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Pride and Prejudice

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Summary: *Secret Santa fic for PhoenixStAr* Buffy at Hogwarts, nuff said.

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Pride and Prejudice


You know the drill.

Rating: PG
(May be changed later)

R/Hr, B/Bill, H/P, and some H/D

BtVS S7 HP Book 5

This fic is
for PhoenixStAr.


Thanks to
CinnamonGrrl for her wonderful talents as a beta. She’s been so patient with me
esp. my horrible grammar, punctuation etc! Also to PhoenixStAr for her input!




Chapter One


It was a
melancholy Harry who sat on the Hogwarts Express ready for his seventh and
final year. Neville had stopped by earlier but had left soon after in search of
his toad. Ron was off being Prefect and Hermione was Head Girl this year, no
surprise there, which left him alone with the other 7th year


With a sigh
weary sigh, Harry turned to watch Dean and Seamus argue with Lavender and
Parvarti about something or other for the tenth time in as little minutes.
Padma, who had joined her twin in the compartment, rolled her eyes at him.


“It’s hard
to believe those four are actually 7th years, eh?” she asked softly.


Harry replied, monotone.


“I can’t
wait to finish Hogwarts this year! I’m so excited, aren’t you? I mean after
this…it’s like we have the whole world waiting for us!” She either didn’t hear
his tone of voice or chose to ignore it as she continued enthusiastically.


suppose,” he responded dully.


wrong, Harry? You seem…depressed?” She watched him, eyes soft with concern.


“I don’t
know…it’s just…I’ll miss being at Hogwarts.” He looked away, uncomfortable
under her scrutiny.


“We’ve all
got to grow up sometime, Harry. Take responsibility for our lives and all that.
We can’t be kids forever,” she admonished gently.


“I don’t
want to grow up. I have enough responsibility now, let alone as an adult.”
Harry replied, sarcasm dripping from his voice.


At that
reply, Padma looked away, somewhat embarrassed by his admission.


“I’m sorry,
Harry. I..I didn’t realise what it’s like for you,” she said, finally looking
him in the eye. He had to look away first.


“I don’t
need your sympathy,” was his succinct retort.


After that,
the rest of the trip was spent in silence with only the occasional bickering
between Dean, Seamus, Lavender and Parvarti.




Ron and
Hermione finally met up with Harry at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall.
All of the students were waiting impatiently for the sorting to begin so they
could start the feast. Hermione, who had noticed Harry’s testiness, concluded
that he was having another pity party. She was only glad she had missed the
‘Shit Fit’, as Ron had coined it, and wondered who had been on the receiving
end. As there were no dead bodies lying around, it couldn't have been that bad,
she mused.


Ever since
5th year, Harry had been prone to terrible temper tantrums because
of paranoia and self-involvement. While he wasn’t like Malfoy, whose ego had to
have its own room, Harry’s belief was that everything related to Voldemort was
related to him, and thus his fault. He usually had to be beat over the head
with the fact that it wasn’t before he took any notice.


Ron, as
usual, was oblivious to it all, his attention focused solely towards his


“I wish
they’d hurry up! A bloke could die of starvation over here and all for a lot of
titchy first years!” he complained.


Hermione exclaimed disapprovingly, “I wish you wouldn’t say things like that
about the first years!”


“Yeah yeah.
Hey look, mate!” He nudged Harry, nearly sending him sprawling. Ron had shot up
past 6 foot in his 6th year and had continued to grow in bulk ever
since. Fortunately for Ron, it was all muscle.


glanced over to where Ron had pointed, spotting a petite blonde woman sitting
in the Defense Against the Dark Arts seat at the professors’ table. She looked
far too young to be teaching as she sat, her chair tilted back on two legs and
her black-booted feet resting on the table. Her eyes surveyed the students in
the Great Hall as she nodded occasionally to what Remus, who had returned upon
Dumbledore’s request, was saying. He guessed her to be about 20 going by her
trendy muggle (muggle?!) clothing which consisted of a white tank top and black
leather pants.


She caught
him staring at her, his mouth open in shock and she smirked. He closed his
mouth with an audible snap. She looked entirely too much like Malfoy for his
liking. His eyes narrowed as he sighted the small pointy dagger she was
fiddling with.


“I wonder
who she is?” Hermione pondered aloud.


