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Our Pack

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Our Roots Run Deep". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Side chaps from Child of the Hellmouth that start from Christmas break and go onward.

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Anime > YuYu HakushocalikocatFR13105,05822212,81022 Jul 115 Jun 13Yes

My Place: Rhonda

My Place: Rhonda
word count: 360


Her place has always been out in the open but at the same time hidden. It's been this way as long as she can remember. She doesn't go to the country club or go on fancy vacations. She's not sure how many people know, but almost no one at school does, that she's sure of.

Publicly her mom is a single woman raising a daughter. There is no father in the picture. Privately it is a different matter. Rhonda knows who her dad is, always has, his name is on her birth certificate. She sees him all the time and she even gets to come over during the holidays, when he's not vacationing with his legitimate family. The best part though is that he treats Rhonda the same as her sister. Just quietly.

Her sister. They get along well. They didn't mingle in the same social circles, not until she got caught up in what the Scoobies did anyway. They've always been close; away from school and the sheep that flock around Corrie. Rhonda is the only one who gets to call her that. Anyone else would get publicly humiliated. Well Gwen could get away with it, but Gwen was the housekeeper, and had practically raised Corrie while her parents were being social.

It wouldn't remain a secret forever. In fact she thought maybe Xander might figure it out soon. He'd already declared that Corrie had always smelled like pack.

The couch cushion beside her dipped a bit as her sister joined her. “Here we go. Gwen's famous low fat brownies with non-fat whip cream.”

Rhonda smiled and grabbed a brownie before un-pausing the movie. Watching ‘A Muppets' Christmas Carol’ every year was a guilty pleasure for both of them. “Thanks Corrie.”

“You do realize I don't like that name.” Cordelia gave her a scathing glare as Rizzo the Rat dashed through the bars of the gate after his jelly beans.

Rhonda smirked. “Which is why I use it.”

“You are so immature.” Cordelia rolled her eyes and delicately bit into a brownie as they watch the film. “Merry Christmas, Ronnie.”

“Merry Christmas, Queen C.”

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