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Crashing the Wedding

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Summary: The war is over and while Bill wishes to finally marry his bride to be, Harry has other plans and intends to win back Fleur no matter what it takes.

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Chapter One

Crashing the Wedding

Author: Razial

Beta: Hawklan

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the other characters or any of the connected media to the books or films, they belong to J.K.Rowling and whoever else owns the rights. Anything else used is the property of the owners and whoever owns the rights to them.

Pairing: Harry/Fleur

Notes: AU Harry Potter based after the war with Voldemort has been won, Bill and Fleur did not get married before the end and decided to wait until after it was over. Also Harry and Fleur had a relationship during the Tri-Wizard tournament, but Harry's drive to fight Voldemort and keep Fleur safe ended the romance. Certain characters will be slightly different than in cannon so be warned.

Warning: NC-17

Summary: The war is over and while Bill wishes to finally marry his bride to be, Harry has other plans and intends to win back Fleur no matter what it takes.


A big thank you to cloudleonsgurl for her fanart. You can find this one and other great ones here:

(Potter Manor)

Harry Potter sat staring into a roaring fire and holding a glass of plain whiskey, he had been like this for the last hour. The reason was lying on the near by table, it was a wedding invitation. The wedding was to be between Fleur Delacour and Bill Weasley. Once Fleur had been his lover, the first one he ever had and the only one he wanted. Back in 4th year just before everything went to hell with Voldemort's return, Harry had begun dating the French quarter Veela. This had been during the Tri-Wizard tournament. Something had drawn the two of them together unlike anything he had felt before. To hide the truth from the world who seemed to think they had a right to know everything about him and everything he did, he had made everyone believe he had an interest in Cho Chang a 5th year at the time.

He had asked Cho out to the Yule Ball only after watching Cedric Diggory asking her the night before; hidden by his invisibility cloak they had never known he was there. A few longing looks here and there in front of people, been a little clumsy near her and everyone had bought it. Even Hermione his best friend had bought it, even Cho had been fooled thinking she had Harry Potter lusting for her. Shaking his head he stood and walked closer to the fire, the romance with Fleur had lasted all through the tournament with no-one the wiser. But after the 3rd task and the return of Voldemort to a body and seeing how much more deadly he was than he had been as a spirit, he had decided to end the relationship with Fleur to keep her safe and out of harms way. He knew Voldemort's top priority would be him and the closer someone was to him then the more likely Voldemort would try and kill them, he had not dared to take such a risk with Fleur.

The very idea of Fleur been captured had chilled him to the bone, he knew the Death Eaters would most likely rape, torture and do anything they could to break her for hours before Voldemort finally killed her. He swore to do all he could to keep her out of the way and out of the view of the enemy, in this he had not been entirely successful, but Fleur hadn't been part of the fighting until the last battle. Ending the romance had killed him. Fleur had broken down and cried, but she had nodded her head in understanding at why he was doing it. She could see the fear he had for her in his eyes which stemmed the response she had been going to give him. He was deadly serious and he admitted should Fleur be killed he would loose all will to go on. She was the reason he had fought so hard and would be the reason he would continue to fight until Voldemort and every one of his followers was dead. He had sworn he would come back to her once it was over. He had not asked her to wait for him, even if he had wanted to.

It was a year and a half later that the crushing news of her supposed engagement reached him through Ginny Weasley, he knew the red head was still hoping to become involved with him, but he had ignored all her attempts at getting close to him. This had further widened the breach between him and Ron Weasley his other supposed friend, but after he had turned his back on Harry during the tournament their friendship had never fully recovered. Downing the whiskey left in his glass he ignored the burning sensation it caused in his chest which quickly vanished, he began to pace up and down.

He still loved Fleur with all his heart and he was not willing to loose her to Bill Weasley. He threw his empty glass at the wall shattering it and then he glared at the fire. He would do whatever he had to, to convince Fleur not to marry Bill; he would reignite the love between them.

"I will win you back Fleur," he whispered as the flames of the fire drew his gaze once more and his memories of the events in question finally over came him.


(Flashback, Hogwarts)

Harry stood in the empty classroom staring at the darkened walls, knowing in the few minutes the best time of his life would come to a painful soul crushing end. He knew it was the right choice, with Voldemort back in his body and once more leading his insane followers Fleur would be in the most danger if she remained his girlfriend. Why? He demanded to the darkness. Why did Voldemort have to come back now or ever? Why could he not have stayed gone?

