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Xander Grey-Summers

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Summary: school is over and Xander is left with nothing to do. When his mother tells him about his true parents he has to face a something about himself and the monster that created him.

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Chapter 3

Xander Grey-Summers

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Marvel or Buffy.

AN: Ok I kind of started looking for a pairing this chapter. It will most likely be a slash pairing since I have tried to write straight pairings and it had been a complete disaster. So I am going to be turning this into a slash story. I will give warnings for when a section has too much slash so anyone who doesn’t want to read it can skip ahead.

Peter Parker felt like hell. Every part of his body felt like it been put through a meat grinder four or five times in a row. It had all started when he had been attacked out of the blue by a group of ninjas that ended up being the Hand. Peter didn’t know what was going on. The Hand usually just left him alone. They tended to be the Daredevils and Elektra’s problem. He had quickly found himself on the losing side of the fight. He had barely stayed alive by luck. He had thought he was going to die when one of the ninjas threw him off the building.

His legendary luck had shown its face again when instead of hitting concrete he had hit a young man. The young man had caught him and flown him the hell out of there as fast as he could. Peter had felt like he had left his stomach behind ten or twenty miles behind. When they had landed and he had been able to open his eyes without having an overwhelming urge to throw up Peter had finally been able to look around.

When he had finally taken the time to look at the young man that had saved him it was like seeing a ghost. The young man, Xander, looked just like his old friend Nate Grey. The fact that this similarity had filled him with an old feeling of grief showed him what terrible shape he was in.

Their conversation was interrupted by another wave of ninjas. Peter had thought he was gone but had been saved by Xander yet again. Peter had no idea what Xander had done but he could actually see a wave of what had to be telepathic energy flow out of him and quickly spread out across the city.

“What did you do Xander?” Peter asked as he watched every ninja in the area suddenly fall to the ground. Peter’s attention was drawn away when he felt something heavy fall on him. Xander had just fallen onto him. Peter turned the kid over and saw that Xander was unconscious and his nose was bleeding.

“Damn kid you need to learn that a little is sometimes better than a lot.” Peter said as the noise of the city finally reached his ears. There were car alarms and was looked liked smoke coming from different locations all over the city. He wouldn’t be surprised if that shockwave of psychic energy had covered the whole city.

Peter slowly stood up and picked up the unconscious boy. Limping over to the ledge of the building he looked over the city. People were laying unconscious all over the street with cars crashed into signs and parked cars.

“Damn kid!” Peter said looking down at the young man in his arms. The boys face looked so innocent. There were no wrinkle lines. He had brownish red hair and pale white skin. Peter would be shocked if the kid was older than sixteen years old. Peter felt like he had fallen through a time portal. He hadn’t been able to save Nate but he swore he wasn’t going to let anything happen to this kid.

“It has been days since the unprecedented loss of consciousness of the east coast has occurred. Last Friday at seven p.m. everyone within a four hundred mile radius of New York suddenly lost consciousness. No authorities have yet come forward to explain these events.”

Cyclops put the TV on mute and quickly turned to face the rest of the X-Men. All of the X-Men teams had gathered, at least those that weren’t busy with something else. Jean sat next to Wolverine and Rogue. Cyclops tried not to stare for too long at his wife. Everything had been wrong since he had been merged with Apocalypse. He knew that their marriage was over and that they were just hanging onto it with a stubbornness that characterized them.

Next to them sat Iceman, Emma and Gambit. They were the only X-men that were at the mansion at the moment that wasn’t needed to take care of the students.

“What do we know about this?” Cyclops asked.

“It was obviously caused by an extremely powerful telepath. The telepathic wave was strong enough to take out my girls and me.” Emma Frost said.

“I have to agree with her. The only reason I was able to stay conscious was due to the fact that I was using the phoenix force.” Jean said looking disgusted at being forced to agree with the White Queen.

“So it’s a powerful telepath. Why haven’t we detected him before this with cerebra?” Cyclops asked.

“Well the telepath could have been in a place that naturally inhibits powers or they could be wearing some kind of device that keeps them hidden from detection.” Jean said.

“What about what the Fantastic Four told us?” Iceman asked.

“Yeah maybe the telepath we’re all lookin for is the same person.” Rogue said.

“If that’s true we have to find our telepath fast.” Cyclops said.

“Why?” Iceman asked.

“It’s cause if this telepath has some kind of beef with Sinister their going to go looking for Sinister.” Wolverine growled.

“The last thing we want is for Sinister to get his hands on someone this strong.” Cyclops said.

“Well, I can continue trying to find them using cerebra.” Jean said.

“Alright, does anyone else have any ideas?” Cyclops asked.

“I have an idea.” Emma Frost said getting up from her seat. “I’ll need Wolverine and Gambit.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to go set up a trap darling.” Emma said as she walked out of the room.

