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Fresh Starts

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Fresh Starts 'verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sam Seaborn has accepted the DCOS position with the support of his fiancee Buffy. Is Washington ready for this couple? Can the supernatural and the political be kept separate?

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Authors note Okay so thank you to the information and reviews from - RHatch, FireWolfe, naraic, trouvera, ShalaDakiri, BuffySpear and evilredknight.

Epilogue: Fresh beginnings.

It had been five long years since Buffy and Sam had married. It had been a jam-packed set of years for both of them. Sam had come into his own, and earned a good reputation as a political operator, who knew where his priorities lay. He had been instrumental in passing an Educational Bill that he had been championing, since he had been the Communications Deputy Director. What was interesting was that Santos and Josh had insisted that he take lead. It wouldn't cross his mind as to why, until later on today.

The bill had passed in the Senate, and while there were Senator's names attached to the bill - it was Sam who had got the credit. It was amazing how useful it was, to have a friendly, legendary reporter, who would gladly help an old friend out; like Danny had helped out Josh when he explained why.

Unlike Sam, Buffy had quickly become a driving force in the murkier International political scene. Buffy had certainly transformed diplomatic negotiations, much to the amusement of everyone who knew her. Even her adoptive father had been helping further an agenda without anyone realising it. In America, the IWC had transformed its public face in recent years. Whilst they no longer hid completely, they didn't explain about their 'security division', but they had been showing the press the educational side.

Buffy had been pictured opening up new schools, which were being opened in the worst areas. It was a well-known cause, close to the hearts of both Buffy and Sam Seaborn, and the Press were only too happy to tell the American people. Of course, the press were unaware that the schools were opening because of the rapid growth of the demon populations, and the subsequent calling of many slayers - It was an inconsequential detail.

In truth, neither gave any thought about the potential political capital it would could help Sam gain. Buffy just loved the way sometimes fate could align and help all involved. Of the slayers being called, many were coming from deprived backgrounds, and the Council, given years of hidden power and a massive accumulation of wealth could afford the best supplies. To Buffy it was the most important thing; she wanted the girls being called to have every potential advantage. So if that meant finding the best teachers, resources and anything else she could think of then that is what she would do.

All the Scooby’s had seen how difficult life could be, and figured that given all the crap and potential world-endage they had stopped; they deserved to do what they wanted.

Which is how Sam came to this; the first thing which crossed his desk that morning on entering his office was the official notice that the Maryland Senator had passed a way from an unexpected heart attack. He never gave any thought about who would replace him; just what would the White House would need to do in response.

“Ginger!” It greatly pained him sometimes, when he took note of all the mannerisms of Josh’s he had picked up since agreeing to take up the post.

Ginger, god bless her heart, was more than cured of Sam. Buffy willingly indulged in her shopping habit to ensure in her continued good graces, and he was appropriately grateful.

“You hollered.” She drawled.

Sam had the good grace to look sheepish, and apologise. Whilst he may theoretically hold power as her boss, he was more than aware of the potential misery the assistants could cause when they band together.

“Your schedule is clear for meetings with the House Leaders to make sure the vote will be plain sailing.” Sam held back a reflexive wince at that statement. Ginger should know better than to jinx a bill like that, she’d worked for him for too long.

“What else?”

Ginger frowned, “Josh asked for you to come to a meeting with him in the Oval Office.”

Sam looked bemused, “Okay... Why the long face?”

Ginger looked curious more than worried, “Just the other people in the meeting are the Chairman, and Buffy.”

Sam was now admittedly curious, as Buffy had not mentioned travelling to the White House today. It had become a tradition for them to have dinner there on Friday if Buffy was in Washington. Buffy often made jokes about how ridiculous it was to be the American Director and spend so much time abroad.

Buffy took the time to head to Sam’s office before the meeting. Buffy had accumulated tremendous goodwill amongst the staff, so no one ever blinked when they saw her walking through the West Wing. The staff always loved when she did because the press avoided her. The idiot reporter, who had tried to interview her when someone had attacked the Presidents party, would still not get closer than fifty feet of her. The idiot had tried to find support to back him up about being threatened but suddenly found himself bereft of support or friends.

It had been a valuable lesson not to get in the way of Buffy. She was a nice woman, really she did try, but all bets were off when anyone she cared about was in danger. That was a lesson that everyone including the Press Corp learnt soon enough.

Sam’s curiosity was about to be answered as everyone filed into the President's office. The last election had been a breeze for Josh to navigate. The opposition's main candidates had scrapped too long between themselves, to launch any real campaign. Sam and Josh, had actually had fun derailing their campaign, and because they took it in turns, it made the President look even better. After all, he fought the election, the government kept running and the opposition appeared as if they couldn’t tie their own shoe laces.

Sam sat in the Oval office with his wife, listening in shock. Josh, the President, and the Chairman of the party sat around him. They were outlining a new path for him, one that would eventually see him sitting in the same seat as Matt Santos.

Buffy had already told him that she would support him in any path he chose, including this one. The opened mouth look was probably not his finest moment, but while people had spoken about this in very abstract terms; this was the very first time it had been said out loud in a serious context

“Just to be clear you want me to contest the Maryland seat in the Senatorial race?”

Josh smirked, “Sam you have the potential to go far. I’m telling you play it smart and in fifteen years it will be Seaborn for America.”

Buffy could see that Sam was weighing the pros and cons, “You always say that the best way to make a difference is to be the man.”

Sam grinned, “I did say that, well in that case. Sir I respectfully request a leave of absence to fight a Senatorial campaign.”

Santos grinned at his choice of words. Buffy was clearly more of an influence than previously realised, “I think I can swing that. Good luck Sam but I doubt anyone can stand in the way of you and Buffy.”

Sam whose hand had unconsciously entwined with his wife’s for support smiled softly, “We make a good team.”

No truer words were spoken, and seventeen years down the line, just like many predicted, Sam walked out onto the podium to take the Oath of Office, Buffy standing next to him.

It took a lot for the couple to reach this point; apocalypses during political campaigns, a Mossad director who needed a smackdown. Not only that but they were kids; international issues and many more stories that could be told.

The stories had been shared with their kids in very abridged versions, which required Sam to use every inch of his writing skills. Well soon enough the unabridged stories will be shared but that is a story for another time.

Authors note 2 Okay so wow, I have actually finished this first fic of the 'verse, which has completely grown - well beyond my initial idea. I would just like to thank everyone who read the story; reviewed the story or recc'ed the story.

This universe is not over and there are still so many stories that I want to tell. I hope for it to appear over the summer sometime, this includes the big sequel which is in the plotting stages, which shall be called. Fresh Starts: Road to the White House

The End

You have reached the end of "Fresh Starts". This story is complete.

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