Every year it seemed, bar the year before Voldemort tried something to regain his body and his power, Harry had been the one who had to stop him. This time he had failed thanks to Pettigrew. That damn traitorous rat had helped bring the Dark Lord back and the only reason he'd been able to do that is because Harry had spared his life the year before. He had been blind to the damage the rat could truly cause and now he was paying for it. He had been an idiot for stopping Sirius and Remus from ending his retched life. The dark glare on his face frightened Fleur as she entered the classroom, it was so unlike the kind of looks she was used to seeing on her boyfriend's face.

Harry finally noted Fleur's presence and so he shook his head and tried to look more cheerful, but he doubted he was very successful as Fleur frowned as she finally got a good look at his eyes.

Harry's eyes had always told her the kind of state his mind had been in, even during the worst parts of the tournament. He had been happy and carefree in her presence, but now the eyes remained dark and gloomy and it sent a chill down her spine.

"Are you okay mon amour?" Fleur inquired not liking the silence or the tenseness she saw in him. She knew he had to be under a great deal of stress after everything he had been trough lately, but she hoped he had not lost hope and belief in their love.

"No Fleur I'm not," Harry finally responded after staring at her for a few minutes. Doing all he could to memorize her features so they would forever be burnt into his mind. "Voldemort is back," he paused as he again saw that awful moment Voldemort appeared before him in the graveyard. "I saw Cedric being murdered, I was tortured and barely escaped with my life and when I got back and raised the alarm the Minister ignored it," he added with a frown. "But none of this concerns me, what concerns me is your safety," he stated with conviction, doing his best not to break down.

Fleur moved to comfort him as he talked and when she pulled him into her arms, she felt the raw anger and fear coming from him. He was so tense and she understood what he was going through. How could she not? All year she had gotten to know the real Harry Potter. Not the legend, not the myth, but the person behind it all. She had fallen in love with that person and she felt his pain as he had felt hers when she broke down over failing the second task and saving her sister Gabrielle. Had Harry not saved her when he did it was likely she would have died. It is not widely known, but water is deadly to Veela.

They can survive no more than an hour or less before they die, learning what Dumbledore had done without warning her father and mother. They had blown their tops, as had she if she was honest and they had almost tried to stop Fleur finishing the tournament, but she had persisted and thankfully Harry had decided to rescue Gabrielle no matter the rules of the task.

Her parents had been very grateful and very surprised when Harry did not ask for any kind of reward. She had tried to give herself to him that night, but he had refused and said that when they did make love he wanted it to be for the right reason. That more than anything had proven that Harry truly loved her. Shaking her head she brought herself back to the present.

"My safety?" she inquired wondering where he was going with this, even as she began to feel a tight weight in her heart.

"You are my girlfriend Fleur, the most important person in my life," Harry admitted as the tears began to fall and he began to lose the battle for control. "If Voldemort ever finds out about us he will use all his resources to capture you. What they will do to you once they have you is not something I even want to think about," he told her, holding her tighter. "I could never go on if they got you, it would rip my heart and soul apart and leave nothing but a broken down shell in its place," he said with conviction as they locked gazes. "It would be the end," he stated with conviction as more tears fell.

Fleur reached up and tried to wipe the tears away even as her own began to fall and that weight in her heart grew heavier as she began to realise where this was going. Hearing the pain and conviction in his voice as he spoke showed just how deeply he loved her, why did this have to tear them apart she wondered?

"Mon cœur no," she finally responded desperately. "It does not have to end like this, please there has to be another way," Fleur begged as her heart began to beat wildly as she tried to change her lovers mind. She finally knew where this was going. She had feared something like this since the end of the 3rd task.

"There isn't, unless you were to go into hiding and we know from my parents deaths that no matter what we use, the Death Eaters might be able to circumvent it," Harry argued, wishing it didn't have to be like this, but he knew he had no choice if he wanted to keep her safe. "I don't want to make you give up your life. You have family who loves you and I wouldn't ask that you vanish from their lives," he stated, ignoring the tears that continued to fall from his eyes and he did his best to ignore the pain he now saw in Fleur's eyes.

"I don't want to lose you Harry. I love you," Fleur said brokenly, as she fell to her knees and Harry quickly joined her and leaned his head against hers.

"I love you too, Fleur. With everything I'm which is why I must do this," Harry responded. "It is like a knife in my heart and someone continues to move it around. It shall remain that way until we are reunited and I swear to you Fleur I will do all I can to ensure we will be together again," he swore a magical oath.