“Xander dear dinner is ready.” Auntie May called.

Xander looked up from where he was floating in the living room. He had started going onto the astral plane daily trying to find anyone that knew anything about Sinister. He hadn’t found anything yet. Xander slowly lowered himself to the floor and was on the way to the dining room when something caught his eye.

He stared at himself in the mirror. So much had changed since the night he had met Peter. His hair had slowly turned redder and redder. His hair was now a dark red that made it were he looked like Mary Jane’s younger brother. The next thing that stood out was the fact that his left eye glowed with red energy. It had gotten worse over time. It now never stopped glowing. What scared him was the fact that the iris of his right eye was turning red now. Would it start to glow too?

“Are you worrying again?” Peter asked from behind him. Xander turned around and smiled.

“Yeah, it seems to be all I can do now a day. The gang back home would have a heart attack that their Xander was being serious.”

“Don’t worry about it. We all go through it.” Peter says as he led Xander to the dining room. Xander went and sat down at the table where Mary Jane and Auntie May were waiting for them. Xander sat down and watched as everyone started to serve themselves. Xander knew better than to believe the picturesque appearance.

Auntie May was worried for her nephew. She was always worrying about Peter, scared that he was over working himself. That he wasn’t careful enough when he was out as Spiderman. Xander couldn’t really blame her. He had only known them for that long and he had already started worry for Peter. Behind all that worry she was trying to keep secret her failing health.

Mary Jane was a mesh of worry and sadness. It hurt Xander to be around her for too long. She worried about Peter and about where the money for the next meal would come. She felt bad when she worried about her career more than Peter. She also felt a constant dread that she was going to be kidnapped again. Xander knew that she was thinking more and more of divorce.

Peter on the other hand was like a ray of sunshine. He had so many things to worry about but he never let it bring him down. He met every challenge with the same enthusiasm and sense of humor that he did everything in his life. Xander knew it was pathetic but he could admit that he was developing a little crush on him.

“So Xander what did you do today?” Mary Jane asked as she put some mashed potatoes onto her plate.

“I got a job.” Xander said as he put the smallest piece of chicken he could find on his plate.

“That’s great dear and eat more dear you’re almost skin and bones.” Auntie May said as she forked a huge amount of mashed potatoes onto his plate. Xander looked at the amount of food with what was close to dread. He had been eating less and less over the week. His appetite had been slowly decreasing. He had a feeling that the changes that were happening had something to do with the feeling he got when he was in sunlight. It seemed like his body was absorbing it.

“What job did you get?” Peter asked.

“I got a job at a club. They didn’t seem to care about the eye.” Xander said as he picked at his food.

“I knew you that you wouldn’t have any problem finding a job.” Mary Jane said with a smile.

“So when do you start?” Peter asked.

“I actually start tonight.” Xander said.

“Do you need a ride dear?” Auntie May asked.

“No thank you. I was just going to fly there.” Xander said as he took a bite of chicken before continuing “I should actually be going.”

“Oh but you’ve hardly eaten anything.” Auntie May said.

“Thank you for the food Auntie May.” Xander said as he walked over to the window and quickly flew out.

Xander felt guilty for keeping secrets from them but he couldn’t tell him what he was really doing. He had been telling the truth when he had said he had gotten a job at a club. He had just neglected to tell them that it was a strip club. The Parkers had done so much for him by taking him in and taking care of him. He didn’t want to worry them or make them feel guilty.

He had tried to get a regular job but no one would hire such an obvious mutant. When he had gone to the strip club he was hoping to be hired as a waiter or even a dish washer but the only opening they had was for a stripper. Xander had quickly learned how to dance from the other dancers’ minds and had stunned the owner with his audition.

If everything right he should be able to keep his secret from the Parkers. Xander stopped flying in shock at what he thought.

“Crap now something is definitely going to go wrong.” Xander complained before continuing on his way.

Emma was starting to regret choosing Remy and Logan to go with her. Logan was usually okay if you left him alone. He was usually willing to sit back smoke a cigar and grunt whenever someone tried to talk her. Remy on the other hand always had to talk. Wasn’t he supposed to be a thief? How did he steal anything with his mouth flapping so much? Emma rubbed her forehead as she tried to ignore the argument over the poker hand that Logan and Remy.

“So Frost what didn’t you tell us earlier?” Logan said around his cigar.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Logan,” Emma said as she did another telepathic sweep of the area.

“Stop playing games with us Frost I know you’re not telling us something. What I can’t figure out is if you didn’t want Scott to know or if you didn’t want Jean to.” Logan growled.

Emma sighed in frustration. She should have known that Logan would see through her act. People always underestimated Logan. All they saw was the animal and ignored the man. She had thought she had gotten over that misconception.

