wanted to fight Potter himself. He had held a grudge against him since forth year, but he was stuck fighting the Delacour's relatives.

"You having fun, Mione?" Harry inquired with a large grin as he shot off a blasting curse that shattered the wood of the seat Bill was hiding behind and forced him to back off to another row of seats where Ron had already been forced back to by Hermione.

"The time of my life," Hermione responded with a grin of her own. "To finally get back at these idiots is refreshing," she added. "Although I'm surprised to see the fight expand so quickly," she added as an afterthought.

"Must have been all that bad blood between the families that they tried to hide," Harry mused aloud. "I'm sorry Mr. Delacour, but there was no other way to do this," he said glancing at Fleur's father.

"I somewhat doubt that Mr. Potter, but I appreciate the sentiment," Mr. Delacour responded with a small grin. "You wanted to do this publicly. The both of you wanted to send a message and I think it was clearly received," he added. "But that doesn't mean we will not discuss all this once this fight is over. Is that clear?" he stated.

"Yes papa," Fleur answered with a nod of her head before ducking a close cutting curse from Ginny. This annoyed her greatly as she shot back two blasting curses as well as a slashing curse.

The two blasting curses destroyed Ginny's cover and forced her to try to retreat to where two of her brothers were. However the slashing spell hit her in her lower back and while it hurt, it didn't cut her deeply. It was enough however to allow Fleur to stun her. Ginny collapsed boneless to the ground. Fleur grinned wickedly as she defeated the female Weasley, gaining revenge for all those names she had been called behind her back.

"Of course, I would expect no less Mr. Delacour," Harry agreed as he watched with no little satisfaction as Ginny fell. He fired off another spell which impacted with one of Bill's and they both exploded against one another.

Bill growled and tried to rush forward, but Charlie pulled him back, this however distracted him from his own fight with Mr. Delacour and he was hit by two spells that sent him flying backwards. A third spell quickly found him and put him out of the fight, leaving only Harry and Bill. The others left Harry to fight Bill and moved to help the others. Arthur and Percy quickly came under their assault. Percy tried to cover their flank from this new attack.

"How about we finish this Bill?" Harry suggested as he moved out of his cover and indicated Bill should join him. "One on one," he added.

Bill let out another growl before he stormed out to meet Potter. His hatred of the man was clouding all of his judgment. He failed to hear Percy fall to Mr. Delacour with a well aimed stupefy or Arthur's defeat from a combination of spells from Fleur, Hermione and Mrs. Delacour. All left standing on his side was himself. He glared at Harry who only grinned back at him. He began to move his wand for his next spell, but Harry was quicker and a Reducto shattered Bill's his left knee. He collapsed to the ground in pain and dropped his wand. Before he could recover it he was stunned as well.

Harry let out a dry chuckle at the idea that Bill thought he could beat him in a fight. Turning to face the others he was almost bowled over as Fleur smashed against his chest and held onto him tightly. Hermione grinned and was relieved Fleur wasn't playing her brother. Gabrielle giggled at the sight while Mr. and Mrs. Delacour just watched alongside Mrs. Delacour's sister with amusement. Kingsley finally returned with more Aurors and took note of the situation. He wasn't surprised to see all the Weasley's down and out. He noticed Harry and Fleur hugging quite intimately in the middle of the church and he guessed he had a lot of damage control to do.

"Hey Kingsley," Harry greeted him as he pulled back from Fleur and noticed he had returned. "Sorry I didn't give you any heads up, but this was something that had to be kept secret," he told him.

"Yes, I am sure it did," Kingsley replied with a shake of his head. "You realise the trouble all this is going to cause?" he inquired with a raised eyebrow, but Harry noted he was fighting to keep his amusement under wraps.

"I'm sure you can handle it Kingsley," Harry replied. "The Weasleys have no case to complain. Bill attacked me first and I defended myself," he pointed out with a grin. "From there the fight quickly exploded into a free for all," he added. "To be honest you should be investigating Bill's threats against those women I brought in. He should be up on charges for them and he should be forced to finally give them the financial aide he owes them," he suggested.