Fleur moved her head so she was looking into his eyes again and she saw the fear he felt for her. She saw just had much she had come to mean to him and if she remained then she would be in terrible danger and that would distract Harry, which in turn could cause his death. She would not be the cause of his downfall, as much as it killed her to admit she had to accept this. This was the most heart breaking moment of her life so far and she cursed the Dark Dork for coming back and causing all this pain.

Finally unable to hold back she broke down completely and her tears increased as she sobbed on Harry's shoulder, he held her knowing exactly what she was feeling. He did not want to do this, but it was the only way he could see to ensure Fleur lived through what he feared was to come. He was about to fight the same war that had already claimed his parents and so many other lives. But then he thought darkly the war had never truly ended, it had just been on hold until Voldemort came back and now he had.

This had always been his fate, ever since the moment Voldemort marked him. He knew it in his heart even if Dumbledore and the others refused to tell him the whole truth, of what had happened the night his parents died. It was why Voldemort kept coming for him before anyone else. It was the reason why the first two years of his school life at Hogwarts he had been locked in combat with the spirit of Voldemort. He was the centre of the war about to descend on them all. He would fight, but not for the British Wizarding world who kept turning on him as they had again this year. No he would fight for Hermione who had stayed loyal through it all, he would fight for the muggles who had no idea what was about to befall them and finally he would fight for Fleur. He would give up everything he owned for her if she asked and she knew that, he would even give up his own life for hers should it be necessary.

"Everything I'm, everything I have is yours Fleur," he whispered in her ear. "I will fight not for the sheep of our world who turn so easily on one another, no I will fight for you Fleur and for Hermione and the other muggles who have no protection from what is to come," he told her, hoping to give her some comfort. This at least made Fleur look up from his shoulder and meet his gaze. They stared at one another for a few seconds before they clashed in a heated kiss. One of the last ones he would share with her, it combined all the passion both of them felt for the other.

Fleur finally broke away from him, allowing his words to smooth some of the pain she was feeling at knowing this was the end for them, but she had hope they would be reunited when Harry once more destroyed the Dark Lord. Any other outcome was banished from her mind, he had to win or else her life would barely be worth living.

"Live Harry," Fleur finally said. "Fight with all you have in you, but live and come back to me as you swore mon amour," she implored him before she kissed him again. Then she stood, turned and fled, her heart breaking with every step she took from him. Her continued tears could still be heard by Harry as he stared blankly at where she had been. His heart was shattered, but he was certain he had made the right call.

It would be an hour before Harry finally headed back to his bed hoping everyone else would be asleep, of course he should have known better as Hermione was waiting for him. Curled up on the couch reading a book, it brought a brief smile to his lips which quickly vanished as she took notice of him. Dropping her book she moved to his side and quickly noted the tear tracks down his face as well as his dark broken gaze, she pulled him into a hug as he broke down again.

"What is it Harry, what happened?" Hermione inquired as she rocked him back and forth wondering what was troubling her best friend. She had a feeling it had nothing to do with Voldemort and what happened to Cedric, no it was something else she could feel it.

"I lost her, I gave her up to keep her safe," Harry answered in between sobs. "I feel dead inside," he stated brokenly.

Hermione frowned not understanding who Harry was talking about, but she could hear the raw pain in his voice, he was devastated and thus she concluded whoever he meant had meant everything to him. She guided him to the sofa and sat them both down and continued to rock him, she didn't know what to say to him.

"Who are you talking about Harry?" Hermione inquired because she knew he could not be talking about Cho who had been seeing Cedric until his death at the hands of Pettigrew.

"I can't tell you Hermione," Harry answered, shaking his head as he thought to regain control. "If she is to remain safe she has to remain secret," he added before pausing as the pain of what he had just done over came him again. "It's why I broke up with her, Voldemort would go after her and what he and his followers would do to her is beyond evil and I couldn't live if she died," he stated.

"I understand Harry," Hermione assured him as she ran her hand through his hair doing her best to help him calm down. "You did the right thing," she told him. "Now I suggest you get some sleep as hard as that might be, tomorrow's leaving ceremony will be a long day," she reminded him. "As much as you might want to hide from the others, you'll need to be there as you won the tournament," she went on before Harry cut her off.

"I didn't win, at least not alone," he told her. "Cedric and I won together, I thought it was the least I could do as I was never supposed to be there, but it turned out to be the worse choice ever," he raged somewhat.