“Who cares?
She’s quite fetching with all that blonde hair!” Ron replied, openly ogling the


Hermione turned away, nose in the air. Recalling Ron’s behaviour around Fleur Delecour during the Triwizard Tournament, she hoped it wouldn’t be as bad as last time.


“I don’t
like her!” Harry added suspiciously causing Ron and Hermione to exchange
worried glances.


well, I think she’s smashing! Anyway, here comes the petrified midget brigade.
I’m sure we’ll find out about her later.” Ron quickly commented ducking the
swat Hermione sent his way.


The sorting
was over before too long and Dumbledore began the feast with a few words of
welcome. The students dug in, but none with the enthusiasm of one Ronald
Weasley. As the feast was winding down, Dumbledore stood once more to address
the students.


“I hope you
have all enjoyed the feast and are now ready to listen to an old man with your
stomachs full. As per usual, to the first years, the Forbidden Forest is
exactly as its name portrays it: forbidden! Mr. Filch also tells me to remind
all students that magic is not allowed in the halls and those caught- and you will be caught- will be … er… chained
in the dungeons and… ahem… tortured.” There were snickers from the students at
that message, especially those students who were familiar with Filch’s
disciplinary beliefs.


“Hey did
you notice how Dumbledore only said first years were forbidden from the
forest?” Harry whispered to his friends.


“I’m sure
it’s because he knows that everybody else knows that the Forbidden Forest is
forbidden, Harry, not because it’s not actually forbidden to those not in first
year,” Hermione lectured dutifully.


Harry, beside he’s getting on in years, eh? Maybe he forgot,” Ron added.


is not senile, Ron!” Hermione scolded.


“Yeah. He
always has a reason for everything he does. There must be a purpose to why he
implied it was only forbidden to first years.” Harry explained.


“I think
you’re reading too much in to it, mate.” Ron said, eyeing his friend as if he’d
gone a bit mad.


“I’m not
crazy, Ron! I know he’s got something planned.” Before anyone could reply,
Dumbledore continued.


“Well, yes,
quite. Moving right along as you can see we have another new Defence Against
the Dark Arts professor, as per usual. Her name is Buffy Summers. She’s from
Sunnydale, California and is, I assure you, quite qualified for the job
despite- or perhaps because of- her age. Now, I’m sure you’re all tired, so off
to bed to get some sleep before classes start bright and early tomorrow
morning!” With a wave of his wand, Dumbledore cleared the tables and the students
began to make their way to their Common rooms full of excited chatter.


“I wonder
what her qualifications are?” Hermione mused. “The way Professor Dumbledore
said it, makes you think…well, it makes you think whatever qualifications she
has aren’t quite legitimate.”


“I really
don’t like her,” Harry stated firmly. “There’s something off about her
behaviour, not like Umbridge,” he added hastily. “I mean I don’t think she
works for the Ministry. There’s something not right though.” He concluded voice
full of suspicion.


“Yeah sure.
Look we have to lead the first years. We’ll see you back at the tower.” Ron was
as unconcerned as ever, blinded by appearances. He gave a slight wave before he
and Hermione left, calling as they went, “First years, this way, please!” and
“Oi, you midgets! Get over here!” respectively. This resulted in Ron being
berated by Hermione for his lack of respect and ill conduct towards said





Chapter Two


Summers crept silently down the hall and slipped into her quarters with a
relieved sigh. Rolling her shoulders and stretching her arms to work all of the
kinks out, she shed her clothes as she walked to the luxurious king-sized bed
and crawled in. There were only a few more hours until dawn, and she meant to
get the most out of them. Laying her head on the soft pillows Buffy Summers
slept peacefully for the second month straight since the Hellmouth had closed.


feeling the first rays of sunlight stretch over Hogwarts’ grounds, Buffy
stirred from her slumber. Shaking the fuzzy haze of sleep from her mind, she
quickly rose and started her morning stretches. Donning a pair of loose grey
sweat pants and a white tank top, she headed towards the door, stopping briefly
to pick up her running shoes. Without a sound, she navigated her way to the
hidden exit Albus Dumbledore had shown her the week before when she had first


Once there,
she pushed the door open and slipped outside into the chilly morning air. After
a few more stretches, she was on her way, circling the castle grounds at an
energetic jog. On completing a full circuit, she came to a stop and began the
familiar motions of Tai Chi that Angel had taught her what felt like a lifetime
ago. When her heart beat and breathing returned to normal, Buffy returned to
her room to shower and dress.


