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To The Edge

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This story is No. 5 in the series "The Convergence Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Wibbly Wobbly timey wimey doesn't even begin to explain how complicated her journal's gotten. Part of the Convergence Verse

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyjezaeiriFR1314,6132153,23919 Jul 1119 Jul 11No
Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS, DW or TW. They belong to their respective owners and I make no profit from this.

A/N: Ok so this little experiment is something that I've been tossing around in my head for over a year. And while I've been trying to rebuild all my notes I've been working on this first chapter.

June 11, 2003

You know I thought that there being lots more slayers now would mean I'd get to relax, sit on a beach and work on my tan. Maybe go to one of those hotels with the yummy pool guys to bring me cold glasses of fruity drinks.

Apparently what I thought would happen and reality are just never gonna be mixy things.

Because that dream or one where I spend my days shopping and nights clubbing and somewhere in between harassing Dawn to do her homework just aren't gonna happen. Nope, instead reality has checked into the Buffy dream hotel and it's a slime demon in a business suit. It figures.

So my plans have changed. Everyone's plans have changed but still....fruity drinks and I miss the dream.

Reality is a lot different. So far we've got over a hundred slayers to cope with and a new support system to build for them too. Basically, all the brainy types (Willow, Giles, Wesley, and Robin) sat down and went over the basics to make a plan. Then they drug the rest of us veterans in and had us add to it. Lets just say I now hate conference rooms and nine hour meetings. Research mode is more tolerable than coming up with budget stuff and how to train the mini slayers.

But the plan seems like it will work and I'm proud of it even if I didn't like working on it. The new slayers will never have to deal with the sort of crap Faith and I had to under the system we're starting.

Yes, we.

Oh how I wish I could have taken a nice long vacation.

Basically there's slayers all over the world now. We have to gather them up and train them. But there's also demons all over the world and we're not going to drag these girls away from their families and homes. So slayers all over the world. That means we have to have support for them all over the world. And since we're the ones who changed the rules we get to do the dirty work.

I put my foot down though. At least in regards to one thing-Dawn. She's had too much drama and crazy happen to her in the last few years and I made it clear about wanting somewhere stable and fairly quiet for her to finish out high school. Which meant that Faith and Robin and pretty much all of the Sunnydale slayers got hellmouth and setting up a school duty. I wish them lots of luck in Cleveland and managed not to say “neener neener neener. That's what you get for doing the nasty in my bed Faith.”

Dawn and I got Rome. Willow found Dawn a good school and while the demon population is fairly sized apparently they're mostly peaceful and don't like to draw attention to themselves with Vatican City so close. Plus Giles says that we need a central location for the Mediterranean and Rome is more politically stable than most of the other options.

It also means that Dawn and I are on our own. Which leads to why I'm sitting in an airplane writing this. I'm Watcher free and according to Giles that means I have to do my own slayer journals. Apparently almost all the Watcher's Council's journals of previous slayers got blown up and now that I've changed the rules I get to deal with what that means.

Even keeping logs of my own slayer type adventures. Oh the joy that isn't.

June 14, 2003

The apartment that the Council owned (that we now own.) is pretty nice. Which just makes me have the urge to find out where they buried Travers so I can go dance on the old ass hat's grave and go neener neener neener. Yes, I'm that petty. I didn't want him to die but I had to work at the Doublemeat Palace to pay the bills and they had so much money and property and other valuable stuff that Willow still doesn't have a solid number yet that it pisses me off.

Ok, rant over.

Rome is beautiful and the shopping is amazing. So is the food. Dawn loves it already. I've found a big flaw. I don't speak Italian. I barely passed French in high school and now I'm somewhere were the only words I've figured out so far are yes, no, and thank you. Dawn's already gotten herself about a dozen books on learning the language and wants to go to one of the universities to find herself a tutor. I'm willing to go with it so long as the person can pass inspection by myself and a background check by Willow. I'm not putting Dawn in any more danger than necessary.

June 19, 2003

We finally have the apartment set up the way we want it. Which is pretty much the only thing we've really gotten done besides going to Dawn's school to make sure she can attend classes in the fall, shop and sight see. Though all the running around the city having fun and spending money has given me a feel for the basic layout. I know where the big land marks are. Which is good because I'm planning to start patrolling again tonight.