Kingsley fought to keep his amusement at Harry's point of view off his face. He was supposed to be impartial in this, but he wasn't. As Harry had stated he acted in self defense as Bill had struck first and he had been threatening people to keep silent. That should be enough to keep them from causing too much trouble when they woke up, plus in the end they had no real power to take on Harry Potter.

"Ok Harry I'll deal with them," Kingsley finally assured him. "To be honest it will be nice to knock the arrogant Burks back a bit. I mean apart from Arthur there is not one member of that family who has a brain," he stated. "Since the end of the war they have walked around as if they personally destroyed the Dark Lord," he said as he ran a hand over his bald head. "Ok people. Let's take them to the holding cells. They can wake up there," he ordered as he turned to his Aurors who nodded and began to float the unconscious Weasley's out of the church as well as those guests who had been stunned as well. "Oh and one of you remember to alter the Priest's memory," he added as he turned and left as well, knowing he would have a long day ahead of him.

Within a few minutes the church once again looked as good as new and the priest was slowly waking up while Harry, Hermione and the Delacours were the only people left.

"So I suppose we should have a long talk now," Mrs. Delacour suggested as she looked at her daughter long and hard.

"And we will mama, but first I came here to get married today and I intend to do just that," Fleur answered with a smile as she held the priest up and asked him to start the ceremony from the start.

Harry was only briefly surprised by Fleur's statement before he grinned and moved to her side. He indicated Hermione should stand in as his best man to which she grinned and stepped up. Gabrielle resumed her role as maid of honour without being asked. The senior Delacours just looked resigned and watched knowing nothing would stop this and in the end seeing the look on their daughters face said they shouldn't even try.

The priest only looked slightly surprised, but his altered memories allowed him to quickly recover and begin again. This time there was no interruption and things went smoothly. Harry called for Kreacher and the elf quickly appeared with two rings in his hand. Hermione took them and handed one to Gabrielle and kept one herself. When it was time she handed the ring to Harry who placed the ring on Fleur's finger. She soon did the same with the ring Gabrielle gave her. When the priest finally announced them husband and wife they smiled widely and kissed each other deeply. Gabrielle hugged her parents in joy, while Hermione summoned a camera and took a picture.

"I suppose I should welcome you to the family Harry," Mr. Delacour said when Harry and his daughter stopped kissing. "But that doesn't mean we will not have that discussion," he added before he turned to thank the priest before he lead the group out of the church.


(Delacour Manor, France)

Harry took a seat on the sofa and Fleur instantly curled up against him, although this was somewhat difficult due to her wedding dress. Hermione sat on another sofa with Gabrielle and Fleur's parents sat in front of them. Fleur's aunt had gone home after a promise to get the full story later. Harry knew he was in for a grilling, but at the moment he couldn't care less. Fleur was once again his and now they were man and wife and nothing would ever come between them again from this point on.

"So Fleur, I think it is time for the truth," Mrs. Delacour began as she stared at her very content daughter.

"Yes mama," Fleur agreed, not put out in the least by her mother's protruded tone. "As Harry had said at the church, we fell in love during the tri-wizard tournament and began a secret relationship," she stated.

"Why keep it secret?" Mr. Delacour inquired as he leaned back in his chair. "Were you ashamed to be dating my daughter?" he inquired, deciding to test his daughter's new husband.

"Of course not," Harry snapped back, before he paused as he realised what Fleur's father had just done. He took a deep breath before he continued. "I could never be ashamed of your daughter sir, she is... I don't really have the words to describe her, but she is my angel," he told them. "She gave me strength and it was her face I saw before I went to meet my doom when Voldemort regained his body and it was wanting to see her again that made me want to survive," he went on as he turned and stared into Fleur's eyes who smiled back at him, deeply touched by his words. "When I sacrificed myself to ensure everyone would have protection I used the resurrection stone to see my parents, Sirius and Remus again, but in the back of my mind was always Fleur's face, giving me strength as well," he stated as his mind drifted a little. "I would die for your daughter," he finished.

