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Weirdness Is Genetic

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Summary: Xander always hoped Tony wasn't his father. Jim never expected to be one. Jon just wants to get through high school without dying of boredom. Fate is a funny thing.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredSherzaFR1542113,99820307144,97523 Jul 1117 Nov 14No

Spike and Dru, Part 5

Spike and Dru Part 5

A/N: Disclaimer's in the first chapter.

October 4

Spike was anything but an idiot.

Thus far, his plan was working beautifully. He'd thrashed Angel and gained control of the Aurelius Clan. He had also sent Angel, tail tucked firmly between his legs, right back to the Slayer. Who would, upon hearing there was going to be a vampire get-together, feel honor-bound to do something.

On the night of St. Vigeous.

She and her band of helpers were going to be attacking a lair up to its eyeballs with vampires hopped up on, if not *real* extra power, then the perception that they were endowed with additional power. Spike had absolutely no idea whether or not the Slayer would triumph. Nor did he care.

The Slayer was going to be doing half Spike's job for him, by dusting the minions too fucking stupid to put two and two together and come up with four. Spike, in the meantime, would get a very, very good look at how the group fought in such a situation. If the minions managed to kill or seriously injure the Slayer's backup crew, Spike would be free and clear to take the Slayer on without having to worry about getting staked in the back. In short, Spike literally couldn't lose.

He knew Angel well enough to know that Angel would presume he knew Spike well enough to predict which warehouse Spike had set himself up in. Fortunately, Angel was wrong. Spike had very much liked that particular warehouse, but had gone with his second choice.

The only bad news was that Spike had spent most of the daylight hours wrangling a frantic, terrified Dru, who was babbling nonstop about fire and burning. The implications made Spike even happier he'd not be in the warehouse when things went down.

He'd also spent part of the daylight hours dealing with the smarter minions in Sunnydale. The ones who had used the tunnel system to check out the warehouse and found the instructions Spike had left just inside the tunnel. He'd ended up with ten fairly reliable, if limited, minions in addition to Lucas and the quiet minion from the Anointed One's court by dusk.

They all watched as the dumber minions began to converge on the warehouse as the sun went down. There was an additional five who arrived via the tunnel, saw the sign, and diverted to Spike's actual location. The rest all came via the surface and thus didn't see Spike's note. Spike shook his head in amused dismay, knowing the minions would stay in the warehouse, fully expecting Spike to make some sort of grand entrance as befit a Master of a court. Little did they realize he already HAD his court.

Building flamethrowers was surprisingly simple, if you knew what the hell you were doing. A couple tanks, some hoses, a few other odds and ends, and you were in business. The best part was that the individual components were easy to come by. You didn't even need any special permits.

Jon and Jim spent the morning putting the tanks together, since they were the only ones who knew what the hell they were doing. The two Sentinels chatted amiably as they worked, mostly about their respective Guides.

Giles and Angel spent the day watching the warehouse. Giles watched from various spots on the surface, while Angel covered the tunnel. Unfortunately, because Angel didn't want to be spotted by the various minions, he didn't pick a spot close enough to the warehouse's tunnel entrance to spot Spike's little note, or see the various minions backtracking to the nearest junction to head for the right warehouse.

They all gathered together for dinner several hours before their planned raid on the warehouse. Well, all of them except for Angel. For one, he didn't eat. Secondly, neither he nor Jim nor Jon were thrilled about him trying to sit at a table with two Sentinels.

At first the dinner was fairly quiet, as everyone was thinking about what they'd be doing in a couple hours' time, but after about fifteen minutes, the quiet dissolved as the teenagers lost the ability to sit in broody silence and started talking.

After dinner, they all trooped down to the basement to warm up, and then Jim and Jon took everyone outside, and to the beach for a demonstration on how to use the flamethrowers. At least out here, the chances of burning anything down were nil.

"Right." Jim said. "First rule: do not ever point the nozzle at anything you *don't* want to burn. Ever. Rule two: always double and triple check what you're aiming at and what's between you and your target. Again, if what's between you and them is something you don't want to burn, see rule one." He patted one of the flamethrowers. "Rule three: make sure you know where everyone on the team is so you don't accidentally trap them behind a wall of flame. For this particular exercise, that's basically going to mean staying *put* and not going around to the side where Buffy, Angel, and Joyce are, as Buffy and Joyce are going to be going into the warehouse to cut the vampires' avenue of retreat off and we don't want to barbecue Angel."

"Rule four." Jim continued. "Those of us who won't be using the flamethrowers need to stay the hell out of the flame zone. Stay behind the person with the flamethrower. They'll manage to hit anything coming at them from the front, you don't need to worry about that, just what might be coming up from behind. Rule five: when you're done flaming, double and triple check that everything is turned off before you take the rig off and/or let someone else approach you. Rule six: don't take the rigs off close to the warehouse once it's lit up. We do *not* need a firebomb." Jim said.

It was unlikely that anyone would be close enough to the warehouse for the tanks to overheat and join the furor, but Jim was taking no chances whatsoever, especially with a bunch of essentially untrained civilians.

The rules laid out, Jim ran everyone through using the flamethrowers. While it had been decided that Joyce, Willow, Blair and Xander, as the 'lesser' fighters, would be wielding the flamethrowers this time, it was entirely conceivable that the others would need to use the flamethrowers at some point in the future, so Jim was just giving everyone a primer right off the bat. Once everyone had gotten comfortable with the things, they split into their teams (still sans Angel, as it wasn't yet dusk), and did a few practice runs as teams.