June 20, 2003

I will never say it out loud but I should have listened to Dawn and taken a map with me. I got lost eleven times and had to call Dawn for directions twice when I couldn't find someone who spoke English to help me out. I didn't make it back until after the sun had come up.

Dawn's never gonna let me live it down.

June 26, 2003

I've got a lot better feel for the city now. All thanks to my trusty map and spending fourteen hours a day just walking around the city. I even went to the address of the building that Giles wants me to convert into a slayer house and checked it out while I was walking.

The place is huge, some old building owned by some powerful family during the Renaissance. Medicine or something like that he said. Anyway, it huge, its old and its gonna take a lot of work.

It figures.

I'm gonna go back tomorrow and take a bunch of pictures with the camera I bought on my way home today. Then I'm gonna have Dawnie send them to Xander so I can get him to tell me what he thinks I should have done. I'm more of a destructo girl. He's the fix it man.

July 2, 2003

Go set up a slayer house, it won't be so hard. Yeah right. Big fat lie much? Dawn printed me the list Xander sent—It's five pages long!

I spent the whole day wanting to bang my head against a wall. I've got until May to finish everything for when the mini slayers start showing up and the only way to get it all done is to go slayer mode.

Oh, and Dawnie found herself a tutor. I vetoed the hot twenty year old guy she picked out first and now she's got a nice girl who is a history major as a tutor. Dawn pouted but I threatened to sit in on every session with a sword if she picked the guy.

I guess I won this round.

July 6, 2003

Some people call him the Immortal. He prefers to be called Javier though and he actually is immortal. Word to the wise, don't pick up something cursed by a goddess' priest. I had Dawn do a little research and he's got a reputation as not evil but not a white hat either. We met by accident when I found a new demon club (a far cry from Willie's-they have standards here or something). Anyway, he knew who I was and welcomed me to town.

He and his boyfriend took me to lunch today. I hate to say it but I like him. He's fun and so is his boyfriend Pierre.

July 13, 2003

Had a meet and greet with all the peaceful local demon clans today. Javier set it up. Most of them seemed not only nice but glad to have a slayer in the city once I explained about the fact that myself and the rest of what has now been named the International Watchers Council don't see things in black and while like the old Council did. So long as they aren't killing people or trying to end the world we've got no problem with them living their lives in peace.

Giles and I even talked on the phone about setting up treaties with them. It was Dawn's idea actually. She pointed out that if we can have diplomatic relations with countries then we could also have them with demon clans who are basically societies by themselves. It was a bit of a reminder that Dawnie is a lot smarter than we give her credit for. Especially since she went out and found herself five more tutors (one reminds me a lot of Andrew) so that she could make up for all the school she missed and possibly get ahead so that there's no gap between an American school system and an Italian one.

July 17, 2003

We've finally developed a bit of a schedule around here. Which is scary in its own way. Dawn sees each of her tutors for school stuff twice a week and her Italian one (Lucia) three times a week. The rest of the time she's up to her eyeballs in books or on her laptop. Me on the other hand, I spend my days working on setting up the slayer house and have lunch with either Javier or Pierre or both of them and my nights out in slay mode. Javier even told me which clubs the vamps in town tend to hit looking for tourists to eat.

July 29, 2003

Had to make a short trip to Venice to deal with a water demon that was eating people. It woke up after over three hundred years when an old building where it was sleeping shifted or something. Took me almost an hour to wash the slime out of my hair.

Dawn stayed with Javier and Pierre while I was out of town. I'm not sure if that was a mistake or not. They were a bad influence on her. They gave her a makeover, took her hottie spotting and Javier gave her over two dozen books on demons as a present. According to Dawnie a couple of the books were ones that weren't supposed to exist any more. She's had her nose buried in them all day.

July 30, 2003

Yep, bad idea to leave her with Javier. Dawn hasn't just declared that she wants to be a Watcher but that she wants to take over the IWC when Giles finally retires. She says that I should stop having a frowny face because Giles won't leave for at least ten years and by then she'll be older than I am now but I can't help it. I don't want Dawnie to think that its her only option. She's smart enough to do anything she wants.