Mr. Delacour nodded his head in satisfaction, as he heard nothing but pure honesty in Harry's voice. It was also clear Fleur really was in love with Harry. He glanced at his wife and noted she too seemed to accept this, still they had other questions. "Why did you wait so long to come back for Fleur?" he asked as a house elf delivered them some drinks.

Hermione was pleased when she noted each of the Delacours thanked the tiny house elf, clearly they were not like most wizards in how they treated them.

"The war affected me far more than anyone, but Hermione realised and before Fleur sent me the wedding invitation I was still trying to come to terms with it all," Harry admitted with a sigh. "Her relationship with Bill had also caught me off guard and I had no idea she was using him to keep tabs on me during the war. When I got that invitation it suddenly broke through the depression and anger and helped me refocus on the one thing that was most important to me and that was Fleur," he explained as he took a long gulp from his glass. "I had made her a promise to come back to her once the war was over. I however had failed in that due to the affects it had on me, but I vowed to win her back once I was thinking clearly again," he went on. "I went to see Fleur and once I had confirmed that she still loved me and was only using Bill, I began to try and plan to win her back," he added before a grin broke over his features. "She challenged me to prove I still loved her and I accepted," he stated.

"Hence crashing her wedding," Mr. Delacour deduced. "You also wanted to make some kind of statement if Miss Granger's speech was anything to go by," he pointed out with a grin of his own. "And I think you wanted some payback at the Weasleys" he added.

"All true," Hermione admitted. "When Harry called me in to help him, I was shocked when I learned the truth of his relationship with Fleur, as I, like everyone else, believed he had been in love with Cho during the tournament," she told them. "I recalled the night he broke up with her to protect her, even if I didn't know it was her he had broken up with. He was heartbroken, no that isn't the right word, he looked as if his heart had been ripped out," she informed them, nothing the dark looks that passed both Fleur and Harry's faces as she spoke.

"I would say it was the same with Fleur," Gabrielle cut in, drawing her parents' attention to them. "I overheard her when she came back that night. Her cries ripped through me and it took all my control not to go to her and try and help comfort her, but I knew she would not welcome my intrusion at that time," she explained. "I would say it was the worst night of her life at that point," she stated with confidence.

"You knew about Harry and Fleur?" Mrs. Delacour inquired with a raised eyebrow as she looked at her youngest daughter.

"I did mama," Gabrielle agreed with a nod of her head. "I also knew Harry was going to try and win her back. I didn't say anything because it was not my secret to tell," she added already knowing what her mother might say next. "They are soul mates and to get in between them is wrong," she stated.

"You should have told us Fleur. We spent a lot of time and effort on that wedding," Mrs. Delacour stated somewhat still angry at the deception.

"I still got married today mama, but I married a much better man than Bill Weasley could ever hope to be," Fleur responded. "I suspected Bill wasn't faithful to me, but I had no idea he was as unfaithful as Harry proved him to be and nor did I suspect he might have children with other women," she admitted. "Harry proved he still loved me. He came back to me and that is all that matters," she stated. "Things might not have gone as you believed they would, but all that time and effort and money didn't go to waste," she pointed out as she pushed some of her hair out of her eyes. "You now have a man who is worthy of being your son in law," she finished confidently.

"I can see neither of you regret your actions and if I'm honest I'm not against the match myself," Mr. Delacour cut in before his wife could say anything. "It is clear to us both how you truly feel about one another. The proof of Weasley's betrayal will still go ahead, but that can wait," he told them both. "I believe it is time you left for your honeymoon. We will talk again when you get back," he added with a smile which they both returned.

Harry got up and hugged Hermione hard before thanking her for all her help. He then hugged Gabrielle and finally shook hands with Mr. and Mrs. Delacour. Fleur hugged her sister and then her parents, before surprising Hermione by hugging her as well. Then Harry pulled Fleur to him and they vanished.

