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Hot Potato

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The Military Option". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Courier duty is just another job for the DSS...

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredbatzulgerFR181815,206516164,23319 Jul 112 Nov 11Yes

Party Crashers

I didn't see any fresh cuts or bandages on his hands or face, but he still could've have had a nosebleed or something. It probably didn't mean anything anyway. Anyway, by the time we were entering the Paris trainyards, I had mostly put it out of my mind.

This train continued on to Switzerland so I stayed onboard and became slightly more wary when David didn't show any sign of getting off either.

"To Zurich?" I asked.

""Hmm? Yes. I have business with a couple of banks there. You?"

"Yuppers! Touristy time in the land of Ricola and alp horns," I tried to sound as perky as humanly possible. My careful ploy was wasted though as six guys in black combat gear crashed through the windows on both sides of our train car.

My spidey-sense hadn't given a peep so they had to be humans, but I had no illusions about who or what they were looking for.

"David get down and cover your eyes and ears!" I guessed the first move in the playbook would be a flashbang, followed by gas, followed by the shooty part. I was right.

The stun grenades blast caused my extra-slayery sense of hearing to ring, but knowing it was coming and covering my eyes kept away the worst of the effects. The tear gas grenade felt a lot like I was back in basic training so I took a deep breath, held it and came out swinging.

I wanted to make sure I took at least one alive for questioning, so the closest one got an uppercut from a remarkably ticked off slayer. His feet did leave the floor, but I pulled it enough so that I didn't A)Break his neck; and B) Bounce his head off the ceiling. He was only human after all.

The gunfire started about that point so I dive-rolled into the legs of the only other shooter standing in the aisle. I heard a nasty crack as he fell over and hey magico, now I had an MP5 and a pro mask. I lunged between a pair of seats as one of his buddies tried walking some fire in on me. I pulled on and cleared the mask, then checked the magazine in my shiny borrowed submachinegun before peeking out from behind my improvised barricade.

It looked like David had 'borrowed' a mask from one of the other goons, and was proceeding to take another apart with what seemed to be Krav Maga. He was very fast and very good. Not slayer level on the speed of course, but if I was a normal human, he would have taken me down stupidly quick.

So that was four down as David's target bounced off the floor a few times without twitching. David scooped up his ex-dance partner's weapon and cleared and checked it before diving for cover as the remaining two goons opened up.

The other passengers were mainly screaming, crying, and vomiting at this point and I could feel the train starting to slow and bump as it came through the switchpoints. I pulled my head back so it wouldn't get shot off before crouching then leaping over the seat-back towards the closest shooter.

There were far too many bullets flying around for travel safety so I had pulled one of my knives and, while I was in mid-flight, threw it at the further goon; catching him in the back of the head right before I crashed into my primary target. Primary target was easily taken out by a quick twist to his head and the shooting stopped.

The gas was still filling the train car, even with its busted windows, making it pretty hard to see. At least my hearing was coming back.

"How many of those stupid CS canisters did they use?!? All of the ones in freaking Europe???" my voice was muffled because of the mask, but I made sure my lack of happyness was very clear. Then common sense took over and I swung the MP5 to cover David...who of course was doing the same to me.

"Financial security huh?"


"Well yeah...angry American tourist. Any casualties in the civvies on your side?"

"Yes, three down. One permanent," he lowered his weapon as he spoke, so I did the same.

"Four over here, none permanent. We'd better get out of here, their command will realize the op failed any second now and I don't want to see what they have planned for an encore."

He nodded and move back to our seats where he scooped up a back pack. I grabbed the package and stuffed it and the MP5 into my shoulder bag. Then the pair of us headed to the next car, David pulling the emergency brake just before we entered.

David Webb property of the Ludlum Estate. Yes it's Bourne...
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