“Fine Logan you caught me.” Emma said running her fingers through her hair.

“So what were you trying to hide Cherie?” Remy asked playing with his cards.

“I have only ever met two mutants that were strong enough to do what this telepath has done. Jean Grey and Nate Grey, both of them belonged to the Grey family. It makes me think that this mutant is somehow related to them. Also this telepath is obsessed with Sinister. I think that Sinister has been playing God again.” Emma said.

“You’re telling us that this kid is most likely Jeans kid.” Logan asked.

“It’s very possible.” Emma said.

The car fell into silence as the two men sat stunned at the information. Emma was happy for the quite. She once again sent out her senses trying to detect anything.

‘Emma I think I found something.’ Jean’s voice filled Emma’s head.

‘What did you find?”

‘I found an area of New York that is completely blocked from telepathy. It forms a perfect circle. If you go to the center you should find our guy.’ Jean said.

“Guys Jeans found our guy.” Emma said as she put the car in drive.

‘I’ll give you directions and tell you if he moves.’ Jean said.

Remy looked out at the building that Emma had driven them to. It was in one of the shadier areas of New York. It also appeared to be a strip club. He watched as men entered and left the building. What shocked him was the fact that it appeared to be a mutant friendly place. There were mutants with obvious mutations that were walking freely with no problems.

“So what our kids visiting a strip joint?”Remy asked.

“No I can read all the clients minds it would appear that our telepath is one of the strippers.” Emma said.

“Maybe it’s you kid Frost. Junior’s fallowing in your shoes.” Logan said with a smile. Emma gave Logan a glare that would make any man back away in fear. Of course Logan didn’t even flinch.

“So what is de plan?” Remy asked.

“The plan is for you to go in there and find our guy. Something tells me that he won’t be hard to spot. Once you find him pay for a lap dance. Try not to enjoy it too much Remy. While he’s giving you your little dance think about Sinister a few times.” Emma said.

“What will this accomplish?”

“A telepath of this strength will be unable to block out surface thoughts. When he hears you thinking about Sinister he’ll try to follow you. He won’t be willing to do anything there so you’ll have to wait until it looks like he’s following you to leave.” Emma said.

“Alright then I’ll go be our bait then.” Remy said as he opened the car door and got out. He walked over to the building taking off his sun glasses letting his glowing red eyes show. When he got to the entrance he gave the bouncer some money and walked through. When he made it into the main room it was like walking into another world. It now made perfect sense that this place had no problem with mutants. All the stripers were mutants.

The room he just entered was so white that it hurt his sensitive eyes. All the furniture was white and made with fluffy material. The stage glowed with light and had fog machines working to give it an ethereal atmosphere. He watched as one mutant that reminded him of Angel took the stage. He had platinum blond hair and had light grey wings. He was wearing very little. Remy watched him with interest. He had never had sex with someone that had wings before. He wondered how it would feel to be surrounded by those feathers.

‘Mind out of the gutter Gambit, we’re here on a mission not to expand your sexual experiences.’ Emma’s voice said in his head.

‘Sorry Emma.’

‘He’s not in that room anyways head into the back room, I think that it will suit your tastes better anyways.’ Emma’s voice said with what could almost be amusement.

Remy worked his way to the back and entered a room that was the exact opposite of the first. The room was dark with satin furniture of black and red. The stage was bathed in black light with an occasional flash of red light. Remy laughed at Emma’s joke. The strippers in this room were way different than the ones in the first. These stripped had forked tails, horns and other mutations that gave a demonic appearance.

Remy found his way to a free sofa near the stage and sat down. Right when he had gotten comfortable a man with dark red skin and horns running down his head took the stage with a mike.

“Gentlemen you are in for a treat tonight. For the first time ever at the Inferno Lounge we have a delicacy that will blow your mind. Don’t let his innocent looks fool him. This fallen angel will have you selling your soul in no time and leave you begging for more. Please welcome Incubus.” The devil said.

Remy watched as a young man walked out from behind the curtains. He was wearing a tight pair of leather pants and nothing else. His pale white skin seems to glow in the black light making him look like something from another world. His dark red hair caught the occasional burst of red light making it seem to fade in and out of the shadows. What really caught Remy’s attention was the fact that the boys had glowing red eyes that pierced the shadows of the club.

‘That’s him Remy. I can sense everyone else in the room, but I can’t even sense him.’

Remy studied the young boy in front of him with more interest. The boy looked way too young to be working in a strip club. The young man had slowly started to remove his pants which seemed to button up on the sides. This left him in a pair of tight boxer briefs that barely covered everything and a pair of black boots. Remy watched as the boy continued his performance. He found himself hoping more and more that he was legal. The boy had a nice lean body that you would usually find on a swimmer.