August 3, 2003

Dawn's not letting go of her plan to eventually take Giles' place. She's even laid out a plan. She found out what she needs to do in order to graduate high school next spring-two years early. And she's talked to Giles about getting into Oxford after. She's spending every waking hour until school starts in a couple of weeks studying to test out for credit for over a year's worth of classes too.

I'm honestly not sure if I'm impressed by how she's attacking the project or completely against it.

Possibly both.

I'm planning on sitting her down and talking about it like adults over dinner tonight. She's earned that much.

August 4, 2003

I'm guess I'm going to have to accept her choice. I don't like it but Dawnie made some very valid arguments and points at dinner last night. I hate admitting she's right but Giles won't be around forever and eventually we are going to need someone leading the Council that everyone not only trusts but that knows the reality of what being a slayer means.

Dawn is the best fit.

I guess I lost this round but at least I know that the Council will be in good hands.

August 13, 2003

Why is it I always end up with slime in my hair and blood all over my clothes? Is it some sort of rule or something? The Powers way of reminding me that I can't ever keep an outfit long enough for it to go out of style?

And my night started so well too. Dinner with Javier and Pierre at this great little place with the best food I've ever eaten. Then death, mayhem, slime, tunnels, blood and my dress completely ruined. I had to kill the thing with my high heel of all things. I didn't even try to walk back home in them and then had to walk almost a mile home barefoot.

Dawn's still complaining about the smell.

Which is perfect revenge for that slayer sense of smell assault she called dinner last night. I don't know what was in it but I still can't go in the kitchen even after airing out the apartment all day.

August 17, 2003

Javier is my hero. Or at least the best translator ever. I really should start to learn Italian soon but that's not the point. Anyway, renovation fun on the new slayer house has begun. Javier got me a list of about five dozen construction type companies and people and then Willow went through it and picked the ones that passed the security screening she set up. Basically its going to take until the new year to finish all the renovations and then I have to stock the place with what we need. Giles and Willow are supposed to have all the books gathered up and ready to ship around the new year which is good because I'd be so lost trying to do it and Javier said he'd see what he could dig up locally for me too.

So all I really have to do since Xander gave me such a specific list is sign off on all the crap and order everything else that's going to be needed.

August 28, 2003

Easy job my left butt cheek. I've had everyone and their dog sending me lists of stuff I'm gonna have to stock the house with along with nine billion and one things from the contractors. I'm drowning in paperwork and since Dawn took over the dining room table for her school stuff I'm having to work on the coffee table.

And use a computer. Have I mentioned how much I am NOT the computer type?

I need to slay something.

September 10, 2003

I have discovered the best thing ever. Online shopping.

September 14, 2003

Dawn managed to slay her first non vamp type demon on her own. I'm so proud.

And maybe a little scared. She used a flame thrower.

September 29, 2003

Been busy. Between Council work, Dawn starting school for the fall, patrolling, and training Dawn on how to fight I haven't had time to do anything but sleep and eat if I get the chance. At least until tonight. Javier and Pierre kidnapped me for a night out to relax and have fun. We ate too much, drank too much and went dancing. So much fun. I needed it.

Because apparently Dawn called them and told them I'd gone 'bitch faced' and grumpy and if they didn't make me relax she was going to sic Faith on me.

October 2, 2003

Giles is evil. Andrew arrived this morning and he's staying in Rome indefinitely.

This is not going to end well.

There's a nerd in my apartment and he's got geek toys and has had about forty cups of coffee since he got on the plane this morning.

October 5, 2003

Andrew spilled something on the dining room table. World War three broke out. Andrew is still wimpering in a corner.

October 9, 2003

Andrew is no longer in our apartment, thank the Powers. We finally found him an apartment of his own. In another building, halfway across the city.

October 16, 2003

I have found uses for Andrew. I've dumped all of the ordering of supplies for the slayer house off on him. I didn't know anything about computers or kitchen stuff anyway and he's so much of a girl I'm sure he can pick out everything else just fine. Giles sends me the sea monkey to 'help reduce your stress levels' and I'm gonna make the little Trekkie do it. Besides I think he just sent me Andrew because Faith threatened to stuff him and turn him into a weapons rack.