Sitting at
her vanity Buffy scrutinised her reflection. Frowning, she noticed that two
months hadn’t been long enough for her to regain the weight she’d lost since
returning from death and leading an army of pre-pubescent girls to war.
However, it had been enough time for the bags under her eyes to disappear and
the dull listlessness in her eyes to vanish.


her shoulders, she dispelled the thoughts and set about getting ready for the
day ahead. Studying her outfit when she was done, she decided it would do, and
then set about choosing various weapons to accessorise. After all, a girl had
to be prepared for every situation.





watched, face impassive, as her class filled with the 7th year
Gryffindor/Slytherin combo. She’d just finished the most torturous class with
1st year Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs and promised God she’d do anything He
wanted for the rest of her life, so long as she didn’t have to go through it
again. Of course, she knew that God didn’t work that way, and cursed herself
for agreeing to the job in the first place. What had she been taking? Thinking
it would be great fun to teach little witches and wizards all about the world
she lived in!


those thoughts away, she turned her attention towards her students once more.
Spying the form of one of her more interesting students, she smirked in
anticipation. ‘This should be much more entertaining than my previous class,’
she thought to herself.


“So, is the
gang all here?” she addressed her query to the front few rows, as the kids at
the back of the class were still getting settled.


me?” one student replied, as the others just looked confused at her ‘rather odd
speech’ as Dumbledore had put it.


Rolling her
eyes Buffy tried again, “Is this everyone? Are all of the students here?”


“Oh. Yes,
this is all of us, I believe,” the girl replied quite primly, as though Buffy
were beneath her.


Buffy moved
to perch on the edge of her spiffy new desk, while making a mental note to
break the girl of that nasty little habit. Glancing at the watch Professor
Flitwick had so kindly charmed for her, Buffy noted that the kiddies were a tad
bit early. ‘Curiosity of the masses no doubt,’ she smiled with amusement.


motioned to one boy to stand, and as he did, the rest of the class fell silent.
The boy, who she noted was a Gryffindor, seemed to be contemplating how far he
could push her. Evidently making up his mind, he turned a cheeky grin her way
and saluted smartly. The class tittered at his blatant display of impertinence.


Keeping her
face blank, she barked so suddenly the entire class jumped, “When I want you to
salute, boy, I’ll tell you. You stand when I say stand, and do no more.


she watched as the boy nodded his head emphatically, obviously trying not to
tremble in fear. Bestowing a sunny smile upon him, instantly unsettling him,
she asked for his name. When he replied, “Er… Dean Thomas, Professor.” she
motioned him to sit.


“Very well
then, Dean Thomas, tell me, why are all of the green and silver tie people
separate from the red and gold tie people? Is there some special rule?”


“Erm… no.
It’s just… well, they’re Slytherins, Professor,” he stammered uncomfortably.


“Yes, and?”
She arched one brow quizzically.


Gryffindors,” he replied, as though that answered everything. It didn’t.


“That’s not
an acceptable answer. Try again.” Buffy commanded her eyes narrowed.


Gryffindor and Slytherin… that is, we don’t like each other,” he said with a
lopsided smile.


“I see,” she
replied with a frown.


up her brow, she appeared to be in deep thought. The students exchanged
glances. Was this woman loony or what, they pondered. Suddenly, she
straightened, apparently she had come to some sort of conclusion.


“Okay, I want
you all lined up at the front of the class, Gryffindors to the left side and
Slytherins to the right. Boy, girl, boy, girl, please.”


There were
groans and nasty comments from both houses, as they moved to do as she had


talking, and be quick about it. We don’t have all day!” She just rolled her
eyes at their grumbling.


When they
had assembled, she moved to pair them up. A boy and a girl, each of a different
house, were paired, and assigned a table, until there was no one left.
Complaints were simply ignored, and the student in question docked 5 points
until no one dared say anything.


surveyed the class, and nodded her head in satisfaction. Inwardly, she grinned
at the sour faces present on all faces.


begin. I’m Buffy and that’s what you’ll call me, understand? None of this
‘Professor Summers’ stuff. Dumbledore tells me it’s 'highly unprofessional, my
dear’ and I told him if he wanted professionalism he should’ve blackmailed
someone else into the job.” She winked at the open-mouthed, shocked mass of


“Now, I
want each of you to know that I will not
tolerate any sort of prejudice. I had enough of that in high school. Where you
are sitting now, is where you will be sitting for the whole year. Exceptions
will not be made.”