‘I would stop drooling over him, especially if he ends up being Jeans son.’ Emma said. Remy could practically hear her laughing.

‘Sorry but you can’t blame me for admiring such beauty.’ Remy responded.

‘He is quite attractive and his dancing is excellent. His routine is about to end show some interest and he should come over to you after.’

Remy continued to watch until the performance was over and flashed some money in the boy’s direction when he was coming down from the stage. Remy watched as the boy started to walk over to him and gave him the once over and obviously liked what he saw.

“What can I do for you Monsieur?” The boy asked as he sat on the edge of the sofa Remy was on.

“How about a lap dance mi Amor?’ Remy asked.

“Alright handsome sit back and enjoy.” The boy said. Remy sat back and enjoyed the way the boy’s body rubbed against his.

‘Remember our mission.’ Emma said. Remy watched as the boy’s body stiffened a little and he tried to look around subtly. This was definitely their guy. Remy started to think about Sinister but kept on being distracted the boy. His lap dance ended faster than he wanted. He watched the boy walk over to the bar and talk to the bartender. Remy knew that he had caught the boys’ attention since the boy kept looking back at him.

Remy sat there for a few more performances before making his way out of the club. He walked past the car that he knew Emma and Logan were in and walked down an alley. He was walking down the alley at a slow pace when he felt himself being tugged up. He felt himself getting pulled higher and higher in the sky.

“Hi Remy.” The boy said floating in front of him. He noticed that only one of his eyes was glowing and the other resembled his own. He was even better looking without the glitter and show of the club.

“Remy you are a charmer aren’t you.” The boy said as his smile grew bigger and a slight blush appeared on his cheeks.

“Of course I am beautiful.”

“I hope you don’t mind the little trip but I had to get you away from your friends. I’m fairly sure the telepath can’t fly and the large hairy one I’m guessing he cuts things not flying.” The boy said.

“You would be right.” Remy said looking down at the ground that seemed to be getting smaller.

“Don’t worry I won’t drop you unless you fight me. Sit back and think of my lap dance.” The boy said with a smile. Remy closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on the lap dance he just had. He knew that it was smart to not fight a telepath that was this strong. The shields he had would not stand up against an attack from the boy. He held in a grunt as he felt the boy moving through his mind.

“So you haven’t worked for Sinister in a long time. I see now that this was all a trap from Blondie down there.” The boy said staring down at the club.

“Oh and will you stop calling me boy, my names Xander.” Xander said.

“So what are you going to do now?” Remy asked looking nervously down at the ground. Xander looked him up and down obviously checking him out.

“Let’s make a deal. You give me a kiss and I’ll let you down nice and slow.” Xander said with a smirk. Remy couldn’t help but lick his lips. It was extremely tempting. Rogue and he were yet again fighting and he really didn’t want to drop to the ground.

“That sounds like a fair deal.” Remy said putting his arms around Xander’s waist drawing him in. Remy leaned in and kissed him. At first it was an innocent kiss with only lips until Remy licked Xander’s bottom lip. Xander’s mouth opened for him, allowing the kiss to deepen.

Xander slowly lowered them to the ground as they broke the kiss.

“Well it was nice doing business with you Cajun.” Xander said as they settled onto the roof of a building near the club.

“Look we just want to talk to you.” Remy tried to say.

Before he knew what was happening Logan was throwing himself out of the shadows at Xander. His claws weren’t extended so he didn’t mean to hurt him. Xander quickly turned around. Remy knew that the shit was about to hit the fan when he saw that Xander’s hand was glowing. Xander extended his hand and a beam of energy hit Logan dead center sending him flying down the block.

“Sorry for this handsome.” Xander said. The next thing he knew he was flying across the roof and hit something.

Remy looked down and saw that he was on top of Emma. Remy quickly pushed himself up and helped Emma up. They turned around and found that Xander was gone.

“He saw through our little trap automatically.” Remy said.

“Yeah I think he did. Do you know what tipped him off?” Emma asked.

“Yeah I think he heard you telling me to remember our mission.” Remy said.

“He heard me tell you that. He’s more powerful than I thought.”

“Did that blast remind you of anyone?” Remy asked.

“Yeah it reminded me of Scott’s optic blast.” Emma said.

“I think your theory is looking better every second.” Remy said. He looked down the street where he saw Logan get launched.

“Should we go look for him?”

“No he’s almost here. What I want to know is how are we supposed to find him now that he’s prepared for us?” Emma said.

“Don’t worry Frost I know where he’s going.” Logan said climbing onto the roof.

“How do you know that Logan?”

“I recognized a scent on him.” Logan said as he walked past them.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander Grey-Summers" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Jul 11.

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