"How does he do that without making a sound?" Mr. Delacour asked Hermione.

"Family secret," Hermione told him. "But maybe in time he will tell you once he gets to know you better," she added as she decided it was time to head home. "Thank you for the drink, but I must be going as well. I have a date to get ready for, but I'm sure we will see each other again," she stated before she headed out of the manor with Gabrielle who decided to show her the way.


(Potter Summer House, Florida)

Harry moaned as Fleur continued her assault on him, she had already stripped him of his shirt and was busy unbuckling his pants. He had never actually been to his family's summer house before, but it seemed like the kind of place to bring his new bride for their honeymoon. She seemed to approve before she began to snog him senseless, clearly she had no intention of waiting.

He pulled the zipper of Fleur's dress down and slowly pulled the dress down her body. She stepped out of it once it was down around her legs. She stepped back and posed for him and he could only stare at her wonderful body that was now on display. Her toned legs were wrapped in silk stockings that made them have a shine to them. Looking up he noted she had worn no underwear. He quickly stepped forward and took her back into his arms. His mouth sought out her nipples and began to suck and tease them, making Fleur moan aloud. She wrapped her hands around him and pulled him down onto the bed. Harry continued to maul her breasts as she guided him to her entrance. They both paused and locked eyes before Harry pushed upwards and broke through her hymen. Fleur let out a small cry of pain before she adjusted to the new sensation.

Harry rolled them over so she was on top and allowed her to control their first time. Fleur grinned at him before she began to rut against him. Harry reached up and began to play with her breasts as she leaned down and kissed him again. Their pace quickly gained speed and soon they were moaning aloud. Ten minutes later they both reached their climax and collapsed against one another. After they recovered they quickly made love a second and a third time before they fell asleep against one another, both were content with their lives.

The next morning they woke up in each other's arms. For a few minutes they stared at each before they inched forward and kissed long and hard. The kiss was infused with passion and told the other how much they meant to the other, pulling back they relaxed as the sun shone into the room.



Bill Weasley was charged with assault and sentenced to a year in Azkaban. In a private meeting with Kingsley he was told he was lucky he wasn't been charged with attempted murder as the Reducto he had fired at Harry had been at close range and would have killed Harry had it hit. He was also forced to admit the paternity of the three children he had fathered with the three women who had come forward. He was then forced to swear magically to pay child support from that point on. The rest of the Weasley's suffered a tremendous dent to their public image for their actions, especially in attacking the last two members of the house of Potter and Black.

While Arthur retained some respect for being at least level headed during the confrontation, the others were panned in the press who had witnessed the whole thing as they had reporters there to cover the wedding. They would never recover the image they had after the war was finished. Ron fell into a circle of drinking before he was forcibly woken up by his brother Charlie. He eventually married Lavender Brown, but they had no children and he was very careful to keep control of his temper after their one and only argument. Ginny never married and pined for Harry from afar.

Hermione dated Terry Boot for three years before she consented to marry him, but she made him understand that she would always be a Potter/Black first to which he agreed. Harry ensured her wedding day was a huge event that was spoken about for the rest of the year. The couple had three children together, a boy and two girls. Hermione became the Muggle study professor at Hogwarts and revolutionized the subject so that never again would wizard kind underestimate or devalue their muggle cousins. Terry became an apprentice to Olivander and soon had his own shop, thus when Olivander retired Terry was ready to take over.

Harry and Fleur had five children together, three boys and a pair of twin girls. The three boys were each raised to assume the headship of the Potter, Black and Delacour families when it was time to ensure they continued. Their love for one another never dimmed. Harry became the head of the Auror department, but retired early after ten years in the job and then became the defense teacher at Hogwarts at Hermione's urging. Fleur became a teacher at Beauxbatons in the subject of charms and she went on to become headmistress for the next seven years. Eventually both retired to spend more time with one another, their names and deeds became legend.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Crashing the Wedding". This story is complete.

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