Many of the
students started to protest, but Buffy held firm.


“I’m going
to tell you all a little story,” she said, when the protests had died down. “A
long time ago there was a girl, she was your typical Californian valley girl-
who knows what a ‘valley girl’ is?”


“A daft
mudblood yank!” One boy called out. A few of the Slytherins sniggered.


right,” Buffy agreed, nodding at him, to the amazement of others.


your name?” she asked.


Malfoy.” He seemed indignant, as though he was insulted that she didn’t know
who he was. “And let me guess,” he continued pompously, “This silly bint you’re
on about, it was you wasn’t it? We’re not stupid, like you Americans, you know.
We English are intellectually superior, in both the wizarding world and the muggle world, to our American
counterparts.” All of the students in the class seemed to agree with him, as he
sat back and regarded her with a smug look on his pointed face.


 She stood, her head tilted to the side, as
she considered what he said.


“Yes. I
suppose you’re right, Draco.” She watched as a Spike-a-licious smirk spread
across his features.


“Even so,”
she continued, “That doesn’t mean you can completely disregard what I have to
say. I am the professor here, not you.”


The smirk


“So, let’s
start again. I use to be a vain, shallow and self-centred person. Much like you
must be, Draco.” The Gryffindor students tittered. “I was pretty, popular and
had whatever I wanted. What I didn’t have, well… let’s just say what Buffy wanted,
Buffy got. I didn’t care about anyone but myself. Anyway, my life was perfect,
and then something happened. Something changed and my perfect little life was
turned upside down. Let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty. My wake up call to
reality was rude, abrupt and non-refundable.” There a few giggles at the last


“Anyway, my
introduction to all things supernatural changed me so much that I lost all of
my friends. My popularity, my power, everything, it was all gone. I realised
then that all of my friendships were as superficial as I was. They weren’t real
and neither was I. The next few years for me, were all about discovering about
who I really was. Self-discovery shall be our first lesson, because if you
don’t know who you are, how can you know who your enemy is?” Buffy concluded


One girl,
from Gryffindor, raised her hand.




Granger, Prof… Buffy,” The girl smartly changed what she was going to say at
the warning look Buffy shot her. “What does all of this… this… what does it
have to do with Defence Against the Dark Arts. You seem very off topic…”


started to laugh, interrupting whatever the girl had been about to say.


“I know I
must seem to have a very unusual teaching method…”


“More like
no method at all,” Draco Malfoy called out mockingly.


“But trust
me,” she continued, shooting a glare at the boy, “It will all make sense


“All of the 7th year students will be receiving some
special…lessons so to speak. I’m here not only to teach you Defense Against the
Dark Arts, but about yourselves and the world in general too.”


“Now for homework, I want you to write an essay about yourself. I want
you to list all of your attributes and flaws. What kind of person are you? Who
or what helped shape the person you are? Be brutally honest with yourself. The
only person who is going to read what you write is you. I don’t want you
sharing this with your friends. It’s to be a private monologue of what you
think about yourself not what others think about you. It can be as long or
short as you want but you must complete it tonight and have it sealed and on my
desk in the morning.”


“How do we know you won’t read it though?” Draco drawled skeptically.


“You don’t. You’ll just have to trust me,” Buffy rolled her eyes.
“Besides, you’ll be getting them back at the end of the year so you’ll be able
to see for yourself that the seal is unbroken. The idea is that at the end of
the year you will be able to read what you wrote and see how much you have


“What if we haven’t changed?” One boy from Gryffindor spoke up.


Buffy studied the boy, noting how he fidgeted under her gaze.


“Oh, I guarantee you will have changed,” she said softly, still staring
him straight in the eyes. “You may not like the changes,” she continued in that
tremulous voice. “You may, and others may not.” She looked towards Draco now as
she spoke. “You may change for the better or maybe the worst, but you will


The students were quiet, the foreboding tone of her voice hung over them
like a dark presence as they considered the weight of her words.


