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Bree Tanner's Alternate Life

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Summary: After 'Chosen', a new slayers' organization, ruthless towards its enemies, kind to potential allies, has arisen and flexes its muscle with the Volturi, creating a better future for a newborn 'cold one' - Bree Tanner.

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Twilight > Buffy - CenteredXovervoreFR1311,645031,33121 Jul 1121 Jul 11Yes

SUMMARY: After 'Chosen', a new slayers' organization, ruthless towards its enemies, kind to potential allies, has arisen and flexes its muscle with the Volturi, creating a better future for a newborn 'cold one' - Bree Tanner.


AUTHOR: Xovervore


A/N: I am not a fan of Twilight. I have not read the novels, and only seen the movies because I can get the DVDs free from my public library service. I am writing this crossover because I dislike a certain event in the third movie - 'Eclipse', which I have watched in late February, and so want to show how it could go with the "right intervention".

Disclaimer: I don't own BtVS (Twentieth Century Fox owns it; created by Joss Whedon & Mutant Enemy) nor Twilight (it belongs to Stephanie Meyer). Certain lines and events (and of course characters) from the movie 'Eclipse' (TM & (c) 2010 Summit Entertainment) are used in this story.

A/N 2: This is the first story I have posted on any fanfic site. Originally I was going to have a BtVS/SG1 story as my first, but as that is not quite completed, and this one has been sitting on my computer in a completed state for a couple of weeks, I have decided that might as well post this one.

Bree Tanner's Alternate Life


Tuesday May 20th 2003
Buffy leaped from building to building, chasing the fleeing school bus containing her friends, and catching up with it. It shouldn't have been possible, even if she had been uninjured; but a sword had been put through her. There was an explanation.

June 2003
After the defeat of the First with the collapse of Sunnydale, the slayers discovered that they had changed. Buffy and Faith were much stronger, quicker, tougher, and healed faster. The new organisation labelled their two superslayers praetors. Something of their new abilities had also seemed to have flown on to the other slayers, as over the following weeks the mini-slayers also improved compared with past slayers, though still nowhere near level of the two Chosen.

Investigation, by normal and mystical means, revealed the reason. When the mass activation of slayers occurred, potentials who were too old or too young were not activated. When a slayer dies a new potential still becomes a replacement. However, if a slayer dies within hours of activation, as occurred in the final battle against the First, there is no ready potential for the essence to move into. In this situation the essence moves into the two Chosen, boosting their powers further.

This happened when Amanda and other new slayers died at the Sunnydale hellmouth, enabling Buffy to recover extremely quickly from her 'mortal' wound. As to the mini-slayers, it was found that this related to the massive quantity of slayers augmenting each other slightly.

Buffy and Faith weren't happy about their enhanced power; Buffy especially, as she had been anticipating a semi-retirement from slayer field duty. But now such was not morally possible, it was an additional burden. To let normal slayers face everything, would be like a normal slayer letting normal humans face vampires when a slayer could, so their sense of obligation makes them soldier on as active slayers.

During the following years tales of their feats and of their great physical attributes reached across the world, even to the city of Volterra in Italy. Also widespread became knowledge of the temporal and mystical power of the organisation they represented - the Guardians Legacy Council.


April 2006
One day Buffy had an encounter with a creature that while it seemed to have some of the attributes of a vampire was also different in significant ways. It was very strong and fast, with stone-hard skin that sparkled in the sun. She thought she might have encountered a vampire with a gem of Amara, but that didn't account for all the differences. After she ripped its head off, she noticed it didn't dust, and so she threw the corpse, including the head, in her vehicle and drove back to HQ.

In light of what happened afterwards - having had to fight a reanimated monster, and this time disposing of the body in a fire; she then made urgent contact with the research division. They discovered some sealed records that related how there was a different variety of entity, that although they call themselves vampires and are blooddrinkers, are more properly known as 'cold ones', as their vampiricism is from a virus, not a demon, though there is a mystical element in the makeup of the virus.

Several weeks later several new related developments occurred. News came of mysterious deaths and disappearances in Seattle, that it was decided to investigate. But then Buffy and Faith both had a slayer dream that indicated that they were not to intervene in Seattle, but to let things progress there unhindered as the action would move elsewhere, and that they would be required to go to a small town called Forks and there rescue a young girl, a newborn cold one, as she was of importance to their future. It was decided that a team would observe in Seattle, but with strict instuctions not to interfere.

In preparation for their new mission the two praetors were each given a powerful magic charm recently developed by Willow, that could at will shield them from detection, making them invisible to all human and vampiric senses.

Thursday June 15, 2006

The four members of the Volturi Guard; from left to right from the viewpoint of an observer positioned in front of them - Dmitri, the vaunted tracker; Alec, the sensory nullifier; Jane, mistress of mind pain who is also their leader; and Felix, the muscle; glided forward across the field towards the standing line of the Cullens, doffing the head covers of their fancy robes as they neared.