Finally, it was dusk, and the group began making their cautious way towards the warehouse, trying to stay in the shadows and out of sight, so that any vampires heading that way didn't see them and raise the alarm. When they got close enough, Angel appeared from a nearby tunnel entrance.

"There's roughly forty vampires in the warehouse." Angel told them. "Maybe a few more ... there were a couple times when largeish groups came through and it was hard to tell exactly how many were in the group."

"Jesus. Forty vampires." Xander said, making a face. "And the worst part is, that's probably not even half the town's population of them."

Angel nodded. "You'd be right. I'm sure a number of them headed for the hills, but there's always going to be a section of them that think they don't have to do as Spike says and try to challenge his authority. He's going to be busy cleaning them out over the next weeks."

"Sounds like he'll be doing part of my job for me." Buffy said. "Almost makes me approve of the guy. Almost."

That got an amused snort from the others.

From there, they split up and began the tedious process of sneaking up on the warehouse without being seen. This was, given the terrain, a bit harder than even Jon was used to. There really wasn't much of anything to hide behind other than the other warehouses in the area, and a great deal of flat, open space between the warehouses.

Finally, everyone was in position. Angel found a slight gap in a seam of the metal siding of the warehouse ... just enough to get a fingertip grip on ... and pulled it back enough for two people to be able to grip as silently as he could. Buffy got right in next to him, and then she looked at Angel and Joyce, who both nodded.

On a silent count of three, Angel and Buffy hauled back hard on the metal panel, which shrieked in protest as it was ripped and folded back out of the way.

The loud sound was the cue for the other groups. Jon and Giles both knocked in one of the few ground-level windows on their sides, which allowed Willow and Xander to shove their nozzles into the warehouse and let rip without exposing themselves to too much danger.

At the same time, Jim had an inordinate amount of fun literally kicking the front doors in. Blair immediately stepped forward and started flaming everything that was moving.

To say the sudden appearance of three flamethrowers threw the residents of the warehouse into a terrified frenzy was to vastly understate the case. There was a lot of screaming and flailing going on. There was also, however, a surprising lack of anyone heading for the tunnel, as the minions were largely too panicked to use what little brains they possessed and try to get out of there.

Still, some of them did attempt to make for the tunnel, only to come face to face with a sword-wielding Buffy. With so much chaos going on, it was fairly easy for Buffy to dust the few that came her way.

Because he had retreated well away from the fire zone, Angel didn't see a very familiar black-haired female vampire race straight for Joyce ... or the resultant very swift end of said vampiress.

Spike had known that the Slayer and her gang would show up and try to kick ass, but even with Dru's warning ranting, he didn't expect flamethrowers. Torches or flaming arrows, yes. Flamethrowers, no. It made him that much happier that he'd decided to not be in the warehouse in question.

Unfortunately, that went to shit about a minute into the slaughter. Dru, who had gone very, very quiet in the last half hour or so, suddenly shrieked something about 'daddy' and bolted out of the warehouse. She was moving so fast that not even Spike was quick enough to stop her.

He and two of the minions raced after her, shouting for her to come back, but Dru had a head start on them and headed straight for one of the flamethrower-wielding Scoobies. Spike loved Dru more than just about anything in his unlife, but he wasn't about to become dust in a fruitless attempt to keep her from doing the same thing. He stopped when he realized he wouldn't catch up to her before she got in range of the flamethrower.

He whipped around and stormed back to the warehouse, refusing to watch Dru's last seconds, wanting to only have the memory of her as she'd been in unlife, not as a flaming, flailing, screaming victim of fire before she crumpled into dust. The various minions wisely got the hell out of his way, which let Spike stomp up to the office level of the warehouse and slam the door. Once he was alone, he sagged to the floor, eyes clamped closed and head bowed in grief.

It didn't take long for the warehouse to begin burning in earnest. At that point, Buffy got the hell out through the hole she and Angel had made in the wall, and Joyce shut down her flamethrower.

"Clear tunnel-side!" Buffy called over the roar of the fire, keeping her voice only just above speaking level as they had two Sentinels who would not thank her for bellowing.

"Clear!" Jim bellowed over the racket a minute later, indicating he'd heard from the other two groups. Buffy and Joyce immediately got while the getting was good, heading for their planned rendezvous point a mile or so down the docks.

"Any vamps get past us?" Buffy asked, as Angel sloped up now that the fire part of the evening was done with.

"Nope. Didn't even have any run up on us from behind." Xander said.

Jim and Giles both had similar comments.

"Well, we had a couple run up on us from behind, but they rethought the idea when one of them got barbecued." Joyce said.

"Anybody see Blondie? I didn't see him in the warehouse." Buffy said. "And that hair was rather visible."

Everyone looked at each other, only to get a round of headshakes. Except from Joyce.

"I think maybe I did." Joyce said. "There was a guy with bright blonde hair heading our way when I fried the one that got in range. He was one of the ones that turned tail and ran."

"Huh. Definitely a smart bastard then, if he ditched out before we got there." Buffy groused, then sighed. "Well, I still call forty-odd dusted vamps a good night's work, and vote we head back to the house."

"Agreed. There won't be much going on tonight, not after this." Giles said. "Everything will go to ground until things calm down, and by then it'll be sunup."
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