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Hot Potato

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The Military Option". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Courier duty is just another job for the DSS...

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredbatzulgerFR181815,206516164,23219 Jul 112 Nov 11Yes

Cavalry Charge

Finn was either dead or down for a slow count. Right this moment, I really didn't care which. The fire was spreading and occasionally another large boom from something pretty energetic, would echo through the building. There were people rappelling in through the brand spanking new skylight and it sounded like the fire fight was picking up again. Time to move.

I headed for the nearest wall trying to stay in the shadows and oodles of smoke. Playing tag with Gates and Finn had worn me out and I wasn't sure I could take out a newbie vamp in my current condition. I had moved parallel to the burning lab tents when a familiar raspy voice came out of the shadows.

"Damn Summers, you really know how to throw a party. Anybody ever tell you that?"

"Sam!" I spun and saw him in his sneaky outfit grinning at me from the shadows. I couldn't help it, I hugged him.

"Easy there champ! Some of us aren't supernatural warriors with augmented strength and stamina."

"Sorry Sam. What's going on? When did you get here?"

"I got here on the tail end of your throwdown with that tank outside. Nice work by the way. What's going on? Well I got your message and told my boss about a potential terrorist incident in Paris involving weird technology. That kind of terrorism threat is what Dutch's unit handles, so that's who Lambert contacted. Then the news started filling up with the hotel assault so I hopped on a bird and flew over ASAP. Like I said, you really do know how to throw a party. One of our satellites picked up a lot of encrypted traffic around this location, and one of the guys in System's Security spotted an unauthorized data feed for some of our photo-sats also directed here. Anyway, General Schaefer is over that-a-way," he pointed, "and probably should get a sit-rep from the agent on site..."

"I have two..."

"...Friends here. Yeah. You know some scary people Summers, anybody ever tell you that?"

"Present company included?"

"Touche. Anyway, they pulled out after I told them reinforcements were going to be entering loudly. You know that sniper of yours is almost as fast as you?"

I nodded.

"You'd better go talk to Dutch before he gets cranky. General Officers don't like being kept waiting in my experience."

"Got it, and thanks Sam."

"Hey, this is my job too. Cleaning up messes that somebody with more brains than sense caused. See you Buffy," he faded back into the shadows.

I moved towards the loud accented voice barking orders until I saw the massive General in question.

"Sir, Lieutenant Summers reporting!" I saluted.

"Aht ease. Now Vhat the fuck is going on here?"

"Margaret Walsh."

"That idiot again? Vunderful...This time it's too big, too public, "He turned to one of his men, " Make sure efferything burns. Bodies, equipment, efferything. Ahnd make it fast, the French vill be here soon."

"Yes sir!"

"So Summers, you just valked into this again like Arizonah?"

"No sir, she was trying to grab me and a package she arranged to smuggle out."

"Grahb you? Vhy?"

"My uh...skills sir. As far as I can tell, she was trying to merge uh, Jarret Village technology, with...other stuff."

"Vell, she von't haff any support from up high anymore. Let's go, you can tell me the story as vee valk," he turned and stepped through the Gates sized hole.

Outside there was billowing smoke and the roar of helicopter engines. Teams were setting fire to Gates' body and the two Pulgara. The General lit a cigar and headed towards one of the Blackhawks, "So Summers, you received orders to transport a package?"

"Yes sir. I was ordered to report to London..."

Two days later I was back in DC with orders to report to Fort Bragg on Temporary Duty, the General had activated me. His reasoning was that if I had called him for back-up, I must be already working for him. That way he could justify the assault team into a 'Friendly's' territory.

I sighed. I was going back into active duty Army. Sometimes you just can't escape the big green machine.


What about the package contents?
What happened to Walsh, Bourne, and Hanna?
Will there be more Military Option?

Of course there will be more...and maybe, just maybe those other questions will be answered........

GLOSSARY in Chronological Order

MP5 - Sub Machine Gun. Seen in Die Hard and just about every other action movie.

Pro Mask - Protective Mask. Gas Mask.

Krav Maga - Israeli Intelligence Service/Military developed martial art.

CS - Tear Gas

PAVE Low - Special Operations Helicopters. Chocked full of electronics and sensors.

Beretta 92 - 9mm Semi-automatic pistol.

Emerson Folder -Compact combat knife

ISA Direct Action Team - CIA para-military combat unit. Really existed.

Technology Transfer Specialist - Agent authorized to handle classified Defense Department Equipment from one location to another.

Top Secret Codeword - Only personnel authorized/cleared to know about the project even get to know the codeword.

Echelon - National Security Agency (NSA) created telephone/radio word filter and flagging system.

AN-M8 - US Military issue white smoke grenade.

Trioxane - Heat Tabs used for cooking field rations.

M4 - US Military rifle.

SOCOM - Special Operations COMmand. The organization in charge of SEALS, Special Forces,
Rangers and a whole bunch of other US Military units.

FAL - Belgian heavy infantry rifle.

SAW - Squad Automatic Weapon. Light Machine Gun.

Remedial PT - Additional Calisthetics for soldiers with physical fitness deficiencies.

Temporary Duty - A theoretically short term assignment in the US military.

The End

You have reached the end of "Hot Potato". This story is complete.

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