But on the plus side I've got the construction stuff under control now and finally have some free time again. Not that it matters a whole lot in regards to Dawn. She only goes out with me patrolling on weekends now because she has school and every other minute of her days she spends up to her eyeballs in education stuff.

I might have to have to go out of town for another 'slay' trip just so I can con Javier and Pierre into distracting her because I've tried and can't manage it.

October 24, 2003

Going patrolling with Dawn tonight. Should be quiet.

October 24, 2003

I'm not sure where to start. Maybe because there isn't a start. That's not true, there is a start. And an end. And another start. Except they're all the same and all at the same time and all different. Or maybe I've just finally lost my mind or gotten a whole new level of clarity.

Maybe its none of that.

Maybe its all of that and more.

So where do I start?

His name is the Doctor and he's not from this world. Not from this time. He's an alien, a Time Lord.

How do I know this?

Because I've seen him and he's seen me and and I saw all of time and space in him. He destroys planets, he saves worlds, he runs and runs and runs.

He helped me save Dawn.

Well technically he and his friend Martha gave me a ride in a space ship that looks like a blue box and then I knocked him out and killed the time traveling alien demon that had kidnapped Dawn in order to destroy the universe but still, he helped.

More than that. He changed everything.

Nothing is the same now. Not me, not him, not anything. And he did it.

And he didn't even know.

Day with Doctor 1

I'm on a space ship. A Tardis. It stands for Time and relative something or another. Basically its a blue box that's bigger on the inside and looks like there's a big bong in the center of the main room. Martha laughed when I pointed it out and the Doctor just gave me a funny look and mumbled something about Johnny Rotten. I'm not sure I want to know.

I don't know where or when (that's so odd to even think) we're going but I'm glad I decided to come. I'm free.

Day with Doctor 2

Have a new jacket and got in a bar brawl in the 25th century of all places. So fun.


Running. I did a lot of running today. And saving a planet. And its was fun.


Note to self. Ask what the food is before I eat it. Another note to self. Be careful what I say to random men in different centuries on different planets when one wrong word can land me almost married to an alien that looks a lot like a cross between an alligator and a rooster.

On a plus note the Doctor looks so very funny covered in mud.


Saved another planet. This one in the middle of a civil war. Or maybe it was a religious war Not sure. Basically it boiled down to the color of some stupid ceremonial hats and a very strange dance.

DWD 17

Galaxy hopping to stop some evil overlord wannabe that looked a lot like a cross between Darth Vadar and one of those things out of the Alien movies. Spent any time we weren't running or about to be killed cracking jokes about the baddie with Martha. Doctor didn't appreciate all that much but oh well.

DWD 21

Almost got eaten by giant worm. Officially hate anything that doesn't have legs.

DWD 23

Landed in swamp. Seriously doubting the Doctor's driving abilities.

DWD 29

Ancient China very cool. Dealing with acid flinging alien not so much. The only bonus is the Emperor threw us a party and we got presents. Clothes and sharp shiny and pointy presents for me. Yay!

DWD 32

Officially hate lizards. Space lizards especially.

DWD 33

Ended up in Alexander the Great's bedroom today. He hit on the Doctor. Martha got me pictures. The Doctor has taken to hiding from us and puttering around under the TARDIS console because we keep cracking up every time we see him.

We haven't mentioned yet that Martha's got pictures to him. We're saving it for when he does something really annoying.

Like land us in a swamp. Again.

DWD 47

Been a very long two weeks stuck on the 'pleasure' planet from hell. I've been 'relaxation-ed' to almost death and I'm pretty sure that stupid AI and its little robot drones force feeding me has made me put on about twenty pounds.

DWD 50

Worked off the weight running around London. That's the only good thing that came of this. Have I mentioned I hate lizards? Next time the Doctor gets to deal with the lizard and I get to use the bow and arrow.

DWD 52

I'm gonna kill him myself. He's brilliant he says. Martha and I so don't agree. We're stuck in London and its 1969. So not kidding either. We. Are. Stuck. The TARDIS isn't even in the same century as we are!

So yeah, seriously considering going postal on those stupid Angels.

Unfortunately doing it at the moment isn't an option and sitting in a cafe listening to the Doctor ramble about how to get us home while I write isn't solving the problem of us not having anywhere to sleep so I should go.