"I know but you couldn't have foreseen that the cup was a portkey. You couldn't have foreseen where it would take you and what would happen," Hermione advised him, having been having this discussion with him since he had come back from the graveyard. "Cedric did not die because of you Harry, he died because he refused to leave you behind and because Pettigrew caught him off guard," she told him gently. "He'd never been in a true combat situation like we have, it was all supposed to be a game, but it was a game that turned deadly and he sadly was a casualty of it," she finished. "Now we have to avenge him and all the other people who have suffered at Voldemort's and his followers' insanity and if you really want to protect this girl you love you must focus on that," she explained, hoping to turn Harry's attention to something that would give him the strength to go on.

"You're right Hermione," Harry agreed before he finally pulled away. "Thanks for always being there for me," he added as he headed for the stairs to the dormitory.

"I'll always be there for you Harry just as you'll be there for me," Hermione responded with a smile which he shared before they both turned and headed for bed.


(Potter Manor)

Harry let out a growl as the memory faded and he finally looked away from the fire and walked towards the window and stared out of it. Now he had to figure out how to get to Fleur without the Weasley's finding out what he was doing. His relationship with the family had all but dissolved since the end of the war. His refusal to begin a relationship with Ginny and his broken friendship with Ron having been major parts of why this had happened, Ron had again proven what a false friend he was when he walked out on him and Hermione during their hunt for the Horcruxes. This had been the final straw as far as he was concerned in a long line of backstabbing.

The family's all but insistence that he date Ginny had driven him mad, it was not his fault Ginny had been obsessed with him from the day they first met and more than likely even before that. The loss of Fred during the climactic battle had been the final nail in the coffin as they say, so stealing Fleur from Bill didn't even trouble him for a minute. Leaning against the window he stared out into the darkness and smiled, soon he would have his love by his side again. Soon he would be whole again. He turned and headed for bed knowing tomorrow would be a busy day.


(Delacour Manor, France)

Fleur Delacour stared at herself in the mirror wondering how she had reached this stage in her life. She was about to be married to a man she didn't truly love. Bill Weasley's attitude towards her was better than most she had encountered, but he still saw himself in a superior role in their relationship. He tried to hide it, but she saw it often when he looked at her or when he introduced her to his friends. She was nothing more than arm dressing for him to make himself look good, she wondered almost for the hundredth time why she had allowed herself to be talked into the relationship in the first place.

She blinked away some tears as the memories of her time with Harry resurfaced. She had done all she could to forget, but no matter what she did it never seemed to work. Harry was a part of her she could not forget or ignore. He had sworn to come back to her, but by the time the war was over she was with Bill. She had hoped Harry would come and get her even if she was with Bill, but he had stayed away. She didn't know why, but she had a feeling he was still recovering from the war and everything he had been put through to survive. That he had lived through it all had lifted a great weight she had felt all through those dark times, she looked away from the mirror and prayed she was not making a fatal mistake by allowing the marriage to go ahead. In her mind it was the final chance for Harry to win her back, if he stayed away then clearly his feelings for her had changed, but she refused to believe that was the case.

He would come to claim her she was certain, a brief smile touched her lips as she thought of what could be. Of what she prayed would happen, no one else knew of her true reasons for saying yes, then again no one knew she had once had a relationship with Harry Potter. The day he broke up with her was the darkest day in her life, she understood why he had done it, she really did, but the pain of that moment still stayed with her as she was sure it did with him. She finally remembered why she had said yes to Bill as she thought back to that time. It was the only way she could think of to keep track of Harry, to hear news of him as quickly as possible. During that time she had feared so very much that the news would come that Harry had been killed, but thankfully it never did. Harry was alive and if her prayers were answered soon they would be together again as they always should have been. Some would say she was evil to Bill, but considering his true attitude about Veela she believed he deserved her unfaithfulness. At least she had never allowed him to convince her to have sex with him as that would all it would be, mindless sex, she did not love Bill. She would only give herself to the man she loved and that was Harry.

"You ok Fleur?" Gabrielle's soft spoken voice made her turn to find her little sister standing near the now open door. Clearly she had been so distracted she had not heard it open.

"I'm fine Gabrielle," she responded moving to embrace her. "Just thinking," she added as she pulled back and ran her hand through her sister's hair.

"No, you're not," Gabrielle surprised her by her response. "You are marrying the wrong man, it is not Bill Weasley you want," she continued. "It is Harry Potter," she stated.