The Cullen line consisted of (in left to right order, from in front viewpoint) Bella, Edward, Carlisle, Esme, Rosalyn, Emmett, Alice and Jasper (standing slightly back) and with Bree Tanner, the young newborn vampire who had surrendered to the Cullens during their fight with the vampire "army" (about 20) from Seattle standing behind Rosalyn. Off to the side of Bella and in front a bonfire burned.

When they were several metres away the Volturi stopped, with Felix about a metre back.
"Impressive. I've never seen a coven escape an assault of this magnitude intact," Jane stated in her flat voice. This would lead a disinterested observer to wonder how much she had seen, and leaving the question of how she knew of what magnitude the assault was.
"We were lucky," Carlisle replied.
"I doubt that," Jane said.
"It appears we missed an entertaining fight," Alex inserted.
"Yes. It's not often we're rendered unnecessary," Jane quickly followed-up with, her eyes making an upwards flicker.

"If you'd arrived a half hour ago you would have fulfilled your purpose," Edward flatly commented.
"Pity," Jane equally flatly responded after a pause.
She then took a lengthy pause, turned her head towards Bree, and said, "You missed one."
Bree started, and Jasper moved across to stand next to her.

"We offered her asylum in exchange for her surrender," said Carlisle.
"That wasn't yours to offer," Jane said [whose was it then ?]. Again she took a long pause before addressing Bree, "Why did you come?" Bree fell to the ground screaming in pain, as Jane, without giving her a chance to respond used her nasty mind power, then asking "Who created you?"
Bree yelled in agony, as Esme said, "You don't need to do that, she'll tell you anything you want to know."
"I know, " Jane quickly responded.
Bree made an 'ah' sound and coughed, then gasped out, "I don't know. Riley wouldn't tell us. He said our thoughts weren't safe."

"Her name was Victoria. Perhaps you knew her," Edward said sarcastically.
Carlisle turned his head towards Edward and diplomatically interrupted, "Edward; if the Volturi had knowledge of Victoria they would have stopped her. Isn't that right Jane?" His head turned back towards Jane.
"Of course," Jane answered after a significant pause. She than gave a single word command, "Felix", and Felix took a step forward.

"She didn't know what she was doing", Esme desperately said, and Jane put out one arm halting Felix. "We'll take responsibility for her," Esme continued.
"Give her a chance," Carlisle supportively said. Meanwhile, Edward started holding Bella.
"The Volturi don't give second chances," said Jane after another pause. Pausing again, she said, "Keep that in mind. Caius will be interested to know that she is still human."

"The date is set," Bella said. There was a long pause before Jane again spoke, "Take care of that Felix, ... I'd like to go home." Felix then strode straight forward, in between Carlisle, who lowered his head in shame, and Esme, who with a saddened expression moved aside to allow Felix through unhindered.

Jane gave a grin, that was quickly removed, when a voice called out from right next to her in a commanding tone, "Hold"; which froze Felix. Then amazingly a figure appeared from where the voice had come, and announced, "I am Praetor Buffy Summers." Buffy then produced a document, presenting it to Jane. "This is an Order of the Guardians Legacy Council that grants our protection to Bree Tanner," stated Buffy, in a commanding voice.

"Felix -," Jane started talking, but was interrupted by Buffy. "Consider your next words very carefully. You know what a Praetor is capable of." (in addition to splitting infinitives)
"Felix, return to us", commanded Jane.

Buffy then faced Jane, and said, "Before you go there is one more duty I must perform. To maintain the mystical balance it has been ordained that a vampire must die now. As Bree is now safe, another must be chosen as a replacement. I must choose, and I choose him". Before anyone else could act, Buffy struck with a sword slicing off the head of Demetri, and then immolated his body with a miniature flamethrower. "Fate is now fulfilled. Go." The stunned Volturi hesitated slightly before quickly moving away.

After the Volturi had departed, another woman magically appeared; this one a dark-haired one. She became visible standing next to Bree, to whom she said, "Hello, Bree; I am Faith, a friend of Buffy's, and we're going to be looking after you from now on."

And so it was that Bree Tanner, an innocent young girl, who didn't want to be a vampire, but simply wanted to pursue her love of books, was saved from the "justice" of the Volturi.

The Guardians Legacy Council also got a benefit. Buffy's final act in regard to the Volturi was done with bullshitting about a balance. Her real motive was a cold, calculating need to eliminate a Volturi with the supreme tracking ability that Demetri had, for the benefit of her charges (mainly slayers and witches).

'A Question' by Robert Frost
A voice said, Look me in the stars
And tell me truly, men of earth,
If all the soul-and-body scars
Were not too much to pay for birth.

The End

You have reached the end of "Bree Tanner's Alternate Life". This story is complete.

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