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Our Pack

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Our Roots Run Deep". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Side chaps from Child of the Hellmouth that start from Christmas break and go onward.

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Anime > YuYu HakushocalikocatFR13105,05822212,73322 Jul 115 Jun 13Yes

My Alpha: Kyle

My Alpha: Kyle
word count: 940

Disclaimer: Buffy characters and YuYu Hakusho characters do not belong to me. No money is being made from this.


Alpha was different here, yet the same. He'd never really thought of his Alpha as someone’s little brother. But that's what he saw here. For the first time he saw that unlike a coin, Xander Harris had many sides. He snorted; Xander has had a strange influence on him. Before all the weird started happening, or at least when he finally noticed all the weird around him...he had at least made sense in his own thoughts. Now...not so much.

He gazed at the sleeping boy across the room. He can see fine from the haze the street lights outside provided. Xander was sleeping fitfully, twitching, with a small frown on his face. Even with that frown he was...pretty? Cute? Handsome? All of the above?

Before the Hyena, Kyle never would have made a play for another guy. That's one thing he's thankful for. The Hyena freed him in a way. It opened a whole new door. Heck, it doubled the number of all those fish in the dating sea. Which made things fun again and god knew a bored Kyle was a dangerous thing...except he wasn't dating. He didn't even want to date. There was no one he wanted...except Xander...and possibly Larry. Larry had a nice smile. Kyle shook thoughts of Larry away and watched the other teen shift restlessly and pouted, though there was no one there to see it.

Yusuke had provided a cot for him to sleep on, completely balking when they had gone to bed, in the same bed. Xander had argued that it was only sleeping, and it was a little late anyway. Yusuke hadn't budged an inch on the subject. So Kyle was on a folding cot across the room from his Alpha. The only one he wanted...except...Larry's face flashed in his mind again. There was definitely potential there.

A whimper snapped him out of his thoughts. Kyle looked around in confusion. He'd never heard a sound quite like it before. When he heard it again he was surprised that the source was Xander.

“Harris?” Another whimper was the only answer. With a quick flip of the covers his sheet and blanket were on the floor and he was at Xander's side looking down at the other boy. “Xander?” The salty smell of tears hit his nose and he knelt beside the bed, running his hands over Xander's shaking body before he even knew what he was doing. “Alpha?” He whispered, real fear creeping into him when Xander still didn't respond. Xander's sudden cry of anguish sent that fear straight to his throat and he shook the other boy. The first shake was gentle, then harder, when Xander only moaned, never waking up. “Oh god.”

Kyle rose to his feet, leaving the shaking miserable form behind him. His feet were swift, and quiet on the carpet of the hall. Much in contrast to his fist on the door to the Master bedroom this was loud and sudden; accompanied by a scream in the background.

Yusuke threw the door open, eyes hard, his hair ungelled and for a second Kyle was facing his Alpha. He knew that look. It was Xander's killing look. The look he got when one of his pack was hurt or in danger. Yusuke touched his shoulder, bringing him back.


“It’s Xander. I can't wake him.” Another whimper drifted out of the guest room.

“Damn.” Yusuke pushed him aside, hurriedly, yet gently, and made his way to their room. Kyle followed, but paused in the doorway; Xander was still shaking and murmuring in his sleep. What really surprised him though was what Yusuke did. Yusuke wasted no time in climbing into bed with Xander and embracing him. The act held no thought, it was a simple action, and it worked. It wasn't right away, but ever so slowly Xander's thrashing eased, the tremors stopped, and the tears became the barest trickle. Only the occasional whimper was left.

To say Kyle was shocked would be an understatement. He'd heard from more than one customer that Yusuke was a former delinquent. From Kuwabara and Rinku he'd been told that Yusuke was a bad-ass demon and one of the most powerful from the Makai. The descendant and heir of a king and practically a king himself with his own lands in the demon realm he'd heard about. But here and now the only face Yusuke wore was that of a worried brother.

“How did you know what to do?”

Yusuke's eyes met his across the shadowed room. “It was a nightmare.” His voice was soft. “It’s happened before. I don't know what he dreams about, but holding him always seems to help.”

Kyle nodded; it would be good to know for future sleepovers. “Thank you...I didn't… I didn't know what to do. This the first time I've seen one of his nightmares.”

Yusuke nodded. “Come to bed Kyle.”

Kyle hesitated, until he locked eyes with Yusuke, and saw the same kindness that Xander showed them all. Kind eyes that were a deep soft brown, just like Xander's. “Okay.” Kyle smiled and climbed onto the bed, curling up on Xander's other side. He watched as Yusuke wiped away the already drying tears.

A sense of acceptance settled over him. He got it. He understood then, in the quiet of the dark and early morning. Xander, his Alpha, needed someone strong. A partner. Someone to catch him when he couldn’t be strong. As a whole, the pack could be Xander's net. But just him? Kyle smiled sadly, licked the last tear away from Xander's cheek and fell asleep.

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