DWD 55

I managed to find us some place to stay. It isn't great. As a matter of fact its downright gross but at least its has four walls and a roof. The thing about being a slayer is that I can always find vamps. And vamp nests if I have to. Its an old printing house and it barely qualifies as a non bio hazard but from what I can tell the vamps had been using it for months if not years so I figure we're good for a bit until we can get the money for a hotel.

Have to be careful about slaying though. If the old Council finds out there's a slayer running around London all hell is going to break loose.

DWD 57

And the place is finally clean. Well clean-ish. It took Martha and I two days to do it. Not quite sure where the Doctor's been. He left yesterday night after saying something about a dump and hasn't come back yet. Martha and I are both too tired to go hunting for him so we're going to wait till morning.

DWD 58

Doctor came back covered in feathers. Afraid to ask.

DWD 58-2

Doctor built us a shower, sort of. No hot water but its a vast improvement from what we had.

DWD 59

Martha found a job at a little shop that sells fish and fries.

Ok, fish and chips. Apparently I'm too American.

DWD 60

Martha makes tips and gets to bring home leftovers. Had first decent meal in over a week. And she stopped and got us shampoo and real soap. Shower time.

DWD 63

Found a job. Waiting tables. I get to eat for free though and brought home food and tips. Martha and I are going to see if we can't find some real bedding instead of cushions from a sofa that might just be as old as the Doctor.

DWD 65

Doctor has disappeared again. Not sure where he went this time.

On a plus note Martha and I were able to afford an second or maybe third hand mattress and some bedding. And another outfit each. No more washing my clothes by hand every night.

DWD 66

Doctor showed up again. With a lopsided wheelbarrow full of stuff. Not sure what he's up to and kinda afraid to ask.

Don't have time to anyway. Have to go to work. One good thing about being a slayer is lots of energy and can work 12 hour shifts at diner with no problems.

DWD 67

I'd say our 'house' has been invaded by aliens except I know the alien and he didn't exactly invade. He did, however, completely redo the place. I'm not sure how he pulled it off but now we have hot water for the shower, a beaten up but still working refrigerator and hot plate, some dishes, a couch and table and two lamps.

I'm going to focus on that because its the good stuff. The bad part is that I think he brought back every piece of electrical anything from the dump.

DWD 70

First payday. Spent it all already. On a plus note now have four outfits, some groceries, and bought the Doctor some different clothes so Martha and I can take his suit to wash properly.

DWD 77

Woke up with the strangest feeling this morning. Like ants crawling across my skin. Still hasn't gone away. Not sure what it means.

DWD 79

First night off since I started at the diner and Martha and I decided to go out. Drug the Doctor with us. Still not sure how going out for a drink ended with the Doctor getting thrown in the Thames by a demon but then that seems to happen a lot.

DWD 83

Been stuck in 1969 for a month now. Not happy.

DWD 87

Doctor almost got arrested today.

DWD 93

Doctor almost blew up the place. Whole 'house' smells like cabbage and wet dog.

DWD 99

Nearly a hundred days with the Doctor and Martha. Almost half of it spent stuck in the decade of craptastic fashion.

DWD 104

Doctor has disappeared again.

DWD 106

Doctor is back. With more junk.

DWD 109

Getting really tired of working ninety hours a week at a diner. Even more tired of the ass grabbing, bad clothes and having to slay on the down low. This decade sucks.

DWD 128

Long couple of weeks. Other waitress quit. Had to cover her shifts as well as my own. Only good thing that came of it was the money and that I've got four days off in a row coming as soon as I show the other new girl the ropes.

DWD 133

First day off. Going to do a whole lot of nothing.

DWD 133-2

Well that was a bust. 'House' now smells like blue cheese and burned hair and the Doctor is hiding from me. Must resist urge to make Time Lords completely extinct.

DWD 134

Went slaying. Took Martha with. She's surprisingly good with even a home made crossbow.

DWD 137

We got the Tardis back! Told the Doctor that if he does anything to get between me, a shower, my own clothes, coffee and a decent night's sleep that I would personally make sure he ends up trapped in a room with a group of PMSing slayers who have run out of chocolate.


Just a bit of fun. Please review.

The End?

You have reached the end of "To The Edge" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Jul 11.

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