“Don’t worry, I’ll be here throughout the year if you need someone to
talk to, even if you don’t want to talk, I’m here for you. The changes in you
will be based on the decisions you make and a lot of the decisions will be made
because of the things I’m going to tell you, show you or teach you. So don’t be
afraid to come to me with any questions you may have, whatever they may be
about. I’m here to help you, don’t forget that.”


“That sounds really ominous, Buffy,” Dean Thomas commented, looking up
at her, his eyes dark with apprehension.


“I’m telling you this now so you can prepare for what’s coming. Sure,
not all of it is going to be pretty, but not all of it is going to be bad
either. Nothing is all good, and nothing is all bad,” Buffy replied.


“What about Voldemort!” The Gryffindor boy from before, shouted out,
full of anger and breathing heavily.


“What’s your name?” Buffy asked, gently.


“Harry Potter,” he replied confidently, amongst whispers of disbelief.


“Nothing is black and white, Harry,” she replied, choosing to ignore the
whispers as well. “Like I said, nothing is all good, nor is it all bad.”


“Shades of grey,” Draco Malfoy said softly.


“What was that, Draco?”


“I said, shades of grey. The world is full of shades of grey, each
varying in strength. Some are darker and others lighter, but there is never a
pure black or white. It’s all muted,” he said softly, all of his previous
arrogance gone. Instead, his voice was like a rumbling purr. It was something he truly believed in- he was not
simply parroting his father.


The entire class sat in shocked silence at the insight Malfoy had shown.


“How very true, Draco, “Buffy said, sadly. “You remind me of someone I
once knew. He was,” she giggled, “the ‘Big Bad’.  He wasn’t a good person. In fact when I first met him he tried to
kill me on numerous occasions. He was a soulless monster,” There were shocked
gasps at that, while Draco just smirked as though it was a great compliment. He
was listening attentively though, Buffy could tell he really wanted to know
about this person her reminded her of.


“What happened?” One Slytherin girl finally asked.


“He changed. It wasn’t voluntary on his part, at least not at first, but
something happened and he really did change. To prove himself worthy, he faced
three trials and won. As a reward he was granted what his heart most desired-
his soul.” She continued without breaking eye contact with Draco. She let him
see all of what she felt, hiding nothing from him. All her guilt, regret, love
and grief, she let it show in her eyes.


“What a bloody ponce. Sounds like this ‘Big Bad’ of yours was just a
nancey boy. He sounds pathetic!” Draco sneered at her but he couldn’t or
wouldn’t meet her eyes.


Buffy frowned. This was going to be harder that she originally thought.


“You have no idea what you’re talking about,” she spoke low,
menacingly.  Some students look startled
at her abrupt change in mood.


“All of you are so young. You’re arrogant, trusting too much in your own
little world. Foolishly trusting what you’ve been told all of your lives
instead of finding out for yourselves. All of you, even you dark, ambitious
Slytherins, are so innocent to the truths of the world. You’re in for a rude
awakening!” she growled, angry for some unexplainable reason. She shakes her
head as though to disperse her negative emotions.


“It make me so angry,” she murmered more to herself than anyone else. “I
guess it’s not really your fault though.” She finally looked up and stared
Draco Malfoy straight in the eyes. He held her gaze with a mask of cool


“Don’t ever talk of things you cannot hope to comprehend,” she said
softly, yet her words carried through out the hushed room.


Draco continued to stare defiantly and a mini battle of wills between
professor and student was waged. Neither gave and inch, both gave it their all.
Finally they both conceded the other as a worthy opponent, the battle was over,
the war had just begun.


The students watched on in silence, not understanding the silent
conversation between professor and student but knowing instinctively not to
interrupt. Neither was who they seemed on the surface.


Finally the moment was broken when one student sneezed. Buffy looked
around at the children, noting their sombre mood, she smiled inanely.


“Okay, kiddies, show’s over, as is our first class together. No need for
tears though, as we have another tomorrow morning, when you are going to hand
up your essays! Don’t forget! Class dismissed!”


The students groaned at the reminder before scrambling to get their
belongings together and hurry to their next class.





A/N: Well
then here we are, finally! I’ve been procrastinating something fierce, so
terribly sorry. Hope to have more out soon! Let me know what you think!





The End?

You have reached the end of "Pride and Prejudice" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Feb 04.

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