Fleur was truly shocked by her sister's insight and quickly closed and locked the door, before dropping anti-listening wards around her room.

"What makes you think that Gabrielle?" Fleur asked, as she turned back to her sister who was now sitting on her bed.

"Because I overheard you the night you came back Fleur, crying your eyes out over him just before we left Hogwarts when the tournament ended," Gabrielle explained. "I heard what you said as you tried to regain control. I know you love him far more than Bill, so it makes sense that he is the one you truly wish to marry," she pointed out.

Fleur collapsed into a chair and just stared at her sister unsure how too really feel right now, did she admit the truth or attempt to lie? Was there any real point now, especially if Gabrielle truly had known the truth all this time?

"I never told anyone, I swear," Gabrielle assured her. "I understood why it had to be kept secret, what I was wondering is why you did not leave Bill and go to Harry once the war was over?" she inquired.

"He broke my heart Gabrielle and although I understood and accepted why it had to be so, I did not want it to be too easy when he came back for me," Fleur explained after thinking how to phrase her answer. "He didn't come for me, my engagement to Bill must have thrown him off a little and now the wedding goes ahead," she continued. "It is his last chance to prove he still loves me, I will not go back to him easily until he has proven his heart is still mine," she stated with conviction.

Gabrielle nodded her head in understanding. She could see that the effects of her break up with Harry still haunted her. Now she would ensure Harry fought for her. She prayed that if the love that had inspired so much pain between the two still existed in Harry, that he would come for Fleur.

"What about Bill and the rest of his family?" she asked.

"You've heard the names they call me just as have I," Fleur countered. "They have not accepted me and never will, Ginny especially hates me and if she knew the truth about me and Harry then that hatred would be all the more twisted and potent," she told Gabrielle. "Bill looks down on me, thinking he is better than I am, even though he tries to hide this fact," she continued. "He thinks I have failed to notice this, but I have not. I tried to see the best of him, but there is little to truly admire," she went on shaking her head a little. "No in the end there will be no wedding one way or the other. I will not settle for less than being in Harry's arms once more," she finished.

"I pray you get your wish Fleur," Gabrielle replied before getting up and moving to her sister's side and giving her a short hug before she retired to her room.

Fleur watched her go with a smile on her face feeling a lot lighter after her talk with her sister. She got up and headed for the bathroom for a shower and finally gets ready for bed. All the while her mind thought of Harry and what would be happening in the days to come, once the shower was done she lay in her bed and quickly fell asleep.


(The Burrow)

Bill Weasley drunk deeply from his glass as his bothers did the same. This was just a small get together as they had already had the stag night. It was a great night not that he had told Fleur the truth about what happened. Ron and Charlie had hired some very expensive strippers. Thanks to their efforts in the war the Weasley family was no longer poor, it was a shame Fred had not lived to see what they had become. The strippers had been great, exciting and hot. He had ended up having sex with one of them. She had looked a little like Nymphadora Tonks before her death. She had been a great looking woman and it had been a shame to see her fall alongside her husband Remus Lupin, when he had fucked the stripper he had imagined it was Tonks.

All of it was moot though as soon he would be married to a Veela, shame she was not a full Veela, but still a hot looking woman. He cared about her, but was not head over heels in love with her, but been married to her would grant him a few advantages. First it would give him a great looking wife who would always look good on his arm for when he tried to advance his position. Second it would give him access to the fortune Fleur would inherit. It might sound evil to some, but after being poor for half his life he decided it was time the Weasley's had some riches. Especially after all the hardships they had been through thanks to Potter. He glanced around and noted Ron had passed out from the fire whiskey. He smirked and shook his head at his low tolerance for alcohol. Charlie, Percy and George were still drinking and swapping stories.

He leaned back in his chair and wondered how the next couple of days would play out. The wedding day was set for Wednesday. Three days and he would finally make Fleur his, for on their wedding night he would not allow Fleur to turn him away. So far every time he had tried to get Fleur into his bed, she had resisted strongly and he had been forced to back down. It would not do for him to be accused of rape, especially when you factored in Fleur's father who was a high ranking member of the French Ministry. No it would not do at all. That would be his downfall and the downfall of his entire family as well. Getting up he staggered to his room glad his parents were not around to see them all so drunk, falling onto his bed he fell quickly asleep and dreamed of the great things to come, unaware of the plans been put into place against him.
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